A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 12

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A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 12

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In which Mary realizes the only way to rid her mind of impure thought is to become deflowered at the (gloved) hands of the good doctor ...

One evening Mary approached Elizabeth after dinner.
"Madam, may I confide in you a matter troubling me personally"
"Why of course dear, what has been troubling you"
"I am twenty years of age now and have never experienced a man, in a coupling. The doctor availed himself to me for rectal penetration however my virginity is intact and as of late I have had many impure thoughts of this. I have resorted to onanism and during self-pleasure my mind continually returns to thoughts of amorous congress. I need to confront this affliction".
"What are you suggesting, Mary"
"I would like to ask the doctor to deflower me, in a safe and medical way of course. I do not want my first time to be with an uncaring stranger nor in a manner which infects me with some disease - I feel the doctor would be very well equipped to do this task based on how gentle he was taking my arse".
"Are you certain ... you mentioned saving yourself for marriage" Elizabeth asked her
"Yes. I have no intentions of marriage right now and why should I simply to cure my afflictions when a medical procedure can likely be performed that would do the same. The doctor would most certainly be able to do this whilst keeping things sanitary - I have seen how he performs these procedures on your person while attired in rubber. Between the rubber gloves, condome, and rubber apron it looks very medical in nature - hardly a casual affair."
Elizabeth told her she would speak to the doctor on the following day.

Elizabeth and Mary both attended the doctor's office. Elizabeth left Mary in the office while she spoke to the doctor in private about her condition. "She has been quite agitated as of late. Frankly doctor, I think she requires a serious fucking"
"Madam!" he replied, shocked she would use such vulgarities
"Oh doctor, we both know well what is required: a good tiff ... and I should think you'd be most pleased with the task - she is after all young, beautiful, and unspoiled".
"Indeed, I am certain I would"
"Well then, be gentle with her, doctor" Elizabeth asked, already assuming he would agree "and be sure to show her how pleasurable the experience of amorous congress can be. I want her to remember fondly how special losing her virginity was."
"Of course Madam" he replied "and I shall explain everything along the way to alleviate any fears Mary might have"
Elizabeth concluded: "Yes, and please for the sake of our young patient act as if it is a medical procedure - While I am sure you will enjoy the experience of emptying your balls inside our fair maiden I am certain it will put her at ease if she believes it is a medical procedure and not, as I said ..."
"I understand" he said, and they both retired to the office where Mary sat and waited

The doctor explained: "Well Mary, Madam has discussed the problem with me and the cure is induction of hysterical paroxysm by penetration of your maidenhood. I will use my proud member instead of a dildoe to penetrate you as it is a most effective method. It will, as with anything entering your bodily orifices, be covered in a tight rubber sheathe for safety and cleanliness"
"Will I be able to feel your member inside me ?" Mary asked
"Yes ... I shall don a very thin condome so it will feel like bare flesh but without fear that you will become with child" the doctor explained
"And I shall assist the doctor in getting you prepared, so I will change into my rubber outfit for cleanliness" Elizabeth said, then removed her clothing: the cape fit better without her dresses aside from which she enjoyed the feeling of smooth rubber on her bare flesh and it would perhaps make Mary feel more at ease if all present were unclothed.
She donned a rubber cape, then rubber gloves, and finally a rubber mask of the type she used on a previous visit. Made of thin, transparent amber rubber it was moulded to cover the entire face with holes for her mouth and eyes and a protrusion for the nose so the entire mask would sit tight against the skin.
"A face mask, Madam ?" the surprised doctor asked
"Yes, since this is a medical procedure we should be as clean and sterile as possible, don't you agree doctor?"
"Of course, Madam"
"I have brought a rubber cape and mask for you as well, I thought it prudent since Mary was quite apprehensive about cleanliness of the procedure. The less exposed flesh the better, wouldn't you agree?"
"Quite" he agreed, for he, too, enjoyed the feeling of rubber on his bare flesh especially when he perspired and it stuck to him like a second skin.
"Oh yes, and rubber boots" Elizabeth added as she put her bare feet into boots that appeared to be made of semi-transparent rubber as well. "These are rain boots and should work well to keep the feet dry should bodily emissions end on the floor".
Elizabeth's nude body was now entirely covered in almost transparent rubber. Her hands were gloved to the elbows, her feet in rubber boots that covered her legs almost to the knees, a rubber mask covering her face, and a rubber cape covering her entire body from head to almost the ground. The doctor noticed, in particular, her breasts as her nipples touched the rubber. She herself was quite a sight and he would have been pleased to endorse her right now.

"Kindly have Mary don rubber gloves for the procedure" the doctor asked Elizabeth "... as you stated a medical procedure such as this demands cleanliness. I would suggest a rubber vanity curtain as well". Although he well knew this was not so much a medical procedure as, as Elizabeth so put is, a serious fucking, he continued the illusion as it seemed to comfort Mary. Mary, after all, was young and beautiful and was asking to be deflowered ... how could he resist.

Elizabeth provided Mary with a pair of tight amber, almost transparent rubber gloves which she proceeded to tug onto her slim hands as Elizabeth spread a rubber sheet on the exam table for her to lay on "to keep things sanitary". "Up on the table, dear" Elizabeth said as she then patted the table.
Once Mary was lying flat on the table, Elizabeth draped a rubber sheet around her waist and lifted it to obscure her view of her lower half.
"I should like to watch the procedure" Mary commented "is this possible ?"
The doctor responded "I was going to place a rubber vanity curtain between your upper and lower body to obscure the view for your comfort. Women often feel it best to avoid observing procedures where intimate contact is required. Are you certain you wish to watch, Mary?"
"Yes, I should like to see your appliance as it enters my body" she replied. She was actually quite excited about the though of watching the doctor's hard rubbered member penetrate her wet quim - she had never experienced a real cock inside her maidenhood and wanted to see as well as feel it.
"Well, if you wish to observe the procedure then certainly you can" the doctor interjected as he explained to Elizabeth how to raise the back of the table so the patient was inclined.
Mary leaned forward as the table was inclined then laid down on her back making herself comfortable. Elizabeth helped her legs into stirrups that would hold her legs apart and strapped them in with wide rubber as she did when Mary was being penetrated in the arse on a previous visit. "I am strapping your legs in again so you won't be able to move them during the procedure" she explained "hysterical paroxysms can be quite intense, sometimes almost painful, but you will enjoy it more if you endure through them".
The idea of being bound helplessly to the exam table and forced to endure a hard fucking of her virgin flower was, oddly, very exciting to Mary. She was glad she would be able to see all this happening.

In the meantime, the doctor retired to the adjoining office to remove his clothing and put on the transparent rubber cape given to him by Elizabeth. The vanity afforded by the office was rather wasted on the fact the cape was almost transparent so that as he walked back into the main room Mary could well see the outline of his body through the cape.
"I am attired in rubber for cleanliness, for which Madam has provided me with this cape" he announced, aware that Mary was looking at him "Amorous congress can be a messy affair and especially the first time"
"The first time ?" Mary asked
"Not to frighten you, but occasionally there is some blood produced. I shall be gentle and will ensure you are well lubricated for comfort as my member indorses you. This rubber cape shall completely separate our flesh so we can keep this medical in nature - there will always be a layer of rubber between us"
The doctor donned the rubber face mask provided by Elizabeth - it was of the same type both ladies had worn on their previous visit and tightened via straps behind his head, pulling tight against his flesh. Masked, he pulled the attached hood of the cape over his head then put his bare feet into a pair of transparent amber rubber boots. Elizabeth looked over at him and nodded in approval: completely covered in rubber, Mary will certainly see this less as a tiff and more as a medical procedure.

Lying on the exam table, Mary continued to observe the doctor with her head turned sideways as Elizabeth completed binding Mary's leg into the stirrups to immobilize them. The doctor made his way to a drawer and pulled a pair of thin, almost transparent rubber gloves identical to those Elizabeth wore - they were, in fact, provided by Elizabeth. The very sound of the gloves being stretched onto his fingers excited Mary who wanted badly to feel those slick, rubbered fingers inside her exploring the wet flesh between her legs.
He pulled them up his forearms and ran his hands down the length of each to expel air and ensure a tight fit. He applied a layer of talc to the outside of his gloves then, curiously, pulled a pair of black surgical gloves on top of those and wrung his hands together to ensure they too were fitted tightly.
From a different drawer he retrieved a transparent condome, one which would shroud his member as he plunged it inside her vaginal cavity.
He pushed the rubber cape aside and stroked his member with his black gloved hands to make it hard - it was hardly difficult to get an erection as he was all the while thinking about the young virgin he was to deflower. Her legs were spread widely apart causing the lips of her cloven inlet to part slightly revealing her natural wetness forming. A musky scent filled the air as she became more excited - being bound to the table and unable to move seemed to cause her to become even more excited. The rubber of the gloves glided smoothly over his cock as his erection grew. When he was finally hard he pulled the thin condome on to sheathe it. Mary recognized it as one worn for vaginal penetration and the same type he wore with Elizabeth - it was quite transparent leaving his cock looking like flesh. He put one hand under his rubber cape and guided his sheathed cock through a hole in the rubber so only it protruded from the front of the cape - he would stay dry from any emissions from Mary's body.
Surprisingly, he applied talc to the condome as he did his inner gloves then retrieved from the drawer a black condome and pulled it on top of the condome already on his cock.
"Two condomes ?" Mary inquired as she lay on the table, head still sideways, watching the doctor intently
"I shall begin with rectal penetration as that seems to work well with you to bring about hysterical paroxysm" he explained "the last time we had rectal intercourse you responded quite well. I prefer the black rubber condomes as they are considerably stronger and so less prone to breakage when inside the rectum."
"and the other condome underneath?" Mary asked
"When you are ready, I shall remove the black condome which will be soiled from being inside your bowels as well as my black surgical gloves. I shall then penetrate your maidenhood wearing only the thinner condome underneath. Madam swears the thinner condomes produce much more pleasure and I want to ensure your first time being penetrated by a penis is as good as possible"
"Would you not simply dispense with the rectal condome once you are done with that procedure then install the new one for penetration of my vagina ?" she asked
"One could, but after some time perspiration on my flesh would make the second hard to pull on, like pulling a rubber glove onto wet hands" he replied "and to be honest, since you asked, the wearing of two condomes will ensure I feel less sensitivity when thrusting inside your tight, slippery rectum. This will delay the sting so I might hold my proudness longer and hence give you more pleasure"
"Thoughtful, doctor, thank you" Mary replied. She was surprised that she was in for another rectal prodding by the doctor's rubbered member but looked forward to it regardless after her last encounter which brought her much pleasure. And while she thought the idea of having something that had been in her dirty rectum enter her maidenhood somewhat distasteful, the use of separate rubber sheathes certainly rectified that issue.
And although the doctor knew Mary enjoyed taking his cock up her arse he, too, loved the prospect of fucking both her tight arse and her virgin quim in the same session.
"There, every inch of my bare flesh is covered in rubber for the procedure so our flesh will never meet" the doctor said as he looked himself over. Wearing two pair of rubber gloves, a rubber cape, rubber face mask, rubber boots, and two condomes, the doctor was now completely attired in waterproof rubber.

"I shall now insert a rectal dilator to expand your rectum to accept my member" he explained as he walked between her spread legs, "Madam, please hold the patient's buttocks apart so I might be able to prepare her rectum"
Elizabeth stood beside Mary and leaned over her grabbing one cheek in each gloved hand then pulling her buttocks open to expose her wrinkled brown hole
The doctor explained: "As usual, I will lubricate your rectal cavity with grease before inserting anything".
Mary noted that he was much chattier than usual but he did say he would explain everything.
"I shall first lubricate your rectum with a gloved finger" he explained as he plunged a gloved finger into a tin of grease then rubbed it in circles on her rosebud. "Here we go inside" he said as he pushed a slick finger inside her rectum in one motion and pushed it in and out several times to ensure it was well lubricated. As he fingered her arsehole with a gloved finger she seemed quite receptive to penetration.
"And now I shall inject grease deep inside your bowels using a syringe" he explained as he removed his finger and replaced it with the hard rubber pipe of a loaded rectal syringe. Once at least six inches of the rubber pipe was inside her he depressed the plunger to deposit a large quantity of grease as he explained "the rectum produces no natural lubrication and so a good quantity of grease is required such that a dilator, or my member, will slide easily inside". With grease leaking from her hole around the pipe, he pulled the syringe out and deposited it in a tray. "Let me assess how stretchy your rectum is with my gloved fingers before choosing a dilator" he added as he inserted a gloved finger, then a second to stretch her rectal opening even more and finally a third.
Mary sighed as he fingered her rectum "Your rectum has loosened considerably already, did you find penetration with my rubbered member painful the last time we met ?"
"No, doctor, I actually enjoy the fullness and I particularly liked the feeling of my arsehole stretching to accommodate your member when you frigged me" she replied
"I might suggest, then, we start with a larger dildoe and dispense with the smaller dilators. If your arse can accommodate the large dildoe it can certainly accommodate my member" he said as he walked to a drawer and stretched a black condome onto the appliance. He smeared more grease onto the sheath with a gloved finger.
"I'd rather you use your truncheon" she commented as he prepared the dildoe
"In due time, but before rectal penetration we have to prepare you first for penetration of your vagina" he noted as he walked between her legs with the large greasy dildoe with which he would sodomize her.
"This might be uncomfortable, but perhaps not in your case" he mused as he pressed it firmly against her greasy brown hole which opened slowly to allow the intruder entrance. The entire rubbered length slowly disappeared inside her body and she let out a soft moan until at least eight inches was embedded into her rectum. The dildo protruded from her arse obscenely with only a little black rubber of the end of the condome showing.
"We'll leave that in for a bit" he mentioned.

Mary noticed that as he penetrated her arse with the dildoe his erection grew, straining under the rubber sheathes. "Do you find my arse exciting ?" she asked, playfully wiggling it playfully as she lay on the table "you seem to like watching the dildoe slide inside it".
"Yes, Mary, I fancy it a great deal, 'tis very tight and slippery ... Frankly, I look forward to performing a rectal penetration procedure on you with my member"
"You mean fucking my arse" she said as she bit her upper lip enticingly. Elizabeth gasped "Mary!" at her choice of vulgar terms
"Just being playful, Madam" she said
The doctor just smiled at her "Indeed, I do adore the feeling of my rubbered member sliding in and out of your tight back avenue". The pretense of a medical procedure was fading quickly.

"I shall have to remove my outer rubber gloves as they are soiled from fingering your rectum" he said as he pulled the soiled black surgical gloves off his hands revealing the transparent ones underneath which he kept clean for procedures involving the vagina. He laid the black gloves on a table and retrieved a red rubber bulb syringe, squeezed it to expel air, then put the tip into a jar of oil and allowed the bulb to fill. "Before we begin I shall inject oil into your maidenhood using a douche to ensure it is slippery for penetration". He positioned himself between Mary's spread legs then parted the lips of her quim with the gloved fingers of his left hand. He ran a gloved finger up and down her slit and observed her wetness - she was certainly excited. Placing the black rubber pipe against her soft pink flesh he squeezed oil from the bulb as he pressed the pipe inside her then squeezed the bulb completely to deposit a large quantity of oil inside her, much of which leaked out and dribbled down her arse and onto the rubber sheet under her, some onto the floor - so the boots were a good idea after all, he thought. Her vaginal cavity was completely filled with oil now.
He pressed a gloved finger into her. "Very good" he commented and pulled his finger out, covered in oil.
"I shall again don rubber gloves in preparation for rectal penetration" he said as he pulled the pair of black surgical gloves he had removed earlier over the thinner gloves he was wearing which he reserved for touching her vagina. The inner gloves were now coated in oil and so the black gloves slid easily on top.

"It is time to begin the procedure, Mary, please try to relax" he advised and she took a deep breath.
"Madam, please hold the patient's buttocks apart again" he asked "and I will remove the dildo and replace it with my member". Elizabeth did as instructed pulling on them with gloved fingers until the end of the dildoe lodged in her rosebud was completely exposed.
He now dipped a gloved finger into a tin of thick grease and rubbed it on the black condome enrobing his erection. Using his right gloved hand, he stroked his member several times to ensure it was hardened.
"As before, I am going to penetrate you with my rubbered member and repeatedly thrust it in and out of your rectum in long strokes until you achieve paroxysm. The rubber is quite slippery and should slide inside you effortlessly but please let me know if there is any pain" he said as he grasped the end of the dildoe lodged deep in her bottom and pulled it out slowly. She loved the feeling of the large intruder coming out of her. "The rubber on the dildoe is still covered in grease so you are still well lubricated" he advised. Once it was completely free he grasped his member and aimed the rubbered tip to her gaping anus then pressed the greasy tip inside as she grunted at the welcome intrusion. She watched between her spread and bound legs as he continued to press his body forward until he was completely inside her bowels and her arse touched his balls through his rubber cape. His member looked sinister, somehow, in greasy black rubber which suited the nasty task of sodomizing her arse.
Elizabeth released the hold on her buttocks and without delay the doctor began pumping in and out of her - the use of two condomes afforded him lack of sensation so he could hold off the need to come despite the fact her arse was incredibly tight. The rubber sheathes also alleviated any apprehensions he might have had about thrusting into her 'dirty' area. Her body slid up and down on the rubber covering the table as his thrusts became forceful but she could only move so far as her legs were restrained to the stirrups. On each deep thrust he bottomed-out with his covered balls slapping against her buttocks.
"Do you like having your arse fucked ?" he asked during thrusts using rather vulgar terms. Elizabeth glared at him but did not say anything at his use of such terms as she, too, had used vulgarities during the act.
"Mmmmm, yes" she cooed "it feels so full and your member is so very slippery. Warm flesh under rubber is so much better than a cold dildoe"
As he pumped her arse Elizabeth fondled Mary's very greasy maidenhood, moving a gloved finger up and down her oily slit. She felt a bit voyeuristic, watching Mary's ass being pounded by the doctor who was obviously enjoying it, but she knew that only a good tiff would likely set Mary straight.
"Harder doctor, please, fuck my arse hard" Mary begged and he complied, again thankful he was double-rubbered or he surely would have felt the sting. Her body slid on the rubber covering the table as he thrust into her and grease leaked out of her rectum onto both the table and the front of his rubber cape. Her buttocks were covered in oil and glistened as they parted each time his cock pushed inside her.
Within minutes her body tensed and she achieved paroxysm.
"She has achieved paroxysm, doctor" Elizabeth announced as she could feel Mary's vagina tighten around her gloved finger buried inside her.
"Yes, I could feel it in her bowels. Even through the thick rubber on my member I can feel her pelvic muscles contract nicely" he described. "I think she is ready"
He stopped pumping his cock into her arse.
"Please don't stop doctor, please fuck me" Mary whimpered, not wanting it to cease.

"It is time, now, to become a complete woman Mary" the doctor said as he grasped his cock with a gloved hand and pulled his greasy rubbered member from her arse. He narrated for her as he continued "I am removing the soiled black condome which was in your arse and will be wearing only the thinner sheathe when penetrating your vagina. Rest assured, it will provide ample protection."
With a black gloved hand, he stripped off the soiled condome which was just buried inside her and placed it in a tray - the grease on it was discoloured but it had certainly done the job of keeping the inner condome clean. He had perspired a great deal under the rubber and the inner condome now stuck tightly to the flesh of his cock - he would certainly feel everything as he fucked her cloven inlet. He stripped off the outer black gloves as well to reveal the thin transparent gloves underneath. They, too, stuck to his flesh. "I shall also lubricate my rubbered member well such that it glides inside you with little resistance, greased rubber slides particularly effortlessly inside the vaginal cavity" he said as he dipped a finger into the tin of thick grease and rubbed it all over the condome to lubricate it: "Normally such an amount is unnecessary but I want this experience to be as comfortable as possible". Mary watched as he stroked his cock - it looked much less sinister under the almost transparent rubber than when it was shrouded in the black condome.

"Madam, can you hold her cloven lips open ?" he asked at which Elizabeth pushed the tips of her gloved fingers inside Mary and held her outer lips apart revealing pink flesh shiny with a mixture of oil and Mary's own wetness.
"Your maidenhood is quite beautiful" he commented as he placed the tip of his cock at her cloven inlet and pressed gently until just the bulbous head was just inside her. Elizabeth peered over Mary's leg which was bound to the stirrup to observed the rubbered cock entering Mary's wet virgin cavity.
"Are you ready to be deflowered ?" he asked
Mary looked directly at the figure in front of her, his face masked, hands gloved and covered in a rubber cape. His proud member, the instrument of her deflowering, was enrobed in slick rubber covered with grease making the rubber almost transparent. Enrobed in rubber like this, it looked more like flesh and she could see every vein and bulge down the length as it strained against the flexible sheath. "Yes, doctor, fuck my love trap hard with your rubbered cock like you fucked my tight arsehole" she said in a vulgar way (since women rarely used such terms) - she was behaving in a very naughty manner reflective of the desire now burning inside her. The doctor was particularly excited by this and his cock swelled. "I shall try to please" he assured her.

He pressed into her gently but firmly and continued pressing even when some resistance was felt until he was half way inside her. "My member is pressing through your membrane now. Please try to relax, it is perfectly natural." He pulled out gently and held his wet cock in his gloved hand as he inspected the condome - no blood was evident so he placed his slick cock back inside her and began gently penetrating her in and out in long strokes. "Your vagina is now opened fully and ready to accept the thrusting of my rubbered member, but it 'tis very tight" he commented as he continued pushing in and out of her, at first slowly but soon as fast as he had previously indorsed her arse.
Meanwhile, she watched intently as his almost-bare member thrust deeply into her womb then emerged again, the rubber slick and shiny. She looked up to see his masked face intently staring at her maidenhood, his mouth slightly open in the rubber opening as he panted a little with each thrust.
Elizabeth had removed her gloved fingers from Mary's maidenhood - her gloves were now covered in a mixture of oil and Mary's natural emissions. "You can rub your hill of Venus, dear, even as he makes a stitch with you" Elizabeth told her "it is all about your pleasure and you are, after all, wearing rubber gloves so you will most certainly stay clean"
Mary rubbed the top of her vagina with a gloved finger, at first just pressing on it but progressing to circles and became very excited in the process.
"Are you alright, dear ?"
"Oh Madam, it feels wonderful. Words cannot describe the feeling of the doctor's member inside me"

"Let me help you relax" Elizabeth said. She felt she should assist Mary and poured a little oil onto her gloved hands, wrung them together, then massaged Mary's breasts. Shiny gloved hands slid smoothly on her oiled but naked breasts intensifying the feelings she was having. Elizabeth rolled her slippery nipples between her gloved fingers, pulling on them gently.
"Ohhhhhh" Mary screamed as her back arched - she had just achieved her first paroxysm through amorous congress. "I believe you have just had your first hysterical paroxysm by penetration of your maidenhood" the doctor iterated.
Mary was breathing heavily and was not paying much attention to him. "Oh, Oh, Fuck me harder doctor" she begged and he complied by thrusting in and out of her quim with great speed. He pulled out of her as her quim contracted from the paroxysm and oil was expelled which splashed on his rubber cape - oil which was quite unnecessary now as she was producing a great deal of wetness herself. He grasped his slick cock in a gloved hand, aimed it at her now partially opened vagina, and quickly thrust it back into her. After ten hard thrusts he pulled out of her again as she achieved yet another paroxysm, once again accompanied by a gush of wetness. The front of his cape was quite wet now and the rubber was almost completely transparent. He continued thrusting hard then withdrawing while she achieved many more hysterical paroxysms, so many she lost count.

After a few minutes Mary confided "I am becoming quite sore, but it feels so good". "Understandable" said the doctor "shall I stop ?" he asked. "No, please don't" she answered. He thought about pulling out of her and stroking his own cock to bring about orgasm but was savouring the feeling of her tight young vagina through the thin rubber condome. He was thinking only of his own pleasure as he thrust faster into her wet quim giving her an unmerciful pounding - he stopped pulling out of her every ten thrusts and was now continually fucking her. His condome and gloves were slick and soaking wet with both oil and wetness from her vagina which now covered the front of his rubber cape, some dripping onto his rubber boots. He was somewhat damp under the cape, but only due to his own perspiration under waterproof rubber as he was working her hard, and in many places his rubber covering stuck to his flesh like a second skin.
"Oh Oh Oh" she cried on each thrust in a mixture of pleasure of pain, helpless to get away as she was bound into the stirrups.
"I can feel it building, I shall be coming soon" he said as if to reassure her ordeal was almost over while he continued his thrusting assault on her quim. He then thrust his cock into her as far up as he could causing her to slide upwards on the now wet rubber sheet on the table under her, grunted loudly, and began spurting his pearly shower into the rubber deep within her. "I am coming inside you" he said as his cock pulsed while he continued to shoot wad after wad of come into the rubber sack emptying his full balls. Mary could see his face in relief under the rubber mask, his mouth slightly open as he breathed heavily through it - he clearly enjoyed it. She was relieved as well although she greatly enjoyed having so many paroxysms, many more than she had ever had.
"Oh, Mary, thank you ... I have not achieved an orgasm of that magnitude in some time" he said as he stayed inside her while his member shrunk
"Was I good ?" she asked
"Oh yes, you will certainly make the best of lovers" he added. She smiled broadly.

He stayed inside her for a minute until the pulsing of his member subsided then grasped the base of the condome and pulled out of her cavity. Out of curiosity she asked him how much emission he had produced and he walked over beside her so she could examine the contents of the condome held to his shriveled member by the hole in the rubber cape.
"I am surprised how much seed you produced, doctor" Mary said as she held the end of the flaccid rubber bag in her gloved hand and rolled the milky contents between her gloved fingers.
He pulled the condome off and placed it in the tray for later cleaning. He walked between her spread legs once again and inserted a gloved finger into her. She moaned softly as he moved his finger up and down, in and out of her wetness, then pulled it out and declared that all was well.
"I am quite sore though" Mary said
"Not surprising after such an intense experience" the doctor replied "rest assured that all will be well in a few days"
"Shall I attend for a follow-up appointment ?" she asked "I should think another full treatment would be advisable to ensure all works as it should"
"FULL treatment ?" he questioned
"Yes ... a gloved examination of my entire body followed by both rectal and vaginal penetration with your rubbered member to ensure neither is painful"
"Of course, Mary ... perhaps in one week"
"I look forward to it, doctor"
"As do I, Mary, as do I" he replied
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