A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 5

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A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 5

Postby smark100 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:42 am

Elizabeth attended the doctor's office no less than once a week for a treatment. Normally, she would call on a Saturday since his nurse would be absent allowing him to provide a particularly personal treatment which consisted of him first fingering her with rubber-gloved fingers and, once paroxysm was achieved, penetrating her with his rubber-sheathed penis until she achieved many more paroxysms. Amorous congress, Elizabeth had discovered, was a particularly effective treatment for hysteria.

During a treatment session, Elizabeth undressed then donned a pair of tight black rubber gloves the doctor left for her on the table - she rather enjoyed the feeling of rubber not to mention the protection it afforded her hands so she would not smell like lust afterwards. Once gloved, she would sit on the edge of the examining table and lie down on her back awaiting the doctor who would undress as well. He would begin by donning tight black surgical rubber gloves, a procedure which took a few moments given the tightness of the gloves. Once satisfied that the his gloves were smooth upon his hands he would pull a rubber sheath onto his erect manhood - by this point in the treatment he would usually become quite excited by the sight of Elizabeth undressing and donning her rubber gloves. Rubbered-up, he would then approach Elizabeth, by this time lying on her back on the examining table with her legs spread invitingly apart by the stirrups revealing her wet and aromatic vagina. Often, she would be fingering her own clit with gloved fingers in anticipation of the doctor's touch and he admired the slickness of her gloved fingers. He would begin by fondling her already wet vagina with gloved fingers, probing deep inside her until she achieved at least one paroxysm (accompanied by a gush of fluid) after which he would hold his sheathed penis in his gloved hand and rub the head around her wet vagina to lubricate it. A gentle push and he would be inside her, her body engulfing the black rubber sheath. He would now pick-up the pace pulling completely out of her every ten thrusts or so allowing her to gush fluid as she always did during amorous congress (he could almost swear she was having an orgasm, but knew better since medical science was quite sure the female of the species could not achieve this). It was a terribly messy, albeit enjoyable affair that always ended well for the doctor as he thrust deeply into her one last time and spilled his seed inside the rubber sheath.

Several weeks went by in which he attended to Elizabeth's needs in this manner. During one treatment he donned the requisite black rubber sheath onto his penis but before approaching Elizabeth on the table he took the curious step of donning a light amber rubber apron pulling the strap over his neck and tying the other rubber strap around his waist. Elizabeth was watching him, amused, as he proceeded to push his erect and sheathed penis through a small hole in the apron so that only the rubbered portion was exposed and his entire front was covered by the rubber apron.

"What is this contrivance ?" Elizabeth asked, raising herself onto her elbows
"In order to remain dry during our amorous congress, Madam, I have undertaken to wear a protective rubber apron during treatment"
"I suppose it keeps my fluids from soaking you" she summized
"Yes, Madam, as well as any oils that might be used during the treatment"
"Oils ?"
"If, for example, your vagina was not wet enough for amorous congress oil can be deposited into the vagina with a syringe for comfort ..." he explained, adding "... as well, oils are used to lubricate the rectum for certain procedures"
Elizabeth dwelled on that last sentence. She had been curious about backscuttling since observing the dildo being thrust in and out of Mary's rectum during a previous treatment - Mary did, after all, seem to enjoy it terribly. The closest Elizabeth had come to experiencing this was having the doctor insert his well-greased rubber-gloved fingers into her rectum during his examinations and later a rectal dilator he inserted inside her bottom during a treatment. She certainly enjoyed the feeling of her bottom being forced open in this manner so perhaps a penis would enhance this.
"I've never had the experience" remarked Elizabeth "... but I am certainly not adversed to trying it" she added hoping perhaps the doctor might try this with her one day.

Today, though, she needed a sure relief from her condition. With her vagina wet and burning in anticipation she begged "Hurry doctor, I need you". Still supported by her elbows behind her, she looked at the doctor as he stepped between Elizabeth's spread legs and began the usual treatment he afforded her. As usual, she squirted a great deal of fluid from her person while achieving hysterical paroxysms - the doctor, however, stayed quite dry protected by his rubber apron. When he was done, and had filled the rubber sheath with his seed, he withdrew from inside her. The sheath, and the lower half of the rubber apron, now dripped from her emissions. He walked over to a nearby table and rolled the now used rubber sheath off his still erect penis. His cock was covered in his seed but still quite erect. He thought about donning a clean sheath and having another tiff with her but wasn't sure she was game.

He looked over at her, still lying on the exam table with legs spread apart. She looked back at him and noticed his huge erection, still unsatisfied. She would have taken him in again, but was already quite spent from their previous brush to the point of becoming sore. Still, she wanted to help the poor soul.

"Now doctor", she said as she rose from the table to sit on the edge, "I can see that you still need relief. Perhaps if YOU lie on the table I can cure your situation"
The doctor removed his rubber apron, still wet with her expulsions, then walked over to the examination table
"Feet in the stirrups" she demanded and he laid back onto the table, legs spread wide apart and with his erection still standing proudly upwards.
As he was getting comfortable on the table, Elizabeth she donned a clean transparent amber rubber apron from a nearby hook on the wall pulling the strap over her head then tying the other rubber strap around her waist. Gloved, and wearing the apron tightly over her nude body, she approached the table standing between the doctor's legs.
She grabbed his penis with her gloved right hand and stroked it slowly from base to tip.
"Hmmmm", she mused aloud, now playing the role of doctor "the patient seems to have a rather persistent erection. Perhaps I should have a closer look at this"
She placed her gloved hand at the base and proceeded to inspect his bare cock.
"I prescribe an orgasm" she said, playing the part of doctor. Standing between his legs, she made a show of tugging at the wrists of the black rubber surgical gloves she was wearing, pulling them tighter onto her hands, "of course my rubber gloves are medically necessary to keep things clean - I can't allow my hands to become contaminated by your emissions".
Walking to a cupboard beside the examination table she retrieved a small bottle of oil, the same oil used to massage her breasts during examinations. Pouring a little into her gloved palm, she wrung her hands together to spread the oil between them. As she did this, the doctor admired her feminine silhouette - through the apron he admired how her breasts looked covered in smooth rubber pulled tightly across them and how her nipples protruded ... he just noticed how rubber seemed to enhance the allure of the female form!
She now stood at the end of the exam table between his outspread legs and reached down to stroke his penis with one gloved hand while, with the other, she fondled his ball sack from underneath - both now glistened with oil.
As she slowly stroked him, his cock oozed precum
"I see you staring at my breasts, sir" she commented "perhaps that might help ensure you achieve orgasm"
It was indeed a sight for the sweat on her body caused the rubber to cling to her bare breasts and through the transparent rubber her brown nipples could be clearly seen protruding. He was fascinated at how she looked in this manner and became even more excited.
Leaning down, she pushed his slick penis into the folds of amber rubber between her aproned breasts. With the oil on the outside, and sweat on the inside, the rubber became quite transparent and he was staring at her flesh as his penis was nestled between her ample bosom, sliding up and down the slick rubber.
"Again, it's a good thing I am attired properly for such a procedure" she noted as the outside of the apron became coated in a slick mixture of semen and oil "I should hate the think of getting that mess all over myself".
She continued to rub his cock with gloved hands and his breathing became short and rapid.
Sensing he was close, she backed away a bit from him, placed her gloved left hand over the top of his cock and stroked quickly with her gloved right hand until he came. Ropes of white semen flowed from his member onto her gloved hands, so much that it dripping off her gloves as long white masses contrasting against the shiny black rubber. Being a civilized lady, this would have been quite repulsive had it not been for the layer of thin rubber protecting her delicate skin.
"There" she exclaimed as she milked the last drops of semen from him, "that should assist you with your problem"
"You'd make a good doctor" he commented as she walked to a nearby cupboard to clean herself up "you have a very kind and gentle way about you madam"
"Why thank you" she said as she washed her dirty gloves in a basin of water. The relationship was certainly beneficial for both of them and he had no apprehensions abut continuing such treatments with Elizabeth.
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Re: A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 5

Postby tigga76 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:26 am

Thank you. Very nice again.
The aprons are coming back, yeah. Your are one of the authors, where aprons are not only clothing but protection equipment. There is no cumshot on the apron at the end, but they get messy and wet. That is the task of an apron. Thanks a lot.
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Re: A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 5

Postby katertjekat » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:30 am

Again, I really enjoyed the writing style very much. The arkane rigid English that contrasts so well with all the naughty stuff going on :-)
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Re: A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 5

Postby jms65 » Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:07 pm

Perfect, as usual ! Respect, Sir Smark100 !
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