Aaaand we're back - again *sigh*

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Aaaand we're back - again *sigh*

Post by Rommeltje » Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:36 pm

Let me start by apologizing for this most recent downtime. I'm sure some of you got really worried we might be gone for good. But rest assured, that will never happen. ;)

It was not my fault this time (for a change :p). The host was doing some IP transfers, as a result of which they were down for a while. And as a result of that, so were we. I have no idea why it took this long, though.

Next time something like this happens, I'm making the call and we're moving to another host. (I actually wanted to do that this weekend, but couldn't because the ftp servers were down as well. But now I've got all necessary files stored locally, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.)

If that happens, I might also update the forum software (which is getting a little outdated). But before I make that decision, I'm going to need all of your input, because it will be the end (or a new start) for the reputation point system. We have to decide if it's worth that. Please vote in the poll here.

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