A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 9

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A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 9

Post by smark100 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:32 pm

Mary confided to Elizabeth that as of late she has been quite anxious and has resorted to onanism. She described how, wearing rubber gloves, she penetrates her arse with a greased finger while she rubs her quim with her other gloved hand until hysterical paroxysm is achieved.
"I don't have a solution to your problem" Elizabeth responded "but I shall discuss it with the doctor"

Elizabeth attended the doctor's office in his house on the following Saturday for her usual treatment for hysteria which consisted, essentially, of amorous congress. Conducted by the doctor as a medical procedure, he donned rubber gloves and a rubber apron then massaged her maidenhood to ready her as she lay on the examination table with her legs spread apart. He then used his penis (sheathed in a rubber condome) to penetrate her and induce hysterical paroxysm. During the procedure Elizabeth also donned rubber gloves to avoid the inevitable mess associated with the act - she had a dislike for the smell of her own emissions as well as that of a man. There was also a considerable mess when she achieved paroxysm as she often discharged a great deal of liquid from her person. As of late, she wore a transparent rubber cape and thin rubber gloves during the act - she had come to savour the feeling of rubber and found it oddly exciting as it covered her nude body.

When they were done, Elizabeth mentioned Mary's onanism to the doctor as he cleaned up. "I should almost think that you could cure her condition in a similar manner in which you treat me" she suggested, to which he looked quite surprised, "however I should hardly want to share your pleasures" she added with a rather wicked smile.
The doctor thought about the problem then suggested the Doctor Vigor Horse Massager which simulates the up and down motions of riding a horse. When fitted with a dildo it produces a most pleasurable sensation bringing on hysterical paroxysm mechanically.

Elizabeth purchased the device which the doctor then fitted with a medical appliance. A sheet of gum rubber was spread over the saddle with a hole made in it through which the sheathed appliance protrudes. The rider then mounts the saddle and impales herself (or perhaps even himself since rectal stimulation was known to induce an orgasm in men) on it. By way of springs, motions produced while riding the massager cause the appliance to bounce up and down penetrating the rider repeatedly.
Once readied by the doctor, Elizabeth called Mary into her bedroom where the contrivance was setup

Mary examined the device and especially the large rubber dildo protruding from it - she reached out to stroke and admire it. She was quite anxious and wanted relief now
"Might I try it ?" she asked
"Of course" Elizabeth replied "get undressed and we shall see how it works"

As she stripped naked, Elizabeth brought a pair of long amber rubber gloves to her "You will undoubtedly wish to have rubber gloves as this will get messy" Elizabeth said "and I shall don a rubber cape to stay dry as well whilst I assist you"
"The same one you wore last time ?" Mary asked
"Yes, I should think it prudent to wear waterproof goods during these treatments"

As Mary undressed and pulled the tight rubber gloves on her hands and up her forearms, Elizabeth began to undress as well. "The rubber cape will never fit over my dresses" she explained. Elizabeth could likely have worn a simple rubber apron however she had come to like the feeling of rubber on her naked flesh aside from the fact the cape did cover her more completely. Elizabeth removed her clothing and donned the rubber rain cape which she kept in her room by pulling it over her head. With the cape draping over her body, she pulled the attached rubber hood over her head to cover her hair. Through the thin rubber of the cape her womanly features could clearly be seen from the hair surrounding her maidenhood to the gentle curves of her breasts. She pulled a pair of thin transparent amber rubber gloves on as well, smoothing them down her arms to expel any trapped air.

The doctor, meanwhile, donned his usual amber rubber apron as well as a pair of black rubber surgical gloves. He pulled a black rubber condome from his bag and stretched it over the dildo protruding from the saddle of the massager. He then poured a little oil from a glass bottle into his gloved hand and rubbed it all over the rubber sheath until it glistened to lubricate it so it would slide inside Mary easily.

Elizabeth patted the rubber covered saddle and Mary obediantly jumped up onto the device. She instinctively sat side saddle as a proper lady should. "You need to straddle it dear" Elizabeth instructed and Mary swung one leg over the saddle and sat with her legs spread open - Her maidenhood touched the cool rubber on the saddle and the sheathed dildo behind her pressed against her backside.
Elizabeth reached out and touched Mary's maidenhood with a gloved hand "Perhaps you need to be stimulated first before impaling yourself on the appliance". Elizabeth slid a gloved finger up and down Mary's quim which began to get wet then pushed a finger inside her. Mary moaned, clearly enjoying the attention as Elizabeth continued fingering her for several moments dipping her gloved finger in and out.

"I believe she is ready for penetration" Elizabeth declared as she looked at the wetness on her gloved finger she withdrew from Mary: the thin rubber of the glove made almost transparent when wet. "Slide yourself onto the appliance now dear". Mary lifted herself upwards by stretching her legs and positioned herself over the rubber phallus, grabbed the dildo with a gloved hand, and guided the rubber tip into her maidenhood which parted open to accept the intruder. She placed a gloved hand on each side of her maidenhood and used her fingers to part her lips then sat down slowly as the glossy black rubber shaft disappeared inside herself. She began to bounce as if riding a horse and the dildo moved up and down inside her.

Mary rode the horse, eventually reaching a gallop which caused the dildo to plunge in and out of her rather quickly ... and while she enjoyed the sensation, after five minutes of this she admitted that she was not close to a paroxysm. He legs a bit tired, she stopped rocking and relaxed, the dildo still buried inside her. "Shall we try using the dildo rectally ?" Elizabeth inquired. "Yes, she does seem to respond well to rectal penetration" the doctor added "lean forward, Mary, and I shall lubricate your rectum". Mary leaned forward on the saddle causing her buttocks to spread apart and her puckering anus to be exposed. "I shall use my gloved finger first" he said as he dipped a finger into a tin of thick grease and rubbed it in circles around her rosebud then pressed it inside her. "Is that comfortable ?" has asked his patient. "Oh yes, doctor, your finger slides most easily inside myself".

Confident that her rectum was well lubricated, the doctor pulled his gloved finger out of her and removed a rectal syringe from his bag which was already loaded with grease. He eased the long, hard rubber pipe of the syringe inside Mary's rectum then pressed the barrel to deposit thick grease inside her bottom. Having deposited about half a syringe of the grease (as evident from leakage around the pipe disappearing inside her), he pulled the syringe from her rectum.
"There, try the appliance in your bottom now" the doctor suggested. With some patients he would have use a dilator to stretch the rectum to accommodate penetration however Mary seemed to open well to rectal penetration so he dispensed with further manipulations. Mary extended her legs to lift herself from the saddle causing the dildo to fall out of her. The doctor grabbed the greasy shaft of the sheathed dildo with a gloved hand and held it upright. "Spread your buttocks" he instructed and she reached behind her grabbing one cheek in each gloved hand and pulling wide apart. Thankfully, the gloves kept her flesh from becoming soiled with the large amount of grease covering her backside. She leaned back a little and placed the tip of the dildo against her lubricated rectal opening then sat down slowly impaling herself on the black rubber dildo which disappeared inside her bottom. Eventually she was completely seated with the appliance lodged deep inside her.

As she bounced up and down, slowly at first, the dildo penetrated her arse. Elizabeth, enrobed in her waterproof rubber cape, moved to her side and began rubbing her maidenhood with gloved fingers. She pushed two gloved fingers deep inside Mary and massaged the special spot that the doctor showed her. Mary began to moan in a low, gutteral way then increased the pace. Her breathing became shallow and she panted "Uh ... uh ... uh ..." each time the dildo thrust inside her bowels. Minutes later, Mary had a paroxysm accompanied by a huge gush of warm fluid which covered Elizabeth's gloved hand then dripped down the rubber covering the saddle of the massager. Elizabeth continued fingering Mary with gloved fingers and Mary bounced on the massager achieving at least four more paroxysms.

With Mary spent and satisfied, she slowly arose from the massager. The gleaming rubber shaft of the dildo reappeared as she stood up then fell onto the rubber sheet covering the saddle. She swung her leg sideways then stepped off the machine, her legs were apparently weak from the experience as she stumbled when she hit the ground. With gloved hands, the doctor removed the dirty black condome which had been inside Mary's rectum from the dildoe.
"Do you feel better now Mary" Elizabeth asked
"Oh yes, Madam, 'tis made a world of difference" she replied
"Very well then, you may retire downstairs" Elizabeth suggested "but leave the rubber gloves up here for use with the massager"
"Yes Madam" she replied at which Mary carefully removed the tight rubber gloves she was wearing, scooped up her clothing in her left arm, and left the room for her own room downstairs.

Elizabeth walked to the doctor's bag and retrieved a clean condome sheath and proceeded to slide the flaccid rubber sack onto the dildoe pulling it tightly onto the phallus. "I should like to try it myself" she added as she smoothed out any air inside with her gloved hands.

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