your perfect gloved day?

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your perfect gloved day?

Postby sensualista » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:57 am

insomnia gave me time to think up all sorts of little scenarios last night that I would love to be part of my perfect day in gloves... I will add those thoughts after work 8) , but in the meantime, let me ask:

what would everyone's perfect glove(d) day look like?
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Re: your perfect gloved day?

Postby trav Lady Elvira » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:06 am

Hello hello,

My perfect glove day begins when I wake up and put some red rubber household gloves on. I have to wear tight sitting support stockings and they are easier to put on if I wear rubber gloves. The texture of the glove give me an better grip on the stockings. After I've put them on I keep them on and take my medicine. Because I have to put them in my mouth I smell the gloves and I got an nice big dick. How the day goes on depend on if I have an appointment or not. If I do I check my e-mail with them on and put them of after that. If I don't I let them on and look on the internet and try to find pictures or video's from people who wear rubber or latex gloves. I like to see women, men and children wear them. I like it when I see the knuckles outlined in the gloves. And I love it when I see an whole gloved hand disappear in an pussy or ass. If I see it on video sometimes it made some nice slurping sounds. Made me get some nice shivers over my whole body. Just as I get now when I write this. Most of the time I have an great time masturbating and cumming while I see that pics or video's. Sometimes I'm not cumming but have only the nice feelings. After I'm ready with that I play some music and play an online game. And after that I watch some tv. I love cooking programs or cartoons. Maybe strange to do. And why I don't know but I like it this way. Repeats itself most of my days. Sometimes I keep the gloves on and sometimes I don't. Depending on what state of mind I'm in. Of course I use them also when I clean my apartment or do the dishes. I have an page on Pinterest where I put on all kind of pictures from men, women and children wearing rubber gloves. I have an sub category from mothers and little daughters wearing them both on the same time. You can find them on: []. Look at the Rubber/latex board and you can see very nice pics of nice rubber or latex gloved hands and people wearing them. Your welcome to see the other boards to of course. Hope you have an nice time watching them.
Trav. Lady Elvira.( nickname of [])
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Re: your perfect gloved day?

Postby Ceramic » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:33 am

hmmm gloved day.,..what is that?

im a male married staight guy,my wife knows about my fetish's,but she doesnt know im wearing her gloves\gowns etc :)

so when i work nightshift,shes away during the day til afternoon - thats when i sleep\wear\eat\do whatever being gloved :D

having fun while i can..
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