Biogel Dental [Latex, non-sterile powderfree]

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Biogel Dental [Latex, non-sterile powderfree]

Post by tigga76 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:47 am

Most of us know the Biogel surgical gloves, now I ordered a different version: Biogel Dental

Biogel Dental gloves are also anatomical gloves (different for left and right hand) and have an extended cuff like surgical gloves. The gloves habe the same and typical biogel coating and the semi-translucent colour (not very good shown on the pictures).
The hands and fingers has a micro-rough surface.

One box contains 25 pairs and was approx. 1 Euro per pair. The prices for the Biogel surgical gloves in Germany are from 1,80 Euro per pair and above.
The Biogel Dental are non-sterile, but most of us didn´t need sterile gloves. :-v

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Re: Biogel Dental [Latex, non-sterile powderfree]

Post by shiny » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:39 pm

I wonder if there is any difference between "Biogel Dental" and "Biogel Diagnostic". I have box of Diagnostic and only difference is the word Diagnostic instead of Dental. Gloves with their markings also seems to be identical, only slight difference I noticed is that mine has little more yellowish colour. But the reason could be another batch or different factory.
And there is also "Biogel D".

Biogel Surgical (to which I can compare) are also slightly lighter than Biogel Diagnostic, like Biogel Dental on pictures above.

But I can't forget surgical gloves from 80' they were more transparent and without that now-standard roughed surface, they were so smooth, like satin, with fascinating scent. I remember one popular TV series from those times, it was about surgeons and clinic where they used to work and there was a lot of gloving scenes with those gloves.

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Re: Biogel Dental [Latex, non-sterile powderfree]

Post by Quatre » Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:32 am

awesome review. I like these

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