At the Salon

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At the Salon

Post by smark100 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:06 am

Jane went to the salon with what she thought was an odd request: tired of shaving due to itch, and Brazilians due to pain, she wanted to dye her pubic hair red for her husband. As Sarah, the salon tech, explained to her it wasn't all that odd a request and they do this on a regular basis.

Sarah led her to a room normally used for intimate procedures such as Brazilian waxings. The room featured a chair similar to a gyno chair with two separate leg supports spread apart so the salon tech can pull up a stool and work on her vaginal area.

Sarah asked Jane to remove her pants and underwear and wait for her while she got ready. As instructed, Jane removed her slacks and panties, folding them and putting them on a counter which ran along the back of the room. She kept her bra and shirt on. Sarah pulled a small plastic package from a drawer containing a thin disposable clear plastic apron. She pulled the apron over her neck then pulled it taught around her body and tied in the back, the shiny plastic accentuating her breasts. Sarah also donned rubber gloves: from a box she pulled on a pair of twelve-inch long purple Safeskin nitrile rubber exam gloves which she then pulled halfway up to her forearms.

Sarah moved back to the drawer under the counter and removed a folded plastic sheet. Unfolding the sheet, she spread the thin plastic on the entire chair to protect it from the dye which would be used, then invited Jane to relax in the chair. Helping her with a gloved hand, Jane sat her butt in the chair between the stirrups then pushed her body back into the chair. "I feel like I'm at the doctor's" she commented as she reclined and put her head on the rest. Sarah helped her place each leg into the stirrups which were set fairly widely apart so she was sitting spread-eagled in the chair, her sex and her buttocks spread apart and exposed.

"I will likely need you to help me during the procedure" explained Sarah as she walked back to the drawer, "so I need you to put on these rubber gloves". Sarah pulled two gloves from a box then gave Jane the pair. Jane took the white rubber exam gloves and examined them: they were considerably thinner than the ones Sarah wore. She pulled one on stretching the fingers for a tight fit then ensuring they were rolled down her wrist as far as they would go, talking to Sarah as she did, "Why are these are different than yours ?"
"They are just thinner - made for 'lighter duty' if you will ... you need them just in case you get too close to the area where the dye is and I will also need you, for example, to hold your labia apart for me. Most women feel less apprehensive about touching themselves if they are wearing rubber gloves."
"Oh" Jane responded as she donned the second glove, thinking about how it felt to have her own gloved fingers inside herself. She then relaxed her arms, her hands now covered in tight rubber gloves, on the armrests again.

"I know you have to be super careful not to let the dye touch your privates" said Jane, talking to Sarah who, with her back towards Jane, was fiddling with something in the drawer. "Yes, we do" replied Sarah "and so I'm going to cover the sensitive flesh around your vagina and anus with vaseline then insert a plug to cover it and prevent the harsh dye from accidently contacting your sensitive parts." Sarah had stopped talking, and turned around to reveal what appeared to be a large black rubber buttplug glistening with lubricant - the thing was shaped like a cone and was almost three inches in diameter at its largest but tapered to only an inch before it terminated with a big flange which looked a bit like the letter 'T'. Jane recognized it as she'd seen these in porn movies before but always in a girl's ass and always pulled-out before anal sex. "Are you going to stick that in me ???" asked Jane, a bit confused as to why it was to be inserted into her vagina, "my PUSSY ??". "Yes, it's actually a buttplug, designed for anal sex, but it works well for this. It has a narrow area which will keep it secure and a large flange area which will cover your entire clit and labia" Sarah said as she pointed to the parts of the plug, demonstrating them as she spoke. "You mean my pussy lips" clarified Jane. "Exactly". finished Sarah. "It's covered with a condom and I've covered the thing with lubricant jelly so it'll slide inside you easily. Nothing to be worried about."

"So, normally you'd shove that big rubber plug in my ass ?" asked Jane, already aware of the answer but a bit perplexed that an anal toy would be put inside her 'other' hole.
"Yes, but we'll use this one for your vagina since it has a big flange here to protect it - the soft rubber will sit against your 'pussy lips' as you say. We will put a smaller one in your anus as well, though, to cover it too and prevent any rashes from developing if any dye dribbles. You wouldn't want a nasty rash on your ass"
"I've never worn a buttplug in my ass, I've seen it in porn movies but do real women actually do this ?" inquired Jane
"Yes, some women wear a plug to stretch their anus for anal sex, others just like the feeling of fullness in their behind, especially during 'regular' sex" explained Sarah "You can wear these things all day and no-one will be the wiser ?"
"Hmmmm ... curious" was all she got in reply.

Sarah held up the larger plug to show Jane and pointed to her vagina: "I trust this isn't the first time you've had a rubber device in there ?"
To which Jane replied "Oh, no problem, I have a few 'rubber friends' at home. Nothing quite that big around but I'm sure it'll fit.".

Sarah pulled a stool up so she was between Jane's legs now. She placed the lubricated plug onto a tray beside the chair and picked-up a tube of thick vaseline jelly. "I don't like to insert vaseline into a vagina, but it is the best thing to protect your delicate tissues from the dye since it doesn't wash away like KY does" she said, dispensing a glob of the thick yellow-ish jelly onto her gloved index finger.
"Doesn't vaseline hurt the rubber though ?" asked Jane
"It does, hence why the condoms and the gloves we use here are not latex. The gloves you are wearing right now are made of nitrile rubber"
"Oh" replied Jane as she rubbed her gloved hands together, "I didn't know there was a difference. These gloves feel pretty smooth"
"We also use them here as we're not sure who has an allergy to latex so it's a 'better safe than sorry' thing" Sarah added.

"Now Jane", she asked, "can I ask you to help me spread your pussy lips so I can apply the vaseline and insert the plug?".
Jane reached down with both hands and placed her gloved fingertips just on the outside of her pussy, pulling gently to spread her pink outer lips. Sarah then started applying vaseline all around her vagina starting with the clit at the top, outer lips, and finally inner lips. While working on her labia, she ran her gloved finger up and down in a large oval to spread the vaseline. She put a lot of vaseline on her pussy and it was glistening all over with the thick jelly.
"Spread a little further, please" asked Sarah at which Jane inserted more of her fingers into her own pussy and pulled her inner lips apart - only the pink flesh of her vagina could now be seen.
"It feels weird sticking my fingers into my pussy wearing rubber gloves" Jane commented, her gloved fingers now covered in lubricating jelly as well.
"But you've put your fingers in there before, right, to masturbate and such" replied Sarah
"Well, yeah, but never wearing gloves"
"On the plus side, your hands won't smell like pussy"
"Good point" replied Jane, seeing the practical side of this.

"I need to put some jelly right inside you now" said Sarah
"You're going to stick your fingers in me ?"
"I need to properly lubricate the inside of your vaginal canal for the plug so it doesn't hurt when it goes in. I want it to be as comfortable as possible with the plug inside you"
"It's no different than when your doctor does it and I am wearing rubber gloves so there's a barrier between us" explained Sarah
"... without the gloves on I wouldn't want to do this either" she added
"No," added Jane "I wouldn't be comfortable with your bare fingers in there either"

Jane sighed as Sarah squeezed a glob of KY jelly from a different tube onto her gloved fingers then inserted one, then two, into her vagina
"Does it hurt" asked Sarah as she pushed her lubricated fingers inside Jane
"No, actually feels nice ... and you're gentler than my doctor"
"Maybe it's my smooth gloves" commented Sarah as she rubbed the inside of Jane's vagina with gloved fingers
"Your fingers DO feel really smooth in those rubber gloves ... better than bare flesh I think"
"Rubber is very slippery when mixed with lubricant - it makes for very easy insertions"
Sarah pushed her fingers into Jane as far as she could reach to spread the lubricating jelly around.
"I'm going to insert the plug now, it'll feel quite large as your vagina stretches while it is penetrated but you'll quickly get used to it"

Sarah pulled her gloved finger out of Jane then picked-up the condom-covered plug and, placing it between Janes spread pussy lips, pushed the lubricated plug inside in one motion until the large 'Tee' shaped flange sat flat against Jane's pussy. "OK, the plug is inside you, you can release your fingers" Sarah mentioned, and she wiggled the plug to ensure it formed a tight seal with Jane's vaginal area to keep out the dye she'd be using. Jane relaxed her gloved hands, the fingers now shiny and covered with lubricant, on the armrests again.
"There, that wasn't so bad"
"No, it certainly felt better than my gyno does it"

"OK, and now to plug your anus" said Sarah as she stood up and walked to the drawers again. She pulled out another buttplug, this one smaller than the last. Showing it to Jane she explained "This one is a little smaller".
"Do I need a plug in my bum hole, too ? I've never had a toy in there."
"Well, the flange of the plug will protect your delicate anal tissues. We do the same for anal dipilatory treatments"
"De-pill-a what ?"
"Hair removal. Some women come in here to have the hair on their bum removed. For that, we need to insert a plug as well as the hair remover is nasty".
Jane replied "OK, but please be careful ... I'm a LOT nervous that it will hurt"
"No problem, done right, putting things in your bum does not have to hurt!"
"Well, I had anal sex twice and that was NOT fun"
"You probably didn't use enough lube ... you need a ton of it when inserting anything into your bum since it offers no natural lubrication. Guys just don't get that."

Sarah put down the anal buttplug and retrieved a second pair of rubber gloves, these were thin and white and of the same type she gave Jane to wear. She pulled them over her regular purple ones "For cleanliness, I need to double glove when working with your anus. I can just strip these off when dirty and it'll prevent contamination. One must never touch anywhere else when your fingers have been touching your anus"
"Are you going to put your fingers up there too ? Inside my dirty bum hole ? Ewww."
"Yes, I need to lubricate your anus thoroughly before inserting the plug so I will push a gloved finger in - it'll make it more comfortable when the plug penetrates your sphincter". Using words like 'penetrate' excited Jane as she imagined the rubber object being forced deep inside her rectum. While a bit scared about feeling pain, she was also a bit excited at the prospect of the plug being pushed into her anus.
"Don't you find it gross putting your fingers in someone's bum hole ?" Jane asked as Sarah donned the gloves.
"Not really, and I'm wearing two sets of rubber gloves to protect me" she added "without the gloves I'd probably find it gross ... not to mention unsanitary"

Sarah picked-up the buttplug again and rolled a condom over it as Jane watched: "We place a condom on everything that goes inside you - safety first".
"I wouldn't let my husband in there without a condom either. The thought of it is gross, I mean, do you really want to touch a cock that's been in your asshole ?"
"The anus is certainly a 'forbidden' place ... maybe that's why guys find anal sex exciting, 'ya know?" added Sarah
She spread vaseline all over the covered plug then sat in the stool between Jane's legs. She dispensed a glob of vaseline on her white gloved finger then began spreading it around her puckering rosebud, encircling her anus . "I'm going to insert a gloved finger in your bum now" Sarah said as she slowly pushed her gloved finger into Jane's anus and twisted it around to spread the lubricant "this shouldn't hurt at all".
"Ooohhh" said Jane as she felt the intruding finger penetrating deeper into her anus "that's a really weird feeling"
"You don't like it ? A lot of women like the feeling of anal penetration."
"It's not bad, just weird ... I can feel your finger in my poop chute pressing on the plug already inside my pussy"
Sarah pushed her finger in and out of Jane's anus a few more times then added: "Just making sure your anus, errr, bum hole is slippery before inserting that plug - it's a little large going in but it won't pop out by accident"
"It feels like you're finger fucking my bum" commented Jane
"Sorry, I hoped you don't find it too invasive but I don't want the plug to hurt when it goes in"
"Actually, I kinda like the feeling. Between the lube and the rubber glove it's sooooo slippery there's no pain at all"
"Like I said, many women enjoy anal penetration when done right"
"If my husband ever wants to do anal again I'm going to have him wear some gloves to lube me up properly first"
"Yes, make sure he wears smooth gloves, like these exam gloves, and use lots of lube"
"Mmmm, maybe I can play doctor with him too" chuckled Jane
"Actually, a lot of men like to have a finger up their ass. They won't admit it, but from there you can massage the prostrate and that, for a guy, is like hitting the g-spot"
"You know a lot about anatomy" Jane commented

Her gloved finger still buried inside Jane's backside, Sarah asked "OK Jane, I am going to insert the plug now. Please spread your bum cheeks for me"
Jane hesitated.
"Oh go on, you're wearing rubber gloves so you won't get your fingers dirty - that was one reason I made you put them on to begin with ... with gloves on you don't have to worry about dirty hands"
Jane reached down with her gloved hands and pulled her cheeks apart exposing her anus.
"Now push down as if you are trying to go poop as I push the plug inside your bum"
Sarah's gloved finger was still inside Jane's anus and she could see and feel Jane's anus puckering outward. Sarah pulled her finger out and quickly pushed the plug inside while her anus was still gaping open. It met a little resistance while passing through her sphincter and then it popped inside - the tapered plug essentially being sucked into her bum.
"Ooh, I feel like I need to go" said Jane
"You don't", explained Sarah, "your ass just feels full and that feeling will soon pass"

Sarah wiggled the plug in Jane's bum to ensure a tight fit then pulled the white exam gloves off inside-out since her fingers were inside Jane's anus and the outer gloves were now contaminated. She left the purple rubber gloves on her hands. Jane was now completely protected albeit obscene looking: sitting in the chair with her legs spread wide apart, she had a large rubber plug in her vagina, the flange on the outside protecting her delicate labia, and a smaller plug in her anus.
"Comfortable ?"
"Yeah, the plugs are kinda large but I'm loosening up"

Sarah spoke to her "There we go, both your vagina and anus are plugged and that'll keep you safe. Relax and I'll apply the dye"
It was now time to apply the dye. She opened two bottles and mixed them together. She returned to the stool in front of Jane and, holding the bottle of dye in one hand began applying the dye to Jane's pubic hair while using her other hand to massage it into her pubic hair. It only took a minute or two to apply the dye. Sarah then stood up and threw the empty dye bottle in the trash and rinsed her gloves in the nearby sink to remove any wet dye.

Now that the dye was on, she needed to cover it in plastic for ten minutes. Searching through the lower drawer she produced a clear plastic sheet. Thin and disposable, it would cover Jane while the dye worked.
Sarah laid the plastic over Jane's entire pubic area then patted it down so that it stuck to her dye-covered pubic hair. Where the plastic stuck to the dye it made an obscene dark spot in front of Jane which framed her plugged vagina - the plug stuck out above her pubic area. She pulled the rest of the plastic over Jane's exposed torso and legs to keep her warm. "I'll be back in ten minutes" said Sarah as she pulled off her gloves and she disappeared leaving Jane alone on the chair.

Left alone in the chair, Jane wiggled her butt a little exploring the unique feeling having a plug fill both her pussy and ass at the same time - she closed her eyes and fantasized about having a threesome where one stud fucks her ass and another her pussy at the same time. She reached down with her gloved hand and began to move the plug in her vagina in and out through the plastic covering it. As the large vaginal plug gently rubbed against her g-spot she became very hot and horny.

Jane snapped back to reality as she heard Sarah speak to her upon entering the room again: she was unaware that ten minutes had passed that quickly. Jane's gloved hand was on the outside of the plastic sheet still on the vaginal plug moving it gently when Sarah entered - she was clearly masturbating with the plug using it like a dildo. Seeing Sarah looking at her, she pulled her hand away quickly. "It's OK" said Sarah "it feels kinda nice I know"
"Ummm, yeah it does" Jane replied, now blushing.

Sarah retrieved a pair of black rubber exam gloves from a box on the counter and pulled them on. Walking over to Jane, she lifted the plastic sheet and inspected her pubic area. "Looks good" said Sarah as she walked to a sink in the counter. She opened a cupboard above the sink removing a stainless steel bowl and sponge. She filled the bowl with warm water and walked back to the chair taking her place between Jane's spread legs. Dipping the sponge into the water and wringing the sponge out, she began to wash the dye from Jane's genital area frequently rinsing the sponge into the bowl of water. When she worked near her vagina, Sarah pulled the plug gently to one side or the other to help her remove all the dye. When she was done rinsing the dye off Jane, she dried her pubic area with a towel, and removed her black rubber gloves, tossing them in a bin. She then donned a pair of purple gloves again before continuing.
"You're putting rubber gloves on again ?" Jane asked out of pure curiosity "aren't we done ?"
"Oh, these gloves are clean - I still need them when cleaning-up your vagina"
Jane thought she would be responsible for that part but apparently Sarah wasn't done with her yet.

"OK", said Sarah, "time to pull the plug" at which she grasped the sides of the vaginal plug with her purple rubber-gloved fingers and pulled it out leaving a long sticky trail of white lube behind - both the stuff she inserted into into Jane and some which Jane apparently produced herself while rubbing the plug through the plastic. Sarah placed the used plug, covered with a condom glistening with lubricant, on the tray.
'Now, I need to clean out some of that vaseline inside of you" said Sarah "as it's not good for you - it can actually give you a yeast infection. I'll just scrape some out gently with my fingers" at which point Sarah eased one gloved finger, then two side-by-side, into Jane's very wet and very slippery pussy.

Sarah sighed then removed her gloved fingers.
"I'm sorry, but the vaseline seems to have gotten everywhere inside you - normally that doesn't happen. This is going to get very intimate as I'm going to need to scrape the inside walls of your vagina with my fingers"
"How did that happen ?" Jane asked
"Perhaps you moved too much while waiting and it squished everywhere inside you ?"
Indeed, she knew that her wriggling the plug in and out while waiting for the dye to set probably did it.

Sarah pulled her purple exam gloves off her hands inside out and with a snap, tossing them out as she walked to the drawer of supplies. She pulled out a package of long neoprene surgical gloves.
"New gloves ?" inquired Jane
"Yes, I need to scrape the inside of your vagina with my fingers so I'll be wearing surgical gloves. They are thinner so I can feel when the flesh inside your vagina is clean"
Tearing the package open, she pulled one off the paper and held by the cuff while she wiggled her fingers into it. These gloves were very long and Sarah had to pull them up over her elbows.
"Wow, they cover your whole arm" commented Jane as Sarah smoothed the rubber over her forearm.
She repeated the same with her other hand then began to rub her hands together to expel air trapped inside. The gloves were so thin her trimmed but painted fingernails were quite visible beneath the taut rubber.

Without commenting, Sarah proceeded to insert two gloved fingers inside Jane again. Lubricant wasn't required as there was a lot inside her already, a good portion leaking out along with her vaginal juices - she simply went slowly pushing her fingers in a little, then out, then in again and repeated this until her fingers were buried deep into Jane's vaginal cavity.
"It feels like you're finger fucking me" Jane observed, a little surprised that Sarah would do something this intimate on her. It's not that she didn't like the feeling though, and she enjoyed watching Sarah's long slender fingers, the rubber glistening with lubricant, disappear inside her body.
"I'd tell you to do it yourself" Sarah replied "but you probably can't get in as far as I can without being a contortionist." "Are you uncomfortable with this ?" Sarah asked
"I'm just not accustomed to having a woman finger my pussy like that"
"Well, I am wearing rubber gloves so there is a barrier between us"
"Yeah, but through the thin rubber I can feel the heat of your skin. It just feels like you're finger fucking me. And those gloves are really slippery ... they actually feel better than a finger." she admitted
"Sorry, I really do have to scrape the walls of your vagina to get all this out though ... just close your eyes, then, and relax. It'll only take a few more minutes" Sarah advised, and Jane closed her eyes and leaned back into the chair.

To remove the excess lubricant Sarah made a scraping motion with her fingers which excited Jane a great deal - the same "come hither" motion used to excite the g-spot, which was exactly what was happening! "Wow, there's a lot of lube in there" exclaimed Sarah as she intently fingering Jane in this manner, occasionally pulling her fingers out to wipe off the excess lube she extracted onto a towel then inserting them into her pussy again.

Jane did close her eyes, and did relax, but the feeling of having fingers inside her pressing on her g-spot continually drove her thoughts to her husband - he would often finger her this way during foreplay and it often brought her to orgasm before they even started fucking. The feeling was made even more intense by the way in which Sarah's fingers pressed on the plug inside Jane's ass through her body. Jane was wet, not only from the lubricant Sarah had put inside her but now her own juices were now flowing. Drifting to thoughts of sex, Jane then moved her own gloved right hand down to her pussy and began fingering her own clit with her gloved fingers as Sarah had two fingers buried in her pussy. It was hard for Sarah to avoid the fact that Jane was masturbating in front of her and Sarah was about to pull her fingers out when Jane grabbed her gloved wrist "Keep going, Please, I am sooooo hot and I just have to come!" she begged "Having those plugs inside me was just torture ... it was like having two cocks fuck me for the past half-hour. You just can't leave me like this!".

"So, you want me to masturbate you ?" Sarah questioned innocently
"Oh, please, please" begged Jane
"You want me to finger your pussy ... and give you an orgasm ?"
"Oh fuck yes please make me cum, I need the release"
Sarah acknowledged the request: "OK, we aim to please the client ... but I have to keep these rubber gloves on for safety aside from which it'd feel weird putting my bare fingers inside you"
"Of course, please fuck me with your rubber fingers, I need to cum! Those rubber gloves feel sooooo nice inside me - better than a bare hand anyday"
"Do you want me to leave the rubber plug in your bum ?" said Sarah as she touched the plug with her finger, moving it side-to-side as it remained buried in her ass between her spread legs.
"Please ... I love it up my bum ..."
"It feels like your ass has a big hard cock buried in it, doesn't it ?"
"Oh better, it's so smooth"

Sarah now adopted a very dominant and authoritative tone with Jane. "I am going to masturbate you with my gloved fingers then" she said in a clinical manner, holding up her hand to examine the fingers of her gloves which were shiny with lube, "And these gloves are very very thin so I can feel your juices when you cum for me. I like the feeling of having my gloved fingers in a girl's pussy when she cums, it feels so hot and wet. Maybe if I'm lucky you'll squirt for me, I love it when my gloves get soaked with hot pussy juice - that's why I put these really long gloves on, I suspected you were a horny little thing."

Sarah continued "I'm going to insert my gloved fingers in your pussy now" at which she inserted two fingers into Jane again and began finger fucking her in earnest. As she moved her two fingers together she could feel Jane's wetness between them. "Hold your pussy open for me" she instructed and Jane used her gloved fingers to expose the button at the top of her vagina. With the gloved index finger of her other hand, Sarah started rubbing April's clit in circles as she finger fucked her pussy. This was certainly not the first time she'd masturbated another woman - she certainly knew her way around a woman's private parts!

"Oh fuck that feels nice" exclaimed Jane who now had her eyes closed and was enjoying the experience "I can feel the plug in my ass moving as you fuck my cunt" "Mmmmmm" she moaned as she wriggled her ass in the plastic covered chair.
"I can feel that rubber plug in your ass, too, pushing up into your pussy" said Sarah since while finger fucking her she could feel the large plug in Jane's ass pushing on the thin wall of flesh between her rectum and vagina "I love these thin rubber gloves for that. In fact, I'd love to have my gloved hand inside your pussy while you husband fucks your ass - I'd love to feel his hard cock sliding in and out of you while I finger your pussy ... would you like that?". Jane loved the image in her mind of having Sarah there while being fucked by a man.

"Oh fuck me ..." pleaded Jane as she rocked her hips in and out as Sarah stuck her finger into her slippery pussy, "Fuck me with your rubber fingers, I love it!". Jane really enjoyed the slippery feeling of rubber-covered fingers inside her pussy as she could feel Sarah's fingers and knuckles as she fingered her but it was much more slippery than bare flesh - this was certainly not like her annual gyno visit.

Sarah now concentrated on Jane's g-spot. She rubbed that spot furiously, and felt Jane was close to orgasm.
"Push it out" she said "cover my gloved hand with your hot cum. I want to feel you cum while I am inside you ... don't hold back, my gloves will keep my hands clean."
Jane did push, and her vaginal muscles tensed almost to the point of hurting Sarah's hand, then it happened: with a huge gush Jane let loose a stream of hot fluid which dripped down her tight gloves. Sarah could feel the heat of Jane's cum as it flowed all over her hands - she was glad to be gloved for the rubber kept her dry, yet she could feel her juices flowing so she knew Jane was really getting the release she needed.
"Do it again, Jane, I want to feel you squirt, cum all over my gloves" she said as she continued to massage not only the internal g-spot but also the button of her clit with her other gloved hand. As if on command, Jane came again with another huge release of hot fluid.
Jane screamed as she came yet again and Sarah was relentless in making her cum over and over again.

Having come at least ten times like this, Sarah figured Jane was spent and withdrew her gloved fingers from Jane's pussy. Looking down at her gloves, they dripped with Jane's ejaculated fluids. Even her plastic apron was splashed.
"Well, that should have washed out any remaining vaseline" she said
"Sarah, I can't thank you enough for this ...I feel sooooo much better" said Jane lying on the chair, relaxing in her post-orgasmic glow.
"We aim to please" she replied, adding "just remember this when you tip !" with a smile.

Jane looked down at the mess. Sarah handed her a roll of paper towels "You might want to leave your rubber gloves on while you clean yourself up". Sarah reached down with her gloved hand and pulled the condom-covered plug from Jane's ass then placed it on a tray. Jane dripped lube and her own cum and using paper towels wiped herself off. She then stood upwards, wiped her buttocks, and trashed the towels then her dirty gloves. Sarah, meanwhile, pulled her gloves off inside-out and threw them into the trash bin.

Jane spoke to Sarah as she was cleaning herself up, her gloved hand holding a paper towel between her legs.
"Have you ever had other women come in here and ... you know ... get off ?" she inquired, a bit embarassed
"Oh yes" she replied "Among other services we offer Yoni massage"
"Yoni ?" Jane asked
"Massage of the vagina" Sarah explained "Basically I put on rubber gloves and massage the vagina internally including the G-spot, and although not strictly designed to induce orgasm it often does. Some women who have never done so before squirt as well."

Sarah paused then continued explaining "I've also had a number of women come in for a salon treatment, only to get hot and bothered and beg me to get them off. A number of them are repeat customers."
"Do they now come here just for ... to get off ?"
"I'm sure many do. They might use their visit as an excuse to come in but once they're here they ask me to massage their pussy or ass to give them an orgasm"
"Back in Victorian times" Sarah continued, "it was common to have a doctor or midwife visit the home strictly to fondle a woman to orgasm. I'm doing much the same thing here - and I always wear rubber gloves and any toys are covered in a condom so it's safe and all". As she spoke she opened a drawer.

Inside were boxes of rubber gloves of many types, everything from thin exam-type gloves to thicker ones, and some surgical gloves in packets. In addition to gloves, there were a few boxes of condoms of several types, a tube of lubricant, a few dildoes and vibrators, and a few buttplugs in various sizes.
"Why different gloves ?" asked Jane, bewildered at the array of them in the drawer
"Some are smooth, some have texture ... it's all about what the client wants and what excites her. Take these green ones for example" Sarah pulled a green exam glove from a box and tugged it onto her right hand. "These have a deep diamond grip which feels quite nice when lubed-up." Jane placed one hand on each side of Sarah's gloved hand to feel the texture of the rubber - it was indeed rougher than most gloves she's felt.
"So these are for pussy massage ?" Jane asked
"Yes ... many women like the texture - it's not really rough when lubricated, just bumpy kinda like those textured condoms" Sarah replied
"And those thicker black ones ?" Jane asked, pointing to a pair of smooth black gloves which looked like household gloves, "Those are kinda nice for anal massage" replied Sarah "they are unlined and thick so they slide on easily over my regular thin gloves used for vaginal massage, and you feel well protected, but they are also smooth on the outside so they glide in and out of the rectum smoothly ... you don't want a texture for anal massage".
"So, you finger an ass like you do a pussy ?" Jane asked
"Yes, a lot of women like that."

Jane just stared at the gloves, wondering what it felt like to have Sarah's gloved fingers in her ass.
"So, when can I get an appointment for a massage ?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

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Great story! Thanks so much for posting it.

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