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Surgical Isoprene Gloved Hand Job

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:56 am
by gripss
With modern synthetic varieties of surgical gloves becoming more abundant and "latex" like I had an increased interest in getting some to see how they compared to biogel and sterile Kimberly Clarke latex. I also happened stumbled across a box of size 6.5 cardinal protexis PI gloves on amazon delivered prime for 35 and snatched them up in an instant.

Upon receiving the box I opened a pair to gauge how they compared to latex surgical gloves. Surprisingly they were very similar to latex and if they had not be labeled latex free I would have had an impossible time telling. They definitely have a different scent than standard latex slightly more chemically and were a cream translucent color the insides felt silky and the outside smooth with a slight bisque finish. I knew right away I had to get my SO into a pair.

Luckily for me not only is she very willing to indulge my gloves fantasy but she also happened to be horny the day they arrived. To torture me further she kept slipping into tight latex gloves while cooking to not get her hands dirty and everytime she snapped on a pair I kept wondering what her hands would look like in a pair of the new surgical gloves that just came.

I didn't have to wait long as we were lying in bed I could see her tight yoga pant getting wet and went down on her. Once she was well lubricated I told her if she wanted to be in charge that she had to snap on a pair of gloves. As she continued to rub herself I opened up a package of the protexis PI and gave her the pouch. Like an well trained surgeon she had quickly donned the polyisoprene gloves which sat perfectly stretched around her hand gently accentuating her nails. As she snapped them on her eyes lit up and she said these are nice and pulled them even tighter up her up smartly snapping them into place. From there she grabbed a cock ring and using both hands laboriously tugged it over my dick while stroking it harder. She then thrust my cock into her dripping vagina and her gloved hands began stroking and gripping at my body encouraging me to fuck her. They felt so smooth and luxurious yet clinical at the same time. As her hands got sweater the gloves stayed up perfect but got more translucent and she began to rub her clit and use her to to climax.
While she recovered she made me get off and used one hand to play with my engorged dick slowly teasing my cock ring off while edging me in gloves lightly lubricated by her cum. Once she had me twitching in her hands she made me mount her and grab me and held be down on top of her with gloved hands forcing me to thrust deep. She would stick the gloves in my mouth and make me lick the them before using them to massage my premium and cause me to cum.

So 10 out of 10 would recommend polyisoprene gloves as an alternative to latex. Thanks for reading

Re: Surgical Isoprene Gloved Hand Job

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:51 am
by tigga76
My experience is the same. Isoprene gloves are much more like latex gloves than nitrile gloves.
But most times isoprene gloves are to expensive for having short fun. In case of latex allergy they are great options.

Re: Surgical Isoprene Gloved Hand Job

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:45 pm
by Hunter32
Good read. I like the isoprene too, feels just like latex but the downfall is the smell. Smells way too chemically. I like to smell the natural latex scent

Re: Surgical Isoprene Gloved Hand Job

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:20 am
by gripss
Yeah I agree with both of you generally more expensive, and they definitely smell wierd. While they are smooth like latex they dont have as soft of a feel of some latex gloves. Looks like I have a whole case now so I'll just 'have' to use them