Enter: My Years as a Transgendered Glove Fetishist

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Enter: My Years as a Transgendered Glove Fetishist

Postby Gloved Imperator XIX » Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:48 pm

Hi, all!

This is a spin-off of my post in this awesome topic: http://www.wwgfa.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=24248

So, much of what I'm about to post here, I had posted there, but then realized that it would be more appropriate for a topic about the years I spent as a transwoman (that is, a male-to-female transgenderd person)...while also a glove fetishist. I'm still a glove fetishist. That hasn't changed since I was really young, and I can't see it changing...well, ever!

Anyway, as such, there's bound to be some repeated text here. So, bear with me.

Now, hop on board the Phantom Train as we revisit my past:


Well, that ended up sounding more ominous than necessary! I guess it's fitting since Halloween is in two days! :mrgreen:


I identified as transgendered for a few years, after a lifetime of questioning my gender identity. Other than realizing I was sexual attracted to gloves, as a kid, one of my earliest memories revolved around wondering whether I was meant to be a boy (my birth gender -- and the one I've settled on now, for day-to-day living) or a girl (my gender of choice for fun and excitement! :D )

After puberty, things became even more complicated (as they are wont to do after puberty), as I started to take the idea of living as a girl, and then woman, full-time seriously. I eventually spent about nearly a decade, really thinking about it, and then in the last decade, I transitioned from male to female full time, even going so far as to legally change my name from my male name to a woman's name, we'll call "Lisa."

I went back to living as a man full time about midway through last year and just identify as a man now, but with a really strong feminine side. I love crossdressing, playing dress up, and may even go out as a woman again. Lisa is still absolutely a part of me, but for all intents and purposes, I'm just me.

But, at present, I'm firmly grounded in my masculine side, from day to day.

Well, you can't see me (To inadvertently channel John Cena, I guess) see me.

Wait! You can: That's is me in my profile pic, believe it or not, from slightly...er...eh-hem...lighter years. (Random heckler: "You're fat now!") Shut up, Chet! God. (Random Note: "Chet" is what I call the imaginary heckler that says what most people are afraid to, as a means to jokingly mock myself.) I gained a lot of weight since then, due to many reasons. But, I'm comfortable with who I am, mostly.

Actually...here's a bigger copy of the picture I'm using for my profile pic:

*I'm taking down this pics, at least for now, due to the changes in my life*

Because I gained a lot of weight, I had to let Lisa take a back seat to my male self. None of my clothes fit me anymore, for one. So, despite having started to track everything I eat and trying to exercise every day, as I kind of look like an NFL lineman now! LOL!

BUT...I still have hair down to the middle of my back. Hey! I don't need a wig. :whoop:


For me, when I'm wearing gloves in any public capacity (and I used to do so a lot), it is linked exclusively to my female altar ego.

But, DID I wear gloves as Lisa?


Oh fuck my, yes.

I wore women's leather gloves in winter, even before I transitioned full time, and once my hands shrink a bit, I'll resume doing so this year, despite not identifying as transgendered anymore. Red leather gloves with (faux) pearl bracelets peeking out the cuff is my favorite look!

Several times I got to live a long-time childhood fantasy by going out and about while wearing opera-length satin gloves (Black, pink, and red pairs, mostly, depending on my dress). I did this ALL concerts I went to. I was even veritably sang praises for my attire by one of the most adorable bartenders at one of the...er...how can I put this politely without being insulting...? Ah. ..."Quaintest" little venues for concerts I've been to. I went to see The Faceless, who are awesome. They had just announced that they were going on tour with another band to release their then (*Googles* And still, apparently) most recent release, "Autotheism." And then quickly made a followup announcement that their bass player had quit.

Who was their bass player at the show my brother and I went to, you may ask?

A laptop, that a clearly very frustrated Michael Keene was updating with the newest bass track between songs.

It was still an AWESOME set, but it was made more so because they were no longer 'The Faceless', but... 'The Bassless!'

*Every poster including me: "Boo! Hiss!"* *Literally everybody in the world starts hurling tomatoes!*


Actually, here is a picture of my from that exactly night:

*See above*

--And, my crowning achievements were two:

1.) Two times: once while wearing red, and once while wearing wearing black -- opera length gloves, I went to take part in semi-public, semi-private BDSM demonstrations as part of a kink community.

2.) And, for me, I experienced the dream of dreams! I was Cinderella herself for Halloween one year! *Squee!*

So, I went to a club in my state, in long white gloves and the most expensive Cinderella gown I could find, AND with transparent short-platform, hiiiigh heels as my glass slippers! It was a dream come true! I felt like a star! AND!!!! ...One of the bars was decked up to look like it was ripped straight out of the then recently released video game, "Fallout 3".

I had SO MANY people saw me, exclaimed, "It's Cinderella!" and wanted to have their pictures taken with me. Me: Who could, even then, in my male mode, pass for a linebacker for the 49ers. But that night, I was Cinderella, and I drove my own damn carriage home rocking out to Coheed and Cambria (my second favorite band of all time) with my long, white princess gloves on. It was bliss!

And here I am, as Cinderella!

*See above*

So, there you have it! That was me as Lisa, who shall someday come back again once I lose some weight.

Bonus picture:
Here I am before I transitioned, with shorter hair, even! This was from between 2009 and 2011:

*See above*

(*The picture's a bit blurry, but I thought it was a fun pose, so I slapped a 'retro' filter on it and called it good. Ha ha!)

...I need to fucking lose weight STARTING NOW so I can do stuff like that again.

All right, we all know what this calls for: Cue the music!


Oh, and this song works, too:


The way I see it, I'm happy with who I am. If someone doesn't like it, they can blow a goat. (Poor goat.)

Oh! And as an aside:
My second primary fetish is for sex dolls. I have two solid sex dolls and many inflatable dolls. Um...I think I may have an inflatable fetish going there, too... :hmm: That fetish dates to shortly until after my glove fetish awakened in my, to about 8 or 9 years old, as opposed to 5.

Thanks, all! :mrgreen:
I have two passions in life: Gloves are a CLOSE third.
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