My first rubber household gloves sexual experience.Chap1,2..

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My first rubber household gloves sexual experience.Chap1,2..

Postby trav Lady Elvira » Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:53 pm

My name is Elvira. I’m 17 years old. We are wealthy because my father and mother both came out wealthy families. So they never had to work for it. But they both where brought up respecting people who had no money. They were not snobs who looked down on people. This was because mine grandparents were immigrants to this country who began poor. But started an grocery shop what became an whole concern of shops. I was raised the same way.
As long as I can remember my mother wears rubber household gloves. She wears them for a lot of things. Doing the dishes, working in the garden and even when she uses glue for one of the creative things she does. My father was killed in an automobile accident when I was 2 years old and my mother was never remarried again. So, a man was never in the direct picture in my family live so it always has been my mother and me. She wore always light red ones from a special brand. She bought them always in a little neighborhood shop that was run by a family. Mother and son. They had all kind things in the store. Food as well as nonfood. Because it was not that big my mother liked to go there. It also was the nearest shop. She told me some time that it was not so full of people and that the shop owners new their regular customers. So, after a while she got friends with them. She let the boy bring the things she bought to our house so he got to earn some extra money. So, we got to know each other well. My mother and the women of the shop, named Fanny, became close friends and visit each other regular. Sometimes in her house, sometimes in ours. She helped her at the shop on regular times and had fun doing it. I was home sometimes and heard them talk about various topics. One of the topics I was very interested in was when they talked about wearing the rubber gloves. They both did it and had very interesting conversations about it. I was 14 years old when I had my first sexual rubber glove experience my self and it involved both women as well.
I was old enough to go to school and back my self. So, one day I could go home earlier than was normal because mine teacher had to attend an emergency at her home right away and there was nobody ells who could give us the lessons we had to suppose we had. So, I was home 2 hours earlier. I also had my own set of keys so I could let my self in when my mother was at her volunteer work with Fanny. She did some other thinks to. So, I let my self in at the back and came in the kitchen. I wanted to take a drink out of the refrigerator when I heard all kind of noises coming from the second floor. It where 2 women voices and I heard it where the voices from my mother and Fanny. I wanted to shout to them that I was home when I heard that the noises where kind of pleasure sounds. Soft screams, moans and sighs of lust and Fanny who encouraged mine mother to go deeper and faster. There were also an kind of slurping sounds. Both liked it very much because they talked very positive to each other. I had the sexual talk with my mother about all kind of topics when I was 12. So, I knew that they were involved in some sexual thing together. I first was repulsed and an little angry. It was my mother for god sake. But then my curiosity took over my feelings and I tiptoed upstairs to see what was happening.
The bedroom of my mother was the first that was in the hallway after the stairs. So, I didn’t had to walk far. I was in luck this time because the door of the bedroom was open an little bit. It was far enough so I could see exactly what was happening inside. Her bed was put sideways in the room. Head board against one wall and feet board in the middle. On the head board wall there was an mirror above the board and on the opposite wall there was one as well. That was how I could see what both women were doing.
They both were star naked. Wore only light red and black over the knee patent leather boots and the rubber household gloves. My mother had 3 fingers of one hand in the pussy from Fanny and Fanny had her whole hand in the cunt of my mother. I had to put an hand over my mouth so I should not make any noise.
It was the first time that I saw that in real. I saw both bodies twisted and moving from one side to the other side. And the hand and fingers going in and out the pussies. I staid and looked and became more aroused mine self every minute. After an while the repulsion and angriness were gone and replaced by horniness. I felt my own pussy juice running down my legs. It felt very strange. I put my fingers in my pantie and I felt some sticky messy fluid in my pantie. I looked to the couple in the bedroom and saw that they had also an transparent kind of fluid on their gloves. I didn’t like what I felt. So decided that I wanted to wear some rubber gloves to. So, I walked back to the cabinet in the kitchen where my mother kept her stash of new rubber gloves and put an pair on. I loved the feel and smell of them. I put of my dress, pantie and bra. I thought that they never find out because they would be so involved in what they were doing to each other so that I could get away with it. So, the only things I had on were the gloves, mine white socks and mine tennis shoes.

I went back upstairs and found the women doing still what they were doing when I got away earlier. Alone the voices where sounding higher and were going faster. But they said the same. I looked for an while again and felt all kind of nice tingling feelings in my own body again. They became so overwhelming that I threw all my inhibitions overboard and began to stroke my own pussy and tits. OMG what lovely feelings I had. They became so intense that I had to sit down. So I did and sat with my back against the wall. Was I afraid to be caught? Not at all. Was I afraid mine mother should be angry at me? Not at all. I did the same that she and Fanny did didn’t I? So my feelings got away with me. They were so pleasurably that I never thought about this things. I felt the pressure of an orgasm building up inside me. Rubbed my clit and tits and rubbed my outer pussy lips. I had masturbated before and even talked with my mother about it. And also red on the internet about it. So, I knew what it was and what it felt like. But never had the courage to put my fingers or hand in dear. But when I saw the women do it by each other my curiosity took over again. So, I tried first 1 finger. But I felt nothing. After that 2 fingers. Still nothing. 3 fingers. That’s when I felt some pressure against mine pussy wands. Was not unpleasant but not spectacular either. 4 fingers. More pressure and more of the tingling feelings came to me. I went in and out my pussy and that’s when I felt some jolts of electricity shot through my whole body. Ended at my spine. I arched my back and gave an little yell. Did I bother to be caught now? No not at all. I was to far gone in my own world of lust and pleasant feelings to be bothered by that. I felt that my orgasm was cumming. I went on automatic pilot and rubbed clit, tits and pussy lips and moved my whole hand ( yes the fifth finger went in to to my surprise) and I got the most powerful orgasm that I ever had. I felt that an kind of fluid tried to get out near my gloved rubber fingers. I wondered what it was and pulled them out and there was an fountain of the same fluid I had seen on the gloves from the other ladies. I screamed and giggled and moved from left to right over the ground. My back went in an arch and back strait. WOW what were that much nice feelings I had. I enjoined them all very much. I let the feelings flow away and enjoined the afterglow.
Than my mother scraped her voice and I became aware that she and Fanny stood on either side of me. She told me that she enjoined the sight I gave her when I came and that she never had thought of me as an naughty girl. But wasn’t mad or angry. That she never had seen or heard from an young girl that could put her whole fist in her pussy. And squirted so much already. And was concerned that I had ruined my pussy. She told me that she had the tools to inspect that. And would use that later on. She told me she would have an talk with me and Fanny about what happened later. That she was tiered and wanted to sleep first. Both she and Fanny helped me to stand up and let me to the bed from mine mother.
They put me down on the bed and crept on it next to me on both sides of mine body. We drifted off to sleep. I felt contempt and happy. And also a little afraid. What happened later is an next story.

Chapter 2.
When I woke up several hours later I felt mine mothers’ tits against mine back and mine own tits against the back of Fanny. I felt contempt but didn’t want to wake the other ladies. Didn’t know what they had in store for me so I tried to lay as still if I could. But again, mine body betrayed me. I felt several itches which made mine body shudder. And that was what made both ladies awake as well. I laid on mine back and both ladies turned on their sides facing me both. Both had a hand under their head and smiled to me as they never did. Mine mother began to talk first. She asked me how I felt about what I had seen before. She told me to be honest and that there would be no repercussions for me. So, I told her about the angriness and repulsiveness first. But that it later turned into the most pleasurable and exited feelings of mine life so far. That I never had squirt so much and felt great after all. She told me that she didn’t tell me about her sexual escapades because she didn’t know how to tell me. Fanny joined the conversation by telling me that it was she who introduced my mother to lesbian sex. That she hated males after her husband treated her bad and that she never wanted a man on her body. I asked her if she hated her son also. He was a male to. But she told me that that was different because he never heard her like her husband did. Fanny asked me if I had any sexual experience. And I answered her through fully that I only had masturbated and never had an experience with a man, woman, boy or girl. She asked if I had a preference. And I told her that what I saw her doing to my mother made me very horny. So, I like to experience that myself some more. Mine mother asked me if I knew if mine maidenhead was intact. I told her that I read about it on the internet and that I broke trough it when I first masturbated myself. That it hurt a little and bleed a little also but wasn’t unpleasant. She told me she would inspect the inner side of mine vagina to see if nothing was damaged by mine whole hand that I had inside earlier. So, she went of the bed and walked to her desk in the corner of the room. She opened a drawer and took a squire box out of it. Attached to it there was a round thin kind of metal tube. It had a little glass bulb on the end. It looked like a kind of spy camera I had seen in a movie sometime.
Mine mother walked back to the bed and told me that she had to insert the tube in my vagina and could see the inside from my vagina on the screen. I told her I would like to see it to. She told me I could after she had seen it. She pushed on a button on the box and the screen lit up. She let me see my face on it and put it down near my vagina. She took a bottle of lubricant and put some on her gloves. She took the tube in her hands and put the lubricant on that to. She told me to lay back and relax. I felt so comfortable with the ladies that I didn’t have problems to do so. When my mother saw that I was relaxed she opened min pussy lips with one hand and put the tube inside. She saw mine pussy wand and looked closely to the screen. She told me that she saw nothing that alarmed her. She held the screen up so I could see it to. And I saw a dark pink colored wand with little nubs on it. I asked if I could see the inner side of my mothers and Fannies pussy to. So, my mother laid down and told Fanny to do by her what she did to me. Fanny took the tube out my vagina, cleaned it with a towel and put it in the vagina from mine mother. There I saw the same tissue what I saw in my own vagina. After that my mother did the same procedure and put it in Fannies vagina. And again, I saw the same. So, we where all pleased to know that there was nothing wrong. After my mother cleaned the tube again she put the box away in her desk and asked me what I wanted to do next. I thought about it and felt hungry so, I told them I wanted to eat pizza. So, we called the pizza place and ordered the pizza’s. We dressed our self in nice see trough dresses and gave the delivery girl a nice look. We ate them and where ready in no time. After that we went back to the bedroom to have some more sex.
My mother asked if I could replace my tennis shoes for over the knee boots. She liked them more and then we were more of a three unit. I told her I didn’t have them my own. But she told me she taught we had the same shoesize so, I could borrow a pair of hers. She went to her clothing closet and opened it. On the floor of it I saw several pairs of them in different colors. They all had spiked heels. My mother taught me from an early age to walk on spiked heels so, I didn’t have problems with that. I told her that I liked the purple ones. So, she fetched them for me. They had a zipper over the whole side of the boots. So, she zipped them both down and gave one booth to Fanny and hold the other one herself. She told me to lay on the bed again so she and Fanny could put the boots on my feet and legs. I put of mine tennis shoes and socks and did so. When I laid on the bed she told me I could put a cushion to the head-board so I could lean against it. So, I could see what they were doing. I thought it was a splendid idea and did so again. My mother put the boot on the side of the bed next to mine leg. She took the bottle of lubricant and put a little on her glove again. She began to massage mine leg and asked Fanny to do the same with my other leg. What she did. I enjoined it very much and sighed several times saying how nice it felt and how contempt I was. Especially the little nubs on there gloves send nice shivers over my back through my whole body. After an while mine mother found it ok and put the boot on my foot. She put the zipper up very slowly. What again gave me nice shivers over my whole body. An when she was at the top of the boot she caressed the whole boot from top till bottom and back again. It made a squeaky sound because the lubricant on her glove had dried up. This made me giggle a little. I told the ladies what it was that made me giggle and they giggled with me. Fanny did exact the same and we giggled again. At once I felt myself become horny and sexy as well. I told both ladies I wanted to dance with them at the same time. Fanny at the back from me and my mother in front. Like being in a nice woman sandwich. Mine mother frowned her eyebrows first but then I saw twinkles in her eyes. She went of the bed and walked to the side where I lay. Fanny walked behind her and waited as well. My mother held her arms open to receive me in them. I quickly stood up from the bed. But never had boots on that were thi-high and with spiked heels. So, I stumbled and fell. She put one boot in front of the other and stood firm. So, she received me in her arms. I felt her gloves touching mine back and felt my pussy fluid running over my short peace of leg that wasn’t covered by my boots. I told her that I was pleased she received me in her arms. Fanny quickly walked to the back of me and pushed her body against mine to. It felt so secure and nice. I regained my posture and began to dance softly. I hummed some music I liked and I made little turns. The other ladies turned with me. I closed mine eyes and put my head on my mother’s shoulder. She is bigger than me so, let her head rest on my head. I could dance like that for hours but my feet protested against that. So, after an while I told them that I wanted to lay down again what they found a good idea. So, we did. Again, I in the middle and both others on the side of me. It felt so good that I dosed of a little. Fanny and my mother did to.

When I got conscious again I saw that it was an hour later. Looked at Fanny and my mother an got a wicked idea. I would suck at a nipple of a tit from mine mother and caress Fannies at the same time. So, I went my face to the tits of my mother and tried to suck on one of them. I gently put mine gloved hand on one of the tits of Fanny. They both gave little yells but were awake immediately. Fanny took the bottle of lubricant and asked me if she could poor some on my glove. It felt a little bit rough whit out it. I opened mine hand and told her it was ok. So, she did. She told me I could go on now with what I did. After an while both ladies began to moan and sigh. And I saw that both had a hand down their pussies. And fingers gliding in and out.
At one moment the moans became cries and jells and both women came at the same time. Their bodies writhed van left to right and arced and got straight again. I felt very horny and got nice tingles in my own pussy as well. I got on and on and when they both got their orgasms their hands rubbed their pussy lips very hard and fast. I looked at my mothers face and saw the nice contractions it made. And also heard the nice sounds both woman made. When they came down from their heights the begged me to stop what I was doing because it became too intense. I didn’t want to because I enjoined it too much myself. But knew out my own experience it could hurt and felt unpleasant. So, I did. After they calmed down and their breading became normal they both snuggled up to me and told me that they both loved to wake up that way.

Fanny told us that she had made an appointment with her sun and she had to leave us. I told her I found it an pity because I loved all the thinks we did together. She told me she enjoined it to but that there could be more times we could do things together. And that she had an nice surprise for both of us when we would be at her house the next time. She asked us if we had time next weekend from Friday till Sunday. My mother looked at me and I gave her an positive nod. So she told her we both should be there Friday at 6.30 hours. That we would arrange diner and she could arrange the rest of the weekend. Fanny told us there would be one person more. We asked who it would be but she told us it was an surprise. When Fanny was dressed and went her way my mother and I took an nice shower. Both held our gloves on and soaped each other in. Caressed each others whole bodies and came like that together. We talked about what it could be that Fanny had in store for us but couldn’t think of anything. So, we had to wait and were both pretty excited.

The next days were not so eventful. We went to our usual routine from going to school and volunteer work eat and drink ant went to bed. My mother had the idea that we didn’t have sex till Friday so, we get very horny and had the best sex ever the next weekend. I protested very loud and several times. But if she has an idea in her head it’s difficult to convince her too differs from it. So, at last I accepted my defeat and had masturbated an few times. Had the most fantastic fantasies about what could happen next weekend and had some pleasure after all.
It looked like the days dragged by. But at last it got Friday. My mother always was free at Friday. She once told me she held the Friday for rest day or the day to do things with me. I was free from school because the teachers had an study day themselves. So we began the day with taking an nice bad together. After that we went on an shopping trip. We went to an special shop that sold rubber dresses and long gloves. While we were in the shop I saw an nice pair of leggings and nice long rubber socks. And bought them as well. My mother bought an nice light red rubber dress and leggings as well. We had to force our self to go because we had to buy food and go to Fanny. So, we did that. We knew she enjoined Chinese food and Pizza. We had pizza the last time she was with us so, decide to go for Chinese this time. We bought the food and went over to her place. We just arrived one minute fore the time we agreed with her. So were very pleased to have accomplished that.

When we ringed the doorbell it was Fanny who answered the door. An little bit behind her there stood an stunning nice girl. She looked an little bit nervous but smiled never the less. Fanny wore an nice black spandex trouser suite. I loved it how it just hugged her body in all the right places. Just above her tits it was wrinkled by elastic band. So, it didn’t need bands to held it up. She wore nice light red ankle boots with an zipper in front over the whole boot. And short light red rubber gloves. She told us that Andre, her son, was out with friends for the whole weekend but that her nice Andrea was with her this whole weekend. She took an step aside and Andrea gave us an nice hand. It had an firm grip but wasn’t unpleasant. I looked at the girl again and had an faint idea I knew her. But didn’t know from what. She wore an nice black leather skirt with an white sleeveless blouse. She also wore light red long rubber gloves and over the knee black patent leather boots. The boots had lots of silver notch on the edges of both boots. And I had trouble taking my eyes of them. My mother told her our names and so, when we had made our acquaintances we all went inside.

Andre and I were friends like an brother and sister are. We lived both on the opposite sides of town so went to different schools and had both our own friends. There also was the age difference so we didn’t go out much or saw each other much. We still were friends do. I thought about that when we went inside. And it hit me that Andrea’s face was very much the same as Fannies. Both nice eyes, same mouth an chin and nice shoulder blond hair. Long black eyelashes and both the same makeup. Namely blue and purple eye shadow and nice mascara. But I let it go for that time. We chitchatted with each other and went to the dining room. Fanny had already set the table and we eat the Chinese diner together. We again talked about all kind of topics and enjoined each other’s company. When we were ready we cleared the table together and went to the living room.

It was there that Fanny dropped the bomb on us. She told us she had to tell us something before we could get any farther this weekend. But that she would us to be completely honest with her and Andrea when she was ready. That we had to talk from the heart and not only with our brains. That we could reschedule this weekend if we wanted to. But had to be honest. My mother told her she was always honest to her. And told her also she had me brought up with the norm to always be honest to people. So, she could always depend on the both of us that we would be so to them all the time. Fanny began to smile and told us she taught that that would be the answer she got from us. But that she still was an little bit worried because she had told the surprise to another friend of her and she freaked out about what happened and wouldn’t be her friend anymore. My mother as well as I told her that we have browsed the internet about a lot of sexual topics over the years and that there was nothing that could surprise us so much that we wouldn’t be friends with them anymore. That their friendship meant to much for us to trough it away that easy.
So, Fanny smiled and told us she felt the same way. And that was why she thought it was alright to tell us the secret and let us see it. She went to the back off the chair were Andrea was sitting in and placed her hands on her shoulders. She told her it was alright now and she could do what they had spoken of. Andrea told us we were the second who get to know her secret and hoped we had another reaction than the one she first had shown it to. We ensured her we did. Especially because we were warned now. She smiled an little and began. She took an hand full of hair and gave an short yank to it. It was an wick and under it came short spiky hairs out of it. She placed the wick on an cite table an pulled her skirt up and pantie down. And there it was in his full glory. The most beautiful dick I ever had seen in real. Both my mother and my mouth fell open and Andrea’s cheeks became red. She looked down to the ground. My mother and I told them we didn’t have any objection to see that Andre was Andrea some time. I told them I found her familiar looking but couldn’t tell them right away were I could know her from. But now I knew I was very pleased about it. So, now this was out of the way the tension by Andrea was gone to. I told them I had an slightly preference to see Andrea back do. So the all joined in with that statement and even Andre told us he preferred to be Andrea. So she put on her wick again and chanced her voice into an women one again.

Fanny told us she was very happy that everything went so well and that we didn’t have any objections. That she owned an little cabin on an lake and had asked an neighbor to manage her store for the Saturday what she did more before. This so we could go there if we liked to and be with each other and maybe have some good times together. She told us it was an 2 hour drive and that it was the only cabin for miles and no one would disturb us when we were there. Fanny told us we could go in her car. But my mother said that she didn’t mind driving in our car. That it had more room for the legs in the back. So we did. My mother asked Andrea if she would mind sitting in front with her. So Fanny and I could sit in the back. She didn’t mind and neither did we. So it happened that way.

We took of and drove for an while. My mother used the TomTom so, she knew how to drive without Fanny had to tell her all the time. So, at last we came to the highway and we had to drive an long straight way. My mother and Andrea were talking soft to each other and Fanny and I did to. The noise of the car made that we couldn’t hear each other but that bothered nobody. My mother put her arm around her shoulders and caressed her back, neck and head several times. Fanny put her arms around my waist and told me she love to cuddle with me If I found it alright. I slide over to her place, placed my hand and arms around her waist and kissed her softly on her neck and cheek. Where that came from I didn’t know. But I had so much confidence in this lady that I did it without any hesitation. She moaned softly and squeezed my waist softly. When we had driven for an hour and had some nice times in the car my mother told us she had to go to the bathroom and wanted to stretch her legs. Andrea told her it would be the first time for her as an woman in public. And that she would stay in the car. My mother gave her an ensuring tug to her shoulders and said that wasn’t necessary because we all staid with her and should make sure that nothing bad happened to her. She stopped at an nice little diner near the road and stepped out. She quickly walked to the side from Andrea and helped her to get out. She didn’t walk right inside but asked first if she felt alright. She trembled an little but said that she was alright as long if we were with her. My mother bend an arm before her body and offered it to Andrea. Told her that she always could get an hold of that if she wanted. Andrea told us she liked that and did it right away. She put her arm through the whole made through the arm from my mother. And told us she liked it and felt very secure. We walked inside and had quite an audience staring at us. I felt becoming an little mischievous. The waitress behind the counter, called Evangeline her name tag said , saw it and told us that they hadn’t guests so pretty as we were. She was an older lady from the age of my mother and Fanny. Wore an old black waitress uniform that hugged her body nicely and had some nice ankle boots with squire heal on. She told us that she loved to see us wearing the gloves. I felt bold again and asked her if she could wear some rubber gloves to while she served us. She looked an little strange first, told us she needed no gloves herself for her job but knew that her dish washing girl was using the household rubber ones. I told her that the tip was severe if I could see her putting them on before she takes our order. She went to the kitchen and came back with some nice pink and yellow ones. I told her I preferred the pink ones. She brought us to an table in an nice corner that was secluded by some wooden screens. After we sat down she put the gloves on in an very slow way. This gave me some nice shivers on whole my body and wanted to touch myself right there. I didn’t because I had some sense in my head do. But felt me becoming wet between my legs. After she took our order she would walk away. I gave her an little tip in front and told her there was more in store as she would bring us our food the way she was now. And hold the gloves on while she waited till the food was prepared. Maybe she could join us and eat something with us. She told me I was the first who offered that to and asked that from her. That she got some strange looks from people bud didn’t care. That she would do what I asked and walked away. She served other people with the gloves on and told them that she wore them because she had bet with me that she should do it and there was an big tip waiting for her. I stood up and could look just over the wooden panels and gave her the thumbs up when she looked at me and smiled. She smiled back. My mother asked me where I got the nerves to do so. I told her I didn’t know here anyone and felt an little bold and mischievous and felt very horny to after we played in the car. I saw everybody of our group touching themselves under the table in their panties. I told them that I didn’t do it because Evangeline could be back any minute know. They all acted kind of innocent as if they didn’t knew what I was talking about. I called them horny bitches and we laughed about it. I told them I liked to eat the food from their hands and licked their fingers clean. But my mother told me that’s to weird for now. That we were in an diner and we did an few weird things already. That we had to be careful not to be thrown out. And could do so when we were in the cabin. So, we stopped doing what we were doing when Evangeline brought us our food and had herself an big peace of apple pie. She asked us if we found it weird if she eat the pie with her gloved hands. I looked to my mother and Fanny and raised my eyebrows while I was smiling. I told them I said or did nothing so she would ask. They told Evangeline what I had suggested. She told me the wooden panels shall protect us from other people and that she shall protect us from other waitresses because she was the boss and owner of the diner. She went away again and talked to an colleague and came back So we began to eat and we eat all with our hands. I sat closest to Evangeline and got her fingers in my mouth one by one after she was finished with her pie. It tasted so delightful that I had problems not to go any farther then licking them and telling everyone how nice they tasted. After that Fanny and my mother tasted their gloved hands and Andrea tasted her own. When we were finished and had our feelings calmed down we asked Evangeline if she had time to be with us at the cabin later on. She told us she had to work whole the weekend and couldn’t find someone to replace her at so short notice. She and Fanny changed e-mail addresses and she promised to stay in contact with us so we could arrange something other another time.

So I paid her for the bill and gave her an huge tip. Took her gloved hand and put all her fingers in my mouth for the last time and hugged her. I told her there could be more of that if she staid in contact with us. She smiled and told us she found us very interesting girls. And that she hoped that we could send her some pictures or films from our weekend on her e-mail. What we promised her.
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Re: My first rubber household gloves sexual experience.

Postby 4rt » Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:48 pm

That was amazing!!! Thanks so much for writing, can’t wait for the next part!!
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Re: My first rubber household gloves sexual experience.

Postby lglove » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:14 pm


Awesome story! I am looking forward to the next part as well!
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Re: My first rubber household gloves sexual experience.Chap1

Postby shyglove » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:48 am

Really amazing story!
Thanks a lot for your good writing.
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