proxy shipping [split: Latex Glove Suggestions]

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proxy shipping [split: Latex Glove Suggestions]

Post by speedmstr » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:50 am

SexySurgical wrote:I haven't heard this proxy shipping phenomenon being talked about yet. Interesting.
I'm sure many people will google search "proxy shipping." In the interests of saving you guys the effort, here is an explanation:

Proxy shipping services are designed to circumvent any potential issues with shipping (i.e no international shipping services from retailers or extortionate shipping charges to international addresses).

This is achieved by third party companies providing you with a warehouse address (in the items country of origin). Therefore, you pay for local shipping to the companies warehouse. Then you pay a little extra money (often via some form of credit or debit card transaction, but occasionally in cash too) to get your packages 'forwarded' to your actual address (internationally).

There is of course a longer wait involved, by using a proxy shipping service. For example I have an account with a proxy shipping service in Miami, which forward packages to my current home in Trinidad. After my order arrives at their warehouse, it typically takes one working day to sent to over to Trinidad. Then when it arrives it goes through customs, then it goes to the companies distribution centre then it is delivered (each stage takes approximately one working day). Therefore, it takes a minimum of 4 days for me to receive a package.

Please bear in mind you may have to pay customs duties on certain products (please check with your countries customs rules and regulations for further information). Many of these services charge by weight and include a fuel surcharge (do not use a service charging by volume of a package, it is nearly always more expensive).
Also note that if you are making a transaction that involves a foreign currency transaction fee (i.e buying a product valued in USD using GBP) your bank may charge you a commission fee for the currency conversion.
Delivery to your home (within your own country) is not always free with these services, some charge extra for this and require you to go to their warehouse to pick up your package.
Lastly, bear in mind that small packages can be expensive to buy. Always use a shipping calculator on the providers website to calculate the approximate cost.

This sounds expensive, tedious and a bit time consuming, but trust me it is often worth it, of your looking for something specific.
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Re: proxy shipping [split: Latex Glove Suggestions]

Post by SexySurgical » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:59 am

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