A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 10

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A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 10

Post by smark100 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:32 pm

Mary visited the doctor's office on fine Saturday afternoon to inform Madam of an important visitor who will be arriving during the week. She would have waited for Madam to return home, but given the short timeframe she thought it best to inform her immediately. She knocked at the doctor's residence door but no one answered. Turning the knob, she entered the home
She did not say a word, but made her way to the doctor's room where he saw patients. She spied Elizabeth on the examination table, feet in stirrups, wearing long rubber gloves and wearing a long transparent amber rubber cape. She was clearly ready for a treatment and although impolite to be nosy, Mary (of whom Elizabeth was unaware of her presence) decided to continue watching.

The doctor now entered the room but not as she would have expected: he wore a transparent amber rubber apron as he usually did during procedures, but instead of his usual black rubber surgical gloves he was attired in long amber gloves similar to Elizabeth's, and very oddly, he was completely naked under the apron. Protruding from a hole in the front of the apron was his erect manhood sheathed in what appeared to be a transparent rubber condome! Mary admired how his penis looked glossy inside the sheath, the rubber sticking to the flesh in places where moisture accumulated and translucent where air bubbles separated the two. He knelt down in front of her, and right through the thin rubber of the cape Elizabeth wore began to lick her maidenhood as he inserted two gloved fingers under the cape and inside her. His gloved fingers pushed in and out of her as he twisted his hand and it could be seen that the rubber was quite slick with her wetness. He stroked his own sheathed penis with his other gloved hand.

Her breathing became fast and shallow and she was close to a hysterical paroxysm when he stood up and pushed the rubber cape onto her stomach exposing her wet maidenhood. He grabbed his sheathed penis with a rubber gloved hand and rubbed the head against her wetness. The tight rubber strained as it was stretched by the engorged head of his cock and became shiny with her wetness. He then held it in a gloved hand as he pushed the length firmly inside her, the light amber rubber disappearing into her body. He pulled it out and the rubber now glistened then pushed it inside her again and began pumping in and out of her wet quim. After ten good strokes he pulled out of her and rubbed her clit with a gloved thumb at which she sprayed fluid from her person all down the front of the doctor's rubber apron and rubbered cock which now dripped with her emissions. He guided his wet sheathed cock back inside her with a gloved hand and continued the same pattern: about ten fast strokes then pulled out to allow her to achieve paroxysm. He seemed to enjoy holding his rubbered member in front of her quim as she achieved paroxysm - perhaps he enjoyed the heat of her wetness as it poured out of her and covered his protected cock.

After about ten minutes of this he placed both gloved hands on her hips and pumped in and out of her quickly, perhaps thirty or forty times, and pushed deeply inside her then grunted as he kept himself buried inside her and his body twitched as he unloaded his balls. He relaxed for a moment then held the base of the condome with a gloved hand as he pulled his cock out of her. The tip was now filled with white sticky secretions and sagged from his rapidly shrinking cock. He stepped away from her as she relaxed then pulled the rubber sack off his manhood.

Watching Elizabeth and the doctor consummate, Mary was, herself, becoming anxious. Her maidenhood became wet and her own breathing heavy. Without making a sound she left the doctor's house and made her way home. There, she could not help herself from her anxiety and despite the fact she knew onanism was not a condoned act, she donned the red rubber gloves she used for washing in the scullery and began to finger her orifices with fingers buried in both her maidenhood and in her arse. She especially enjoyed fingering her bottom as her gloves allowed her to complete what was considered a 'dirty' act of penetrating her arse.

When Elizabeth arrived home some time later, Mary confronted her. She admitted to surreptitiously watching her and the doctor engage in coitus and that while she knew little about 'the act' of amorous congress she could clearly see that it alleviated Elizabeth's symptoms.
"Madam, would it be possible for the doctor to cure my condition in the same manner ..." Mary asked "I want to, errr ..." she paused, not sure how to explain it "... I want to have a man inside me but I also want to save myself for marriage."
Elizabeth thought about the situation "Of course, Mary, but there are other ways to bring about paroxysm than penetration of your maidenhood" "Perhaps the doctor could pleasure your bottom ... would you like having your arse penetrated by the doctor's member?"
"You mean Sodomy ?" Mary asked, surprised
"Yes, well, perhaps ... but in a medical way. No different than having a medical appliance like a rubber dildo penetrate your rectum - not every woman likes that, either, but you seemed to find that it satisfied your urges. The doctor would of course wear rubber gloves, and a rubber sheath on his manhood, and would himself be enrobed in a waterproof rubber to stay clean of your emissions be they from your maidenhood or rectum"
"And I shall stay to assist if that makes you feel better. Of course I shall don rubber gloves and waterproof rubber myself"
"Of course, Madam ... if you believe this is best"
"I'm afraid this will be the only way to cure you" she replied.

The next day was Saturday and they both visited the doctor's office. Mary was particularly anxious about the treatment which was to be provided. "Don't worry, the doctor will be gentle. He will undoubtedly begin by using rubber gloved fingers in your rectum - you seemed to like that during earlier treatments"
Elizabeth brought her transparent rubber cape and thin rubber gloves along. As they stepped in the door the doctor greeted them, surprised that Elizabeth had not come alone - he was rather looking forward to his weekly session with Elizabeth and was a bit let-down that he might not himself have pleasure this time. "Well, Mary, describe the problem" Elizabeth said. "Good Sir, I have a problem, as you know, which requires attention. While I have tried ..."
"What Mary is trying to say is she needs a paroxysm and was rather hoping you would couple with her rectally in a medical manner to induce said paroxysm"
The doctor turned red, unaccustomed such a brazen request.
"T'would be a most helpful procedure, I think, as she wants to preserve her maidenhood for marriage but she needs a good tiff to rid her head of these thoughts" Elizabeth went on to explain
The doctor nodded. He looked forward to sodomizing Mary who really did seem to enjoy taking it in the arse during paroxysm treatments.

"Very well then, as you prepare yourself, doctor, I shall assist with getting Mary on the table and ready for the procedure" Elizabeth said

Mary stripped off her clothing and in traditional Victorian manner, laid on her back on the exam table (since only common tramps would ever have actual relations while on their knees. Being penetrated by a medical appliance with one's arse in the air is one thing but by an erect penis is quite another).
Elizabeth helped her feet into stirrups which held her legs quite high and far apart then walked to a drawer and retrieved a pair of thin rubber gloves.
"Put on these rubber gloves so that your hands stay clean during the procedure"
"Yes Madam" she answered obediently as she tugged a pair of tight black surgical gloves onto her slender hands.
As Mary donned the gloves, Elizabeth strapped Mary's legs into the stirrups with wide rubber belts. "In case you cannot control yourself and buck and kick during the procedure" she explained. Elizabeth also retrieved a large red rubber sheet called a 'vanity curtain' which she draped over Mary's legs and onto her tummy. "You might be more comfortable not seeing the procedure". It prevented Mary from seeing all but the doctor's face but of course did nothing to obscure the doctor's view of her privates.

"I shall don a rubber cape myself so I stay clean while assisting the doctor" Elizabeth said "but it will never fit over my dresses". Elizabeth could likely have worn a simple rubber apron however she had come to like the feeling of rubber on her naked flesh aside from the fact the cape did cover her completely. Elizabeth removed her clothing and donned the rubber rain cape, pulled the rubber hood over her head covering her hair, then pulled a pair of thin transparent amber rubber gloves on as well.

"Let's prepare you now ... your rectum needs to be thoroughly lubricated" the doctor said as he disappeared behind the rubber curtain and moved between her legs. He was already wearing tight black surgical gloves and a rubber apron in preparation for the procedure which began as he plunged a finger shrouded in black rubber into a tin of grease then pulled it out. Strands of thick, clear jelly hung from his finger as he pressed it to Mary's anus and began rubbing it in circles. Mary gasped a little as he began to press a slick finger inside her rectal cavity pushing it in and out to ensure her tunnel was well lubricated. He added a second gloved finger to stretch her opening, again pushing them in and out of her. Satisfied that her rectum was slippery enough to accept a mechanical intrusion, he removed both fingers which were now glistening with grease and inserted the hard rubber tip of a loaded rectal syringe into Mary a few inches then depressed the plunger to deposit a large quantity of grease deep inside her. He pulled the syringe from her bottom, which now leaked excess grease, and walked to a cabinet. Within her view, he stretched a black condome onto a large rectal dilator "to stretch your bottom to accept my member" he stated as he walked back between her legs. He smeared more grease onto the sheath with a gloved finger then pressed the tip of the condome covering the dilator to her rectum and pressed firmly to embed the entire length inside her. Mary grunted at the intrusion as the doctor dispensed with the smaller dilators and selected the largest one. Thankfully, the grease helped it slide in smoothly until it was lodged inside her firmly.

As Mary lay on the table during the ordeal of having her anus stretched, Elizabeth stood beside her and rubbed her clit with gloved fingers. She was quite wet in anticipation. "Just a few more moments dear" she said.

"I shall prepare myself for the procedure as your rectum accommodates the dilator" the doctor said as he left the room. He re-entered a few minutes later wearing nothing but shiny black rubber gloves and a transparent amber apron identical to the one Mary observed him wearing whilst he copulated with Elizabeth. Mary could still see him as the door was near the top of the room which made her somewhat nervous yet also curious. "I have never been with a man before" she announced.
"Well, they don't usually wear rubber like this but seeing how this is a medical procedure it seems prudent that the doctor protect himself and you by separating flesh with a layer of rubber" Elizabeth explained.
"I have found rubber is practical for amorous congress and especially the use of rubber gloves - they are smoother than flesh and certainly enhance the experience ... touching a man's seed, for example, is not something I would want to do without gloves".

Through the almost transparent rubber that covered the doctor's front Mary could see his penis was in a semi-flaccid state. "How is he to put that inside my person ?" she asked Elizabeth. "Well, usually it is the woman's job to stimulate the man to make him proud" Elizabeth commented "Doctor, would you come here and allow Mary to stroke your John Thomas?". The doctor could hardly refuse the offer as he walked to the exam table where Mary lay and pushed his rubber apron aside to expose himself.
"Don't be apprehensive, Mary, you are wearing rubber gloves so your hands won't become soiled" Elizabeth instructed "simply pick up his member with your hands and massage it, stroking it slowly ... you'll see how it responds". Mary held the flaccid penis in her gloved hand and began to stroke it. It grew hard and began to elongate. "Rubber gloves help immensely" Elizabeth advised "the feeling improves how a man responds. Many women do not wear gloves when handing a man's member but why not? It is not only sanitary but he will surely enjoy the feeling".
He now sported a large erection which would soon be buried in her arse. Mary stared at his penis.
"He is now hard, and before you proceed, it is best to put a rubber protective on him to prevent his seed from leaking. I shall fetch one" Elizabeth said as she grabbed a black protective from a drawer.
"You need to stretch the rubber onto his penis like this" she advised as she pulled the end of the black rubber tube open with her gloved fingers and pulled it onto his erection.
He helped pull the tight sheath onto the himself, running a gloved hand down the shaft several times to smooth it. Fully rubbered, the doctor pulled the rubber apron over his front and pushed his covered erection through the hole in the apron

"Do you need a protective at all ?" Mary asked innocently enough "I cannot become with child in this manner, even if your seed should fill my rectum, correct ?"
"No, Mary, you cannot become pregnant however the rectum is not sanitary so as my rubber gloves serve to keep my hands clean, the rubber sheath will keep my member clean" the doctor replied
"As well, the rectum is quite tight and wearing a rubber sheathe will delay the sting such that I might pleasure you longer" the doctor continued, trying to be truthful, "and finally, the rubber sheath is much smoother than flesh so it will slide in and out of the rectum better minimizing any discomfort to the patient" he added
Mary continued staring at the doctor's rubbered penis, now enrobed in tight black rubber. To her comfort, it truly did not resemble a penis but rather some type of medical appliance like a dildoe making the procedure feel more medical in nature. The black colour helped as well.

"Mary, you should lubricate his member before he indorses your arse" Elizabeth advised as she brought a tin of grease over to her. Mary scooped some grease from the tin with two gloved fingers then began to rub it onto his covered cock. Elizabeth watched her stroke his cock. "It needs to be quite slick before it enters your bottom" she commented as Mary grasped it with both gloved hands which were slick with grease. "Stroking it will also ensure his cock is truly hard before it enters you" she added. Indeed, it began to harden even more as Mary continued to stroke it. She commented "it isn't that much different than a medical appliance I suppose".

Elizabeth at her side, the doctor now stepped between Mary's spread legs once again and behind the curtain so she could not see his lower half. He grabbed her hips with gloved hands and pulled her bottom to the edge of the table. As he pulled her forward his erect cock touched her buttocks and she gasped. "Mary, now hold your buttocks apart as I will be penetrating your rectum now with my rubberized member. You are wearing rubber gloves so your hands will stay clean." She obediently grabbed her buttocks with gloved fingers and pulled them apart. The dilator was still lodged firmly inside her, protruding from her puckering arse.
"Now relax dear and take a deep breath as he enters you" Elizabeth advised as she stroked Mary's hair with a gloved hand. She moved a little and peered over the rubber sheet to watch as the doctor stood between her spread legs, grabbed the end of the large dilator buried in Mary's anus and pulled it out slowly. He then held his member in a gloved hand as he pressed the black rubber tip of his sheathed cock against her gaping open rosebud and slowly pushed the head into the opening. He paused a moment to allow her rectum to relax around the bulbous black rubber head then continued to slowly but firmly press the entire length of his sheathed cock into her greasy rectum past her sphincter.
Mary grunted as his cock penetrated her, sliding up inside her as some of the grease filling her cavity leaked between his member and her rectum. Shrouded in waterproof rubber, he had no apprehensions about pushing his member into her "dirty hole". Elizabeth, meanwhile, rubbed Mary's head gently with gloved hands "Relax dear ..." she said as she peered over the rubber sheet to see the hard rubber shaft disappear deep inside Mary's bowels. Although Elizabeth was not particularly fond of being indorsed rectally, she found watching the act between the doctor and Mary very stimulating and found herself becoming excited, her maidenhood becoming wet. She wished she was on the exam table being impaled by a rubbered cock.

Completely filled, her rectum began to relax and she became comfortable. Holding Mary's hips with gloved hands, the doctor started to slowly pump his cock in and out of her, the slick rubber gliding smoothly in her rectal tunnel. "Mmmmm" Mary cooed "tis much better than a cold rubber appliance". Elizabeth, standing beside Mary, reached over and began to rub her clit with gloved fingers. Mary started to gyrate her hips and moan.
As the doctor increased the pace and length of his thrusts into her arse, Elizabeth continued massaging her maidenhood. Her gloved fingers became very wet, the thin amber rubber enrobing her hands becoming almost transparent, and it was clear that the treatment was working for Mary. "Don't be bashful, Mary, about letting go ... both the doctor and I are quite protected by waterproof rubber" Elizabeth assured her.

Mary did indeed "let go" and achieved paroxysm screaming in ecstasy and producing a huge emission of liquid from her vagina in the process. She twisted and wriggled but her legs were bound to the stirrups so she was unable to escape the continual penetration by the doctor's hard member in her arse. She squirt onto Elizabeth's gloved hand as well as down the front of the doctor's rubber cape and onto his rubbered cock. Elizabeth and the doctor both continued the assault on her openings and she achieved paroxysm yet again accompanied by yet another stream of liquid. The doctor now thrust into her arse quite hard and after ten such thrusts pulled his member from her body. She squirted again and he shoved his cock (the rubber sheath now dripping with her emissions) back into her. He repeated the cycle of about ten hard thrusts then pulling out of her so she could achieve paroxysm. He held his penis close to her maidenhood and enjoyed the feeling of her hot emissions spraying on his member but was quite pleased it was enrobed in waterproof rubber regardless given the mess that was being created by the grease and liquid.

Over a dozen such episodes later, Elizabeth could see that Mary was spent but the doctor continued his assault on her arse. Elizabeth reached a hand forward and fondled the doctor's balls through the rubber apron with her wet gloved hands. He knew it was time, and after pumping into her tight arse a few dozen times he gave one last deep thrust into Mary pushing her body upwards on the table and came pumping a big load of his seed into the black rubber sheath still deep within Mary's bowels. Even through the layer of rubber Mary could feel his hot, wet seed collecting in the protective deep inside her bowels. The doctor stopped to rest, his shriveling member still pulsating inside her pumping out the last of his seed, then pulled out of her. With gloved hands he removed the protective which was now covered in grease and soiled from being inside her arse. He then removed his soiled black rubber surgical gloves. Mary lay on the table, spent and sore, as Elizabeth consoled her, rubbing her cheek gently with the back of her gloved hand. "I feel like a complete woman today" she said "I can certainly see how such treatments work for you"

After Mary had recovered from the ordeal, Elizabeth released the rubber straps holding her legs and helped her off the exam table then sent Mary. The doctor returned to the exam room, still wearing his rubber apron. "Since we are both already attired properly I was rather hoping you might be able to perform a procedure on me"
After coming inside Mary, he commented "I shall have a difficult time having a second orgasm after that"
"That's precisely what I was hoping" she replied as she handed him a thin transparent rubber sheath.
The doctor donned long thin amber gloves like Elizabeth's as he did not need the rectal procedure gloves this time.
Elizabeth jumped upon the table and put her legs into the stirrups "Perhaps you should strap my legs down as well, doctor, I was rather hoping for a very intense treatment session"
With gloved hands he pulled wide rubber bands around the calves of her legs and secured them to the stirrups. She was bound to the table and quite unable to resist. Her maidenhood was wet and a musky aroma prevailed in the room. He became proud and reached for the thin protective which he was handed then stretched it over his member. Elizabeth watched this and commented "I am glad you wore a trusted protective while penetrating Mary's bottom ... I should hate to think of inserting a dirty appliance into my person"
"Of course, Madam, I would never penetrate your person with anything other than clean rubber, either on my member or my hands" he replied as he stood between her bound, spread legs and aiming his rubbered cock at her wetness, he pushed forward sinking deep inside her as she moaned loudly.

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Re: A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 10

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Another nice job. Keep up the good work.

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Re: A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 10

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Another fantastic chapter to a remarkable tale!
Love the way you fully understand the pleasure that rubber gloves give <3

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