Taking Over 18 Pairs of Gloves

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Taking Over 18 Pairs of Gloves

Postby Joesweegmen » Mon May 28, 2018 4:34 am

Over the weekend I stayed at a very upscale hotel. Well normally when staying in hotels I always try to find opportunities to take a few gloves off of the maid carts. Well when I was walking around the hotel I noticed the maids had white gloves on. I wasn’t sure if they were latex or not but I knew I needed some. So I waited for my opportunity. Well it came when I went downstairs to use the restroom and out the restroom a maid had left their cart. This was my moment. I immediately checked all over the cart for gloves and found them. A box of medium white nitrile gloves. The box had just been opened. No more than a couple had been taken out. I was so excited that I proceeded to take 16 pairs out of the box and shove them in my pocket. But that wasn’t all, the hotel was connected to a convention center and in the bathrooms are housekeeping closets. The one I happened to go into was unlocked and a pair of blue nitrile gloves and clear vinyl gloves were sitting on a shelf so I took those as well. This was probably the most amount of gloves I have ever taken from some where. My collection is getting huge!
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