The Meeting

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The Meeting

Postby joglover » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:23 am

The Meeting

Mark was in the advertising business. He was a hard worker constantly putting in long hours. He was staying again at work as usual trying to make other clients dead line. It was a very frustrating evening for Mark. His inspiration to create ideas just went dry. Mark said to himself, it time to call it quits. So he closed up the office and started off home. Mark only living a few blocks had a short walk to and from work. This late evening with the frustration he endured, he decides to stop at corner pub just across the street from his loft. Inside was dimly lit . Soft jazz music played in the background. Mark sat up at the bar an order. He asked the bartender for a double scotch straight up. Without hesitation he picked up the glass and down his drink quickly. The bartender asked, Rough night? Mark replied, long night at work. Mark motion to the bartender for another drink. The bartender poured another. Mark was ready to pay for this one and the bartender said this one from the lady sitting alone in the back booth. She would like you to join her. Mark replied, I’ll have to thank her personally. So picked up his drink and slowly made his way to the back. As he approached the booth he noticed a slender female figure shadowed in the darkness. May I join you this evening Mark asked the mystery woman? The woman slowly moved out of the shadows to be partially exposed by the dim lights. Mark saw a woman with a pale ,soft looking completion. She had very deep laser blue eyes that just inspired her red painted lips. Mark also caught a glimpse of the unusually clothing she was wearing. It was black shiny and snuggly fitted. She did not say a word . She just watched Marks eyes . She then reached for her wine glass for a slip of wine. Mark’s eyes were fixated on to her hands. They were also tightly fitted with the same shiny material. Interrupting Marks hypnotic state the woman asked, would you like to join me? Mark is a stuttering voice replied, yes may I? Mark sat down sliding his body deeper into the booth. The woman moved closer to Mark. Have we met? Mark asked. The woman replied, No but we are neighbors. I am sorry for not introducing my self, my name is Michelle. I randomly see you in the morning leaving your home. Really Mark replied. Michelle placed her covered hand on top of Mark’s. He felt a warm smooth somewhat similar feeling. He asked politely, Michelle what kind of material is covering your hands. It has a very unusual texture too it. Michelle smiled and replied, it’s specially formulated latex that I have developed. Mark was very intrigued with every aspects of the shiny material. Michelle reached up and slowly slid her latex covered palm across Marks face. Do you like the feel and the smell of my latex, Michelle asked. Mark was over whelmed. The smell had a usual affect on him. Michelle rolled her fingers across his lips. As they slid slowly across them they secreted sweet tasting nectar. As the nectar reach Mark’s taste buds, his heart began to beat faster. He was becoming sexually aroused. Michelle pulled Mark towards her red lips and began kissing passionately. Mark was in a submissive trance. Michelle was in total control without saying a single word. The taste of Mark lips did something odd to Michelle. Michelle whispered into Marks ear, I want to take you to my place.. I have something special for you.

The Nest
Michelle and Mark arrived at Michelle’s home. It was a very dark home with very few windows. It was well secured with a high fence and gate. Michelle leads Mark by her glove cover hand through the front door . Inside was there was very little lighting. There was a strong scent of the same nectar that came from Michelle’s fingers. Mark sexual arouse was more induced by this smell. Michelle took off her long coat exposing here shiny latex outfit. The site of Michelle took Marks breath away. Mark was lead down a hallway to a dark room were you could see furniture figures. Once in the room Michelle stopped and began to kiss passionately Marks lips as if she was in a frenzy to feed . She tore off Marks shirt in passion. Then unbuckle his belt to his trousers , sliding her gloved hands up and down his sides. Mark became more submissive from the nectar scent. Michelle then pushed Mark on to what look like a round bed. It had that same soft feeling of latex. Then Marks shorts were ripped off leaving him without a thread of clothing on. Mark did feel a bit odd though he was very aroused sexually; He noticed that his body was loosing some of its mobility. It was a feeling of being paralyzed. Michelle sexual hunger became greater. She took Marks penis and began stoking it until it became erected. Mark of course had erections in his life but never one like thing. This penis throbbed with every beat of his heart. It had a warm soothing sensation as Michelle slowly stoked him. Michelle said to Mark , you smell and taste so good , let’s see what you really y taste like. Michelle then took Marks penis into her mouth slowly going up and down . . Mark never felt anything like this . He tried to squirm in ecstasy but couldn’t move . The contact with Michelle latex body was making Mark more arouse in his paralyzed state. He felt that some and explosive orgasm was soon to come. Michelle slowly removed her lips from Marks shaft and continued the arousal with her latex covered hands. Suddenly y she stopped when she took site a small amount of pre cum at the tip of Marks penis. Michelle took her finger and rubbed it around the tip collecting the little cum that was excreted. She put it up to her lips to taste Marks juices. Michelle then looks down at mark with her ice blue eyes Mark and said, you’re just the perfect specimen. You will have a chance to cum many times soon my dear. Michelle then rose off the latex covered bed leaving Mark in his paralyzed state. She disappeared into the darkness. Mark laid there in what was now becoming a state of fear. All of sudden something was being drawn over Marks head. It had the same feeling of the latex that Michelle was wearing. It was a hood of some sort. Mark tried to resist but he could not move. He yelled and there was no response. The hood was covering his whole head with a ring type opening around his mouth and small openings for his eyes. Then he heard a hissing noise like air was being passed through a tube. It had a scent that was very different to the nectar smell. The noise came closer . Mark then became panicked when a soft rubbery cup type mask device was being placed over the openings of his latex hood. This all was too much for his brain to consume. His rapid breathes began to slow as the stream of intoxicating gas filled his lungs. As Mark lays there almost lifeless, a fine mist begins to fall from above covering his naked .The cool mist like a spring rain begins to pool and slowly pour down Mark’s side. What is going through Mark’s mind right now was, why Michelle is subjecting him to so much torture. The cool mist stopped and it was quiet once again.
Mark body became cold. His fine body hairs became sensitive to the air that past over him as if it were a add sense. The air follow felt stronger as if something large was being drawn over him. A thin soft membrane began to cover his feet and continued forward towards his head. Marks whole body now was cover with a thin rubbery sheet. The contact o f the sheet over Mark’s moist body began to relax him even more. That feeling was not to last. The thin rubbery sheet began to stick tightly to Mark’s as it all the air was being sucked out from it. He panicked to breathe. Then he faded out to unconsciousness.


Mark suddenly woke as if he was startled in a deep sleep from a bad dream. He was able to breathe freely. The room was still dark where only slight shadows that could be seen. Mark had the sensation that he no longer was laying. It felt like he was in an upright position suspended in air. He tried to move his arms and legs and could not. Something was restraining him to keep from moving or even from escaping. Darkness in the room began to subside to where Mark was able to see more defined objects around him. He looks down at his body noticing he has been completely cover head to toe in Michelle’s black special latex. It was vacuum form to Marks body as if it were a layer of skin. The shiny wet appearance was hypnotic to one’s eyes.
Mark hears a something move in the shadows’. A Michelle’s soft voice asked, if the night has been pleasurable so far. Mark still in fear could not answer. This is nothing he has ever experienced in his life. Michelle assures Mark that no harm will come upon him … only the experience of extreme pleasure.
Michelle slowly moves out from the shadows. Mark eyes fix on her shiny black latex hour glass figure. Something did seem odd to Mark. It looked like Michelle had two extra set of latex covered arms. Mark felt his eyes were playing tricks on him, though they were not. As Michelle moved closer all of her arms and hands move as if she had the anatomy of a spider. She ran her upper over Mark’s face whilst the other hands were caressing his body. Her finger running across Mark’s lips leaving the erotic nectar that quick arouses Mark. Mark cannot resist the submission of the sweet nectar. Michelle hands glided gently over Mark’s slippery latex covered body following curve , every nook and cranny. No area on Mark’s body was sacred to Michelle.
To be continued
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Re: The Meeting

Postby GloveLover1 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:13 pm

Very good story can't wait to read what's next!!
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