Early experiences

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Early experiences

Post by SwissWristWatch » Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:38 pm

I've decided to write about my early glove fetish experience because I don't see too many of them from what I can see and I always find them interesting when people go a little more in depth into their fetish and their early years with it.

I come from a large family, one of 12 kids in fact. I fit somewhere in the middle which you'd think at that point you'd stop but not according to my parents, lol. My parents actually started early on with their kid count but the first few kids were decently spread apart but pregnancies ended up becoming more frequent after i was born.

Growing up I slept in the same bedroom as my oldest brother who is 12 years my senior but we got along like peas in a pod. We had a bunk bed in our first house, with me on the bottom. Our bedroom also had an ensuite attached, as did a few other rooms just to make things easier.
This made access to rubber gloves quite easy, and so I would often wake up during the night (making sure my brother was asleep) and i'd grab my little flashlight and sneak into our bathroom and grab a pair of rubber gloves and go back to bed and spend a little time with myself.
I didn't know exactly what i was doing but I knew what I was doing was making things feel nice. I liked the sensation of the gloves on my body, plus being 5 and the gloves designed to fit adults meant that they were huge on me. I didn't care though, I loved the feeling and occasionally my penis would become stiff and so i'd play with that for a bit.

During warmer months i'd have the covers pulled back off my legs and i'd just run the gloves over my legs and crotch.

This didn't go unnoticed however, as sometimes my brother would wake up during the night and once noticing I was up he would carefully move in bed and peer out and see what i was up to.
In majority of cases this is where the other party would get upset at the person doing things with gloves but in fact I got quite the opposite.
It turned out my brother was also into gloves and had quite the fetish which was the reason there were household rubber gloves in the vanity in our ensuite. To avoid mixups, we both had our own drawer for our gloves in the vanity and so long as we used our own then there would be no issues.

Having such a large family was also to my benefit in this case, at least when it came to gloves. Two of my sisters were into horse riding/equestrian, 3 of my brothers were baseball players, about half the family played golf and a few of us also liked to do BMX riding and eventually Mountain bike riding as we got older.
Between various attempts at different sports for a season or two, there was no real shortage of gloves.
One day I got a little too adventurous and donned a pair of my brother's baseball batters gloves as they were sitting on my bed. I could only assume they were sat there temporarily while he got ready/put shoes on and just simply forgot them.

I had put the gloves on but being a 6-7yo they were obviously too big for me but this was actually a favourite thing of mine, being enveloped in large gloves.
So I had put them on and I was about to get into my bed and start doing things when my brother walks in and sees me wearing them. When he caught me and told me not to use them, i just sheepishly took them off and laughed nervously a little.
To my surprise though, he grabbed an older pair out of his bag and let me have them as the ones that he took off me were fairly new and was going to get rid of the old ones as the didn't quite fit properly.

"If i find any more laying around, i'll try and grab some for ya" he said to me, just before he left for his baseball practice/game

My brother actually helped grow my glove fetish and we would "compare notes" on different gloves, usually at night time in the hour or so before we went to sleep. My brother actually would periodically bring home older gloves or would snap up my sister's riding gloves if they were getting rid of them for whatever reason.
When I was about 12, the family moved into a bigger house and by that time my brother was only at home occasionally but rarely overnight, although we still shared our bedroom as thats what I wanted to happen if he was to come back home. Only now there was separate beds instead of a bunk bed. He didn't live too far away so it was usually on weekends he'd come back with a few extra pairs of gloves for me and on some Saturday night's he would stay over and we would go to bed and talk for an hour or two in bed, sometimes with a couple pairs of gloves under the covers and giving our reactions hahaha.

The whole glove thing was our secret and no one else had any real idea what secret we had between each other. Whether not that made us closer is anyone's guess as we have always been pretty close with each other regardless of that fact.

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Re: Early experiences

Post by Rommeltje » Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:43 pm

Two glove fetishists in one family? That's really interesting! Makes you wonder if it's a nature vs. nurture thing. Perhaps your genes have a one in six chance of developing a glove fetish. Or maybe it's a complete hereditary thing, and all of your brothers and sisters have it. You just only know it from the brother you were closest with. :)

Or: maybe you've both had a similar experience separately from each other that triggered a glove fetish in the both of you. :-)

Either way, how awesome to be able to have someone growing up that you can share this fetish with in such a way. And quite unique too. I can't imagine many of us will have had a similar experience.

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Early experiences

Post by SwissWristWatch » Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:23 pm

I think it's just simply we were lucky. There's a chance we may have never found out about each other especially if we never slept in the same room together or got along as well as we did (especially for siblings).

My brother is one of the kindest people I know and I suppose him "supporting" me was because I guess he saw himself in me as well in some way, no doubt. The age gap helped as he was reasonably mature by that time, the same can't be said for others that i've known throughout the years (younger or older)
Rommeltje wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:43 pm
Or: maybe you've both had a similar experience separately from each other that triggered a glove fetish in the both of you. :-)
With fetishes I think some just happen out of curiosity and I gloves would be common because of the ease of access and so with a lot of things, the only way to find out is to do it.

With others, they're probably just horny and want something different :mrgreen:

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