Schoolboy Fantasy (Rubber Gloves and Bondage)

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Schoolboy Fantasy (Rubber Gloves and Bondage)

Post by Tomglover » Wed Sep 30, 2020 12:44 am

I'm 16 yr old and just getting towards the last lesson of school, Its my least favourite lesson "Gym class". It's cross country running and as always I try to take shortcuts as I hate running, unfortunately I get caught by the teacher this time who then makes me do 2 extra laps of the field.
I finish and make my way to the changing rooms, everyone else is showered and leaving to go home, my teacher shakes his head as I walk in " Make sure you turn the lights off and close the door on the way out Tom" he says as he walks out of the gym leaving me on my own.
I strip off my kit and get a quick shower to clean the mud off, I grab my towel and give myself a dry down and walk out of the shower into the changing room.
I freeze as there stood in front of me are 4 girls, I quickly wrap my towel around my waist tucking it in, I turn bright red as they must have seen me naked !!
I recognise them, they are 2 years above me and are some of the most popular girls in the school Tina, Amy, Vicky and Alice .
They are all 18 and I'm guessing they are here for some sort of sport practise as they are all wearing White T-shirts with the school name on, Blue gym skirts, Knee length blue socks and White Converse pumps.

"What have we got here?" Tina asks, all the girls are laughing and giggling.
"I just need to get ready and leave" I reply quietly as I try to move towards my clothes.
Tina steps forward so as to block my way "No rush" she says. For some reason I start to back off, this leads to the girls stepping towards me, I take a few more steps back as I get the feeling these girls are not about to let me leave.
Tina turns to the girls and whispers , I can't make out what she says but they let out a few shrieks of laughter and head towards me.
I get the feeling these girls are up to no good I turn and run into the gym and head towards a doorway at the end hoping its an Exit, I'm holding my towel as don't want to lose it on the way, I hear the girls footsteps behind me.
I reach the door and the key is in the lock, luckily its unlocked and I yank it open and head through, darkness !
I come to an abrupt stop "shit, what now ?"
As I turn around the light clicks on and I hear the key turn in the lock,
It's now apparent that I headed straight into the gym stock room, both walls are lined with shelves full of equipment
and all 4 girls are standing grinning at me
Tina is shaking her head "Naughty boy running away" she pauses for a few seconds then gives her order "get him girls" .

As they rush me I trip backwards over what turns out to be a large padded gym mat, at least its a soft landing as they land on me, I struggle but before I know it Amy is knelt to my right pinning my right arm down, Alice is on the left pinning that side, Tina is straddling my chest and Vicky is sat on my ankles, I'm helpless !

I'm laid looking straight up at Tina, I begin to tell her "I don't know what you are playing at but you need to" Tina clamps her hand across my mouth cutting my sentence short. "shhhh" she says whilst turning around to quietly ask Vicky something.
Vicky jumps up and goes searching through the various boxes on the shelves, she soon returns "Tina I think these are ideal" she says whilst dropping to the floor a bunch of rubber resistance bands . "Yes, they are" Tina replies with a smirk on her face.
Vicky has kept two of the bands and sets about wrapping them around my ankles and tying them in place, I struggle as Amy and Alice hold my wrists together and wrap two around to secure them tightly.
Tina looks at Amy and gestures to the spare rubber bands "Amy roll one of those up into a ball" Amy does as she's told,
Tina still has her hand over my mouth "Now when I take my hand away I want you to push that into his mouth"
I try to shake my head "No, No don't" but Tina's hand is removed and the rubber is forced into my protesting mouth.

Now I'm bound and gagged and at their mercy, Tina stands up and lifts one of her legs, she places her foot on my chest, not too hard just enough to keep me pinned down, the rubber sole of her pump is cold against my skin, she leans over and gives me a wicked smile "I think its time for some fun".
Tina once again turns to Vicky, I can't hear what she says but I soon find out as my towel is whipped away, the air feels cool against my naked body, I can't believe I'm now fully exposed .
All the girls are now in fits of giggles, Tina takes her foot of my chest and steps to my side she stares down and my cock, she lifts her leg but now places her foot between my legs and gently flicks my balls. The rubber toe cap of her Converse feels surprisingly nice against my balls, I groan into the rubber gag , Tina looks at me then places her foot onto my now semi hard cock and rocks it back and forth.
Whilst this was happening I'd not realised that Alice had gone searching through the boxes, she returned and threw each girl a package "I think we should use these" she said
I heard packaging rustling but couldn't see what they were doing until Alice knelt back down at the side of me and proceeded to stretch out her fingers as she pulled on a yellow rubber dishwashing glove letting the cuff go with a snap.
One by one the girls all pulled on the rubber gloves, I lay there not knowing what was about to be inflicted on me, up till now it had turned out so much more pleasurable than I'd expected.
Amy took back hold of my bound wrists whilst Alice just knelt watching, Vicky sat back on my ankles and Tina took her place knelt by my side, there was an air of anticipation .
Alice let out a little shriek " Go on Tina, do it"
Tina looked at each girl then paused before she reached over, I could see her rubber gloved hand getting closer, then it happened, she took hold of my cock, It felt amazing as up until this moment only I had ever touched my cock before.
The rubber was soft and smooth, she just held it at first to the amusement of the others who giggled nervously, Tina then began to stroke up and down my now rock hard erection, I groaned more now and arched my back slightly with the pleasure, Alice placed her gloved hand across my mouth, there was a lovely rubber smell from the new gloves.
I was breathing heavily through my nose as the rubber in my mouth combined with the gloved hand held tightly over my mouth made it impossible to get any air through my mouth, been gagged was unusually quite arousing.
Tina had a firm grip as she continued to rub my cock from the base right to the head pausing for a moment before back down again, It felt amazing.
She then used her other hand to gently squeeze my balls, her rubber clad fingers worked wonders as she went from squeezing to jiggling each of my testicles.
Tina was obviously experienced and knew exactly how to please a boy, she quickened her pace on my cock slightly twisting her hand with each stroke, that felt so good !
Vicky interrupted "Go easy Tina or he'll be coming in no time". Vicky wasn't wrong as I was so turned on now.
Tina stopped and slowly released my cock, "Who's next ?" she asked
Without a word Vicky shuffled forward from my ankles to my knees, close enough for her to take hold of me, I lifted my head as much as I could to look down at Vicky, she was staring into my eyes with a grin on her face , I waited impatiently for her to start playing with me but instead she lowered her head then paused, I could feel her warm breath on the tip of my cock then the moistness of her soft warm mouth as it fully enveloped my cock.
"Oh my god" came out muffled as I was sent into ultimate pleasure, Vicky softly sucked before then slowly rocking her head back and forth .
Alice ungagged me as she put her hand to her own mouth in shock "Oh my god Vicky" she shrieked "you dirty girl"
I managed to push the rubber gag out from my mouth and inhaled a deep breath , Vicky increased her rhythm and I grew closer to coming, as she lifted her head she sucked which applied pressure around my cock then slowly released the pressure as she lowered back down taking my full length into her lovely mouth
I writhed around in ecstasy knowing that I was reaching the point of no return and soon Vicky would be swallowing my come
Suddenly she stopped, Tina put her hand onto Vicky's shoulder, there were faint voices, "Someone is coming" Tina whispered.
Vicky sat up releasing me from her mouth, "No this can't be happening" I thought, I was so close, I was worried at the thought of someone walking in on us but so disappointed at not reaching my orgasm.
The voices grew louder as they got nearer, they were teachers voices, all the girls stayed quiet looking worryingly at each other, all except Tine who had a mischievous smile across her face.
The teachers were now in the gym and sounded like they were heading for the stock room, Suddenly Tina took a firm grip of my cock in her rubber gloved hand and started vigorously wanking away, "What the hell are you doing" Amy whispered.
I was on the verge of coming when Vicky had me in her mouth and I knew I couldn't take much more, Tina was determined to finish the job, yet again I couldn't control my groans and Amy instantly clamped her hand across my mouth to stifle the noise as the voices were now right outside the door.
My body arched as Tina's gloved hand sped up, Amy used both her hands now to gag me, one on top of the other, I was kept silent by her rubber vice like grip over my mouth.
The handle of the door rattled as the teachers tried the door, luckily it was locked from the inside, I know they were talking but all I could hear was the cuff of Tina's rubber glove slapping against her arm as she wanked me to the most immense orgasm ever, my body bucked as the first lot of come hit me on the chest, Tina tightened her grip but slowed down and pumped every drop of come out of me.
She kept her hand tight over the head of my cock for a while after just holding it, Amy eased the pressure over my mouth so I could breath easier.
The teachers voices were now fading as they left the gym, the girls looked at each other then burst into fits of laughter, they exchanged conversation but I just lay there oblivious to what they were saying, the rush of endorphins was amazing.
The first thing I realised was they had untied me, all four girls were stood over me, Amy, Alice and Vicky all pulled off their rubber gloves inside out and threw them to the floor, Amy unlocked and opened the door "We are clear" she said as she looked out.
Tina was still stood over me as the girls left, she bent over and picked up my towel whilst still wearing her rubber gloves, she wiped the come from my chest and stomach then placed the towel over my lower body.
She then carefully took the gloves off making sure she kept them from going inside out, she placed them on my chest blew me a kiss and gave a cheeky smile before turning and running out to catch her friends up.
Once I'd composed myself I got up wrapped my towel round and made my way to the changing room, I got dressed and left as quickly as I could.
As I walked home I couldn't get my head around what I'd just experienced,I reached into my pocket and felt the soft rubbery fingers of Tina's gloves, I knew that this was going to be something I would be fantasizing about for a long time.

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Re: Schoolboy Fantasy (Rubber Gloves and Bondage)

Post by countrylatexglover » Wed Sep 30, 2020 3:34 pm

Wonderful story thank you!! Definitely a good fantasy!!

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Re: Schoolboy Fantasy (Rubber Gloves and Bondage)

Post by Lolol » Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:54 am

Follow up/sequel? Was interesting

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Re: Schoolboy Fantasy (Rubber Gloves and Bondage)

Post by tronn206 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 2:11 pm

Great fantasy. Looks like you've read my mind.😁

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Re: Schoolboy Fantasy (Rubber Gloves and Bondage)

Post by Tomglover » Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:06 am

Lolol wrote:
Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:54 am
Follow up/sequel? Was interesting
Im thinking about one but busy at moment. :up:

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Re: Schoolboy Fantasy (Rubber Gloves and Bondage)

Post by Tomglover » Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:09 am

tronn206 wrote:
Wed Oct 14, 2020 2:11 pm
Great fantasy. Looks like you've read my mind.😁
Glad you liked it, ill hopefully add to it :up:

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