Prisoners for profit

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Prisoners for profit

Postby marigoldmilfs » Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:48 pm

Karen checked the TV monitor of the passengers As the lorry pulled in, Julie got out took off her right leather glove pressed her finger against the finger recognition sensor and got back into the passenger side and waited for the electronic gates to open. They where entering the first entrance in to the 37 mile area The location was what use to Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker which had been sold to a private 5 years ago to a wealthy female named Tania Wall . She had been allowed to buy it due to her contacts within the British government which she had exploited. She had an affair with the defence secretary and had threatened to expose it to the media unless she was allowed to buy this government property which was unused and derelict. She paid half the price it was estimated and brought all the land around it including farm land, roads and homes and brought them within the boundaries of hack green in doing so hack green didn't have a civilian within 37 miles. it also had the luxury of it still being held under the British military police which operated under a different law and no civilian court of law had any jurisdiction on hack green property. Which her and the government used to there advantage and profit. Before it was handed over to Tania Wall owner CEO of marigold investments,the British government had decided they would renovate and expand and construct any new buildings. On the outside and the general public it was a British military testing site for WMD under private contractors. But in theory it was a prison which made profit out its unlucky inhabitants. As the gates opened the lorry drove up the long tree lined path. The lorry was carrying 32 males from the home office illegal immigrants department in southern England. This was used to hold illegal people's who had been caught. The government used Tania walls private prison a lot as a way to get the illegals off the governments books and to save money. Also British civilians held in British prisons who had no next of kin of family members where also sent there. That was the beauty of being under British military jurisdiction. With no family members left to visit and illegal immigrants having no passport or national identity in England. They where as good as dead. As the lorry drove to the loading hanger. The red lights started to flash to signal to loading team that was made up of 42 females ages ranging from 21 up 60 that the lorry was imminent. On there way to the lifts to take them up to ground floor. They entered the changing rooms where gloves and aprons and masks hung some wore rubber aprons over there tank tops. Some wore respiratory masks a few wore full gas masks that covered the face with there hair showing and all wore black marigold rubber gloves and black rubber boots over there jeans . The gloves and masks are mandatory to be personally tailored to all members of staff at hack green. The de loading team choose black marigold rubber gloves because they slightly thicker and could handle the rough work. As they waited in the loading area. Head formen Joanne Morris told her team that this third lorry was the last load of prisoners to be delivered tonight. she debriefed the girls on the subjects arriving holding a clip board with the names, ages and details of the new arrivals "our last load tonight girls so let's make it a good one, arriving shortly are 32 males. illegal males. So let's give these 32 scum bags a nice welcome to new there life in Britain. As they entered 6 at a time into lifts to make there way up, Karen and Julie where opening the lorry doors and pulling down the ramp. In which Julie shouted that they will be "leaving the lorry shortly and to stay calm and not to panic because that wouldn't help them. They where helpless and just enjoy your life being pigs, some people pay to be tortured you are getting it for free" Most of the prisoners had been awake for sometime some where still a sleep from the sleeping gas which was sprayed on them from the ceiling of the lorry once the seat belts where locked there was no way of unlocking them. Before Karen and Julie headed down into the complex both had a few words with head formen Joanne with 22 of loading of team was awaiting instructions to act. The seats used in the lorry all removable and had wheels on each. The first pair of Women entered the lorry up the ramp and looked at the set of prisoners from behind some in which the prisoners tried to turn there heads to see what awaited them. There was screaming and chaos in the lorry now. Jean and Pam both in there 40's both smiled at each other and rubbed there rubber hands together they unlocked the first seat. Jean and pam both reversed there subject out by the seat handles from behind and turned him around . The prisoner who's name tag named him dragon from Eastern Europe was kicking and screaming as he was being pushed down the ramp Mandy tuller age 55 Zoe Johnson 33 walked past up the ramp to unload the second unlucky prisoner Zoe rubbed her rubber gloved hand over dragons face and hair and said its "rude to stair at a lady" when who was in awe of how of Mandy as she walked past making sure her rubber gloves where snug. As He looked all around he didn't know what to think, all around him , he was surrounded by smiling rubber gloved women some wearing wearing masks. This was not he was expecting when decided to come to the UK. As Pam put her gloved hand in her apron pocket she had no problem getting the rubber penis gag which was filled with chilli sauce in dragons mouth. As pam blind folded him and held his nostrils together. With gloved index finger and thumb . Jean and pam both tied his kicking legs and swinging arms tightly to his chair that resembled something from hannibal lecter. And pushed him to the drop shaft where the other 22 loading team where awaiting to receive them. Any of the subjects gave there handlers any trouble Joanne was always happy to use rubber truncheon on any prisoners causing unnecessary disturbance. Female or male, Joanne would not let any of her workers be spoken to or disobeyed by pigs of society. She was a cruel women and natural dominant. Once all subjects had been removed from the lorry gagged and had there legs and arms bound and sent down the lift. Dragon the 31 others where wheeled to cleaning rooms to be stripped cleaned, inspected and humiliated before they entered further into the underground gulag . The chairs where sent back up to be cleaned fitted in the lorry for there next load . By the daughters above the age 18 under 21 of the female members of staff who where deemed to young to work in the underground complex. Even tho they knew what went on at hack green They had to be introduced slowly. But getting familiar with wearing rubber gloves and masks as part as there daily life and job was a start. The underground prison at hack green could hold upto a 19 thousand prisoners. But it currently held 11 thousand. Consisting of 3 thousand British males, 2 thousand British females and 4 thousand illegal males and 2 thousand illegal females. The prisoners where used to work, from building materials for the British war machine and private companies A lot of the females where used to produce babys for foster couples it was big business. Each prisoner was held in there own cell and was to sleep naked at all times. And only to work and eat in the orange jump suit there supplied. The numbers of staff working at hack green as 3.000 -5,000 all females working 3 shifts, tanks knew lot of them from her BDSM days and a lot of them where privately tracked down through blogs and forums. As dragon was pushed into ablution room. Pam chloroformed him and cut his clothes off thru them in the bin bag. They placed him in the enema bath tub and secured him lying in his his ankles raised. Once they had done that like all unloading team handlers went into the assembly room for a meeting and a break. Joanne told them all males over 5 ft 8 inches and blonde fair hair to be blue tagged as per usual in there right ear. The blue tag would nominate this pig to be used for the breeding programs. Production of baby's with blonde could be sold to happy couples at 50 thousand each Take a 15 minute break and then get your rubbers back on and prepare these pigs. Before she left Joanne asked the women if they needed anything or had any issues. Sally Keenan a tall blonde from Somerset put her hand up and asked Joanne if she could be supplied more pairs of rubber gloves in all colours pink, yellow and black . the 30 pairs a week issued each week ,where not enough due to the workload and tasks. The grip on the gloves at the end of week isn't as good and I feel our quality of work suffers.Plus she liked to put on a fresh pair of gloves as much as possible. Nearly all the women agreed and Joanne wrote it down on her problems clipboard. As the girls and smoked, laughed and chatted amongst them selfs, Head foreman Joanne went to check on all the prisoners all secured naked in there deep enema baths ankles and ass holes up in the air. In her rubber gloved hands she held bath salts and put it to there noses. As they each woke she tightly secured a jenson gag secure in there mouth and turned the screw. Until there mouths where as wide as possible. She smiled and rubbed each prisoners cheek with palm of her tight rubber glove. Not to worry auntie Jo and the girls are here to look after you As Joanne left the room, she passed Pam, Jean who smoothing out in kinks in the cuffs of there rubber gloves they soon joined by Debbie and nadia They closed the door and got to work. Dragon had embarrassingly pissed all over him self. Debbie "look a poor little dragon pissing all over him self like a fucking pig. I guess if you want to act like a pig we will turn you into one".Jean went over to the closet and "shouted what size Deb" in which she shouted back "small let's make it a tight fit" Jean pulled out a small rubber pig mask walked over and tightly pulled out it over dragons face. While this was happening Nadia and pam brought over the enema machine in place and started filing the capsule with liquid bleach and hot water. Two small eye and Two small nostril holes where all he had to breath, hot air from his mouth hit in side of his mask which heated the rubber up. Which Nadia could smell to her delight when she put her face close to dragons and looked into his eyes to tell him what what was about to happen. "As you pissed your self we better get started cleaning your bowls out before you shit your self". She stroking his inner thigh with her rubber gloves hand, As much as dragon was being humiliated he was being turned on. Which was most normal know matter how desperate and distressing it was. All the women laughing and taunting him. You disgusting pig, Jean seen this instantly and decided put chastity device on dragon. We decide when you are allowed your pleasure you pig. Jean teased him by rubbing her gloved hand over his thighs and said "does that feel nice do you like rubber gloves is that why you where seen perving at Mandy before." Dragon was grunting underneath his tight mask and through his Jennings gag. Pam walked in front dragon and lubed up the valve which would be pushed deep into his anus. Jean and Debbie both sat at the side of dragon stroking each of his arms. While Nadia pressed the start button hot water filled with thick red bleach was mixed together made its way into is anus passing his bowls and into his stomach. Dragon would receive two enemas lasting 5 mins ago. He looked like fat pregnant women with triplets like all the 31 pigs in each room at this moment he was crying and grunting in pain thru his Jennings gag, after this machine had pumped the hot bleach water into his anus a pig tailed butt plug was pushed deep. While this was happening the official camera lady gabby entered the room. All footage was to be used for the company's bdsm bondage website. Which had the biggest membership in world. It's videos couldn't be matched and for good reason. The website was called She visited about half the rooms new videos where uploaded every other day. dragon was finishing his last enema. As water was drained into the bath it was clear enough to drink. Nadia asked him if he was thirsty which he nodded, pam brought over the rubber funnel. Nadia removed his pig mask which Revealed his wet soaked face. Dropped the rubber funnel into his mouth resting against his Jennings gag. Debbie went over to the tap which was the tap which came from the urine tanks from the lady's toilets a warm pint of yellow nectar was poured down his throat. Debbie smiled as it went straight down "you can't say we don't look after you" With out a heart beat dragon found Himself being dragged over to the harness on the other side of the room which fitted under his arms and pam pressed the button which pulled him up now dragon was hanging helpless. Jean fitted the strings around his ankles and attached them to rings in the floor which spread eagled him. Now he was to be cleaned and have his body and facial hair removed. Dragon was lowered and all 4 women got to work painting a think green paint all over his body which was to be left on the skin for 30 minutes. His head hair was removed by clippers and the paint was painted on top of his bald head. As they had finished they left the room for the paint to dry and to do its work of not allowing any hair to grow on his skin. As the 42 women took a break and bite to eat. Joanne and two of her superiors Alison and Gill took a tour of last shipment of the night and the progress that had been made. They took a look thru the ceilings of each room which had see thick see thru mirrors. Alison and Gill where impressed with the time and efficiency of the night time de loading team. And told Joanne "you should be proud of your self you and your team are on the ball Jo well done" Joanne blushed with happiness and said this "This group of lady's where her A team and could not fault them. Have you any requests Joanne In which you and your team have. She said yes. New girls being hired with the increase in prisoners and The girls would like an increase in there weekly supply of rubber gloves. Joanne listed the reasons why and Alison and Gill both smiled and agreed to make sure the girls got an increase in rubber gloves. Alison pulled a pair of black rubber gloves out of her blazer pocket and slipped a pair on tightly rubberd her hands together and smelt them And winked at Jo they say a dog is a mans best friend well a rubber glove is a women's best friend. We will review new recruitment at the end of the month but don't worry other foreman have brought this up. As the girls left they told Jo "keep up the good work and any issues you know where our office is." As joe returned to the break room. She Told the 32 women that there request for extra pairs of rubber gloves had been granted. Which a aloud applause broke out and smiles where seen all round." Now back to work get those pigs cleaned up get them secured for tomorrow's assignments and call it a night it's 4 am in the morning . You have done well tonight lady's" see you tomorrow night we have 2 loads our first will be our favourite 48 female illegal immigrants and our second will be 22 British males from prisons across the country. As Joanne left the room to enter the changing rooms to get showered the rest of the 42 lady's to finish there nights work. Pam, Jean, Debbie and Nadia all entered the room and circled dragon. Debbie reached for the hose and turn the tap on the washed off the green thick paint along with his hair. He looked a different man. Pam stroked his bald head with her gloved Hand and said out loud "nearly as smooth as a fresh pair rubber gloves" all four women helped remove him from his harness and gave him a drink of fresh water this time. As much as they would love to only serve him yellow nectar its compulsory to daily give all prisoners at least one fresh water drink. And pulled him over to the dentist chair. And secured him in. A catheter was fitted and placed in a bucket next to the chair. Seeming in less then 4-5 hours you won't be able to use your voice again we will take the Jennings gag out. In which dragon started screaming out loud for mercy but the girls just ignored his pleas and each stroked his face and told him to scream all he liked because you are you and rest are 37 miles away from help 300 yards below ground. Debbie left dragons details on the table for his morning handlers. And left the room, As all 42 girls entered the assembly hall screams could be heard from all 95 new prisoners that had been delivered that night. Before the girls went home which all the members of staff lived on site within the 37 mile complex they handed to the changing rooms to strip and throw old used rubber gloves in the rubber recycling bin which help make rubber strap ons and dildos all kinds of kinky and uncomfortable masks for prisoners to wear. The Rubber gas masks ,aprons and rubber gloves where all freshly supplied brand new by suppliers weekly. As the girls walked past the security team keeping a close eye of that section of the complex they entered the lifts a wishing each other a good days sleep and to see one another nights work.
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Re: Prisoners for profit

Postby GloveLover1 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:58 pm

Very nice! Awesome story!!
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Re: Prisoners for profit

Postby Kelliejayne » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:18 pm

I really liked that I hope you can write more soon
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