The Flatmate's Girlfriend

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The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby ldvale89 » Fri May 11, 2018 4:38 pm

The Flatmate's Girlfriend

One Saturday morning, my flatmate Tom and I had just come back from our regular spin class. Both a pair of fitness freaks. We have a competitive friendship to say the least, even back in our school days we would always compete to see who was top dog. But there was one department that Tom was excelling in way better than I was, whilst I have been single for over a year now Tom and his gorgeous girlfriend Sian were going strong. Two and a half years they have been together, Sian was always at the flat, she pretty much lived with us unofficially, which I didn't mind, she chips in with the shopping, cooking and cleaning. She loves to clean! Upon arriving back at the flat from the spin class Sian was in the front room watching TV and painting her toenails. She works as a part time beautician, doing hair, nails and waxing for her friends and local clients. She is gorgeous, Tom is so lucky, she is slender, brunette and very beautiful, her hair is always immaculate, skin is perfect with not a blemish in sight and she is always, always painting her nails! The flat just constantly smells of nail varnish, it doesn't bother me so much, I secretly enjoy it, her feet are quite sexy. “Hi guys!” she greeted us as we walked in. “Did you have fun?”
“Yeah it was good, couple of PB's today, absolutely smashed it!” said Tom.
“Ah good! That's my man!” said Sian, proud girlfriend, Tom walked over to the couch to kiss her, they were quite affectionate. “Careful babe, I'm painting my toenails.”
“All you do is paint your nails babe, house fucking stinks of varnish!” said Tom, having a little dig at Sian for being a stereotypical female.
“I don't always do my nails, in fact once they've dried I'm gonna do the housework later, house could do with a good clean.” This was music to Tom's ears as he hated cleaning, and Sian loves it, she's an absolute clean freak.
“Oh good!” said a relieved Tom, “I'll pop to Tescos whilst your doing the housework and get the food shopping done.”
At this point I perked up and saw an opportunity of a lifetime. “Well I'll tell you what, I'll stay here to and give you a hand cleaning Sian, it's not right we always leave you to do it.”
“Aw thanks hun!” Sian smiled sexily at me, she looked at Tom then pointed over to me, “At least somebody helps me with the cleaning!” she said in a sarcastic tone. As I said, this was a golden opportunity, whenever Sian cleans the house it is a sight to behold, not just the fact that she is a very sexy girl who I secretly want to fuck senseless, whenever she cleans, she wears rubber gloves! I have a secret glove fetish that nobody knows about, I've harboured this secret since I was quite young and to this day the sight of women in household gloves makes me weak at the knees and stiff in my pants! I've never seen Sian in her marigolds, she bought a couple of pairs when she unofficially moved in, I've always been out and about when she cleans. But she leaves them on the kitchen counter and in the bathroom to dry out when she's finished, but now I was finally gonna get to see her all gloved up. My heart was racing with excitement!

An hour later after he'd showered Tom eventually buggered off to Tescos to do the shopping. The nearest Tescos was an hour away so I knew I had time on my side to enjoy this heavenly site. Did I feel guilty that I was about to take great pleasure in perving on my best mate's missus, absolutely not! “I'm gonna start with the kitchen, you take the bathroom!” Sian ordered. I was feeling very nervously excited, was it gonna be as good as I'd always hoped, sexy Sian donning her rubber gloves. You bet it was! Just as I grabbed all the cleaning essentials to tackle the bathroom I walked back into the kitchen to get a clean cloth, as I walked in Sian was slipping on a pair of small yellow rubber gloves. They fitted her hands so tightly, looked incredible and in the brief struggle to put them on the cuffs were snapping against her wrists, it was very arousing, a sound only a glove fetishist could appreciate. I was trying not to stare, my breathing had become very heavy, I tried with all my will power to control it and my mouth was drier than the Gobi desert!
“Cloths?” I said sternly, trying not to elude to the fact I was sporting a massive erection in my jeans, I could not at any stage let Sian see that I was turned on by her in the rubber gloves.
“Gloves?” Sian raised her hands up, a bottle of dettol in one hand.
“Yeah they look good.” I said with a wry smile, “Very fetching!”
“No you twat!” Sian laughed, “Do you want some gloves for the bathroom?” my mouth had just got a little drier from that question.
“Yeah why not!” I answered, still trying not to stare and make it obvious that I was taking huge pleasure from all of this. Sian pulled an extra pair of unopened rubber gloves from under the kitchen sink and handed them to me. “How many pairs have you got?” I asked curiously.
“A few pairs for different rooms.” Was Sian's reply “Including the bedroom!” She quipped, she gave a cheeky smile and a wink after the bedroom remark. This was getting all too much, I was starting to perspirate by the second.
“Kinky girl you are Sian!” I joked, with a false laugh, I was still struggling to contain my excitement. I quickly disappeared into the bathroom to clean it, I opened the packet of green rubber gloves and slipped them on, feeling very turned on in the process. I smelt the gloves, the smell of the rubber aroused me further, I had slightly pre-cum, my boxers were a bit sticky. A thought that had immediately crossed my mind was to have a cheeky wank with the gloves. Imagining how amazing with textured hands and fingers of the gloves would feel against my throbbing stiff member. I could imagine it was Sian giving me a soapy glove wank. Whilst I pondered this I had begun scrubbing the bathroom, constantly admiring the green rubber gloves I was wearing. What was about to happen would ultimately change everything from here on in.

Some three quarters of an hour into the bathroom blitz Sian walked in and sprayed me with polish.
“What the fuck!” I shouted.
“Don't be such a pansy!” Sian responded, laughing at little prank. Without hesitation I ran the cold tap in the bathroom sink and flicked some water in Sian's face and hair. She screamed at a high pitch and proceded to spray me back with the polish. “That's it you fucker!” I reached out and grabbed her arm with my gloved hands. Sian still had her yellow rubber gloves on, I squeezed her arm and she dropped the polish can. I had her pinned up against the wall trying to play fight each other to gain the upper hand. Roughly five seconds later, I had a thought, a rush of blood to my head and my cock of course! I started to tickle Sian in her ribs and under her armpits, she screamed, she was very ticklish and she went down to the floor. “Stop stop stop, please!” She was begging me to stop tickling her! We both still had our household gloves on, Sian had found a way to fight back and tickle me back. I went down to the floor all too willingly, she had me pinned and was tickling my ribs and legs with her sexy rubber hands. Her yellow marigolds tickling me vigorously was about as turned on as I had ever been in my entire life, I wanted to explode in my boxers but I did my best to hold it in and not ejaculate. Sian still blissfully unaware that I was hugely aroused by this mucking about.
“That's it Sian you've done it now!” I warned, “Are you ready?”
“What!?” She asked, we were both still on the bathroom floor tickling each other I proceded to grab her ankles and I went to town on her bare feet. I tickled her bare feet and toes with my green rubber gloves. Sian screamed “No no no no noooooooooooo!” But I didn't stop, I just kept tickling away! Her sexy pedicured toes wriggling, her feet trying to break free from my gloved grasp. “Stop, please stop I'm begging you stooooop!” Sian pleaded. I let her feet go, reluctantly. She gathered herself we were both laughing and appeared out of breath. We both went to get up, I helped Sian but her left foot slipped on the bathroom mat and she fell down dragging me with her. I was on top of her, we started laughing at our clumsiness. The laughter quickly stopped and we were just staring passionately into each others eyes. Then it happened! We were kissing each other, passionately, uncontrollably, rolling around on the bathroom floor. None of this seemed real, this was my best mate's missus, within minutes we were both up, we raced into the bedroom, tearing each others clothes off but we still had our rubber gloves on which I found very sexy! Sian was just about to pull her gloves off I shouted.
“Leave them on, they turn me on, the gloves!” my cock was rock hard, Sian grasped it with her yellow gloves which she kept on thankfully.
“I knew there was a reason you wanted to stay and help me clean!” Sian said, realising the real intentions to my sudden interest to cleaning. Our hands caressing each others bodies with our rubber gloves. My hands were sweaty but I didnt want to take them off, I liked where this was going! Sian bit my earlobe gently then whispered into my ear. “I love rubber gloves too!” She confessed, wow that was unexpected. My heart rate and heavy breathing had just cranked up a notch. “When you boys have been out before, I've slipped on a pair and fingered myself.” A sudden rush came over me with that final confession and I threw Sian on the bed, spread her legs apart and slipped two gloved fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her hard and fast. Her pussy was sopping wet and getting wetter still with her juices, I stood to the side of her off the bed with my right gloved hand fingering her rapidly, whilst she tickled my ball and cock with her yellow gloves. Knowing it would not be long until I would inevitability blow my load I took my fingers from her pussy, hopped onto the bed and slid my big, stiff throbbing member into her vagina and we fucked each other senseless. I threw her legs over my shoulders and we linked our sweaty rubber gloved hands and I was pounding away whilst she moaned and begged me to go deeper, harder and faster! I kissed her on the ankles and feet, her toenail polish was still pungent, our slippery rubbery hands sliding up and down our bodies. I was getting close with every passing minute, second. The feeling of pure arousal was overwhelming. Performance wise this was my best ever, and by the sound of her moans Sian was loving it too. All of a sudden, we froze, we both stopped midway through our kinky rubber glove sex. We jumped up off the bed, wide-eyed horror, expressions on our faces like a deer caught in full beam headlights. The front door had gone, Tom was home from the shops. With literally no concept of time we had forgotten every other piece of existence apart from our own.
“I'm back!” Tom announced. “Can you guys give me a hand with the shopping if your not too busy?” We both stood there motionless, the panic having gripped our souls, how the hell were we going explain the fact we had just been fucking in their bedroom wearing nothing but household rubber gloves!
“Just a sec babe!” replied Sian. She whipped her gloves off double quick and hastily started looking for her clothes, before realising that her clothes were in the bathroom. Flung off in the heat of passion and she wouldn't be able to retrieve them without walking out into the lounge and being seen by her beloved Tom. “We are so fucked!” said a panic stricken Sian.
“I'll hide!” I said, “Just tell him I've gone out if he asks!”
“Where the frig are you gonna hide?” asked an angry and distraught Sian. Quickly and decisively I crawled under the bed. Sian was close to tears “Oh genius! Fucking hell!” She opened her wardrobe to find any clothes to put on. “Coming Tom.” She called out. Suitably dressed she left the room to help Tom with the Tesco shopping. I was stuck under their bed, naked and wearing green rubber gloves! What the hell was I going to do?
Sian walked into the front room and greeted Tom with a kiss. He smiled at her and simply asked.
“How did the cleaning go?” Sian laughed falsely, hands on her hips and trying to hide the look of guilt and anguish on her face.
“Great, really great” she said.

To be continued...
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Re: The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby gungegod » Fri May 11, 2018 5:45 pm

Really, really loved this!! Can't wait for it to continue
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Re: The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby ldvale89 » Fri May 11, 2018 5:54 pm

Glad you enjoyed it, I'm writing part 2 tonight. It's gonna get very juicy
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Re: The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby meistrllapgoch » Sun May 13, 2018 2:57 pm

Wow. This is very well written. Very realistic. Thank you.
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Re: The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby ldvale89 » Tue May 15, 2018 6:36 am

The Flatmate's Girlfriend Part 2

Sian and Tom were busy putting the shopping away with Tom still blissfully unaware of the activities of me (his supposed best mate) and his girlfriend. Sian had left her cleaning products out on the kitchen counter, her yellow rubber gloves that she had torn off in a moment of sheer panic were drying over the kitchen sink draped over the tap.
“Sorry I was so long babe, Tescos was rammed today!” said Tom. Sian acknowledged her boyfriend's apology.
“It's fine babe, we've just been doing the cleaning getting our hands dirty. “ said Sian. There was a subtle hint from her just then referring to just what we'd been up to in Tom's absence.
“Ha! Well you do love to clean babe! Kitchen is spotless!” he complimented. “Where's...?”
“He's in the bathroom!” said Sian. Answering Tom's question before he could finish. Sian looked very anxious. She continued to help Tom with the shopping occasionally glancing towards the bedroom knowing full well that I definitely was not in the bathroom but instead under Tom's bed, stark bollock naked and still wearing my green rubber gloves. I was trembling and sweating profusely, trying in all my might not to make a sound, keeping as quiet as a church mouse. Me and Sian needed a minor miracle to escape from this hellish situation we were in. I rolled my eyes at the irony of Tom's apology for being too long at the supermarket. If you want my opinion he wasn't gone for long enough, and I'm sure Sian was thinking the same. My hands were starting to really sweat inside these green gloves, I gently pulled them off, they glided off my hands almost in silence. My hands had that strong rubbery smell, I quite liked it, I kept smelling my hands enjoying the sweaty stench from having worn the gloves for a few hours.
Back in the kitchen the shopping was all but put away, Sian put her cleaning products back under the sink but leaving her yellow marigolds to continue air drying. “Right I'm gonna hoover the bedrooms.” said Sian, going to the utility cupboard and pulling one of those small red retro Henry hoovers. Tom put his hands to his jean pockets front and back, he turned frantically looking on the kitchen counter then to the coffee table where Sian had still left her nail polishes.
“Babe have you seen my wallet?” Tom asked. “I can't find my wallet!”
“Did you leave it in the car?” she replied
“I bloody hope so!” exclaimed Tom. “Hang about I'll go check!” He grabbed his car keys and left the flat racing down to the car park. As soon as the door slammed, Sian raced into the bedroom, she barked at me to get out from under the bed and I had merely minutes to get dressed and restore normality to the flat. Without hesitation I scrambled from under the bed darted into the bathroom threw my clothes back on as well as giving Sian back her original clothes she had taken off in that previous moment of passion. She took them and put them straight in the wash basket.
“I think we got away with it!” I said, panting and puffing with a huge feeling of relief suddenly lifting from us.
“Holy fuck that was too close!” Sian said. She put her hands to her face and took deep breaths to try and regulate her breathing patterns. Unsurprisingly our hearts had been racing having nearly been caught having our kinky little glove fling. There was just no explaining that to Tom, but thankfully we had gotten away with it. Tom burst back in the flat a few minutes later angry and slamming the door behind him with a ferocious scowl on his face. Our minds for a brief second thought ‘He knows...’ but honestly, how could he know? Tom didn't acknowledge me which again made me think he might suspect something sordid had gone on between Sian and I.
“Can't find my wallet!” he said, “I've lost the fucking thing, I can't believe it, how careless is that!” slamming his fist on the kitchen counter.
“Did you leave it at Tesco, with the cashier?” I asked. “It's easily done.”
“Yeah if you're bloody stupid!” said Tom sarcastically. “I'll have to go back, I'm not ringing their customer service number, the pricks never pick up anyway!”
“Are you sure babe? Asked Sian, “It's a long way to go if it isn't there!”
“Well I need my wallet Sian, I've got no choice!” Tom replied. “If it's not I'll cancel my cards but I can't see where else it might be, I've only been back twenty minutes!” In a huff, Tom picked his car keys back up and left the flat, on another escapade to Tesco in a bid to hopefully find his wallet.
“Eugh, he's so careless sometimes, he's always forgetting stuff!” Sian moaned. We both laughed and mutually agreed that Tom was in fact a ‘dopey twat who would forget his head if it wasn't attached to his shoulders.’ We looked at each other, both with a contemplating look but each of us afraid to say what was really on our minds! I managed to pluck up the courage.
“He'll be a while I suspect.” I said, staring intently at Sian. “Maybe another hour or two.” I was so desperate for the two of us to carry on what we had started, I mean I would've taken a peck on the cheek from Sian in the past and probably still would've cum in my pants. But this was the stuff of dreams! She looked back at me, he big brown gorgeous doe like eyes.
“Well I guess we have some unfinished business don't we!” she said softly. With not a moment to waste we passionately kissed one another, our hands caressing each other through our clothes. We stumbled into the bedroom and onto the bed, still unable to resist each other, our hands touching each other in all sorts of places, Sian was on top of me and had me pinned to the bed. She stood up and left me on the bed. “Get your clothes off!” she ordered. “I'll be back in a minute!” She smiled wickedly, as if she was up to something devious. She left the bedroom as I slowly undressed fully. The thought of what Sian had planned had me so aroused to the point my dick was rock hard, I was going to be ready for her and no interruptions this time.

Upon here return Sian had undressed down to her underwear, a matching pink bra and thong, she held in her hands the pair of yellow rubber gloves she had been using earlier not just for cleaning but for when we had sex, before we were stopped by Tom's arrival back to the flat. She walked over to the bedside cabinet and pulled out of the bottom drawer two pairs of hand cuffs and some silk ribbons. My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas day, Sian did not waste any time and before long had handcuffed my hands to the bed posts and tied my ankles up to the bottom bed posts using the silk ribbons, I was of course naked at this point and armed with a very stiff throbbing cock. I did not struggle and happily obliged to let her take me as her prisoner of impending sexual torture. I lay there on the bed watching as Sian pulled on her tight yellow marigolds, pulling down hard on the cuffs as she snapped the gloves on wiggling her fingers in delight with a sexy smile painted on her face. She walked over to the side of the bed standing over my naked helpless body, Sian held up her hands wriggling her gloved fingers. “It's tickle time!” she announced. Her yellow rubber gloved hands made contact with my body, my back arched up and I moaned with pleasure and she started to vigorously tickle my body, under my arms, my neck and my legs.
“Oh Sian!” I cried, “Yes, yes yes Sian!” The enjoyment was overwhelming. The moans of pleasure suddenly became much louder as her rubbery fingers slide down to my big stiff cock and balls. Sian glided the her textured fingers along my shaft as her other hand paid attention to tickling my balls, her rubber gloved hands stroking the tip of my pulsating tool. The gloves were still warm from when she had worn them earlier, this was so amazing, really we were taking a massive risk as we were nearly caught earlier by Tom. But I was enjoying this so much that I didn't really take too much time to really care about him. Which sounds cruel I admit but, Sian is a goddess and I wanted her all to myself. Before long Sian climbed onto the bed and sat in between my spread legs, she placed her legs parallel to my body with her feet up at my face.
“Just relax.” Sian said, “You're going to enjoy this!” She moved her feet right up and shoved them in my face and under my nose, whilst at the other end she grabbed my huge erect cock and slowly started to wank me off, with her gloved hand still paying attention to my jizz filled balls. My excitement grew with such intensity, the gloves on my cock were incredible, a full on rubber glove wank! I was inhaling Sian's feet as she dangled them in my face, the smell of her feet and toes had me paralysed with pleasure. She had a dream catcher tatoo on her right foot and the bright red nail polish on her toes was still fresh from when she had painted them earlier. This gorgeous, sexy, slender brunette, my flatmate's girlfriend knew every trick in the book! I could feel myself getting closer with each passing minute, I was pre cumming which added extra lubrication for Sian's rubber gloves. She giggled as she watched my helpless naked body struggling to contain myself. This was quite enjoyable for Sian also, so much so that she started to finger herself with the gloved hand she once reserved for tickling my balls. She started moaning in pleasure as she indulged in a little DIY. Several minutes later I could really feel myself coming to the end, the climax. My back arched further as I continued to inhale her sexy feet and pedicured toes and enjoy the violent strokes from her yellow rubber gloves on my cock.
“I'm cumming, I'm cumming!” I shouted.
“Me to! Oh yes, yes!” Sian screamed loudly. Within moments my huge throbbing member erupted in orgasm, shooting out an unholy amount of jizz. Sian's screams also suggested that her own handiwork had caused her to orgasm also. I drenched her yellow rubber gloves with my cum. “Oh yes, look at that!” She said, “Look at all that juicy cum!” Her words just tickled me, she continued to gently stroke my dick. “Hmm you got your big load all over these rubber gloves, I love it!” For a few minutes my exhausted body just lay naked on the bed, all helpless and still tied. Sian climbed off the bed, our eyes watching each other, she peeled the rubber gloves off inside out and dropped them on the floor and under the bed. She went to untie me starting with my ankles and then my hands, we kissed gently, it was beautiful. It was almost as if we had connected, we now both share something quite private and intimate. “Get dressed quickly!” Sian ordered. “We nearly got caught last time!” she laughed as she said that.
“Will we ever do this again?” I asked. Hoping that this one golden moment wasn't over and that there would be many more sexy rubber glove sessions to anticipate.
“Well maybe!” Sian quipped, “So long as you keep helping me with the housework, I'll be up for more rubber glove fun!” Those words were music to my ears, the thought of me and Sian having more glove sex made me weak at the knees, my breathing was still at this point heavy with aroused excitement. Sian reached for a medium sized locked box that she pulled from the top of her wardrobe. She placed it on the bed and opened it with a precise combination. “and who knows...” she opened up the box and I glanced with huge arousal at the contents. “If you're lucky we may even get to play with these!” Inside the box was easily half a dozen pairs of unused rubber gloves. All different colours, some with feathery cuff, others with patterned cuffs and a sinister looking black pair of rubber gloves. My eyes were popping out of my head! Sian picked up a pair of small pink casabella rubber gloves with an upturned cuff. The colour was very similar to the colour of her bra, she stroked them and brushed the rubber against her skin and took in a deep breath. “No one must ever find out about what's happened today!” Sian pleaded. “It's our little secret!’ She put the pink gloves back in the box locked it and placed back in its usual place on top of her wardrobe. “Now we must get dressed before Tom gets back!” Sian and I walked out of the bedroom, we grabbed our clothes, I returned to my room and Sian went to the bathroom, presumably to fix her make-up as well as get dressed. However as we both left the room we both failed to remember about the two pairs of gloves we had left under Tom and Sian's bed. Her cum drenched yellow marigolds and the green rubber pair I had worn earlier when we'd had sex. Both suitably dressed we retired to the front room where we sat waiting patiently for Tom to come home yet again, still completely unaware we had forgotten about the sex stained rubber gloves under the bed. Suddenly our eyes met with a huge nervous tension that filled the room, a key went into the door and Tom was back. Before he could unlock the door and arrive back into the flat Sian looked at me reassuringly and said, “Don't worry, he won't suspect a thing!”

To be continued...
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Re: The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby sims » Wed May 16, 2018 12:48 pm

Great!!! Can't wait for chapter 3
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Re: The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby ldvale89 » Wed May 16, 2018 2:08 pm

Chapter 3 is on the way, I've started writing it.
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Re: The Flatmate's Girlfriend

Postby ldvale89 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:01 pm

The Flatmate's Girlfriend Part 3

Apologies for the delay in writing the next part of this story.

So it turns out Tom discovered about the sordid affair Sian and I had been having behind his back. He had discovered the cum-drenched marigolds that we had foolishly left under the bed on that day. A day I shall not forget for a long time throughout my life. My former best friend had gone out one afternoon and left me alone in the flat with his utterly gorgeous cleaning obsessed girlfriend. Who would have guessed that we would discover not just a forbidden love for each other but also a secret passion/fetish for household rubber gloves. That one wild and sex filled afternoon is without doubt one of the best moments of my life. But it has since regrettably had consequences for all three of us, Tom and I are no longer friends which is quite understandable after he'd discovered the affair, even more awkward was the fact he now knew about my rubber glove fetish and sought to alienate me from all of our friends and basically plaster all over social media what a weird pervert I am. I moved out of the flat and found myself my own new place with Sian, who I am now proud to say is my girlfriend. She to has found it tough with Tom's family confronting her and giving her a fair share of abuse for the infidelity. Its far to say we were both feeling pretty isolated and at times it was tough but we had each other nonetheless. We both followed our hearts and although people got hurt we found a great deal of happiness together, and even better with our new relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend and our own place together we could indulge in our enormous love of rubber gloves in complete and utter privacy, which we did more often than not.

In the front room of our new place Sian and I were watching TV and playing on our phones, we were completely oblivious to what was on. Sian put her phone down and prodded my arm with her foot.
“Babe! Will you give me a foot massage?” she asked in sexy and persuasive tone. She dropped her bare feet in my lap, “Pretty please?” She gazed at me with her big brown eyes, I looked back at her thinking all the while how fucking lucky I was to have Sian as a girlfriend. I looked at her feet, her feet were cute, so small and dainty with a little dream catcher tattoo on one foot and her toenails painted a hot pink. She wiggled her sexy little toes giggling whilst sticking her tongue out through her teeth. Her pretty pink pedicured toes looked delicious, I just wanted to suck hard on them until the nail polish came off. I grabbed her feet and slowly started to massage them, gliding me fingers through her toe crevices, rubbing the tops of her feet, to the soles and brushing my fingers along the base of her feet up to the tops of her toes. Sian arched herself back and let out a long sigh of relief and satisfaction. “Oh yes babe! That is perfect, you're the best!” The whole time during that compliment from Sian, I never looked up, just totally fixated on her beautiful little feet. They felt so beautiful in my hands as I stroked and caressed them, I just wanted to shove her toes in my mouth and suck them so hard whilst inhaling the smell of her feet. Sian could see it in my eyes that this oh so innocent little foot rub was rapidly getting sexual. We had only been in our new flat together for a couple of months but we were always at it like a couple of rabbits on honeymoon. It was plain to see the result of this foot massage had my cock throbbing with excitement just wanting to burst from my trousers, every time Sian wiggled her toes I just wanted to explode, erupt, empty my jizz filled balls all over her dainty little feet and her sexy pink pedicured toes. “Hmmm” Sian moaned, “You love my feet don't you babe!?” She knew all along, she was just toying with me.
“I love your feet, they are sexy!” I said, right at that moment I grabbed Sian's feet and shoved her soles right in my face, I took a sharp inhale of breath through my nose smelling them.
“Oh babe, you like that don't you, hmm do they smell, do you love the smell of my feet?! Just the words coming out of Sian's mouth had me at the point of almost no return, I was controlling myself with an incredible amount of discipline trying not to cum in my pants as I knew the best was yet to come. I continued to enjoyed the smell of Sian's feet, I licked her soles and in between her toes, I put her toes in my mouth and sucked on them, she wiggled them whilst they were in my mouth, I could smell the pink toenail polish. Just everything about this girl was sexy and she never failed to turn me on, for reasons I care not to explain I just had an overwhelming fetish for her sexy little feet. Although the foot massage had quickly turned into a foot worship Sian did not mind one bit, she was very open minded and loved the fact that I found such pleasure in different parts of her body other than her vagina. After another five or so minutes she pulled her feet away, “That's enough of that for now! You can't have all the fun!” Said Sian with an excited expression on her face.
“Oh no come on Sian I was enjoying that!” I was devastated at Sian for having removed her succulent toes from my mouth, I was enjoying that particular feast. Sian quickly stood up and whipped off her top and pulled off her jeans and undressed down to her underwear, with just a simple suggestive raise of her eyebrows she casually pulled down her knickers and lay back down on the sofa.
“You know what I want babe!” she said, grinning from ear to ear.
“Wait there!” I hastily darted off, presumably to fetch something Sian clearly wanted for this next lev of foreplay. She lay on the sofa with her gorgeous long tanned legs spread-eagle waiting for my return, in the meantime she used her fingers to gently stimulate her pussy. I returned moments later to find Sian fingering herself, she roared with tremendous excitement as she looked at me standing in front of her ready to crank things up a notch.
Sian looked at me with wide eyed excitement and anticipation, upon my return I was naked, fully erect and pulling on a pair of pink casabella branded rubber gloves. I pulled down on the cuffs and snapped the rubber to make a sound that would suggest I mean business. In no time at all I dropped to my knees and starting giving Sian oral sex, she groaned with delight as I glided my tongue rapidly along her labia. I stroked her legs and feet with my gloved hands, the stroking of her feet quickly turned to tickling as the gripped fingertips of the household gloves made very good tickling weapons. Sian continued to moan in sexual pleasure as my tongue lashed her soaking wet pussy, and she wiggled her toes as my rubbery hands continued to tickle away at her feet. I quickly pulled my tongue from Sian's pussy and gently slid my gloved fingers inside her. She screamed in ecstasy!
“Oh the gloves! The rubber, that feels amazing!” Sian was screaming in delight as I finger fucked her with the pink gloves. With my spare gloved hand I grabbed her right ankle and took her toes in my mouth, sucking and licking and sniffing her feet. Her natural foot sweat was stinky but it drove me wild. I was vigorously finger-blasting her cunt with the friction from my gloves making Sian soaking wet with pleasure. I cheekily slipped a sly finger into her bum hole, she squealed with the most high pitched sound she could muster. It felt very kinky wearing the rubber gloves, so many times Sian has pleasured me when she's been donning the marigolds it was satisfying to be able to return the favour. I had two slippery rubbery fingers frigging her pussy at a high tempo whilst my pink rubbery little finger was casually poking her tight little a-hole. Before long I let go of Sian's foot and with my spare gloved hand I smothered her face, she had begged me to let her inhale the rubbery smell of her favourite pink casabellas. Sian has a very modest collection of rubber gloves that she uses for either cleaning or for our sexual escapades, the pink casabellas were my favourites by a clear distance. Whatever gloves would take her fancy she would just slip them on and pleasure me in all ways imaginable: handjobs, blowjobs, tickling, or just generally wearing them during sex. The added bonus now being since Tom's discovery of our affair we no longer had to sneak around, we were a couple and could enjoy our rubber gloved shenanigans in the privacy of our own home. Although we both admitted it was far sexier and kinkier during the affair, for the sheer fear of being caught. I continued to torment Sian with the pink rubber gloves I was wearing, so much so that in her excitement and orgasm she started to squirt. “Holy shit, oh fuck that's so good!” she moaned.
“Oh wow Sian, babe, you are absolutely soaked!” Sian had soaked the sofa with her pussy juices that had uncontrollably sprayed everywhere during our little foreplay session. She got up, kissed me and put her hand to my face,
“Let's take this to the bedroom, keep those gloves on boy!”

I scurried off to the bedroom and jumped on the bed laying flat on my back readjusting my pink household gloves, I rubbed my hands together at the thought of what may come.
“Don't keep me waiting Sian, I'm horny as fuck and I want some steamy glove sex!”
“Just a minute!” shouted Sian from the other room, by the noise it sounded like she was wrestling something from out of a cupboard, I looked puzzled but remained quiet as not to kill the excited mood I was in. Wondering what the hell she was gonna do to me, she has suprised me on the odd ocassion with sexy role playing outfits. She's worn everything from french maid's outfits to latex catsuits all with rubber household gloves, I knew whatever she had in store for me it was going to be kinky. All of a sudden I heard the sound of something being wheeled along to the bedroom! “I hope you're ready for this big boy!” Sian said with an air of confidence about what she had planned.
“Babe! What the fuck are you doing?” I cried out. Sian arrived at the entrance to our bedroom, she was arse naked apart from a pair of open toed killer heels, and the ‘appliance’ that she had wheeled in...a vacuum cleaner! Sian had an almost evil look on her face, she laughed to herself and looked at my helpless body laying spread-eagled out on our bed waiting to be tortured sexually by the hoover.
“Does someone fancy a blowjob?” she asked as she slipped on her yellow marigolds, sniffing the gloves as she glided them onto her petite little manicured hands. Amazingly I was rock hard, I was up for this, 100%. I could bever resist Sian in marigolds, even watching her doing the dishes makes me want to bang one out. I nodded, my mouth was too dry and I was far too excited to get the words out that I wanted. “Good boy!” she quipped, like I was an obedient puppy. “I'm just going to restrain you, we don't want any accidents now do we?” Sian restrained me to the bedposts, hands and feet, I was still in my pink gloves. She tied my hands so tight I could barely move, she had used cable ties, not the most romantic but they did the job and there was an absolute certainty that I would not break free. She bent down and plugged the hoover into the nearest plug socket and wheeled the device closer to the bed with a devilish smile on her face, she fired up the vacuum with her foot. The sound of the vacuum whirring caused my throbbing member to spring to attention, rock hard and ready to have the jizz literally milked from my balls with some intense sucking. Sian lifted the vacuum nozzle and held it like a handgun staring at my huge erect cock. “Up you come!” With a scream of both pleasure and pain the hoover clasped its plastic lips around my shaft and swallowed my dick with a powerful electrical updraft. I moaned uncontrollably, I couldn't decide whether I was enjoying this or I wanted it to stop, it was a strange feeling but at the same time it was turning me on intensely. Sian let go of the hoover and left it to do the job she expected it to do, she pulled on the cuffs of her yellow marigolds wiggling her fingers in excitement staring at my twitching body on the bed, all tied and helpless. “Tickle tickle tickle!” she shouted as her gloved hands started to violently tickle under my arms, “Let's see how you like to be tickled ey!?” This was pure torture, this was sexual torture on another level!
“SIAN! NO PLEASE STOP! IM BEGGING!” I screamed. As I wriggled hopelessly the hoover slipped and began to suck one of my testicles up. I wailed out in agony, this had rapidly declined in enjoyment, the pain was excruciating, I had tears in my eyes, the yelling was deafening. I looked at Sian who laughed wickedly, she smothered my face with her marigolds, whipped them off and hastily left the room. “Sian this isn't funny anymore, please I'm begging you it's gonna rip my balls off!” I doubt she could hear me over the sound of the vacuum cleaner. She returned to the bedroom a few minutes later, still unmoved by all of my screams of agony, she switched the vacuum off. Oddly however upon her return to the room she was wearing a motorbike leather one piece. “Babe, for fucks sake please kust untie me, I'm in pain, I think its bruised quite badly!” I pleaded with her, “...and why are you in bike leathers?” Just at that moment another person walked into the room wearing motorbike leathers but still wearing their helmet, I was about as confused and disorientated as I could be right now.
“I'm not letting you go babe!” Sian said, “I'm going away for a while, somebody will find you eventually.” The mystery figure kept their helmet on and visor down, they handed Sian a helmet which she threw on. Her slinky body looked so sexy in the tight all black leathers, they both left the room went out of the front door and left me on the, naked with a hoover stuck to my dick, oh and I was still in my pink marigolds.
“Sian! SIAN! Come back, don't leave me here you fucking crazy bitch!” I was in trouble, all alone in the flat and no way of getting free I was stuck for the foreseeable. What on earth was Sian playing at?

Meanwhile at a nearby petrol station, Sian was standing next to a motorbike, her helmet wad on but her visor was up. The mystery person who had arrived at the flat earlier amid all of the chaos which led to Sian's hasty departure emerged from the garage.
“She's all juiced up, you ready for a spin Sian?” the mystery figure was none other than Tom!
“Wherever we wanna go babe!” said Sian. “Wherever we wanna go!” Tom and Sian both climbed on the bike, Tom revved it up and sped off into the distance.
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