Therapy for bad boys who like gloves

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Therapy for bad boys who like gloves

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Dr. Melinda Watson was looking at the landscape through the window of her office, meanwhile Ms. Stone was informing her of the last details about her son. Melinda smiled as the mother of her next patient told her the last info she needed to know in order to “improve” Nate's attitude.

Dr Melinda was a peculiar hypnotherapist whose speciality was young boys with some behaviour problems, she was very picky with her clients, actually she only offered her services to rich single mothers that needed help with their bratty sons. All she needed was the collaboration of the mothers and their legal concern for her to use her “skills” on their sons, usually she would ask the mothers for just two things: learn a fetish of their sons, and tricking them into eating an especial drug prior the therapy.

Someone knocked the door and Melinda smiled, ´´please come in´´ she said, a young boy entered the room, his blonde hair was a mess and his green eyes looked at the dr with an aggressive way, his pale skin was perfect and he was bit tall for his age, “such a pity for an angel like him to have that attitude”, thought Melinda for herself. Nate looked at the woman in front of him, he was impressed by her stature, “maybe 1.80?” thought the boy who continued to observe Amanda, she was in her mid thirties, her blonde hair was shaped on a bob cut and her big brown eyes looked at him while her red lipstick lips formed a warm smile, she was standing at the side of her desk, wearing a turtleneck sweater and leather tight pants, wich connected to a pair of long leather boots.

-: Hi Nate, im Dr.Melinda and i will help you to correct your attitude

-: Whatever, just tell me some weird psychological thing at let me leave this place

-: Okey! why not?

-: Eh? I really can just go and avoid this stupid therapy?

-: Hahaha, of course not darling, but since you don't like my office, let's take the session to my garde, would you like it? After all, who says a therapy must be done in an office?

-: …..okey….i do indeed like the garden

-: perfect, it's a bit cold outside so let me put my leather gloves

The moment she talked about gloves the heart of Nate started to run! the boy started to feel nervous from the idea, after all they were his big secret fetish! all the days she masturbated thinking about those gloves ladies touching him with those warm and soft gloves, and now she was gonna talk for two hours with a woman wearing them!? he started to breathe and calm down, he just needed to look away.

´´Are you ready sweetheart?´´ the woman asked him, the boy just looked to the wall and said a simple “yes”, Melinda smiled, her first chance was here! the woman slimed, walked toward the boy…. and placed both leather gloved hands over his cheeks! forcing the shocked boy to look her in the eyes! ´´First lesson dear, you must look people in the eyes when talking, specially ladies like me´´ Nate head was spinning, it was happening! leather gloves were worn by a woman touching his face while she looked at him with a dominant expression. Melinda took her hands away and winked him an eyes ´´i know i have pretty eyes, but please don't let me charm you´´ Nate made it out of his personal trance and was just able to answer with a timid ´´okay...´´, after that she took him to the garden and told him to sit with her on a bench at the side of a three.

-: Okey Nate, I first want to do a breathing exercise with you, is that ok?

-: Yes, it is ok

-: Nice, just breathe slowly and calm yourself

The boy tried his best to breath as calmly and slowly as possible, but knowing about those gloves being so near to his skin made him start to breathe faster and faster.

-: Dear please, you are doing it wrong, would you let me help you?

-: How...would you help me?

-: Don't worry, it's quite simple, i will just cover your mouth and nose with my hand and make you breath slowly, are you fine with me touching you? Also it's a bit cold here, do you mind me keeping my gloves?

This time there was nos question or time for dub, Nate affirmed with his head...his heart was at full speed and the blood already reached his private part, he could only think about one thing, I want her to touch me….

Melinda took a brown bottle and poured the liquid inside over her gloves ´´don't worry sweetheart, it's just a perfume to help you...relax´´ said the woman while her glove was reaching the lower face of the boy.

They were soft and warm...her palm sealed her lips while her tumb pressed her nose, cutting just a bit of the air he was inhaling, the other fingers caressed his self check...mean while the other gloved hand was caressing his messy blonde hair, patting his head and making it rest over the chest of the woman. When did Melinda put him like that? Nate didn't care anyways, he only cared about that gloves over her mouth...and that sweet smell over all the gloves, the smell of a warm bed ready to help him rest. Miranda smiled as Nate was no longer that bratty boy, but a weak and shy boy who just wanted to be pampered by her gloved hands, the same hands that were drugging him to sleep...the same hands wearing gloves soaked in chloroform to force him into a nice nap.

Nate woke up tied up to a chair, his head was spinning as Dr. Melinda was nowhere to be seen. He was as Melinda office, but with that chair in the middle, he tried to make himself free but her arms and legs were tied to a chair that was itself tied to the floor, he tried to scream but the moment she opened his mouth a gloved hand came from the darkness and took away that possibility, Dr. Melinda was behind him.


-: Ssshhh dear, i want you to be quiet for this part of the therapy, just breathe my gloves and calm down, don't worry this time i won't make you take a nap, after all you must be awake for this part. Just let me help you relax sweetheart, let me help you dear with this big thing of yours who made you feel itchy and hot, meanwhile just watch the the tv and listen to my voice, shhh...don't resist

Melinda turned the tv on and a recorded video started. Nate was able to see how a boy of his age was in that very same chair, then Dr.Melinda came from behind and covered his mouth while whispering things to his ear, shortly after the other hand of the gloved woman started to go down and slided inside the pants of the boy, he could see how the woman started working with the boy, who was only able to scream in terror while at the mercy of the evil woman, and for some reason that boy looked familiar, he looked just like...him!

-: Oh dear, you finally realised it! you are faster and faster each time aren't you? oh don't worry about my word and not remembering anything dear, i just erased you memory after each session, luckily this will be the last one dear, also your mother is getting very good as hypnotherapy, the fact that you don't remember her session with you if the proof!

Tears started to fall from the eyes of the boy, but the warm and soft voice of Melinda prevented him from resisting any more, he was a good boy who would listen to gloved womans like his mother, Dr. Melinda, or any of the maids at his home, as long as they were wearing gloves

-: Now dear….just sleep and forget me, we never meet and you never came here darling, i wasn't the one who put a hypnotic trigger that allowed gloved woman to dominate you by just touching will fall asleep and a group of maids will come here to pick you up, change your clothes, put you in your bed, and made sure you never remember this, got it?

-: mmmhhhh…..mppphhmhm…..

-: Yes dear i know you love my gloves, now sweetheart…….You will sleep and forget all this!

Melinda smiled at the sleepy boy, she picked her phone and called the maids and the mother of the boy, they would come to pick him in an hour, meanwhile the gloved woman lifted the chin of the memory wiped and sleepy boy… ´´consider this a goodbye gift dear´´ she said as she forced her tongue inside his mouth.

The next day Dr. Melinda was working at her office when her phone notified a message, photo from the mother of Nate, she smile as she clicked on the notification, then she started to laugh almost to the point of tears, seems like Nate looked down on a new maid for been from the countryside, so she grabbed him by the face while wearing a pair of gloves, making his big thing wet in from of the maids while also making him unconscious, it seems like all the maid would wear gloves from now on.
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Re: Therapy for bad boys who like gloves

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Well...being bad seems to be good! Nice story!
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