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WWGFA Tumblr guide

Postby Rommeltje » Sun May 17, 2015 9:20 pm

http://alaska-moon-xxx.tumblr.com/ (mostly medical for now?; this camgirl is on board: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=7567)

http://bunfish.tumblr.com/ (Mostly anime gloves)

http://fanofms.tumblr.com/ [women in gloves]
http://fetishglove.tumblr.com (Leather & latex)
http://fetishglover.tumblr.com (Rudiebaga2008's personal Tumblr, who says: "I just scroll through my dashboard and share gloves that are really cute. (...) I haven't posted any content.")

http://gantsbondage.tumblr.com (Men in leather gloves)
http://glovealike.tumblr.com (Anime with all sorts of gloves)
http://glovedguys.tumblr.com (a mix of gloved workers, (half-)naked men and glove fetishists)
http://glovedworkies.tumblr.com (Male workers in work gloves, mostly)

http://gloveglove.tumblr.com (All sorts)
http://glovemad.tumblr.com (Glovemad's personal blog, featuring several kinds of gloves and some anime)
http://glovesfetishist.tumblr.com/ [women in gloves]
http://gloveslover.tumblr.com/ (satin and medical gloves, mostly porn)
http://guyswearingrubbergloves.tumblr.com (guys wearing rubber gloves, obviously. Contains workies, guys enjoying their gear, and guys showing off their torsos - but gloved, of course)

http://huhrrik.tumblr.com/ (Glove_love's personal blog, entitled Pantyhose_lover, and featuring pantyhose and surgical gloves.)
http://hvrhev.tumblr.com/ (medical gloves)

http://janeyegerton.tumblr.com (JaneyE's personal blog, featuring several kinds of gloves and gloved fiction)

http://kittydenied.tumblr.com (original content by redhead model, mostly leather)

http://latexandheels.tumblr.com (mainly everything latex but also shoes and women)

http://misspurrrfect.tumblr.com/ (Miss Crystal: www.c4s.com/44085
You've seen her around half a decade now w/ mostly medical (surgical!) gloves, satin and some leather. Recently also black fetish fashion latex. Spare pink and rare yellow household HRG. (ca. ~2011))
http://mrnurseslover.tumblr.com (medical gloves and nurses)

http://rubbergloved.tumblr.com (Men in all sorts of gloves, but mainly latex and rubber)
http://realnursesinrealscrubs.tumblr.com (medical gloves and nurses)
http://rubberglovelover.tumblr.com/ (women in gloves)

http://sexy-in-scrubs.tumblr.com (medical gloves and nurses)
https://smacketeer.tumblr.com (CarrionCarcass' personal blog, featuring glove fetish artwork and maybe photos)

http://the-beautiful-cocks.tumblr.com (gay and straight content, mainly cocks, BJ´s and cumshots)
http://thechewie.tumblr.com (women in fetish, latex, leather gloves)
http://theglover.tumblr.com (DialGforGloves' personal blog, mainly latex gloves)
http://tomatogloves.tumblr.com (Gloves, boots, leather, and latex)
http://traxxas67.tumblr.com/ (Mostly latex)

Links with descriptions in blue feature exclusively men in gloves.

Rommeltje wrote:The official WWGFA Tumblr is no more, but that doesn't mean that there's no more glove fun to be had on Tumblr! :D In an effort to compensate for the loss of our own blog, let's put together a little guide to point you to the best blogs for our particular interests. Above is a short list to get things started (which I took almost verbatim from Glovemad, I hope he doesn't mind. :-v).

If you find another good one, or run one yourself, please reply to this thread stating the url and the main focus of the blog. I'll delete your message and add the link to this guide.
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