My glove fetish story

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My glove fetish story

Postby pongkanin » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:17 pm

First of all, I must apologize if my language is incorrect. I know the rubber gloves first. When I went to see the dentist at the clinic. My dentist put on a latex glove and made a balloon for me to forget the pain I had with the dentist. After that, I was away with the story of rubber gloves for many years. I grew up as a teenager when I saw medical & surgical gloves. I had a strange feeling every time I looked at it. Which I was not exactly the same with this feeling. It may be inexplicable. But I feel good when it comes to petting for me. It may sound strange like a psychopath. Personally, I like medical & surgical gloves. After that, I started to pay attention to the things about medical & surgical gloves. Then of others, how did you get started knowing the glove?

thank you :D
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Re: My glove fetish story

Postby glovedhalfasian » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:42 pm

hey man, i like medical/surgical gloves too! i think my getish started really young, either from the daycare workers changing my diapers while wearing the gloves, or perhaps from paling doctor with my female cousin from when we were kids (like 7-8 years old, nothing sexual really). it ended up being a huge thing when i started to discover myself, and i think i came for the first time wearing gloves :D. i've always tried to hide my fetish from my friends and all, but with the shield of the internet, i have no problem sharing my stories :)
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Re: My glove fetish story

Postby BastienAugers » Sat Jul 29, 2017 9:54 am

I'm also a gloves fetishist. Surgical and medical gloves in particular. It's started when i play with my brother to wash plates,... and other stuff like that with tight latex gloves. When i put it, i felt better so much confortable. Next i put it the night in my room just to feel so good. It was good. And when i went to dentist i just ask if i can have gloves he gaves me and i touch gloves During Dental exam i just love watching the dentist putting gloves and the feeling when he touches my teeth with her gloves. Really later I began to masturbate with . Before I just cook with or eat but I hide this fetish to my family it's a secret
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