3 sets of latex gloves, I masturbate with them all.

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3 sets of latex gloves, I masturbate with them all.

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Made another one - this one felt really fucking good - you'll see how wet I got from how wet the gloves got!


I’ve got 3 sets of medical gloves, all latex. Black ones, white ones, mint green ones. Watch my put on each one carefully, nice and tight so they fit my hands perfectly and then one by one I tease myself until I am wet, slowly sliding my finger, one finger at first inside my pussy and then as I get wetter, more fingers. As each glove gets wet, I show you my pussy juice, and taste it for freshness, it tastes beautiful. I then take off those first gloves, the black ones and repeat with the white gloves. This time I’m already wet so my fingers slide in more easily, but the real fun comes when I take off the white gloves and put on the green gloves, I feel like such a nurse, such a whore and I’m already so fucking wet that I easily get a lot of fingers deep inside me and my clit is wet too so I touch and caress my hand nipples as well as fingering myself with my gloved hand until I cum; this is a glove show and it was sheer heaven. Gloves, and masturbation. :)


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