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Want A Early Release?

Posted: Tue May 25, 2021 2:36 pm
by MissL
Afternoon all,

I'm just popping by again to let you know of my up coming releases that include me wearing some lovely gloves :up:

Sniff Or No Sniff
(Featuring red satin opera gloves)
Smoke & Stroke Session (Short blue/green leather gloves)
New Leather For Mistress (Short black leather gloves)
The Leather Femme Fatale (Short black leather gloves)

You can get some more info about each new movie HERE.

These haven't been released as yet (at the time of writing) but members of the WWGFA can see them before the 'general public' and get a early release. Just send me a message via my Contact Form and you can get them sent to your inbox.

Miss Lucy