Catsuits and crotch zippers

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Catsuits and crotch zippers

Post by Tightgloves »

Hi all
I bought two catsuits: a M for my wife, 159cm, 56kg


and a XL for me, 168cm, 79kg

They are wonderful, but they don't have a crotch zipper, so touching each other is very pleasant and exciting, but after that we have to take off them. I'm also waiting for a zentai spandex costume and also this is without a crotch zipper

I've looked for some with zippers, but they are not common. Only some producers selling them on aliexpress can make some variations for only $3...$7, but I haven't found exactly what I was searching for with the zipper option, or the price was much more than $3...$7 higher!

So, I thought I could add the zipper, although I have almost no experience in sewing :(
- I could only cut (there are no stitches there!) and stop the fabric with some glue...
- I imagine I could put a zipper, but it could be painful... I don't know exactly how would be a zipper experience. I could do something different...

- I could use some little neodimium magnets I already have, but after cutting there is no overlapping to put magnets inside and it is tricky to glue them.
- I could use some pressure buttons, but there is the same no overlapping problem.
- I should make do the job by a tailor, but I'm ashamed a little... :shy:

Can anyone give me advice? :)
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