Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

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Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby smark100 » Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:54 pm

Twenty-three year old Casey worked as a lifeguard at an indoor waterpark. As well as the usual duties of a lifeguard, employees of the waterpark were required to wash the pool deck each night with a power washer. Tonight was Casey's shift and she wasn't particularly looking forward to the task.

Suiting-up in a plastic rainsuit was standard procedure when cleaning the pool deck since it involved using a pressure washer and was therefore a very wet job. In addition, chlorine and cleaning chemicals were fed through the wash water so a barrier suit was absolutely required to comply with occupational safety standards.

Cleaning the deck was a hated job, but moreso in the past since back then employees wore a thick heavy olive green rubber rainsuit with bulky long rubber gloves. Employees hated this: no one wanted to wear a rainsuit that someone else had spent hours sweating inside as it smelled bad, and the gloves were just as bad since sweat built-up in the gloves which never really dried - you always put on a pair of gloves damp with someone else's sweat! Many employees started to wear thin latex exam gloves (taken from the medical center at the waterpark) under the long rubber gloves to keep their hands from smelling like those sweaty gloves but the suit was still an issue. As a solution, the waterpark began using disposable suits and gloves.

The disposable suits were two-piece rainsuits made primarily for motorcyclists. Made in Columbia, these 'Impercap' suits were made of thin plastic, just a little thicker than a cheap plastic rain poncho. Available in many colours, some (like the clear, pink, and yellow suits) were transparent while the black and blue suits were almost completely opaque. Made of PVC, they were very shiny and slick inside and out. The suits had an elastic waist on the pants and jacket as well as elasticized cuffs on the arms so that gloves could be pulled over top. A hood with drawstring was attached to the jacket as well which kept the wearer's head dry from spray. The complete suit came folded in a small package which also contained plastic booties which could be pulled on the wearer's feet and up the leg over regular footwear. More like long plastic socks, the booties weren't really good enough to be used as boots when washing the deck and would become abraded on the concrete floors and would rip however they could be worn under the regular rubber boots so that the user didn't have to put on a boot dampened by someone else's sweaty feet.

Although they still had the bulky black gloves around, and they were still used for some jobs like handling chlorine, disposable gloves were now used by most employees during deck washes. Instead of bulky long rubber gloves the standard glove was a 9-mil black nitrile glove twelve-inches in length so it could be pulled over the forearms of the suit. For absolute safety, though, employees were required to wear a thin 3-mil nitrile exam glove underneath. These gloves were very thin - so thin that fingernails could be seen easily through them - so they didn't offer much protection however in the event of a leak of the outer glove, they would prevent contact of the chemicals with the skin. As well, should any water seep down the plastic sleeves of the suit and leak into the outer glove the user would be protected.

Many employees wore sweatpants and a shirt under the rainsuit but during this warm day Casey came to work wearing only a one-piece swimsuit. Casey chose a transparent pink suit from the box of suits kept in the storage room. To don the suit, Casey first pulled the plastic booties on her legs which covered them up to her knees. Next, she pulled the plastic rainpants over her legs and up around her waist where the elastic waistband held it up. Rubber boots were then pulled on over the booties and the legs of the suit pulled over top of the boots to prevent water from entering. She then donned a pair of thin white nitrile gloves on her hands. Since she had long hair, she pulled a tight white silicone rubber swimcap on her head so that her hair didn't fall in front of her face and into the mask she was required to wear. Rather than tuck all of her hair into the cap, she allowed it to drape down her back where it would be covered by the jacket of the suit. Her hands gloved and hair restrained by the rubber swimcap, she now pulled the plastic jacket on. The elastic cuffs of the arms bunched at her wrists where her gloved hands protruded. When zipped up the front the elastic waist of the suit held it tight against the pants which were higher up her waist. With her hair draping down her back and tucked into the jacket of rainsuit, she then pulled the hood up around her head (already covered by a rubber swimcap) and then pulled the drawstring of the hood tight. Finally, thicker and longer black nitrile gloves were pulled on over the thin gloves and pulled up the forearm of the jacket. The outer gloves were quite tight so they formed a waterproof seal with the plastic arms of the suit.

Finally, she had to wear a facemask to protect her face not only against the high pressure spray of the washer but also the chemicals injected into the spray. A full facemask made of black silicone rubber is used for this, pulled onto her face covering her eyes, nose, and mouth. Four rubber straps are then pulled over her hooded head to secure the mask, which features two cartridges, over her entire face. Only her eyes are now visible through the upper part of the facemask since her nose and mouth are confined by a triangular section at the bottom of the soft rubber mask through which she breathed.

Fully dressed, she now stepped out of the dressing room and out to the main pool area where she picked-up the wand of the power washer, switched the pump on, and began spraying the entire deck to clean it. The waterpark was quite large, and the entire cleaning operation took over two hours.

The power washer was on a very long high-pressure hose which she dragged behind herself. While washing, she stepped over the hose and it ran between her covered legs. As she stepped forward it pulled upwards against her crotch and she made a wonderful discovery: the high pressure hose vibrated during washing. As the hose pressed against her plastic-covered crotch the intense vibrations coursed through her exciting her sexually. She had never used a vibrator, but this is, she imagined, exactly what it would feel like and a delicious feeling it was.

Not having sex for a long time (she currently didn't have a boyfriend), she was easily excited and as she washed the deck and the vibrations of the hose excited her, and her thoughts turned to lovemaking. Thinking about the time she sat on top of the face of an ex-boyfriend, his tongue buried deep in her pussy, she had an orgasm. She moaned loudly, but luckily the mask muffled her, and her knees buckled during the intense experience. She stopped, letting go of the trigger, and looked around nervously but no one was there to see her. With the hose still between her legs, she began washing the deck again. With vibrations coursing through her she looked down at her gloved hands and was reminded of the time an old boyfriend and her made out in the laundry room of the college dorm. Still wearing yellow rubber gloves, she sat on the running washing machine and held her knees pulling her legs apart and keeping her from slipping off the machine as he, standing in front of her, rolled a condom onto his erect cock and fucked her. She grabbed his ass with her gloved hands and pulled him into her the wrapped her legs around his waist. As he pumped his cock into and out of her she remembered the vibrations intensifying the experience greatly. When she had come several times, and was done, she began fondling his balls with her rubber gloved hands and he quickly spurted into the condom. Thinking of sex, she came yet again.

When she got over the orgasm, she continued washing the deck down then put the washer away and returned to the dressing room to remove her suit. She removed the rubber mask first followed by the outer black rubber gloves then stripped off the plastic jacket and pants. Looking down at her swimsuit, the crotch area was wet from her orgasmic experience. Still wearing thin exam gloves, she removed her swimsuit, washed it in a sink, and wrung it out before drying it and putting it back on ... she didn't like the smell or feel of her own vaginal juices. Finally she removed her thin gloves (which she kept on as she washed her swimsuit so her hands didn't smell like pussy) and dumped everything in the trash - the inside of the suit was not only foggy and dripping with sweat but also quite damp with her juices and smelled like sex so she didn't want to wear that again! She then left for the evening and the next day signed-up for wash duty - a few of her friends were surprised she wanted to do this but no-one was going to complain lest they were assigned the task. Most people thought she just liked the extra money earned while working a few hours each day.

Needless to say, washing the deck became her favourite job - she got to be alone and basically got paid to masturbate.

The following evening, she dispensed with her swimsuit altogether choosing to go entirely nude before suiting up. She knew she would masturbate using the vibrations of the pressure washer hose and if she had another orgasm, she could just shower off when she removed the rainsuit and put dry clothing on instead of having to wash her swimsuit again. Obviously she needed an opaque suit tonight (unlike the transparent pink one she wore last night) so she chose a blue one as only the blue and black suits were opaque.

She stripped completely naked then donned thin nitrile gloves onto her hands as well as a blue silicone rubber swimcap on her head to hold her hair back. Onto her nude flesh she pulled the plastic rain pants on, over her legs and up her waist. The plastic felt cold when it touched her bare skin since it offered no real insulation however the pool area was kept at a constant temperature of eighty fahrenheit degrees so getting too cool would not be a problem - after all, the swimsuit she wore during the day didn't offer much warmth either. She sat, her bare flesh separated from the cold bench by hardly anything, then pulled the plastic booties onto her feet and stepped into the rubber boots. Finally, she pulled the jacket on over her naked breasts and arms and zipped it up the front.

Looking down, she saw that the suit was opaque enough that no-one would notice she had nothing underneath. If pulled tight, the jacket would reveal her nipples and if the pants were pulled tight, there would be no underwear lines and perhaps even a cameltoe where the crotch of the suit pulled into her, but no one was around anyway and if they were, they would probably stay away from the spray area so she figured it would be safe enough to go completely nude under the thin plastic suit. The only possible disaster would be if she managed to rip the suit, but that was highly unlikely.

She finished dressing, pulling the thicker black rubber gloves on and ensuring they were pulled over the arms of the plastic suit so she was waterproof. She pulled the plastic hood of the jacket over her swimcap-covered head and finally put the facemask on.

Dressed in the thin plastic suit, wearing double rubber gloves, and a rubber facemask, she stepped out to the main deck area and switched the washer on then began cleaning the deck. While washing the deck, once again, she masturbated using the hose as a vibrator by simply pulling it between her legs with the washer on. This time, however, with nothing under the plastic suit, the hose pulled further inside her actually pressing the plastic suit into her pussy parting her lips. With the vibrating hose almost inside her pussy, the vibrations were incredible and like nothing she'd ever felt before. In hardly any time at all she had an orgasm followed by another. She was glad she had the rubber mask on her face as she screamed several times as she came. She felt wet, and knew that her own juices were dripping down the inside of the suit, and so was glad for more than one reason she dispensed with any clothing underneath.

When she was done cleaning the deck, she had already had over a dozen orgasms. She put the washer hose away and returned to the dressing room to change before leaving.

She began by removing the mask from her face then removing the outer gloves. As she pulled the black gloves off her hands they were quite dry inside but the amount of sweat under the thin inner gloves worn against her skin was evident - the rubber had become almost transparent due to sweat between her hands and the gloves, and air trapped was evident between the tight rubber and her hands but the outside of the gloves were dry.

Casey didn't currently have a boyfriend and hadn't had sex for some time. When she did have sex with a guy, she hated the feeling of cum and even her own juices - a real turn off for her boyfriend whom she made always wear a condom if for no other reason other than to keep his sticky cum off her. She refused to even give him a handjob unless he wore a condom. Wearing rubber gloves, she could now touch herself without apprehension.

Still hooded (and still wearing a rubber swimcap), she unzipped the thin plastic jacket. Peeling back the plastic which stuck to her sweaty breasts she exposed them to the air. With gloved hands she fondled her own breasts cupping them in her gloved hands and enjoying the feeling of the smooth rubber on her flesh. She then leaned backwards against a desk and pushed one gloved hand down inside the elastic waist of her plastic pants. She placed a gloved finger against her already wet clit and began rubbing then inserted a gloved finger into herself. Although she normally hated the feeling of her own juices as well as the smell of her fingers afterwards, with rubber gloves on she had no such inhibitions about fingering herself. The rubber of these gloves was very thin and she could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy through them. She closed her eyes and took-in the sensation of the rubber on her hands gliding across her breasts and gently penetrating her wet and slippery pussy.

She then heard a noise from the far end of the room. It was Brian, a co-worker with his pants pulled down and sporting a huge hardon, stroking it with his hands as he watched her. Apparently, he was enjoying the show she didn't know she was putting on.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" she barked as she pulled her hand out of her plastic pants and zipped up the jacket to hide her bare breasts
"Come out here!" she demanded, now standing beside the desk
He came out to the main area, his pants still pulled down below his hips and his erection exposed. He didn't expect to get caught and didn't even think to pull his pants up, not that it would have been easy to pull them over such an huge woody.
"Do you like girls in plastic suits?" she said in an angry tone, somewhat angry at herself for allowing him to catch her like this.
"Ummm, yes, and you're absolutely gorgeous in it" he said, starting at her gloved hands which were now wet and shiny with her own juices "but those gloves do even more for me"
She looked at his crotch as he was sporting a huge erection and pointed to it. She knew she was caught and it was her fault. She wondered how to keep him quiet about this - she certainly didn't need him blabbing about catching her masturbating while wearing a plastic suit and rubber gloves - and figured she'd strike a deal.
"I'll take care of that" she said, pointing a gloved finger at his erect cock "if you don't tell anyone about finding me here"
He certainly wasn't going to turn down an offer like that, no matter what she had in store for him, so he walked to her, pants still down a little so his cock could still stick out.

She pulled on clean pair of black gloves over her inner ones and carefully pulled them up her forearms allowing them to snap.
"I'm not touching your cock without rubber gloves" she said, which only enhanced his erection.
She pushed him against the desk, and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles with her gloved fingers.
His erect cock stuck straight out and she moved towards him pressing her plastic-covered body close to his, his cock now pointing upwards between them. She then pulled back a bit and lowered one hand to grasp his cock and the other to cup his balls. Looking him straight in the eyes, she stoked his cock straight up and down with one gloved hand as she fondled his balls with the other. Precum leaked from his member acting as a lubricant betwen his cock and her rubber gloves which were now becoming wet and shiny. She pushed his cock downward so it was facing straight outward then moved closer to him so that it was rubbing on her pussy through the plastic suit. She began slowly moving her hips in and out towards his. She enjoyed the feeling, and would have loved to have his cock inside her wet pussy, but was glad for the layer of plastic between them as she wasn't on the pill.
"I'm completely naked under this plastic" she said to him "can you feel my wet pussy on your cock ?"
"Mmmmmm" was his only reply
"I can feel your cock sliding into me through the thin plastic, do you like the feeling of my wet pussy ?"
He said nothing, but flung his head back and enjoyed the feeling.
It wasn't more than a minute before he got that face, that grimace you get just before you cum. She pulled back a little allowing his cock to spring upwards then stroked him very quickly in an up and down motion. He came, spraying cum straight upwards between them onto her plastic suit. She could feel the heat of his cum on the plastic suit separating the sticky mess from her skin and her black rubber gloves were now covered with the sticky mess as well.
"Good thing I have this plastic suit and rubber gloves on or I'd get your dirty cum on me" she said. After milking him for a few more moments using his cum as lubricant his erection waned and she wiped the globs of cum from her gloved hands onto the front of the plastic suit.
She then reminded him "Remember, not a word about this" and she walked off to the showers where she washed the cum off the outer gloves before removing them, pulling them off inside-out as she was trained to do as a lifeguard. She pulled the rubber boots off her feet (which were still covered in the plastic booties) and put the boots aside to keep the insides dry.
Still wearing the thin, inner gloves and a rubber swimcap she stood in the shower allowing some water to enter the suit. She unzipped the jacket and dropped it to the shower floor then rinsed her nude body of the sweat that had built-up. She pulled the plastic pants and the booties off and showered her lower half as well. She was now standing in the shower, nude except for the thin white rubber gloves on her hands and the blue swimcap. Still gloved, she grabbed a towel and dried her body then picked-up the dirty, and now wet, plastic suit from the floor and trashed it. She finally removed her rubber swimcap and the inner rubber gloves and put on some dry clothes from her locker. She put her facemask and swimcap on the top shelf then locked the door of her locker. By the time she was done, Brian had left and she locked-up and went home for the evening.
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Re: Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby randomguy1435 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:18 am

Nice story. Really enjoyed the plot, the varied content and such a good length. Any more parts that we can expect... ;)
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Re: Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby smark100 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:34 am

randomguy1435 wrote:Nice story. Really enjoyed the plot, the varied content and such a good length. Any more parts that we can expect... ;)

I have a few ideas on where this can go, but I'm always open to new creative ideas if anyone has any ... even plot snippets are great.
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Re: Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby dopefish » Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:08 pm

Great Story.
Maybe Brian brings her some opera length latex gloves as a present, he seems to like the gloves.
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Re: Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby aussiegloveboy » Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:07 pm

Great story. I certainly know I would love that job. An excuse to be in all that attire and getting paid for it as well! :P

Better yet, be there to help her with the tasks at hand. Look forward to seeing the next development in this story.
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Re: Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby smark100 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:22 pm

The next part is posted ... I'm not thrilled with it, myself, but it is at least complete as I'd like to move-on to my next writing project. Enjoy
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Re: Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby med_glove_love » Sat May 14, 2016 12:18 am

I LOVE this story! I have read and re-read this one and its sequel many, many times. The gloved content is great and the whole story is exceptionally well written. I especially like the addition of the coveralls and other items. And the description of her getting off is so vivid that I can picture it in my mind.

Thanks for this story and I am looking forward to any other stories you post! :up:
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Re: Casey Cleans-up at the Waterpark

Postby Kelliejayne » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:34 pm

That story was awesome I loved it. Can't wait to get my pressure washer out this summer!!
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