Your fetish has evolved and embraced new attractions

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Your fetish has evolved and embraced new attractions

Post by operalove » Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:02 pm

Probably many like me, started at the time where internet was not so widespread and we had to be ashamed of our fetishism and live it in extreme intimacy.
So there was no share of fetish experiences and there were few of places to develop this fetish.

In my case, my fetish started with winter gloves, I had a big thing for wool winter gloves because that's what I could access (see and wear) but the concept of gloves and long gloves kept evolving from TV, what about these long gloves they wear in opera...
I used to sneak in Fashion magazines and try to find each years trend and hope that new gloves are there...
then I got to satin gloves and I thought these are my fetish! these white or black long perfect hand-shaping gloves are awesome.
At that time I had acces to wrist lined leather gloves and also see them in TV. I didn't ike leather gloves. I thought they are ugly and fluffy, don't take the good shape of the hand
But Internet has to prove me wrong, I learned a lot about leather gloves and their qualities, the sewing techniques and using lining or not and wow, now I am super aroused by a woman with leather gloves that fit every one of her fingers and tighten over the hand even more than the elastic satin gloves.
Another type of leather became also one of my top is the suede wild leather. The closest material to suede leather is velvet, it has the same soft feeling when you touch it but I am not attracted to velvet that much lately, I feel getting touched with soft suede leather gloves is more arousing

So I kept talking about some evolutions in m fetish. Did you also experiment that? Did you consider some type of gloves as a favorite but then change your mind each time you "get wiser" :tongue: and open to new fetishes and new communities?

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Re: Your fetish has evolved and embraced new attractions

Post by jackfrosty » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:50 pm

Absolutely! Gloves were easily my first fetish (and currently my strongest) however I now have a fetish for most things that are skin tight. Most notably leggings, pantyhose, and spandex bodysuits. It's almost like gloves are my umbrella fetish then other second-skin type materials/garments fall under that umbrella. It's very interesting how kinks develop.......

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Re: Your fetish has evolved and embraced new attractions

Post by Rommeltje » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:20 pm

I've definitely had an evolution in my boot fetish. I used to be into high heeled leather knee high boots exclusively (besides gloves, obviously). Rubber boots were a big turn-off for me. But the internet (and a little company called Hunter) turned me around on them. :mrgreen:

My glove fetish, on the other hand, has always remained pretty stable. I still like the gloves I liked in the beginning. It has definitely expanded, but evolved, not so much.

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Re: Your fetish has evolved and embraced new attractions

Post by shed740 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:25 pm

jackfrosty wrote:Most notably leggings, pantyhose, and spandex bodysuits......
Think I'd echo jackfrosty to an extent on tights and leggings, not a kink as such, but they do have a certain charm to them. That may have something to do with being a legs and arose over boobs type of guy.

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Re: Your fetish has evolved and embraced new attractions

Post by Leatherglow » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:51 pm

maybe evolution goes with going more confident as you're aging and growing (mindset),
then as a female, you probably assume more wearing them than when you were young.
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Re: Your fetish has evolved and embraced new attractions

Post by FancoisGant26 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:19 am

I feel my appreciation of boots has grown for me as well in the last couple years. It has come to have a more weighted necessity in my fascination of bodily closure/protection, with gloves (especially leather) as the umbrella of it all. Funny thing, my taste in boots is most modest, I'm not exclusively attracted to the proverbial 'fuck me boots', just a nice pair of equestrian/riding boots do wonders.

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