Self-Isolation Exam, Part 2

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Self-Isolation Exam, Part 2

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Continuing from the story "Self Isolation Examination"

So it was now my turn to play nurse ...

A few days went by and I couldn't stop thinking about wearing the plastic rainsuit, and fucking my wife while wearing it.
I examined the suit which was still hanging on the back of the bathroom door, holding it up to me, rubbing the thin plastic and thinking how erotic it would be to have it on my own naked flesh. I smelled the crotch area - it smelled like her pussy - and got an erection thinking about wearing the same suit she had come inside.
The suit would be a bit too tight on me though, and I really didn't want to ruin it as I looked forward to more play sessions with her wearing it. I remembered that we had a thin blue rainsuit we kept in the camping box. It was made of cheap, thin, unlined blue PVC material (not as thin as the one she wore, but still thin and to be honest a bit too thin for wearing while camping). It wasn't transparent, but rather translucent and where it touched clothing underneath (or flesh) you could see under it. The inside surface was perfectly smooth and slick while the outside had a slightly rougher texture. I'd probably sweat buckets wearing it on my naked body and it would stick to me. Combine that with some tight rubber gloves and it would be a heavenly, slick, second skin.

I got up the nerve to suggest I "examine her for illness" and she agreed.
I went upstairs to the bedroom to get dressed for our play session in which I would inspect her body for infection while she is in quarantine
Ready to don the suit I stripped off my clothing and began by donning a pair of long white surgical gloves. I wanted longer ones to go over the sleeves of the plastic rain jacket and I would use these when examining her body and fingering her pussy but would likely put on thin 2mil rubber gloves over these are outer gloves for probing her asshole so I could keep these on the whole time anyway. Thinking about putting those gloved fingers inside my wife's wet pussy, my cock grew. I stroked myself a few times - I was really excited and could, possibly come before I even go the suit on. I grabbed a condom and rolled it onto my cock: if I came prematurely it would keep the inside of the suit from becoming very messy and since I fully intended to fuck her the condom would be required to keep-up the whole "infectious body fluids" thing. Who knows, maybe she'd let me buttfuck her and I'd certainly need a condom if I'm going to do her up the ass (the plastic suit would be a real benefit then as I am a bit squeamish about that). Regardless I'd last longer with a rubber when I fucked her.

I put on the plastic suit, pants first then plastic jacket. I rolled the cuffs of the gloves up to the wrists, pulled the forearms of the jacket up, then rolled the cuffs over the jacket arms to make a waterproof seal. I pulled the attached plastic hood of the jacket over my head.
Finally I donned the same rubber full-face respirator mask that my wife wore on our last session.
My erection was starting to drop, but the condom stayed on ... I'm sure it would be used later.
Encased in plastic, I was already hot and sweaty with droplets of perspiration dripping down my back causing the slick plastic inner surface of the suit to stick to me.

I came downstairs and approached her. "I am from the health ministry and need to examine you for infection." I said in a voice muffled by the mask.
"But I ..." she said
"This is not optional Madam. I am required to examine every orifice of your body for signs of infection. I will stay dressed in a plastic suit and rubber gloves to protect myself from your bodily fluids during the procedure" I instructed her
"What do I need to do ?" she asked
"We can perform the examination in your bedroom - you might be more comfortable there as you will be required to remove your clothing. Such procedures are invasive and this can result in organisms on your flesh getting inside your body via penetration ..."
"Penetration ??" she cut me off, surprised
"You are required to submit to penetration of your body cavities for the procedure. Wearing rubber gloves, I will insert my fingers into each of your body orifices to check for swelling. For cleanliness I will double-glove when required and of course I am wearing a plastic isolation suit"
"Will it hurt ?" she asked "The penetration part?"
"Penetration will not be painful as I shall use lubricant on my gloves when I slide my fingers inside you"
"... as I was explaining" I continued "the World Health Organization has suggested that all persons shower before such an examination to prevent infections on the flesh from entering the body during penetration. We will begin by washing your body and cleaning your orifices"
I began spreading a plastic sheet on the floor, explaining "For cleanliness, I shall spread a plastic sheet on the floor and on your bed"

"Remove your clothing and proceed to the shower" I said
We proceeded to the bathroom where she dropped all her clothing on the floor. I grabbed two exam gloves from the box and held the cuffs open for her hands
"You must put on rubber gloves to avoid transferring anything infectious to your own body. You will be required to use your own fingers to open your body cavities for inspection"
I've had a fantasy about jumping in the shower with a woman while wearing a rainsuit and gloves since watching "Silkwood" in which two men dressed in plastic suits and rubber gloves scrubbed a woman in a decontamination shower. This was a chance to live-out that fantasy.
"I will get in the shower with you to ensure you are washed properly but first I shall don rubber gloves suitable for washing"
On my already gloved hands I pulled a pair of semi-transparent amber household gloves used for washing. These gloves were unlined and thicker than disposable gloves with a bit of a texture. My thin gloves underneath could clearly be seen.
Dressed in the rainsuit, I jumped in the shower with her.
With gloved hands I washed her hair, arms, torso
Water ran between the gloves causing them to stick together
"Bend over please" I asked "and spread your bum cheeks apart so I can wash your anus properly"
With gloved fingers she grasped each cheek and pulled them far apart to expose her wrinkled brown hole
I rubbed a soapy gloved hand over it to clean it then directed the handheld shower at her ass to rinse it
I asked her to spread your labia with her gloved fingers as well while she was bent over.
What a sight, gloved fingers separating her pink flesh. I gently sprayed water at her vagina as I rubbed it up and down with a thick gloved finger - she was already getting wet.
Personally, I loved the feeling of warm water on my skin through the rainsuit and gloves.
I stepped out of the shower first and as she followed I handed her a towel (My rainsuit was still wet and dripping, but I didn't mind). As she dried I observed "Your flesh looks dry - this is an invitation to infection. As I examine you I will rub oil on your skin to help prevent this. The oil will also help with the examination by allowing the rubber of my gloves to slide on your flesh" It was a lame excuse but I wanted to feel her nude body with slippery, oily rubber gloves.

"I need to don thinner gloves before I apply oil and examine your body". Removing the washing gloves, I donned thin exam gloves on top of my white surgical ones so I was double-gloved again, although both pair were pretty thin so I would be able to feel her flesh especially when I put my fingers inside her ass and pussy. It took a while to don them since my inner gloves were a bit wet but I made a show of slowly pulling them on and expelling all air between them. Finally, the gloves that would be probing her most intimate regions were on.
"Please stand in the middle of this plastic sheet while I examine you"
She obediently stood there, her skin still a bit damp from the shower.

"I shall begin my physical examination of your extremities now" I said "arms at your sides"
I stood behind her as I poured baby oil from the bottle into my cupped palm then began spreading it on her back. I rubbed oil all over her back as well as her round buttocks - I savoured the feeling of them as I rubbed the oil in.
Some splashed onto my rainsuit making it slick and shiny, and some onto the plastic on the floor

"Turn around please" I said as I gently grasped her arms to guide her.
Facing her, I poured more oil into my gloved hands and rubbed her entire chest then spent ample time rubbing her oiled breasts as I commented "Breasts are firm, glands are not swollen, your nipples are quite engorged though". She sighed as I rolled her nipples gently between gloved fingers.

I knelt down in front of her to rub oil onto her legs starting with the feet and moving up her thigh
My plastic covered arm touched her legs as I pushed my gloved hand between them and ran my gloved hands all around her legs. I spread oil over the hair around her pussy with a cupped hand then pushed my oily gloved fingers upwards into her ass crack touching her sensitive anus
"Are you done yet ?" she said, sounding almost annoyed
"No Madam, you are still required to submit to an internal examination of your body cavities"
I stood up to face her
"Bend over the side of the bed so I can inspect your anal cavity with my gloved finger"
"I will lubricate your anus with jelly before penetrating it" I said as I described to her in detail how I was dipping my gloved finger into a container of vaseline
I rubbed my greasy fingertip around her wrinkled brown rosebud then pushed a little jelly inside it.
Enough teasing, I thrust my greasy finger deep into her ass and she moved forward and grunted.
"Sorry Madam, I need to go deep inside your rectum to feel around with my gloved fingers" I said
I pulled my finger out of her and scooped some excess vaseline with a gloved finger to push inside her ass.

"Your anus is very tight" I commented as I fucked her ass repeatedly with my gloved finger "have you ever had anal sex ?"
"What kind of question is that ?" she retorted hastily
"Just commenting on your physical condition since you are unusually tight. I usually don't need to lubricate the anal passage this much for rectal inspections" I said "you are tight even for my finger. Before anal sex you would require a great deal of work with a gloved finger to loosen your rectum"

I wiggled my lubricated index finger deep inside her ass and as I did so I allowed my baby finger on the same gloved hand to slip inside her wet pussy. She moaned softly at the intrusion - her pussy needed attention.

"I hope you did not find the examination too uncomfortable - perhaps a bit humiliating having your anus probed, but not uncomfortable? Regardless, your anus and rectum do not show signs of infection" I commented as I slowly pulled my greasy finger from her ass and pulled the outer gloves off one at a time inside-out with a snap.
"You may get up now, then lie on your back on the bed for a thorough vaginal inspection. I need to change rubber gloves first"
I put on a clean pair of thin exam gloves over the inner ones I was already wearing and put some KY jelly on my gloved fingers
"I will rub your clit before penetrating you for your comfort. By stimulating your clit your vagina will become wet and so the examination with my gloved fingers will be much more comfortable"
"Spread your legs wide and use your own gloved fingers to spread your labia" I ordered
Her pink flesh was now exposed as was the little mound on top of her clit. I placed my gloved fingers against her clit and gently rubbed up and down.
"I trust the rubber of my gloves is smooth enough on your sensitive flesh"
"Mmmm, very" she cooed
I continued stroking her clit up and down then pushed my finger inside her
"Your vagina is also very tight ... and already very wet ... do you find this examination exciting?"
"Nothing to be embarassed about, it is normal to become excited when your intimate passages are probed in this manner. Some women especially like the feeling of a gloved finger inside their anus."
I fingered her pussy with gloved fingers for several minutes
"I need a sample of your vaginal fluid. To do this you need to orgasm. Since you are rubber gloved, you can either masturbate yourself with your fingers or I can do it for you" I told her

"Can you continue probing my pussy until I come ?" she asked "I'm almost there already"
"Since you have been most cooperative, I think I can help with that" I replied
"I must warn you that I can squirt when I come ..." she said
"I am properly waterproofed in plastic and gloved, please feel free to release as you need"

As I probed her pussy with my gloved fingers I rubbed her g-spot internally (which I know drives her nuts) at the same time I rubbed her clit with the fingers of my other gloved hand. A big bulge formed in my rainsuit which she noticed and started to rub through the plastic with her gloved hand. The plastic was already splashed with oil and was quite slick so her gloved hands slid smoothly on the plastic - it was a nice feeling on my cock underneath. She then noticed a ring near the base of my hard cock: "You have a condom on !" she said, surprised.
"I must confess that I sometimes get excited during these examinations and so I wear a rubber since I don't want to make a mess down the inside of my plastic suit if I come inside it" I replied "you are an exceedingly hot woman and I could easily come while touching your beautiful ass and pussy"
"You like my body ?"
"What's not to like"
She rubbed my hard-on through the plastic suit as I pushed my fingers deep inside her to rub her g-spot. It didn't take long before she came as evident by the tightness of her vagina and the gush of fluid onto my gloved hands. I pulled my fingers out of her and observed the wet rubber of my gloves. I pulled the exam gloves off, each with a snap, but left the surgical ones inside on for the next part ...

"Well, good news" I said to her as she basked in a post-orgasmic glow "you are virus free". I removed my mask but left the plastic rainsuit (with the hood still pulled over my head) and surgical gloves on.

"Now that I have inspected your body for infection, and you have passed, I must ask you to turn and bend over the edge of the bed and lie face-down to receive an inoculation"
She looked up at me but did not motion to move
"Lie on the bed with your ass exposed please" I repeated

"Are you going to give me a shot in my bottom ?" she asked as she got up and turned over
"Ummm, yes, to prevent you from catching it" I replied. With gloved hands I gently pushed her back down onto the bed until her breasts were against the plastic covering it.

"I shall be with you in a moment" I said "I just need to prepare a tool for your inoculation procedure"
I put my gloved hand inside my rainpants I pushed my finger through the thin plastic making a hole in the front. I then pushed my rubbered cock through the hole, the ring of the condom staying inside.
"What are you doing" She asked as she turned her head and stared at my slick, turgid cock.
I explained that "In addition to inspecting you for infection, the health ministry has directed me to inoculate you against the virus"
"I thought a vaccine is not available yet ?" she queried, confused.
"A vaccine isn't, however it has been determined that antibodies to the virus are carried in semen. I carry these antibodies so I will be inoculating you by injecting my semen into a body cavity of yours"
"So I need to swallow your semen ?" she asked, a bit confused
"Not exactly, it needs to be injected into your mucous membranes ... either your vagina or your anus ... and by injected I mean ejaculating fresh semen inside you"
"You are going to FUCK me ?" she exclaimed, astonished
"Indeed, that is how the antibodies will be delivered. Injection of fresh semen is the most effective method of protection."
I paused then continued explaining
"Agreeable or not, you are required to be, as you stated, fucked and injected with semen. It is required that you accept my penis as it is forced into a body cavity."
"How ..." she started to ask as I cut her off
"I will begin by fucking your pussy while wearing a rubber condom but will remove it just prior to injection. The rubber is quite slick when combined with lubricant and so will slide in and out of you easily and hopefully painlessly while I work on your tight pussy."
"Well, I don't ..." she started
"Oh, and if you protest, you will be tied to the bed face down and forced to take my cock in your tight asshole. You will then be assfucked thoroughly until I ejaculate semen inside your bowels. Your anus is already lubricated and ready to accept my cock if required."
"I will cooperate, I really find anal sex painful" she said "you can use my pussy for the injection as you see fit"
"Based on how wet you are I think you are looking forward to it" I replied
"Well, I haven't had sex since this crisis began, in fact you're the first person I've had contact with. I am so horny I need a serious fuck before I forget what it feels like."
"Now you are being reasonable"
"I hope you're not just going to stick your cock in and quickly come inside me ?"
"The ministry says I am to inject semen inside you but not how I am to do it. I like to fuck for a long while to build-up semen before I empty my balls inside you. I'm hoping to fuck your beautiful tight pussy as long as possible, hence the condom to help me last longer."

I walked behind her and rubbed her pussy with my gloved hand, pushing a finger inside. Wearing only a single pair of gloves, now, I could feel the heat of her pussy. She was very wet as was the plastic covering the bed under her pussy. "You are incredibly wet and seem to be anticipating this as much as I do" I commented "you ARE looking forward to taking my cock in your pussy ?"
"... I ..." she continued as if not sure what to say. Before she could get a sentence out I grasped my rubbered cock with my gloved hand and placed the head at the entrance to her wet vagina and pushed completely inside her. My balls (inside the rainsuit) slid on the wetness on the plastic under her.
"OOOOOhhhhhhhh" she gasped as my cock filled her
"Just relax and enjoy the feeling. It is best that you achieve orgasm while I fuck you to lubricate my rubbered cock as I thrust. You will be thoroughly fucked by the time I am done"
I immediately began pistoning in and out of her
"Your pussy is amazing" I told her "so hot and wet. I had rather hoped I'd be able to take your tight ass but your pussy is a real treat"
I fucked her for several minutes like this, holding her hips with my gloved hands as I drove my cock in and out of her. I raised my hands and slid them between her and the plastic under her so I could rub her tits as I fucked her.
"You have a very sexy body, your pussy is so hot and your tits are awesome - I could fuck you for hours like this"
I drove her hard, pulling my cock almost out of her except for the head then driving it back in until my plastic-covered balls slapped against her ass.
"Do you really need to fuck me this much ?" she asked, sounding a bit annoyed "can't you just pull off the rubber and get off already"
"To build-up semen before inoculating you I need to hold off a while " I explained "but if you like I can put my rubbered cock into your tight little bumhole and fuck you there instead"
She remained silent as I enjoyed the feeling of her wet pussy.

"One of the perks of this job" I explained, now a bit out of breath from the workout I was getting "... fucking a beautiful tight pussy. I am sorry if you find this humiliating but I have to work your pussy pretty hard to stimulate myself to produce semen to inoculate you" I explained

I was ready to come.
"I will be emptying my loaded balls into you now" I said as I drove into her hard and grunted then came in spurts filling the condom. I pushed into her several times as I came causing her body to slide up and down on the plastic sheet covering the bed.
After my cock went limp I pulled out of her. The condom, full of my white sticky cum, hung from my cock as I stood beside the bed. The outer ring trapped by the hole in the plastic rainsuit pants. "But you left the condom on and forgot to inject sperm into me ?" she noted as she turned around and pinched the tip with her gloved hand, rolling the white semen inside around.
"Sorry Madam, I forgot to remove the rubber" I explained "You will be required to submit to the procedure again"
"The whole procedure ?" she asked
"Yes, I shall have to check you again for infection and attempt inoculation again"
"Well ... be sure to bring more condoms" she added
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Re: Self-Isolation Exam, Part 2

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Another awesome story, loved all the different gloves, plastic suit, and condom descriptions
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Re: Self-Isolation Exam, Part 2

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I loved the story, I hope you will be back with more adventures
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Re: Self-Isolation Exam, Part 2

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miniha wrote: Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:39 am I loved the story, I hope you will be back with more adventures
Same here, just read both parts again and I’d love to read more very similar stories!
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