Glove chat and more..

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Glove chat and more..

Post by Latexrose97 »

So anybody want to PM me about their fetish feel free. Open to all for some fun chat and maybe some Skype fun if that's what you want. 8)
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Re: Glove chat and more..

Post by ldvale89 »

Hi, I PM'd you, would love some glove chat sometime!
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Re: Glove chat and more..

Post by GloveMe6 »

Im down to chat whenevr
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Re: Glove chat and more..

Post by GlovedYankee »

Are you all aware that we have a WWGFA Discord channel? We have all sort of conversations happening almost anytime and on going discussions about different types of gloves etc. Feel free to come check us out.

WWGFA Discord Admin
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