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Re: A Facebook page

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SexySurgical wrote:
Jake wrote:I think a Twitter presence would be slightly more appropriate, but Facebook seems like it wouldn't get any interest. I don't think Twitter would work either, really, unless our members have strong private accounts, or else don't mind their followers knowing about the website on their "main" account. Personally, I can't be arsed with multiple accounts on social networks.

Our best way of spreading the word is through the less mainstream networks which are more tailored to... our line of work.

Didn't notice my 'personal link'? :mrgreen: :geek: :ugeek:

Yes I did, it's in the same place where Jake has the link to his youtube or Romm to his xtube, it's quite a different detail among you three :lol:
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Re: A Facebook page

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Toti wrote:Romm to his xtube
Oh, right. That's still there. :$
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Re: A Facebook page

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tapatalk twitter!!! could only offer one facebook page & my own stouf when bloody chinese mess over more streetshot
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