Help Accessing site, addtional verification

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Help Accessing site, addtional verification

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Dear Liza,

First of all I would like to say thank you for having such an awesome site for us glove fetishist. I loved all the preview images and have been deciding for quite a long time, and finally subscribed to glovemansion.

Unfortunately I have ran in to some problem with the registration process with CCBill. After my purchase was completed an e-mail stating that my "order has been declined by CCBill, but MAY STILL BE ELIGIBLE for approval with some additional verification". I have followed the instruction provided but unfortunately I have not been able to reach their customer support as I am currently not in one of the countries with their contacts.

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me find a solution to this problem, as I would very much love to indulge myself with your glovely site.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Help Accessing site, addtional verification

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Better e-mail about this stuff, since FetishLiza only checks in every few weeks I guess.
SexySurgical wrote:Also, the e-mail on the board might not be the best for help desk/billing issues.
SexySurgical wrote:It's been two months...

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The verification is about what? CCbill needs you to get on the phone or something?

Guess I'll remove your ID'ing info since these sections are search engine indexed.
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Re: Help Accessing site, addtional verification

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All has been sorted with Ryan.

This is standard procedure with CCbill, for new customers that use their service.

If you have any SITE ISSUES, please contact me via the site directly.

x Fetish Liza