A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 11

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A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 11

Post by smark100 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:06 am

In which Mary, despite having rectal penetration by the doctor and having witnessed amorous congress between the doctor an Elizabeth, still has questions to be answered ...

Mary entered the parlour to serve Madam tea
"And how are we feeling today, dear ?" Elizabeth asked
"Quite fine, Madam"
"Are you sore after the procedure yesterday? Your arse took quite a pounding from the doctor. Did it cure your anxiety?"
"I feel quite fine, thank you, indeed my anxiety has subsided" she replied
"It is quite interesting that you respond so well to rectal penetration by the doctor's member, I am not fond of these procedures myself, but to each their own" Elizabeth mused.
"If you don't mind my asking, Madam, I do have a few questions about amorous congress" Mary asked
"Have a seat, dear, and let me try to answer them"
"Whilst the doctor's member was inside my rectum he thrust into me for some time, which was a most pleasurable sensation, but then he - what do you call it - came. How does this happen?"
"When a man becomes excited, such as due to the sight of the female body or due to handling of his member, he becomes erect and his penis elongates. With further stimulation such as thrusting into a female orifice or by one's hand he will eventually erupt and his seed will squirt from his member" she explained
"So, if he were not wearing a rubber condome the other day would he not fill my arse with his seed?"
"Yes, and that is one of the main reasons to ensure the man wears a protective. If a man is having amorous congress with you his member will, eventually, produce a great emission of a white sticky substance called semen. If he is inside your maidenhood at the time, you might well become with child so a protective is mandatory in this case. If inside your arse his seed will leak out the rectum and will be quite messy" she explained "... and if you are stroking it at the time your hands will become soiled by his seed hence why the wearing of rubber gloves are prudent, along with the fact the feeling of rubber gloves on his member seems to cause a man great pleasure."
"It simply erupts from the end of his member then ?" Mary asked, trying to picture in her mind how this worked.

"Indeed" she replied "Perhaps it is time you were educated in the ways of the world. Let me ring the doctor and see if he can afford to see us today". Elizabeth spoke on the telephone in the parlour with the doctor then returned to speak with Mary
"The doctor is most accommodating and can see us today but before we leave, we must gather proper attire"
Elizabeth fetched two transparent rubber capes and two pair of thin rubber gloves, identical to the ones she wore with the doctor. Mary held out her arms to hold the capes, obviously one was for her.
"I saw you wearing a rubber outfit during your session with the doctor, but why should I need these ?" Mary asked as she examined and admired the almost transparent rubber with her hands
"That sticky white emission called semen is emitted from penis sometimes with great haste. It is a rather messy affair and a distasteful thing if he gets it on you - and probably why women have an aversion to the act. I have had numerous occasions where, during the act, a man has covered my person with his dirty semen. Fully protected with waterproof rubber, you will likely find it far more agreeable and even enjoyable" Elizabeth explained
"Until now, it has always been a matter of 'women must give grudgingly' but it need not be like that ... why should a woman not control her own pleasure? and by that I mean, make the act more pleasurable for yourself. Wearing rubber will remove apprehensions about touching him".
"Yes Madam" Mary said in agreement
"By the same means, he should always wear a rubber sheath called a condome to contain his emissions whilst his member is inside any orifice of your person, be it your maidenhood or your rectum"
"You mean during amorous congress"
"Yes, amorous congress, fucking, or whatever you call the act" Elizabeth replied to which Mary looked shocked she would use such a vulgar term
Once again, Mary nodded in agreement although she was still unsure of how this all worked having never actually seen a penis produce an emission.
"Fine then, let's go visit the doctor then and educate you" Elizabeth said as she gathered a few more items.

They arrived at the doctor's office a while later. Elizabeth came forward and spoke to the doctor
"Doctor, Mary would like to explore the finer points of the male anatomy and I was rather hoping you would be game to assist"
"What would you require me to do ?" he asked
"Well, I though it might be rather entertaining to allow Mary to play nurse to your patient"
"You want me to play patient ?"
"Indeed, with Mary as the nurse examining you as the case might be. I should think you might find this rather entertaining if not satisfying for she should certainly want to examine how the male member produces emissions. Are you willing, doctor, to allow Mary to examine your manhood and express your seed?"
"A most unusual request, but for my favourite patient I can certainly accommodate"
"Fine, please wait in your office until called, then, dear patient"

Elizabeth instructed Mary "Now Mary, as nurses examining a male patient it would be prudent to don waterproof rubber coverings for cleanliness. Might I suggest we begin by removing our clothing and don rubber capes"
"Should we not simply don the capes over our dresses?", Mary asked, "the rubber will most certainly protect our clothing from becoming soiled so why should we dispense with them ?"
"Well, you will find that the sight of a woman's body excites the male of the species greatly and so being able to see the female body under the transparent rubber of the cape will enhance his ability to become excited. Rubber over flesh seems to work better, curiously, than bare flesh alone" Elizabeth explained "It is also a particularly nice feeling having rubber against one's flesh as you'll soon see once you try it"

After Mary donned the rubber cape by pulling it over her head Elizabeth faced her and pulled the rubber hood of Mary's cape over her head, tucking loose hair inside. "Should he come with some force, you will want to keep your hair from becoming soiled with his seed" she said. Mary was now covered in almost transparent rubber, with the exception of her face which was exposed through the front of the rubber hood. Her breasts, and in particular her erect nipples, could be clearly seen through the cape.
"Will my face not be soiled when he produces an emission ?" Mary asked
"I have a solution for that, too" exclaimed Elizabeth as she pulled a flaccid rubber piece from her bag "this is a rubber toilet and complexion mask sold by Sears Roebuck. It is designed to be worn at night to beautify the skin but it should work well to protect the face from a man's seed should he erupt unexpectedly". Elizabeth unfolded the rubber piece which had holes for the mouth, nose, and eyes as well as rubber straps for the wearer's head. With gloved hands she placed the rubber mask over her own head and positioned the straps behind her head then adjusted the openings on her face for her eyes, nose, and mouth. Masked, she pulled the rubber hood attached to the cape over her head to protect her hair. "Here, let me put one on you" she said as she pulled a second mask from the bag, pulled Mary's hood down, and pulled it over Mary's head, pulling the straps over her her head. After adjusting the mask and pulling Mary's hood back up Elizabeth commented "There, you see, we are completely encased in waterproof rubber. I should think you would be able to brave a storm, or any man's eruption, without fear of becoming wet or soiled".

Elizabeth began by laying a rubber sheet on the examination table to keep it clean from the doctor's emissions. She then poked her head into the doctor's adjoining office to summon him.
"I am your nurse, sir and this is Mary whom I am teaching about the male anatomy, Welcome" said Elizabeth extending a gloved hand to shake his hand. "For cleanliness, we are both attired in waterproof rubber capes and rubber gloves - I trust this will make you comfortable as we shall be performing intimate medical procedures on you". He played along, shaking Elizabeth's gloved hand gently. With his left hand he clasped her hand, rubbing the back of her rubber glove. "I trust you approve of the feeling of rubber then" Elizabeth mentioned.
"and the look" he mentioned "rubber befits you both! It truly enhances your features"
"Thank you" she replied

"Dear Sir, please dispense with your clothing for the examination" Elizabeth ordered. As usual, she got her way and he stripped off his clothing. Obediently, he stood quite nude in the center of the exam room, his penis semi-erect from the sight of two beautiful women in almost transparent rubber.
"Please lie down on the exam table and put your feet in the stirrups" she instructed "as this will allow better access to your member so nurse Mary might observe how it functions."
The doctor was quite anxious to see what Elizabeth had in store for him - he was quite sure he would enjoy it
"I shall strap your legs into the stirrups such that you stay still for the examination" Elizabeth said in a very matronly manner as she tightened the straps.

"We can now begin with an examination of the patient's rectum" Elizabeth said. The doctor had a somewhat worried look on his face however he was willing to 'play along' as Elizabeth insisted.
"We should not want to soil our thin rubber gloves so we shall have to don these black surgical gloves for the rectal procedure".
"Shall we not simply change gloves?" Mary asked
"We could, but since we are already wearing thin rubber gloves it is perhaps easiest if we simply don surgical rubber gloves over those. We can then strip off the outer glove when soiled and so will still be protected for more delicate procedures such as expression of his seed. And double-gloving certainly separates your flesh from the dirtiness of the rectum"
Mary nodded in agreement as Elizabeth brought two pair of black surgical gloves to Mary, spread talc on her thin rubber gloves then pulled a pair of the new gloves over those. Mary followed suit then raised her hand to examine it. It was odd, she thought, that her hand was protected by two complete pair of rubber gloves.

Elizabeth now instructed her on rectal examinations: "You begin by scooping a finger full of grease and rubbing it all over the rectum in circles before pushing your finger inside. This will make insertion easy and not painful for the patient. Push the grease inside the rectum as much as possible." Elizabeth demonstrated by pushing a black gloved finger deep inside his rectum.
The doctor tried to pull away as she pushed her finger inside but was unable to do so as he was strapped to the stirrups.
"Now you try" he told Mary who repeated the process and hesitantly pushed a gloved finger inside the doctor's arse.
"Move your finger around, in and out, and you'll feel how the rectum is tight. This is a good sign"
"'tis a curious feeling, Madam, knowing that one's fingers are inside such a dirty place yet feeling protected by gloves" Mary observed.
"Indeed, I imagine a man feels the same during rectal intercourse whilst wearing a condome"
Mary continued to push her finger deep into his rectum, withdrawing it completely, then pushing it back inside. She liked the feeling of his tight rectum as it engulfed her gloved finger. Soon she found herself penetrating his rectum repeatedly as he had penetrated hers with his member.
"Madam, his member seems to become erect - is this the result of rectal stimulation ?" Mary asked, noting that the doctor now sported an erection.
"Yes, Mary, in most men penetration of the rectum with fingers will produce proudness. Should you continue to stimulate his arse he will no doubt seed however there are a few more important facets to explore" Elizabeth suggested. Mary pulled her fingers, gloved and covered in grease, from his arse very slowly watching as his gaping rectum closed.

Both ladies removed their black surgical gloves and laid them in a basin for cleaning. They were now wearing just the thinner gloves, with Mary rubbing her index finger and thumb together admiring how she could feel most anything through them - they were far thinner than her rubber washing gloves.
"These gloves are quite thin and will allow you to feel the subtleties of his flesh since during the examination you will be required to express the patient's seed from his penis" Elizabeth explained "Since we shall dispense with use of a condome we shall rely on our rubber capes and gloves to keep ourselves clean and avoid becoming soiled with his erupting seed"
On instruction from Elizabeth, Mary took her place between his spread legs again, his proudness had somewhat diminished and his member lie on his stomach.

"His member is shrinking, Shall I stroke him with my gloved hands ?" Mary asked
"Why not try to put his member in your mouth, Mary" Elizabeth suggested "go ahead, you might like the feeling and the doctor certainly will"
"But ... the act is ..." she said apprehensively
"Mary, in France it is quite common for a woman to please a man orally"
Mary hesitantly lowered her head and opened her mouth. The doctor's member just touched her tongue as she got a taste of his seed
"Ugh" Mary said as she recoiled "I am not fond of the the taste nor the thought"
"Well, let's put a condome on the patient ... covered in rubber you need not taste his seed" Elizabeth suggested as she obtained a thin amber rubber sheathe from a drawer and showed Mary how to install it
"There now, you won't have to taste his salty emission. Let him into your mouth"
Mary did as told and opened her mouth, slowly engulfing the doctor's rubbered cock. She could taste only rubber now which was far more agreeable.
"Ohhhhh" the doctor moaned as the amber rubber disappeared into her mouth through the opening in the rubber mask.
"Now slowly take his member in and out of your wet mouth, caressing it with your tongue" Elizabeth instructed
She gagged, having gone too far in (so much so that his balls pressed against her masked chin), then recovered and continued to suck his rubbered member. Saliva dripped from her mouth down the chin of the rubber mask she wore as she looked up at the doctor with wide eyes
"Oh Mary, 'tis blissful" he said quietly as she ran her warm tongue around the rubber covering him. He did indeed achieve a particularly hard erection which was duly noted by Mary as she sucked hard on him.
"Use your gloved hands as well" Elizabeth told her. She grasped the base of his rubbered cock and stroked it using her saliva as a lubricant at the same time she sucked the tip and shaft. She was quick to learn what pleased a man.
"Mmmmmmm" she moaned then raised her head as she continued to stroke his member with a gloved hand "I like the feeling of his hardness"
She continued to suck him and was soon making obscene slurping noises as her saliva ran all over his rubbered member. Between the rubber sheathe and gloves, she felt no apprehensions.
"Oh Mary, if you continue like this I shall certainly seed inside your mouth" the doctor said. Mary though this might be interesting, to feel his seeding into the rubber sack inside her mouth.
Elizabeth tapped her on the shoulder "Perhaps we should curtail this, Mary, so you might see what happens when he comes".
"Of course Madam" Mary said as she raised her head from between his crotch, saliva running down the rubber mask on her face and onto her rubber-covered breasts.
"Let us remove the sheath as well so you might see how hastily his emission can erupt" Elizabeth suggested as she pulled the tight rubber sheath off his member, the outside wet and shiny with Mary's saliva and the inside containing a bit of his seed.

"Now, apply a little oil to your hands such that your gloves slide smoothly on his member"
Mary did as instructed, fondling him in long strokes from base to tip. "Make him feel as if he is penetrating your maidenhood, or perhaps your tight rectum" she was instructed. The doctor stared at both Mary and Elizabeth and was mesmerized at how they looked completely encased in thin rubber. He loved how Madam looked in the cape but to have two beautiful women in such a state was incredible.
"I trust you approve of our rubber attire ?" Elizabeth asked the doctor
"Oh, most certainly" he replied
"You might find a rubber nurse somewhat unusual however it is a most practical way to protect oneself when expressing emissions from a patient"
"Indeed, Madam ... and should you continue I will most certainly expel my seed" the doctor warned as he felt that familiar feeling of an orgasm building.
"Yes, doctor, that is what we would like Mary to experience. Continue, nurse Mary"
Mary continued stroking his erect cock with her lubricated gloves, the rubber sliding smoothly on his intimate flesh.
"I ... I ..." the doctor muttered then he came, spurting a jet of white seed high into the air. Mary's gloves were covered in his white sticky secretions and some had landed on her cape as well as her hood. Mary gasped but Elizabeth instructed her "Keep stroking it until he is done lest he should feel incomplete and anxious". Mary did as told and stroked his cock, his emissions making it quite slippery as he spurted several more times. His subsequent emissions of seed did not shoot out with the same force, though, and mainly dribbled onto her rubber gloves.
"His seed is quite warm" Mary mused as it ran down the back of her gloved hand and down her wrists "and messy".

"And this is why he must be wearing a protective during consummation of the act ... had you been engaged in amorous congress his seed would have been deposited inside you and quite likely have made you with child" Elizabeth explained "and if you were pleasuring him with your mouth and he achieved orgasm ... well ... very distasteful indeed, unless you have developed a fondness for that and even then, a rubber mask might be advisable to keep from soiling the face."

"I should think I will always wish to wear gloves of rubber when dealing with emissions of this type" Mary reiterated
"A wise choice"

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