Vinyl gloves with tight cuffs

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Vinyl gloves with tight cuffs

Postby Tightgloves » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:58 pm

Hi all.
As you can understand from my nick, I like tight thin gloves. Then, I would like very much vinyl gloves if they would be tight.
Many years ago I bought some vinyl gloves, but the first thing I didn't like of them is the large cuff. Being not vinyl very stretchy, they make a large cuff for simple donning.
Looking in the web, there are pictures of vinyl gloves with tight cuffs, but I think they are fake, with gloves kept tight for the picture!
Does anyone know of some vinyl gloves with really tight cuffs, similar to latex gloves?
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Re: Vinyl gloves with tight cuffs

Postby randomguy1435 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:23 pm

Try Cardinal Health Esteem Stretchy Synthetic. I'm not sure where to buy them, especially since you're in the EU, but you can try eBay.

I typically wear a small to medium sized glove, but my wrists are really, really tiny, so all gloves are loose on me around the wrist. These gloves were equally loose for me around the wrist, so they should fit other people better. I'll try to take a picture of me in size small and medium gloves, as well as another glove for comparison purposes. Also, I'm not sure if you'll consider them vinyl since they're a blend of various materials, but they're very similar to vinyl gloves.

Edit: I found your hand measurements, "My hand circumference is 20cm under the thumb; 16 at the wrist. My medium finger is 7.5cm." I'm measuring 24cm in circumference around the base of my thumb, at the widest part. My middle finger is almost 8cm long and my wrist is 16cm in circumference where my hand reaches my arm. I won't recommend these gloves to you then, since there's still room around my wrists. I'll try to take photos tonight, but it'll be sometime tomorrow or next week before I can post them.
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Re: Vinyl gloves with tight cuffs

Postby SexySurgical » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:57 am

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