Updated 2018 sites and contacts list.

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Updated 2018 sites and contacts list.

Postby CarrionCarcass » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:52 am

Updating and replacing my old post with a new one, as my contacts have changed over time.

Smacketeer (VERY active; multiple reward tiers; glove fetish art included)

Smacketeer (Active; main art account)
Rancidify (Somewhat active; photography account)

Smacketeer (Active; guests welcome)

Smacketeer (Somewhat active; art blog; NSFW)

Smacketeer (Somewhat active)

Smacketeer (Somewhat active; includes artwork and photos)

For anyone who wants to contact me, personally, I am strictly on Discord these days. My handle is Smacketeer#2371
Carrie Karkus--glovely artist.

Unchained-Malady on DeviantArt
CarrieKarkus on Tumblr
rottenest on FurAffinity

I am currently OPEN for flat-rate commissions. PM me for more info!!
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