What were the first gloves you bought?

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What were the first gloves you bought?

Postby Joesweegmen » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:02 pm

I just thought of this question because I was remembering buying my first box of medical gloves and the excitement that came with it. So I was wondering what everyone's first gloves that they bought were.
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Re: What were the first gloves you bought?

Postby AngelSlayer » Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:09 pm

First pair of gloves I bought was a cheap , Made in China leather gloves (around 15$) I found at the shop selling winter clothing. I remembered that I was very excited after asking the female seller to pass that gloves for me to take a look , plus she even tried one of them on for me to see too ! I was around 15 at the time.

Current status : thrown away because they were getting too dirty from those sex toy lotions I used several years after.
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Re: What were the first gloves you bought?

Postby Rommeltje » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:48 am

Alright, story time. :rolleyes:

Household gloves are my poison. When I was young, my mom used a pair of white rubber gloves for doing the dishes. They had a bit of a gripping pattern, but they were so soft and rubbery, and they smelled great. I had used them on myself a couple of times (though only through my pajama pants, because that would be disgusting otherwise :-P), and really wanted to get a pair of my own, but I was too embarrassed to just go to the story and buy them.

When I was sixteen or so, I devised a plan. I knew where my mom kept her gloves of course. So one day when I noticed she didn't have any spare ones anymore and the ones in use looked like they needed to be replaced, I thought of something I would need to buy at the store where those gloves were sold (HEMA, for any Dutchies reading along). Before I went out the door, I asked her if there was anything I could pick up for her, and sure enough, she asked me to pick up a pair of the gloves! :D This was less embarrassing, because now I was buying those gloves as an errand for my mom, rather than for myself - and of course nobody would then question that second pair I bought with it :-v. Not that the cashier would ask about it anyway, but it was enough to have that excuse for myself.

I was so happy my plan had worked. :-)

Unfortunately, the universe had other plans. :no: When I came to the glove section, it turned out that they only had one pair left! 8-O Now I was stuck having to buy these gloves (which would still be slightly embarrassing), and then having to give them away to my mom! :twitch: What's worse was that I ran into two girls from my school at the register, two girls who were always teasing me (I would say bullying, but it was never that bad). I was sure they saw that I had bought gloves, and probably saw right through me. It was so awkward.

And the bad luck wasn't over with that. I figured I would just buy the gloves for myself some other time (now that I had gone through it once, buying them without a (real) excuse would be a bit easier), but as it turned out, that pair wasn't just the last they had that day, it was the last they had ever! :*(

I was so sad. I really wanted a pair of those gloves, since they were the first gloves I ever encountered - and therefore the origin of my fetish - but it wasn't meant to be. :( Instead, I bought a pair of red gloves at the same store a little while later. They were nice, quite thick, but they were rather short, and way oversized (size 9). I still have that pair. But I never did get those white ones anymore. :-/
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Re: What were the first gloves you bought?

Postby lupin_nz » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:58 am

Remember my first pair well, though it's funny I've yet to try on a mens pair, I've only had womens pairs since then. I was really wanting to experience leather gloves for myself but didn't really get to see them around in stores much and no one in my family certainly had anything near to that. :S Got my first pair for about $60 discounted to $45 back when I was 18 (2010) at a home department store. Brand was "La Mia Borsa" which I couldn't find much info on, maybe a store exclusive, but at the time, it was just exciting to have my own leather gloves then. Black wrist length ones but that was all I could find.

For the most part, it was the only pair of leather gloves I had, except for another cheaper pair I spotted for $20-25 at another home department store a few years ago that felt softer, but less quality.

I didn't start looking into getting more pairs as well as vintage leather gloves till last year, which has grown quite a bit, mostly from Ebay and a couple from Etsy in different colours and in various lengths from wrist length all the way to 22-button length (27-29 inches) :o . I still have my first La Mia Borsa pair which I thought were gorgeous at the time, but they definitely aren't as nice and soft compared to the ones I've been able to get over the last year.

I guess it was not knowing how much better they could be that halted my interest in getting anymore over the years, but I'm still on the lookout for any that catch my interest. Pretty much my story.
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Re: What were the first gloves you bought?

Postby randomguy1435 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:37 pm

First gloves I actually had to buy were: Ansell Sol-Vex II, Ansell Chemi-Pro 87-224 and a box of Ansell Micro-Touch DP 73-405. Around the same time I bough some Ansell canners gloves and some Omni-Pro gloves from eBay, but they were not very enjoyable.
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Re: What were the first gloves you bought?

Postby GreatLeather » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:32 am

The first pair (leather gloves) that I bought (that weren't gifts) was a cheap pair I bought in a drug store.
They were soft and comfortable, but after one winter the leather started to dry out and crack.
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Re: What were the first gloves you bought?

Postby MyHandsAreHidden » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:08 pm

I never paid for gloves in my teenage years, because I prefer exam gloves, and the five finger discount worked so well. :-v I'm not totally sure this was the first time I bought any, but I can't recall any prior to this.

When I went off to school, I lived in an on-campus apartment with two roommates, with each of us having our own room. I used an Amazon gift card I'd received for Christmas to buy a case of pink latex gloves. (a case is 10 boxes of 100, so 1000 total gloves) I timed it so that the delivery would coincide with a day my roommates both had class all morning. Unfortunately, I was unaware UPS didn't deliver to individual apartments, meaning that I had to go to the leasing office to pick up my package. This was just a slight hiccup in my plan, so I went and asked to sign for my delivery. The lady in the office verified my ID and went to go grab my box from the mailroom. When she returned, I saw that cases of gloves were literally shipped in their case. As in, a large white box with Microflex logos and images of pink gloves all over it. 8-O

Of course she asked me what I had ordered, maybe thinking that it was just a random box used for shipping. I lied and said I was for making a video entry for the Pink Glove Dance, the cancer awareness contest. She didn't know what that was, and I had her Google it on the office computer. Her reaction to the contest was positive, and she asked if she could watch my video once I'd finished making it. I told her something along the lines of "yeah, I suppose, if I remember" and left. I don't think I turned red, but it was quite awkward. That case lasted me three years though, so I'd say it was worth the embarrassment.
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