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SISTER-IN-LAW, by DF Februari 1997

I never thought I would be writing this down for anyone to see, but then, I never had a clue as to what would happen to me only a few months ago. You see, my sister-in-law is, what I consider, the biggest and the most cruel "Cock-Teaser" of all time! But then, maybe I had better back up and let you decide for yourself.
I am married to a very beautiful and passionate women, we have been married for three years and she is pregnant with our first child. My wife is great where sex is concerned, we are both into pleasing the other and have an excellent sex life. We are both 26 years old and are both career people. As a matter off act, we met in college and never let each other go since. Gloria (my wife) is a paralegal and I have a BSME degree and have a very good job.

My wife has two younger sisters, Donna, who this story is about, and Cheryl. Donna is the middle daughter and up until recently was married and lived far away from us. But a divorce from her husband changed all of that. The divorce took its toll on her severely, so when Gloria asked if Donna could come out and stay in Dallas with us, I had no objection. They were always very close and my wife wanted to help her.
During her stay with us, I, of course, was always looking at her, since she was an out-right fox, and had a body that would make any man get stiff. As a matter of fact, I think her ex is one dumb fuck for letting her go. Anyway, during her stay, that is all it amounted to was wishful thinking and looking on my part. She never did or said anything off-color either.

She grew to like it in Dallas and decided to get a job and stay. After a couple of months, she moved into an apartment with another girl at her work. Gloria and I were kind of glad to see her go, since our sex life had taken on a suppressed tone during her stay. Gloria is very vocal during sex, and having her sister in the next bedroom bothered her. So when Donna moved, we were happy for her and happy for our privacy back.
We frequently included Donna in our travel plans and had her and her roommate over quite often for cook-outs and things like that. It was a nice close family relationship, and that's as far as it went.
That is, until recently.

Gloria was in her 7th month of pregnancy when she began having a slight complication, which caused her doctor to suggest no sex, at least, no intercourse until after the baby was born. My wife was a trooper through it and gave me oral sex whenever I was horny, and I would return the favor. But I must say, that by the 9th month, I was in need of a pussy wrapped around my cock. I never knew I would miss it so much. I was dreading the 6 weeks after birth, but here I was with about 14 weeks to put up with.
On a Friday night, Gloria got a call from her sister, sayings she was trying to get a better job, and wanted to know if I would help her with a resume. Of course, Gloria answered for me, not that I would not have. So the next day, Saturday, Donna would be over to work on her resume. My wife was already planning on shopping for the baby with one of her friends and got up and let me sleep in.

At about 9:00 in the morning, I was awakened by Donna calling up the stairs to me to see if anyone was home. I got up and went downstairs to find Donna putting on a pot of coffee in the kitchen. I was wearing my pajama bottoms with a "T" shirt. The pajama pants had a slit in front, but it had a type of flap that prevented accidental exposure.

When the coffee was ready, Donna and I went into the living room and sat on the couch. She was wearing a blouse and skirt, that showed off her gorgeous legs while she sat there next to me. She was wearing a perfume that would make any man horny. So naturally as the coffee aroused my senses, her presence started to arouse my cock. I didn't even realize at what point I must have become fully erect. But at one point Donna moved over closer to me to show me a page of her resume. Her hip bumped into mine, causing me to slightly shift enough for my erect cock to exit through the pee slit in the pajama pants.
At the same time I became aware of the cool air around my cock head, Donna glanced down and gasped. "Oh, MY! What have we here?"

Now I am no John Holmes with a super cock, but I do have a respectable 7" shaft. I quickly reached down and pulled the pajama opening over my erection and told her I was sorry.

"No need to be sorry, I understand. Gloria told me all about it."

"Told you about what?"

"That you can't have any until the baby is born. I can help you out, you know."

My heart went to my throat at that statement. Was she propositioning me? Was I going to get the pussy I had been missing? I flinched as Donna boldly slid her hand into the pajama slit and brought out my erect cock. Her hand felt hot and very good as she slowly stroked my cock. I turned toward her and went to put my arms around her.

She quickly batted my arms away, and said, "NO, YOU DON'T TOUCH ME. I'LL DO EVERYTHING. IF YOU TOUCH ME, I'LL STOP"

Her hand felt so good, that I obeyed and relaxed, laying back to enjoy the hand job, my lovely sister-in-law was giving me.

Still holding my cock in her hand, she stood up. "Come into the kitchen"

She led me by the cock into the kitchen, where she left me standing in the middle of the floor as she went to the cupboard.

She looked back at me and said, "Take your bottoms off and lay on your back on the floor"

Her voice was kind of authoritative, so in no time I was laying on my back in the middle of the kitchen. After looking in a couple of more cupboards, Donna came over to where I was laying. She had a kitchen towel and my wifes pink rubber dish gloves in her hands. She squatted down and got on her knees by my side, facing me. This caused her skirt to ride up her thighs, and I had a clear shot of her panty-covered pussy. My cock which was standing straight up, lurched as I clearly saw a wet spot in the crotch of her panties. She was excited, with what she saw.


I could only nod as I watched her start putting the shiny rubber gloves onto her hands. She had some problems putting them on, but eventually they slipped on with a sighing sound as the air was pressed out. She then made sure they were really on by pulling each cuff of the gloves and then released it which made a loud snapping sound. By putting her hands together with the fingers stretched out she also made sure that the rubber gloves had a tight fit around each finger. The rubber gloves were in fact so tight-fitting I could see her fingernails protrude at the top of each rubber-clad finger. Then she wrapped one of her now rubber-clad hand around the head of my cock, and began a slow downward stroke. I moaned and my thighs jumped.
"Spread your legs and put the soles of your feet together."

As I positioned myself like she said, she moved over between my spread legs and kept up her slow stroking. As I looked down past her pink shiny rubber gloved hand on my hard cock, I saw the wet spot had gotten a lot bigger at her crotch. I decided to get bold and reached for a perfectly formed tit in her blouse.
Donna immediately jumped up and stood over me, "I TOLD YOU WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE?"

"NO, NO, Please don't leave. PLEEEEESE!"


Donna once more knelt between my spread thighs, pulling her skirt even higher than before. My cock lurched as I felt the rubber-clad hand encircle the head once more. Then her other rubber-clad hand went to my balls and began rolling them in their sack as she slid her other rubber gloved hand up and down my erection. I was close to cumming and still wanted in her pussy soooooo bad!

"Donna, please at least unbutton your blouse for me?"

"I have a new rule for you! The only time I want you to talk, is when you are getting close to shooting. Any other words, and I'll leave!"

What could I do? Here was this gorgeous female with her rubber-clad hand around my horny cock and her other soft rubber-clad hand driving my balls in a fever. I announced to her that I was going to cum. She slid her rubber gloved hand to the base of my cock and squeezed hard. After a few seconds of that hold, the urge to cum went away and she started up again.

"If you ever cum, without telling me first, I'll leave!"

I wondered what the hell was with this Bitch? But my cock had the driver's seat at the moment, not my brain. Donna continued the teasing motions through about 10 more announcements of an impending orgasm. And each time she would do the same to stop it. I was about to go nuts with the need to cum, that my balls were beginning to hurt.

Then came about my 12th announcement to her that I was going to shoot. To my relief, her rubber-clad hand picked up the pace of stroking my cock. I have never in my life felt such a violent cum as that first one. I groaned and arched my back as I felt the first spurt rush up my cock. As I watched it launch from the tip of my cock, I gasped in awe as the stream of thick cum shot clear over Donna's shoulder and splashed up against the kitchen wall. Before the next spurt came, she directed my cock back, so that it went back over my head and landed on the kitchen table. As I looked down to observe the next spurt, I saw Donna's legs rapidly opening and closing and heard a loud moan escape her lips. She was cumming.

Seeing that, of course, caused another tremendous spurt, straight up and back down onto the cuffs of her rubber gloves. Several shorter spurts came and then a long time of oozing down my cock and over Donna's rubber-clad hand. She kept it up until I was done and then even milked it for more. Her rubber gloved hand were completely covered by my cum. Once satisfied that there was no more, she went to the sink and washed the rubber gloves before taking them off with a load snap. And left the house!
I laid there spent for about 15 minutes before I felt strong enough to get up.

This scene has been repeated many times over since then. Basically, the same except that she has bought these shiny black tight-fitting rubber gloves that she puts on before doing me. That was smart since now my wife doesn't have to wonder why her rubber dish gloves often seems to have been used when she isn't at home. Only last week, Donna came over with no panties on and allowed me to see her wet slit. She never fingers it, and can cum just by squeezing her shapely thighs together. Many a time, the heat of the moment has gotten to me and I have either tried to reach for her or talk to her. She abruptly gets up and leaves me laying there to pump myself off. She is a real Bitch when it comes to that. I guess I should be thankful for the view of her pussy.

I have learned how to read her reactions as to when she will allow me a release. When she is ready for me to cum, her breath comes in small raspy gasps, and then when I announce it, she moans and begins her thigh masturbation.

I'm going crazy with lust for her and I constantly have a longing for the next session with her rubber gloves...

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Re: Sister-in-Law

Post by Phobos » Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:53 pm

I really loved this story when i read it today. Unfortunately it really excited me while i was at work :D

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Re: Sister-in-Law

Post by Jake » Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:40 pm

Really well written story and it really sounds like a fun, exciting experience.
Thanks for writing it :)

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Re: Sister-in-Law

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Sounds a really nice store were u not worried about her finger nails popping threw them

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