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Re: Phee's glove reviews

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:24 am
by Phee Jameson
Here's a link to the listing for you; ... B00S1EL0KQ

Might need to copy and paste it as links don't paste from my phone. :)

Re: Phee's glove reviews

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:06 am
by Phee Jameson
Okay so first a little update on the military gloves shown last time out. I have been treating them with latex polish and conditioner, and every time I do it they seem to lock in a little bit more moisture and are now more supple and soft after three treatments.

Could definitely be a helpful tip for some of you guys with older gloves that you love that unfortunately dry up a little over time, or even if you just like the super glossy look on gloves. This is the polish / care product that I use, it's meant for latex clothing but worked great on the gloves; ... /a-112615/

Now for today's review with these super cool ThxToms industrial gloves.


First impressions - the rubber has a lovely feel to it, very similar to some Marigold Emperors that I have at home. Unfortunately they only offered a 'one size fits all' sizing, which feels about a size too big for me (I'm normally a medium.) and as a result they could probably come off my hands fairly easily due to the chlorinated interior that makes them slide all over your hands. I would guess they would probably work fine if you were normally a size large glove.

The interior is interestingly made of orange rubber, and if you pleased, you could turn them inside out to have a shoulder length orange glove (Which isn't something I have seen before!) and from a model's perspective this is super helpful as it means I get two looks to shoot for the price of one. Mad scientist themes incoming! :up:

I think I paid around 22NZD (around 11 GBP) for these. I'm definitely glad I got them and they're not bad for the price. However, in the future, I probably wouldn't choose to buy them again and would probably choose to buy something like a marigold emperor over these simply due to the poor sizing. Aside from that, I really do like them, so it's a shame that they're just that annoying little bit too big. If you've got bigger hands I would wholly recommend them though!

If you want to see a little video of me wearing these, head over to my patreon page on the link below. All subscriptions make a massive difference and help me keep reviewing more gloves in the future! :biggrin:

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:47 am
by Phee Jameson
Asian Mart Glove Review


Here's a little review of these gloves that I found in an Asian Mart. Due to the language, I'm not sure on the brand of these, but the logo on the cuff is just a big 'C' in a circle. I know that they're made in Korea, but I don't know a lot else about them, including what size they were, again due to the language on the packaging.

My initial thoughts were that the rubber has a very nice feel to it - lovely and soft. They're unlined so they're nice and rubbery on the inside too, and as you can see, are a fantastic snug fit and come up to my elbow. The end of the cuff is slightly ribbed / elasticated, which allows them to fit nice and tight around the cuff, but in my ideal world I think I would have preferred the cuff to be completely smooth.

The gloves had a weird vanilla scent to them. Personally, not a big fan of scented gloves (I actually really love the scent of rubber) but they'd fade after a while, so that's no big issue.

I found it a big shame that the grip on the palm was so harsh. In my opinion, that was a big let down on what would otherwise have been a really lovely pair of gloves, and for that reason alone, I actually used these to clean up a mess shortly after I recorded a video (My jacket got peed on by a dog :down: ) with them and they then got thrown in the trash. If not for the grip, I probably would have really liked these and kept them in my collection.

For that reason alone, I wouldn't recommend these. They do look great though, and looking back at the photos, I do kinda regret not keeping them just for photos because the fit and length is really great on these.

The video will go live on my patreon tomorrow, so be sure to subscribe if you'd like to see more of these!

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Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 6:18 pm
by thomas
How do you like the Matador gloves?

Re: Phee's glove reviews

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:39 am
by azlet007
This seems like an amazing series. Can't wait to see more!