Story #1 - The Nuclear Plant Tour Group

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Story #1 - The Nuclear Plant Tour Group

Post by HeavyGloves » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:20 pm

This story is purely fictional and is a first experience rubber glove story told in the memory of the first person.

When I was about 8 years old we got to go for a tour of a local Nuclear Power Plant. It was going to be a full day long experience, our school was a private school and so we were told to obey the rules strictly and to follow all commands and that there would be different steps that we would go through that day to fully go through the plant and be able to safely see all the parts inside and out.

Already at that age I had very much interest in Nuclear Suits, I liked the bright yellow colours of the chemical suits they wore, and something about the big orange gloves they wore seemed to catch my interest and stir up some personal interests inside me, even at that young age. I was very curious as to what was going to happen that day, and had worked myself up for the tour the night before, before that however I had not really experienced anything......of a glove nature.

The next day, we got to the Nuclear plant bright and early around 7:00 AM, an hour earlier than school usually began, it was a strict schedule. We first had to all go through a machine that checked us for radioactive particles, and we were each given a tag number, and also this other badge with a square on it which was white. We all wore them. Then we all went to this little classroom, with several tables and chairs. We were subjected to a few hours first of presentations about nuclear power and safety and such, I was interested in the protective gear a lot more though.

Once we were finished with the presentations, the Nuclear engineer safety ladies who were giving the presentation then said "Allright, now, we all will get to go tour the plant, but before that happens we have to give another presentation on personal protective equipment, and garments." We were brought into another room with many tables and on those tables were various items, I seen yellow looking booties, I seen a few different sized gasmasks, they were black with clear visors, rubber nose cones on the insides, and purple filters on the outsides, and beside them, were what I had seen on television first and now finally in real life.

The gloves were of various sizes and colours, they all had this symbol on the side that I remember seeing from the presentation, I seen a few yellow ones that said "9" , a few orange ones that said "10", and a few rather long and large ones, with long cuffs, and were almost see-thru sort of latex rubber, which said "11" on them. I can remember my face sorta growing hot and standing there with my other classmates, being almost embarrassed but not even understanding why, it seemed almost silly later on, but at the time I was almost shy about it in some strange way. We were taught about each piece of clothing.

"These gloves will be worn at all times while on your tour today, and then will be thrown away in the correct container in the correct containment area at the end of the day, if you must go use the bathrooms and have some water, I suggest you do so now to avoid any problems later" One of the ladies said. I thought to myself it might be a neat excuse to suit up again later, if indeed that was what we had to do to tour the plant! It was exciting.

A few classmates had gone up and already gotten fully suited up, not having to use the washrooms, and I didn't either. I went up and volunteered to be next. The lady kindly smiled to me, and said "You seem eager to suit up and come see the sights here" I sorta gulped. Did she know something? I didn't say a word but just nodded. She smiled again and helped me get into the booties and the coveralls that they had for us, and then surprisingly, she zipped my suit up for me, and then turned around with the long size rubber gloves with the long cuffs. "Do you think you can wear these today comfortably?" I sorta stammered. My hands were only about as far as I know back then, a size 8 or 7! I was still young, and had large hands, but these gloves were monsters! I didn't really know what to say, before I knew what happened, she has slid the first glove onto my hand, it slid upwards effortlessly almost, my small hand sliding inside the huge smooth glove with ease, my small fingers slipping directly into the larger wider fingers. I softly mashed them together and felt my groin react and my face got hotter than ever. The lady thankfully was focused on getting the other rubber glove, she turned around with it, and slid it onto me and I felt an amazing rush of this strange pleasing feeling go through me, and I knew my nether regions were growing hard helplessly underneath the suit, thank goodness it couldn't really be seen because mine was a tad baggy. She smiled and taped the gloves to my arms to seal them correctly, and then taped around my booties. She said "You are good to go" but I felt rather brave at that time, the rush had given me some courage, I wouldn't get another chance. "Can I try on one of those neat looking gasmasks? Even though we don't have to wear them?" I asked, my face still sort of bright red, but I didn't care at that time. A few of my classmates looked at me and chuckled but I didn't care what they thought. She smiled and said "I suppose we have time"

She briefly explained what a face seal was to me, and she went and found a smaller sized gasmask, it had grey rubber around the seal but was of the similar make, she helped me get the mask over my head and adjusted the head straps while I eagerly fitted my nose and mouth into the rubber nose cone and mask. It smelled of amazing rubber! I was so very interested in this. I felt the gasmask grow tighter a little against my face, and then she showed me how to test for a rubber face seal. I tried it, and felt some cool air hissing against my left side of my face. She tightened that side and I felt this little pressure on my face. I was in the gasmask and the big rubber gloves fully. It felt very amazing, and I was blushing such a deep red I thought the gasmask would start to melt against my face. I mashed the fingers of the gloves together, my fingers slid effortlessly against each other, and at the tips of the fingers, a square ridged pattern made small little whispers against the fabric of my encapsulating coverall suit. I heard some chuckling from behind me but I didn't care.

"Well!" It looks like we might just have a future nuclear reactor core refueling engineer!" She said proudly as I turned to face the class, fully dressed in protective gear. I smiled fully under the rubber gasmask, knowing they couldn't see me at all smiling, it felt amazing and protected and good.

I then was allowed to wear that gasmask for at least 15 more minutes while everyone else got suited up, and then I had to remove the gasmask. But I had to keep the gloves on. It felt very nice, and we went on our tour, inside the suits overall, we were in them for about 4 hours fully, and then had to "doff" them. I was sad to see those huge soft rubbery gloves go into a trash bin in the containment area where the doffing happened, but it was very strict rules. My hands were coated wet with sweat by then, and my arms and sleeves from my shirt were wet with moisture that it had absorbed. I smelled my hands, they smelled utterly amazing like latex rubber! I sort of let out a small smile of happiness.

That was my first rubber gloving experience, I had a very fond memory of it at the time, and it only turned on my lifelong rubber fetish more and want to get gloves of my own.

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