Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

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Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

Postby lglove » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:41 pm

Hi guys and girls!

Some of you who have been long-time members might remember this story from the old RGM site?! :D I have decided to repost this story, but ask that you please DO NOT repost it anywhere else! Please let me know what you think about this story!! :scratch:


My Neigbours’ Daughter!

This took place during the last year of high school! I remember that our neighbours’ daughter, Mia, and me were the same age and went to the same class in high school! Mia was a real looker! She was about 5’ 10”, slim body, long blonde hair, about 130lbs, green eyes, and really nice breasts!!! I was one of the guys who were interested in getting into bed with her, but she was looking at me as more of a brother and a friend as we had grown up together during the years and been through a lot together, playing around in our parents’ back yard, going to each others birthday parties and so on!

Mia’s mother was a nurse at the OR unit at the local hospital and always kept a small stock at home of disposable stuff at home, like examination- and surgical gloves and such, in case of an emergency! We had been doing all the usual stuff kids do when they are growing up, including playing doctor an so on! I remember that Mia used to grab a couple of her mother’s gloves and we used to take turns laying down so the other could examine the other. I also remember that I always got a hard on during these games and was always embarrassed about it, but she would always act as if she hadn’t noticed my “little” dilemma! Although afterwards she would always tease me about it!!

Anyways, I am digressing here, so let me get back on track! It was towards the end of the semester our Senior year, and we had to write a term paper in Biology class! Mia and I decided that we would get together for this project and do the paper together, since we got approval from our teacher! We decided to meet at her house and get started early in the evening that day. I came over to her house at 5pm and we went to her room after I had said Hi to her Mom (her Dad was away on a business trip). We hit the books and started writing and talking about the “project”. After about two hours we decided to take a break and went to grab a soda and sat down to chat about usual stuff and about what crazy things we had done as kids, especially our examination games as we had started calling them. After a while we came into talking about sex and what kinky things that some people do when they have sex. Mia then couldn’t help herself but to mention that she had noticed my hard-on during those little “examinations”, and asked me what the reason for those was? We had never really had any secrets from each other, but I had never told her that I had found it extremely arousing when she had examined me when we were younger. I went red, but finally found the courage to tell her my little fetish for latex gloves and that I had been aroused during our little games! I also asked her to keep this personal information to herself, not to tell anyone else about this and she agreed to this. We wrapped up for the evening after the little bombshell that I dropped, but decided to meet up again after school at her house again the day after.

After school the day after I went to Mia’s home and rang the bell and Mia opened the door and told me to come in and we went to her room to continue with our project. After a little while into our research and discussion she excused herself and said she had to go to get something in the kitchen. When she came back she gave me a mischevious look and told me to lay down on her bed and close my eyes while she prepared a little surprise for me. She even tied a scarf over my eyes so I couldn’t see what she was doing. I heard her moving around in the room and ripping a paper of some sort and then she removed the scarf and I started in surprise! She had taken off her clothes and put on only a doctors’ coat over her naked body and she was in the process of putting on a pair of surgical latex gloves on her hands! She then told me to lie still for my examination!!! She told me that she had guessed that I got aroused by the gloves during our little games, but had not been completely certain, until yesterday evening when I confessed about it to her. While she put her gloves on and made sure they were a tight fit, she said that she had also been aroused when it was her turn of getting her “examination”, by the gloves touching her body, and that she loved to masturbate while wearing gloves on in bed in the evenings after our little games fantasizing about getting a sexual examination! I would be in for a real sexual examination by the girl of my dreams!!!

To be continued…..

Mia told me to stand up and get undressed and then to lie down on the bed again so that my examination could start. After I had undressed, Mia told me to lie down and to close my eyes again for just for a moment. I did as she had told me and felt my arms and legs gettting tied to the bedposts and I started to say something, but Mia told me to just be quiet like a good patient, and do what the nurse told me to do, so I closed my mouth and opened my eyes.

She started by moving a chair close to where my head was on the bed and then proceeded to make sure that the gloves were a tight fit by pulling at the cuff of each glove and snapping it! WOW! I was in glove heaven!! She sat down on the chair and started telling me of all the times that she had masturbated while wearing surgical or examination gloves in bed and that I was the first one to know about her fetish as I had been open with her telling her about mine! And she told me that she was happy that I was also into gloves! She proceeded by spreading her legs and showing me her shaved pussy. She started to caress her breasts and between her legs and I could tell how horny she was, how wet her pussy was, the sight of how wet her gloves became with each entry to her pussy! I could see her thrust first one gloved finger into her sweet smelling pussy, and then added another finger and then another, until she was pushing four of her fingers in and out! The smell of latex and her pussy juices started to drive me crazy and I begged her to help me out! Mia smiled at me and told me in a teasing tone of voice, to be a little patient. She continued to masturbate, using her left hand, while her right hand found her clit and started to rub it. I could hear her breathing more heavily.

In a matter of minutes she had climaxed in a massive orgasm and she approached me and told me to lick her gloved hands clean of her juices, which I eagerly did, savouring her sweet scent and taste of pussy. Mia then told me that I would only have to wait a while longer, while she was going to get something from a desk drawer in her night stand and then she would help me out with my little “problem”!

She went to her night stand and pulled open the drawer, and took out a long and thick dildo, shaped just like a big cock! She also proceeded to take out some KY gel and some condoms and told me that she would show me how she used her “little man”! So what choice did I have but to resign and look forward to my relief some time later. It seemed as if Mia was in a sexual frenzy and in a teasing mood, so I had to play along! I have to admit though, that I was having the sexual time of my life! I had had no luck whatsoever finding a girlfriend that shared my passion for surgical gloves (most of them thought that I was a bit of a loon when I told them about my fetish for gloves), and now here I was with a beautiful girl (actually all the boys in my grade wanted to get together with her and get the chance to fuck her) and she was fullfilling my most wanted dreams! What more can a man ask for that is a high-school senior?!!!

One thing that I had not noticed before was that she seemed to be more prepared than I thought. She had actually stocked up on surgical gloves of different types and displayed them on her desk, where she used to sit and do her homework. She must have been “stealing” them from her mother, or asked Mrs Stone for them, and given her plausible reasons what she, Mia, would use them for!! I was actually mesmerized to see that she had some surgical gloves in my size, and then I remembered that she had asked me for my glove size right before Christmas and I had received a pair of nice winter gloves from her for a gift! I was returned to reality by Mia’s voice, telling me that she would give me another good showing and then she would take a look at my “condition”!

She pulled off the gloves she had used just a while ago, they were now a transparent color, and grabbed a pair of green surgical gloves and proceeded to pull them onto her hands, again making sure that the trapped air in the gloves were expelled. Mia told me during the procedure that these gloves were one of her favourites, partly because of the color, but also because they were very nice and silky smooth on the outside. They looked awesome on her hands, with her white lab/nurses coat!! I could feel my cock going harder and thought it was going to explode on me on its own. Mia had also noticed this, since she said to me that I would not have to wait too much longer as she would help me in just a little while.

She picked up the dildo, ripped a condom packet open, started to roll the condom onto the dildo. When this was done, she laid it aside and picked up the tube of KY gel, and looked at me with a mischevious glint in her eyes. –“Now,” she said, “I will show you one more thing that I love to do to myself, and then I will eas you discomfort!” She squeezed out a generous portion of KY jelly into her right hand, picked up the dildo again and started to lube it up. The squeeking sound of her gloved hand around the dildo almost got me off! She then sat down on her office style chair again and scooted down so I could view both her pussy and her beautiful ass! She started to caress her pussy and ass, put one of her lubed fingers to her asshole and started massaging it, not too long after which she pushed her middle finger into her ass! What a sight! Meanwhile her left gloved hand had started masturbating and massaging her pussy and clit. Then she suddenly stopped, looking at me and I could tell she was aroused as hell, grabbing the pre-lubed dildo, and stuffing it up her ass! I still get a rock hard boner when I think back to this episode! Mia started a rythm of the dildo going in and out of her ass, and the fingers of her left hand going in and out of her pussy.

She climaxed a moment later, leaving her drained. After a few minutes, she stood up, went to the bath room and had a drink of water. After she came back, Mia asked me which gloves were my favourites, and I told her I had seen a package containing a pair of brown latex surgical gloves which I asked if she could use. She told me she would and pulled off the green gloves and opened the package with the brown surgical gloves and started to put them on

Mia was lovingly putting on the brown surgical loves, snapping the cuffs of the gloves to ensure that they were nice and snug fitting her hands! It was pure extasy to watch this beautiful girl, putting on a show and using gloves!! I actually had my eyes on a pair of blue(!) gloves from Biogel! They looked awesome and I couldn’t wait gettin my hands into them! Anyway, I am digressing again! My apologies!
When Mia had ensured that she had a snug fit on her gloves, she approached the bed, smiling at me! She sat down on the chair and scooted the chair closer towards my groin, took the tube of KY-gel and squeezed out a glob. She spread the jelly all over her gloves, making the gloves a shiny, semi-transparent brown color. The gloves gave a squeeking sound that almost made me come on the spot, but I held off, looking forward to my “treatment”! She gently took my cock in her gloved and lubed hands, and started massaging it with gentle movements, while asking me how it felt! I told her that it felt as if I was in heaven, getting a handjob from an angel!! She took a firmer grip of my cock continuing with the milking with her right hand and used her left hand massaging my balls! What a great feeling!
As I felt that I was about to shoot my load, Mia quickened the pace and I shot the biggest load of my life, at least it felt that way! Mia continued to milk my cock, until I was totally spent. She then started to lick off my come off the come soaked gloves and as she did, I felt my cock growing hard again!
Mia told me while she was pulling off her gloves, to get out of her bed and pick a pair of gloves to use on her. I asked her if she had any preferens in the gloves I were to wear, but she told me, with a wicked smile on her lips, that she would trust my judgement entirely in this matter! She was also switching gloves, and she picked a pair of green colored gloves again, telling me that she thought I’d like the feeling of these gloves wrapped around my dick! I got up and went for the Biogel gloves that I had meen eyeing earlier and looked back at Mia, only to get a really naughty grin from her. What a girl! I pulled on the gloves slowly and made sure that they were snug and that there were no air trapped inside! The feeling of these gloves were awesome! They were not made of latex, but of neoprene, but they had the feel of latex gloves. She was also pulling on her gloves doing the same as me, making sure they were a tight fit.
-Now it is your turn to give me a thorough examination!, she told me! Mia laid down on her bed, spreading her legs, exposing her tight and wet pussy. She started stroking herself, but I told her to stop and to let the “Doctor” do his job with her! She complied and I started by just touching her breasts and areas around her pussy, which had her squirming within minutes, begging me to put my fingers in her pussy! I pushed one finger inside her, watching as her pussy juices coated my gloved finger, savouring her sweet smell. I continued pushing just one finger in and out of her pussy, adding first one more finger and then two more, until I had four fingers in her pussy. I could sense that she was close to coming, so I pulled out my fingers and told her to be a bit more patient and I would let her come in a little bit. I let her smell her own sweet juices and told her to clean off my glove with her tounge, and then I would let her come. She grabbed my hand and greedily sucked and licked her juices off my gloved hand and then I went back to “work” while she grabbed my cock with both her hands! We laid on Mia’s bed in the 69 position with her jerking me off and also sucking in between. I lubed up the index finger of my left hand and gently massaged her asshole with it, before I pushed it in. At the same time, I massaged her clit with my right hand thumb and started to push a couple of fingers into her pussy! Mia was approaching her orgasm and begged me to fuck her, so I complied and she opened a condom packet and rolled it over my hard dick. She then guided my cock into her warm, wet hole! Meanwhile I continued to fingerfuck her asshole adding fingers, until I had 3 fingers pumping in and out. I asked her if I could fuck her in her ass, and she said that she had just been waiting for me to ask! I pulled out of her wet pussy and started to penetrate her ass. Meanwhile she was fingerfucking her own pussy, drenching her gloves in her own sweet juices, occationally offering me a taste! All that combined, brought both her and me right over the edge and we both came in an unbelievable orgasm, leaving us totally spent.
After about ten minutes when we had recuperated, I thought of something! I had not seen or heard anyting from Mia’s parents and asked her about it! She told me that they were both away for a few days, leaving her alone at the house. That was the reason why she had chosen this day to surprise me with these surgical glove jobs and show! Mia told me that she had stocked up on gloves for about month before this, from her mother’s little storage that she kept at home for home use and emergencies. She also told me that we would have time over the weekend to spend some more quality glove time together, and I wasn’t the one to say no to that, plus she told me that she would have a surprise lined up for me for the next day! But that is another story........

The Surprise
Mia and I were supposed to have met again on the Thursday evening to continue our project and have another glove session, but she told me when I came over that we better concentrate on our project paper, and then we could meet on Friday evening to catch up on lost time! I was of course a bit disappointed, but thought better as I would have something special to look forward to the evening after. So we went to work on our project paper and finished it that Thursday evening, which actually amazed me, since I kept drifting away and fantasizing about what kind of surprise she miht have in store for me. We turned in the paper on Friday, and during class, Mia whispered to me to be at her house at 7pm, and that she would take care of everything!
Directly after school ended, I went to a “special” store to pick up a small gift for Mia, as she had very much fullfilled my most inner desire earlier that week, and I also wanted to show her how much I cared for her as a friend, lover, and mate! I peroused the shelves to see what I could come up with, and ended up buying her a nice set of underwear, bra and panties in deep red color, and also some nice body glide that she could use for her little sexual surgical glove plays. I had the staff in the store wrap the items in nice giftwrapping and I also wrote a little card for it all! At 7pm I stood outside Mia’s front door with a nice little flower arrangement and the gifts in my hands and rang on the door bell. Mia opened the door, looking very pleased to see me, and asked me to come inside. I handed her the flowers and the gifts and told her it was a small show of appreciation for earlier that week! She thanked me and told me that she had actually dreamed of the moment she could tell me and show me what she thought about me and that she was happy that the feelings had been mutual.
She asked me to go to her room and undress, to put on a pair of gloves, and to sit down on the chair and wait for her a moment. When I had undressed, I slowly picked up a package with a pair of green surgical gloves, making sure when I pulled them on that they were a tight fit on my hands, and sat down on the chair. I heard Mia answering a ring on the doorbell, she spoke for a moment, and then I heard her coming up the stairs and into her room. She approached me and told me that she was just going to prepare the surprise and then she would be back, it would only take a moment or two. She asked me: -Do you trust me?, and I answered: -Yes! Of course! She then told me that she would blindfold me as to not spoil the surprise that she had in store for me, and after she had done that she tied me to the chair, so as I would not be able to move. I heard her go out the door and downstairs and then I heard some murmuring of voices, which made me think of how wise it had been to asceed to her request of tying me to the chair! The murmuring stopped after a minute or two and I strained to try to hear anything more, but everything was quiet except for some footsteps going back and forth. After a while I could hear footsteps climbing the stairs and then I heard whispers and the sound of clothing being removed and put on. Then Mia approached the chair and she told me that she would remove the blindfold in just a minute, but first she would prepare herself.
I heard paper tear and the snapping of surical glove cuffs, as she made sure that the gloves were nice and snug on her hands. And then, to my complete surprise, I heard more paper tearing and another pair of gloves being snapped onto a pair of hands. At that moment, I couldn’t help but to ask Mia what was going on here? She told me to be patient and that it would just be one more moment.
She removed my blindfold and I was shocked to see that her best friend, Mary, a very ood looking brunette, from our class was there, dressed like Mia in bra, panties and a nurse’s outfit, while Mia was wearing a Doctor’s coat. I was pleased though, to see that she had put on the underwear I bought her, and also had donned a pair of light brown surgical gloves, while Mary had put on a pair of blue surgical gloves. I could feel my cock throbbing, and I could tell that the girls was eyeing my “tool” with pleasure. Mary was about 5’8”, about 130lbs, nice firm tits, and a really nice, pink pussy and firm ass.
Mia told me that this was her special surprise to me. She told me that Mary was also into having sex with gloves, pleasin herself and others, and that they had had many sleep-overs at each others’ houses, pleasuring each other while wearing gloves and that they both would put on a show for me. She had a look of pure lust on her face while she told me this, and I could tell that they both were really aroused by the look of the juicy stains in their crotches of their panties. They started to touch my body, paying special attention to my nipples, and to my balls, occationally strokin my dick. This was driving me nuts as I could not move, and I could tell that they were enjoying themselves immensly over my predicament, as I got closer and closer to shooting my load. I was moaning with pleasure, when suddenly they stopped and stepped over to Mia’s bed. Mia pushed Mary down on her bed, reaching under her dress and starting to massage her pussy through her panties, which got wetter by the minute of this treatment. She made sure that I had a nice view of Mary’s pussy while she was doing all this and I could see her brown gloves getting more and more wet, and then she removed Mary’s panties, telling her to lie still, and then she walked over to me with the panties, telling me to savour the small and taste of horny pussy as she put them next to my face.
She held out the gloved hand that she had massaged Mary’s pussy with and told me to lick all the pussy juices off the glove, so I did what she told me and savoured the sweet smell of Mary’s pussy juices and savouring the sweet taste. Meanwhile, I could see Mary rubbing her tits with her blue gloved hands and also massaging her own pussy, occationally sticking two fingers into her wet hole, making the gloves turn a deeper shade of blue and very slick by her sweet juices! I was going crazy, just sitting bound to the chair, watching!!! Mia approached Mary on the bed, grabbing one of her gloved hands and starting to lick the juices off of it, while starting to fingerfuck her friend’s pussy. After a little while, Mia turned her attention to Mary’s asshole, starting to massage it before inserting one of her wet, gloved fingers into her ass, adding one finger more, until she had four fingers in Mary’s beautiful asshole!
Meanwhile, Mary had turned her attention to Mia’s sweet pussy, pushing three fingers in and out of it with her right gloved hand, while her left gloved hand was kept busy massaging Mia’s clit and ass. What a sweet sight! Two beautiful girls satisfying eachother while wearing surgical latex gloves!! After what felt like an eternity, Mia and Mary had brought eachother to a climax! That was when Mia told me that they would take good care of me. She untied me from the chair and told me to lie down on the bed, which I gladly complied with. Mary had during this brought out a condom, which she showed me before she rolled it onto my very hard dick. She whispered in my ear that she had never had never had sex with a guy before, and that I would be the first for her, but that she wanted me to wear a condom on my dick, at least the for the first time around. She started to caress my hard cock with her gloved hands, still wet with her own and Mia’s pussy juices, and then also started to suck it! Mia also came over and started once again to finger her friend’s pussy and ass, and then made her company stroking my throbbing dick and sucking it. After a while, Mary said that she wanted me to fuck her, and moved around so she could position herself over my dick, before lowering herself onto it with her facing me. I hadn’t been idle either while all this was going on. I asked Mia to come and lie down beside me so that I could have access to her beautiful and sweet smelling pussy. I started by inserting two of my fingers and pushing them in and out of her pussy, and then quickly inserting two more fingers into her asshole, which I remembered would help her reach climax in a short time. At the same time, I started to lick her pussy, savouring the taste and the smell of her sex and after a while, she came, drenching my gloved hands and my mouth with a torrent of her pussy juices! After she had recuperated some, I told her to lick her own juices off my gloves, which she did slowly and very sensually!
While this all happened, Mary was riding me as if I was a bronco, and at the same time kept caressing her breasts and her clit until she came, forcefully. And at the same time I felt that I shot a big load of semen into her hot hole and the condom! Both girls was feeling a bit spent, and that was no wonder, considering that we had been at it for over an hours time! We just laid there in Mia’s bed, trying to gain some more stamina for about quarter of an hour. Then Mia asked Mary if she would like to fuck Mia in the ass, while I was fucking her pussy? “Sure!”, Mary said, ”But first we have to change gloves!” So we took off the surgical gloves that we had been wearing and picked out other gloves to wear for the next session! I picked a pair of, would you belive(?), cerise colored surical gloves, and Mia, knowing my preference, donned a pair of dark brown gloves, and Mary also donned a pair of brown gloves! Mia must have told her about our little “adventure” from two days previous!
I couldn’t help it but ask Mia where she got the cerise colored gloves from, and she told me that the hospital where her mother works as a Doctor, special ordered them in this color to be used when treating younger kids for cuts and injuries, where they require sterile gloves! Mia had also brought out her “little friend,” the dildo, and a dildo harness for Mary to use on her, and I could tell that they were looking forward to the next session, especially Mia. She told me that she had been masturbating the night before, fantasizing about this moment. I told her that I considered myself a very lucky guy, being able to share the passion for surgical gloves and with the most beautiful girl in school, and my best friend since childhood!
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Re: Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

Postby Wallah » Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:42 am

What an absolute fantastic story, best I have ever read, I wish that was me!
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Re: Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

Postby glovelover1234 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:41 am

Best story ive ever read on this forum!! I know this is a repost, but do you think you could add more?
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Re: Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

Postby lglove » Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:45 pm


Thanks for the kudos!! I really appreciate it, and I have been thinking of writing a continuation to it as well, but have been too busy IRL with my job and private life! I may have a go at it during my vacation, which is coming up in 1½ weeks!

Do you guys have any suggestions of what you want them to do, gloves to be used, and other stuff they could be doing? :scratch:

I have written another gloves story in my native language, Swedish, which involves 2 teenage girls, one of their dads (yes a bit of incest, I know :p ), leather riding gloves, as well as latex gloves! I have been thinking of translating this into English, sharing it here in our community! What do you think about that? Feedback is very welcome! :w00t:

Please leave rep points if you liked the story, and I will be posting more as soon as I can get something down on paper!! :biggrin:
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Re: Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

Postby JaneyE » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:11 pm

Sorry for not having replied right away, but I read the first two parts a while ago, and I enjoyed the story a lot. Will read the third and fourth part later today and write more comments.
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Re: Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

Postby lglove » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:19 pm

Hi JaneyE!

Thanks for your reply to my story! :) I know I haven't written as much and as detailed as your stories, but I am glad that you liked it! Please let me know what you think of the last 2 parts of the story! :D
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Re: Reposting Mia the neighbour's daughter

Postby 1Wolf » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:23 pm

This is amazing, jealous but at the same time content to have found this amazing story, you were so lucky to have two 'nurses' give you an amazing glovejob. Loved the story, keep them coming. :up: :8up: :whoop: 8D
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