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My First Encounter with Mrs D's Boots (Taken from the old site) (boot fetish, pink hrg)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:57 pm
by mutuff29
So I have been searching for this story for quite a while, but have finally located it. It was originally posted on the old site which has been defunct for a while, but I managed to retrieve this story thanks to SexySurgical on here! So kudos to them for making this happen. The story was originally written by the user bootboygirl. I have just combined each section into the one story.

It was a mild afternoon, early autumn of last year and I had just stopped in to the local supermarket on my way home from a visit to my parents house. As I made my way down the first isle i could see up ahead a mature lady wearing a black pvc mac and black leather boots and gloves to match. One of the many delights while out on a supermarket run is seeing beautiful mature ladies in knee high leather boots. It was only when i got a little closer I realised it was Mrs D!

Dee Donavan Was her real name but my friends and I called her Mrs D. She was my first fetish encounter when I was a boy, although she wasn't aware of this at least not to my knowldge. You see she was the mother of my best friend Steve when when I was growing up. I remember she had the most amazing collection of boots. I dont ever remember seeing her in another type of footwear. Sometimes she would even wear beautiful plastic raincoats and macs if the ocasion called for it and always wore plastic aprons and pink marygold rubber gloves when doing the housework. I would call into him every day hoping she would open the door just to catch a glimpse of whatever boots she would have on that day and every time I would blush, always finding it hard to look her in the eye for fear she would realise I had a thing for her wearing boots. Very fond memories indeed.

One day when Steve and I were on our way out to play in the garden I noticed a pair of her boots in the downstairs toilet as I walked by. I quickly made an excuse and said "you go on ahead Steve I just want to use the toilet I'll be out in a minute". As I locked the door behind me my heart began to race, I finally had the chance to inspect these beautiful boots up close and without fear of been cought. I dropped to my knees and took one of the boots in both hands it was a fine dark brown leather boot with a black PVC strip around the top which brought the boot just above the knee when ever she wore them. They were Smooth and a stiff leather to touch and the smell of leather and PVC got me verry aroused, i took a few more minutes to inspect but then the fun was cut short as I could hear Mrs D comming down the stairs. I put them back and unlocked the door, but as i was walking out i bumped into her. "Oh is everything ok david you seem a little red in the face" she asked "I'm fine thanks" i replied while hiding my errection and continuing on outside. A close call indeed. I couldn't stop thinking about the boots and must of had an errection all the way home so I realieved my self as soon as I made it to the safety of my bedroom.

The next night we had a sleep over at Steves, I checked to see if the boots were still in the downstairs toilet and sure enough they were. So again I made my excuse and locked the door behind me. This time I took my trousers off and began to pull the boots on. I would say I was 13 at the time so my feet were about the same size as Mrs D's. It was a beautiful fit. The feel of the cold leather and PVC against my leg and aroma that came gushing out of the boot as my foot slid in was overwhelming. My cock sprang to attention. I sat down on the toilet and only had to give myself a couple of strokes before i exploded all over the place. Most of it landed on the boots. I couldn't believe it I was in heaven which soon turned to hell as there was a knock at the door " DAVE CAN YOU UNLOCK THIS DOOR I'M GOING DOWN TO THE SHOPS AND NEED MY BOOTS" my heart was pounding even harder than before "I'LL BE OUT IN A MINUTE" I replied while struggling to get the boots off and wipe up any evedence of semen from them. I did the best i could and with dread unlocked the door. She was sitting by the telephone in the hall, "Thanks dave i want to catch the shops before they close, can you please pass me my brown leather boots from the toilet?". As i went to fetch them for her my heart was still racing and i could feel my face was red as ever, hoping she wouldn't notice anything i passed them to her and stood there in silince while she pulled them on slowely "that will be all thank you David" she said but with a tone in her voice as if she somehow knew. I backed away and never took a risk like that again while in Steves house.

To be continued. . . . . . . . .

As I stood in the middle of the isle staring at her boots thinking about my first fetish encounter I realised some time had passed, looking up I was shocked to see Mrs D's stern gaze looking straight into my eyes. The shock of being caught drooling over her boots made me want to run, maybe she didn't recognise me but from somewhere inside I found myself approaching her and blurting out "he-hello Mrs D, It's me David from down the road". Some 10 years had passed since me and Steve were best friends but she quickly replied "of course I know who you are David silly boy! We haven't seen you in a few years how have you been?" I quickly filled her in on life and inquired about hers, but all the time fighting my eyes from looking down at her boots.

I found out her husband had left her and Steve was living in Australia. Luckily she kept the house in the divorce and seemed relieved to be out of the relationship. We chatted on for a while but I could feel my face was blushing and the urge to look down at her boots was so strong I had to make an excuse to get away, but before we parted she said "call up to the house sometime for a cup of tea and we can catch up properly". Of course I agreed to this and we went our separate ways. However we were to meet again sooner than I imagined.

It was while making my way back to my car I saw her struggling with her shopping trolley. I ran to her aid and helped get the shopping in her car but as soon as I finished I heard the magic words! "can I give you a lift anywhere David?" fully aware my own car was parked 20 feet away I said "sure if it's not too much trouble". I sat into the passenger seat noticing a full leather interior and waited for Mrs D to to get in.

As she sat into the car her PVC coat made a beautiful swishing and crinkle of plastic sound against the leather of her car seat, the car was soon filled with the beautiful aroma of PVC and leather. Then she swung both her legs in to reveal those beautiful knee high leather boots with a modest 5" narrow heel but when she gripped the steering wheel with her leather gloved hand I could see they were probably elbow lenght gloves, as her coat sleeve was draping quite far back and exposing allot more than I could see before. My cock was as hard as it had ever been but was easy enough to conceal while I was sitting down.

Before I could speak she said "you can give me a hand to get the shopping out at my house and then I'll take you wherever it is you are going". Finding myself short of breath I replied "that suits me fine Mrs D". The journey was filled with small talk as I was fighting my erection and couldn't concentrate on anything other than her extremely dominating outfit. It was also very easy to stair at what she had on because she was preoccupied with watching the road. Her knee high Boots pumping the pedals as her gloved hands sliding around the steering wheel an gripping the gear knob. It was heaven.

Before long we were at the house where the garage door had an automatic door, we were able to drive right in out of sight. Once the door was shut behind us I waited for her to get out of the car so I could adjust my erection enabling me to stand out of the car and help get the shopping in.

The aroma inside was a familiar one which I had long forgotten, bringing back allot of different emotions. Mostly I was feeling excited! The garage brought us straight into the kitchen so we didn't pass the downstairs toilet. I dared not entertain the idea of acting out such fantasies as I did when I was a boy however.

Mrs D began to remove her PVC raincoat and then slid off those wonderful gloves and said as she put the kettle on "I guess we can have that cup of tea and a chat now". I sat at the kitchen table and thought nothing of it as she left the room to hang up her coat, her beautiful boots making a clicking sound on the vinyl floor as she went. This gave me a window of opportunity to adjust my erection again.

She had been gone some time and the kettle was whistling so I decided to make the tea. Everything was still in the same place in the kitchen and I was busy getting the tray ready when I could hear her heels come clicking back into the room. But something was different. I sensed she had stopped in the middle of the room. I turned around slowly to find her standing before me with her hands on her hips and tapping her foot on the floor. The stern look on her face gave me what can only be described as a feeling of dread. There was no use fighting it, I panned down her body to see she had changed the knee high boots she had on earlier for the very same ones I tried on in the toilet that fateful day.

To be continued. . . . . . . . . . .

My heart began to pound again and my cock was fully erect. The brown leather boots with PVC detail on them were even more beautiful than i remembered. "well" she said "judging by the bulge in your pants, you seem to remember these boots". Before I could respond she spoke again "I've been waiting for this day for a long time! You were too young before to punish for what you did, but I have you now". I could only say the first thing that came into my head, which was "I really should be going Mrs D". "SIT DOWN AND I WILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING " she replied in a raised voice.

I sat at the table but kept my hands on my lap as they were trembling so much. She finished pouring the tea and sat beside me with her legs crossed and out from under the table, so i could get a good look at the boots. She then began to tell her story. You see David I have been watching you admire my boots since you were a young boy. I can tell when someone shares the same fetish as myself and believe me there's allot more of us than you can imagine. I left these boots in the privacy of the downstairs toilet every day for you to get a good luck at, without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. However I didn't know it was you in the toilet that day and when I went to pull them on I could feel they were still warm from you wearing them. Worse still, on closer inspection i could see what can only be explained as semen stains all over them.

I really very sorry Mrs D. I don't know what came over me. "Well I do" She replied and you're going to start your punishment right now. From now on you are to address me as Mistress D - NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES, YOU FILTHY LITTLE BOY! I didn't hesitate for even a second and got down before her "yes Mistress D" Look at these boots, Look how shiny and clean they are. Now take your cock out and show mistress how much you love her boots.

I was shaking so much I could hardly undo my belt, finally when my rock solid cock was exposing she said "Your not to touch it until I say so". She slowly walked to the sink to fetch her rubber gloves. Each click of her heels their and back only made the desire to rub my cock even stronger, But I resisted as I was in enough trouble already.

She sat in front of me again and began to dawn the pink Marigold rubber gloves. Pulling them on one by one she rubbed those rubber clad hands together to ensure a snug fit. Now there's a good boy David, kneel up straight and let me have a good luck. She ran her hand down the shaft of my cock and griped my balls with her cold rubber digits, I let out a groan and thought I was going to erupt. "NOT YET" she said and griped the shaft of my cock with her other hand. Pre cum started to drip out onto the gloves. "WHATS THIS? LOOK AT THE MESS YOU'RE MAKING". She shoved her gloved hand into my face and commanded me to open my mouth. Their was an overwhelming smell of rubber, almost too much to handle but I did as she ordered and awaited her next command.

Now you filthy boy lick my glove clean and start wanking that filthy cock of yours, slowly! As I began to rub my cock she released her grip from my balls but began to slide the pre cum covered fingers in and out of my mouth. As I gazed into her eyes I could feel her press her cold soft leather boot between my legs all the way up yo my balls. Holding her boot firmly against my balls she gave her final command. "NOW CUM YOU LITTLE SLUT! CUM FOR MISTRESS, CUM ALL OVER MY BOOTS LIKE THE FILTHY LITTLE SLUT THAT YOU ARE!!" I started to tremble uncontrollably. I could feel the blood rushing to my head as my back arched and the final stroke of my cock brought cum shooting all over her boots.

I tried to look down at the mess I just made but she gripped my chin firmly and forced me to look her straight in the eyes again. "Now David have you anything to say to your mistress" she said with a grin. "Thank you mistress" I could only respond as I tried to catch my breath. "Now I want you to lick my boots clean. You're not going anywhere until you drink that filthy mess up and polish my boots with your tongue. I got to work straight away and slurped up all the excess semen. Licking them till they were left shining.

I couldn't believe what just happened, As I enjoyed giving her boots the last few strokes with my tongue she ordered me to stand up in front of her. Grabbing my cock once again she milked the last few drops of cum out onto her gloves and then discarded them. Now you can do up your pants and make us tea.

Everything seemed a lot easier as we talked candidly while enjoying our afternoon tea. I wasn't blushing anymore and could freely glance at her boots only to find a smile on my new mistresses face when I looked back up. I explained what it felt like to have it all out in the open. We even discovered we both had fetlife profiles and exchanged other fetish ideas for the next hour or so. Mistress D has more in store for me and I couldn't wait to be her obedient slave again.

More to follow soon. . . . . . . . .


And that's all that was ever posted! Maybe someone else fancies finishing it off? As I said, I didn't write this story and have nothing to do with the writer so hopefully they wont mind me reposting this. It was originally posted way back in 2011 anyway :hmm:

Re: My First Encounter with Mrs D's Boots (Taken from the old site) (boot fetish, pink hrg)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:02 pm
by SexySurgical
mutuff29 wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:57 pm
So I have been searching for this story for quite a while, but have finally located it. It was originally posted on the old site which has been defunct for a while, but I managed to retrieve this story thanks to SexySurgical on here! So kudos to them for making this happen. The story was originally written by the user bootboygirl. I have just combined each section into the one story.

{story above}

And that's all that was ever posted! Maybe someone else fancies finishing it off? As I said, I didn't write this story and have nothing to do with the writer so hopefully they wont mind me reposting this. It was originally posted way back in 2011 anyway :hmm:
Subject: Looking for a story [, pink HRG, 1st Encount Mrs. D's boots?]
SexySurgical wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:08 am
I hope this might be a good lead:*/