My Real Nurse's Glove Collection

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My Real Nurse's Glove Collection

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When nurses visit my home I collect the gloves they leave behind. All of the gloves in the image have been in contact with a real nurse before being discarded. The Nurses place them into a mini white bags with medication boxes and then chuck it in the bin. The gloves are always safe and kept clean inside the bag as it's airtight. I take the gloves out and keep them because they never touch anything dirty anyway. The Nurses only put the gloves on when visiting other people's homes because of the pandemic.


My favorites are the dark blue gloves. I have only ever seen them worn by a single nurse. A majority of the time the nurses wear light blue. It would really appreciate purple, dark blue, white or pink once and a while for my collection.

I noticed a difference in size and texture depending on the gloves. The dark blue gloves are the softest and most durable. They're incredibly stretchy. The Light blue gloves are very durable, but don't stretch much. They're silky, but I wouldn't say they're soft. The green gloves are incredibly smooth, but also incredibly tight. I noticed the green gloves are size small, whilst all the blue gloves are medium or large.
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