A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 13

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A Victorian Glove Tale: Part 13

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The continuing saga of our good doctor in the period just after the turn of the century. This installment has a bondage flair to it as well ...

I am a doctor specializing in women's issues, quite specifically hysteria. Trained in all aspects of medicine, treatment of hysteria has proven to be both lucrative and well as enjoyable. My fee varies between $10 and $20 depending on the time committed to the treatment - a formidable sum for a procedure (akin to attending a birth for five hours or setting a cast for a major break).

As for the enjoyable part - for the past year I have had two patients whom I see on a regular basis and with whom I am having relations, in a 'medical' setting of course. I am enjoying amorous congress (and they enjoy a treatment for hysteria) no less than twice a week with each patient. I enjoy the variety these two bring to my sexual endeavours: Elizabeth, a widow and a powerful (and rich) woman is quite experienced in the ways of the world whilst the younger Mary, well, I took her both her vaginal and rectal virginity with my member. Mary enjoys sodomy as much as regular intercourse and often, during a treatment, I must perform both acts to satisfy her (not that I am complaining, and not that this seems much like 'work' for which I should be renumerated).

Of course I don't have intercourse with all my patients - that would be foolhardy and I would probably lose my license to practice medicine should my affairs come to light - so most treatments I provide do not involve (forgive my vulgarity) fucking the patient but rather manipulation of the sexual organs using gloved fingers. Aside from being foolhardy, I already am afforded amorous congress at least two and many times four per week ... I hardly need more to satisfy my own urges.

For most patients, I essentially masturbate them to hysterical paroxysm. Personally, I'd swear that a paroxysm is nothing more than the female manifestation of an orgasm but medical science says otherwise (although medical science is always developing so in the future we may well discover this is true). Regardless, a paroxysm brings great pleasure and relief to the patient. During the procedure, I always wear rubber surgical gloves - it prevents the spread of disease and enhances comfort for both myself and the patient since the rubber is quite slick when lubricated either by the patient's natural emissions or by grease. Frequently, I am required to examine (or stimulate) the rectum for which gloves serve a very useful purpose: I don't mind inserting my finger inside the rectum when I am certain my flesh will stay clean and when combined with grease, my finger is slippery inside her and more comfortable as I probe her rectal passage.

A typical treatment begins with an examination. I have the patient undress completely and lie on her back on a rubber sheet which I place on the bed (or for office visits, on the examination table). I usually don thin, almost transparent amber rubber gloves to examine and stimulate the breasts. In particular, I like to coat my gloves in thin oil and rub the breasts until the nipples are engorged and turgid. Many patients moan softly at this point. After the breasts are thoroughly examined I ask the patient to turn over for a rectal exam. If at the office, and she is on the examination table, I ask her to place her legs onto padded holders which serve to force her buttocks apart. With her rectum exposed and ready to be examined I now change gloves, but not before a quick observation to see if her maidenhood is wet from the stimulation (important to note since this may help bring the patient to paroxysm faster on subsequent treatments). I now pull the amber gloves off and don the usual black rubber surgical gloves. These are a bit thicker than the amber gloves and so afford less sensitivity however they are less likely to suffer breakage whilst in the tight rectum and the black colour masks unsightly soil from the rectum. This grease is often used to lubricate the rectum and the gloves withstand this better. Occasionally, I don the black surgical gloves on top of the amber gloves I am wearing. Double-gloving in this manner allows me to pull the soiled black gloves off quickly leaving the thinner amber gloves underneath so I may resume stimulation of her vagina immediately - pulling a rubber glove over another rubber glove can, however, be difficult (although sometimes easier than donning a glove onto a hand damp with perspiration).

Oddly, many patients like to watch as I penetrate their bodies with my gloved fingers. You'd think that the weaker sex would find this distasteful but it seems to excite many women. For this, the examination table works well (otherwise, the patient is lying on her abdomen and unable to see anything during penetration - which some patients actually prefer).

A rectal procedure begins by scooping grease from a tin onto my gloved fingers and pushing that grease into her rectum. As I pump my fingers in and out of her arse I often note her maidenhood becoming stimulated, as evident from the moistness appearing on her cloven lips.

Finally, after withdrawing my gloved finger from her rectum it is time for examination, and ultimately stimulation, of the maidenhood. I dispense with the black gloves and don the thinner amber gloves again affording me great sensitivity in probing inside the patient's vagina and feeling how wet she has become. If double-gloved, I simply pull the soiled outer gloves off leaving the thinner gloves on my hands for the remainder of the procedure. Regardless, the same gloves must not be used with the rectum and the vagina unless thoroughly cleaned between.

My experience at eliciting paroxysm is quite extensive and I have found a special spot on the anterior of the vagina which more often than not works quickly. Wearing rubber gloves, I feel for the spot (which has a somewhat different texture than other flesh inside the vagina) and rub it. I have observed that some patients quite literally squirt fluid from their person during paroxysm. Since I am protected by rubber gloves, this is encouraged in the patient and seems to bring them great relief. Often, my gloves become soaked in her emissions (but since the amber gloves extend almost to my elbows, my hands stay completely dry).

Elizabeth was a special case and after several treatments like this suggested, rather boldly, that we engage in amorous congress to satisfy her urges and alleviate symptoms. As she brought to light, the act would be quite safe if I wore a rubber condome (an item I regularly dispensed in my practice). With both of us wearing rubber gloves we engaged in what could best be described as carnal lust (as opposed to a medical procedure) and it was most satisfying to unload my balls into the rubber sheathe inside her. She appreciated the feeling of rubber and had procured, for both of us, rubber capes, masks, and boots so we can both be full attired when engaged in the act keeping our flesh separated.

Her young maid, Mary, also showed signs of hysteria. At Elizabeth's insistence, we tried a host of techniques to cure her. Mary had always responded best to rectal stimulation with both gloved fingers and a rubber dildo and eventually it was suggested I rectally penetrate her with my member in an effort to help her (she would, after all, maintain her purity then). I was obliged to help and the whole experience was quite enjoyable as I frigged her tight arse with my rubbered member as she lie bound to my exam table. The experience wasn't enough to suppress her urges though and she eventually begged that I take her virginity and stimulate her to hysterical paroxysm since I could do so safely. Rubbered-up, I began by sodomizing her first (since I knew she enjoyed it) then performed amorous congress with her as well. Several follow-up appointments have allowed me to repeat these treatments.

As of late, I wear the rubber cape and mask Elizabeth has provided me during all such procedures -completely encased in thin amber rubber, my flesh never contacts that of the patient during the treatment even during procedures such as rectal penetration where the rectum is first injected with thick grease for ease of insertion of my rubbered member. Although the cape becomes soiled with grease leaking from the patient's body, I stay quite clean and dry. The same was true when I deflowered Mary in which I injected her vagina with a douche of oil so that as I penetrated her quim it splashed down the front of my waterproof cape. Of course my member is always sheathed in a rubber condome: for cleanliness in the case of rectal penetration, and to avoid making the patient with child for vaginal penetration as I unload my batter inside her. The use of rubber gloves is always required, I reserve the use regular black surgical gloves when inserting fingers into the rectum and thinner amber rubber gloves for rubbing the maidenhood. If I plan on performing both procedures, I double-glove so that I can remove the soiled black gloves leaving the clean thinner ones on for vaginal fingering.

Nowadays, a treatment procedure with Mary begins with both of us dressing in amber rubber capes, boots, and rubber facial masks to limit contact of the flesh.
After placing her legs into stirrups I bind them so she cannot move whilst I sodomize her - penetration of the rectum, she says, is uncomfortable until her rectum stretches to accommodate my member. With my member proud, I put a tight black rubber condome on it and push it through a hole in the cape so it protrudes. I coat the rubber with grease and inject some into her rectum as well with a syringe. Well lubricated, I insert several gloved fingers inside her rectum to stretch it then slide my rubbered member slowly inside her as she gasps at the intrusion filling her bowels.

Well protected by the rubber cape, I run my greasy gloved hands over her breasts, fondling them through the soft rubber as I frig her tight arse. She moans as the pain of penetration turns to pleasure. Sometimes I continue until I achieve orgasm, unloading my balls inside the rubber sack inside her arse, and other times she requests penetration of her maidenhood which requires that I change both my condome and gloves. I prefer a very thin amber rubber condom for this as it allows me to feel her intimate flesh (and she can feel my member). The gloves I wear are also made of very thin amber rubber allowing me to feel her flesh - while inserting my fingers into her vaginal cavity I can feel for a special spot near the top which, when stimulated, brings about a hysterical paroxysm very quickly often accompanied with a gush of fluid from her vagina which soaks my rubber gloves. After stimulating her with gloved fingers, I replace them with my rubbered member and pound her mercilessly until I finally seed inside the rubber filling the sheath with sticky white liquid.

Mary and Elizabeth are the only two patients whom I regularly provide such treatments however Elizabeth must have told at least a few of her society friends about my treatment procedures since she was rather insistent that I help her good friend Violet with her problem. Although married, Violet was frigid and could not enjoy amorous congress at all - according to Elizabeth her friend just lay there during the act unable to participate or enjoy the feeling. Elizabeth hoped that I could show her how pleasurable amorous congress can be and show her how to enjoy the act. Elizabeth explained the procedure to her ahead of time so she was quite aware of what was to occur: as Elizabeth told her quite bluntly "you are in for a thorough indorsement at the hands of the doctor".

Elizabeth accompanied Violet as she entered my office. She explained that she was frigid in bed and could not enjoy amorous congress with her husband. We spoke at some length. "Can you help her ?" Elizabeth asked

I looked at Elizabeth as I answered her question "The patient needs to be masturbated first to achieve hysterical paroxysm - this might then be followed by a medical penetration procedure. Regardless, a full examination will be necessary first to fully assess the problem."

"Elizabeth assures me you take the utmost precautions" Violet noted, asking for reassurance no doubt
"Indeed, Madam. During the procedure I shall be fully sheathed in waterproof rubber garments such that no part of our flesh shall meet. You will feel all the sensations required but with no fear of disease or becoming with child. Are you prepared to spend the entire afternoon for the full procedure?"
"Yes, doctor" Violet replied
After an extended pause Elizabeth arose to leave. "I shall take leave now, I am certain the doctor will be thorough" she said then turned to her friend to whom she winked as she left "enjoy the procedure".

I donned an amber rubber apron which I tied behind my waist and began pulling the requisite black rubber surgical gloves onto my hands for the examination.
"We shall begin with a complete medical examination of your body for which I will wear rubber gloves" I explained as I finished pulled on the cuffs of the rubber gloves, stretching them down my forearms.
"Rubber gloves ?" she inquired
"Yes, it is required that I insert my fingers inside your person. Rubber is waterproof and so will keep my hands as well as your body cavities clean" I replied "these are considerably thinner than those worn in the scullery or for household tasks".
"Please disrobe completely and lie on the examination table"

As she disrobed, I placed a thin brown rubber sheet onto the exam table. She turned to look, obviously wondering why
"For cleanliness ... " I explained as I straightened the sheet with gloved hands "like my gloves keep my hands clean so the rubber sheet will keep the table clean"
She stood before me, completely nude, her black hair wrapped in a round bun on her head.
"Please lie on the table on your back and place your legs into the holders" I asked
She laid onto the table as instructed and with gloved hands I helped her legs into the holders which kept her vagina spread open as well.

"I shall insert my gloved fingers into your maidenhood to examine you" I said.
I attempted to rub her vaginal lips with my gloved fingers but her body tensed, visibly, at the intrusion. I applied oil to my gloved finger, rubbed it over the soft pink flesh of her cloven inlet again, and inserted my index finger slowly into her vagina. My finger wasn't inside her more than an inch before she tensed and recoiled, pulling herself upwards on the examination table. My gloved finger, slick with oil, fell out of her.
"Sorry, doctor, but I cannot help it" she explained "I have such an aversion to being touched"
I hadn't even made it to an examination of her arsehole and she was already pulling away ... Clearly I would have to restrain her before I could possibly touch her and, eventually, thoroughly penetrate her.

"I believe the cure for your affliction is to stimulate you, forcefully if required, to hysterical paroxysm. In order to do this you need to submit to a medical penetration of your body cavities. Are you prepared for this?"
"Yes, Elizabeth explained to me the procedure"
"Very well then" I explained "I shall strap you to the examination table for the procedure - you will then be required to submit to the treatment and penetration of your person"
"I shall place myself in your capable, gloved, hands doctor" she replied "do whatever you must to cure me"

I asked her to step off the table as I retrieved the wide rubber straps that would restrain her. I placed the straps into holes in the table (they went into these holes, under the table, and emerged again through another hole), then asked her to once again lay down. I helped her legs into the holders and asked if she was comfortable.

I first strapped the calves of her legs into the holders using wide rubber straps to immobilize her legs - this would leave her vagina and rectum completely exposed - then began to strap her torso to the table using another wide strap which went around her and under the table. Two more brown rubber straps went over her shoulders, crossing between her breasts (which were purposely left exposed), and secured near her hips. I had often used straps like this to bind a patient's legs to the stirrups so that I do not get accidentally kicked whilst she is in the throes of a hysterical paroxysm and flailing about, but in Violet's case it seemed like a good idea to completely restrain her so she could not, for example, slide upwards on the table during the fucking she must now endure to stimulate her to paroxysm. I wanted to ensure my cock stayed inside her during penetration and not have her be able to pull away as it is thrust inside her.

"Is it really necessary that I be strapped down to the table ?" she asked as I adjusted the straps over her shoulders so they lay flat against her flesh leaving her breasts free.
"Some portions of the treatment procedure might be either embarrassing, humiliating, or even physically uncomfortable but for full benefit you must endure through it - restrained to the table, you will be unable to move or resist" I explained.
Lastly, I strapped her wrists to the table beside her using smaller straps ... she was completely at my will.
"I have never seen such a table" she commented further
"It is designed to restrain the patient in a comfortable position for penetration of both the vagina and rectum" I told her. "You will" I explained as I checked the last wrist strap "be thoroughly indorsed and will learn to derive pleasure from it. At first from my gloved fingers and then from my sheathed member. As your body is penetrated deeply you will be unable to resist and will be forced if need be to take the entire length of it inside yourself" I paused then assured her Relax Madam ... we will start slowly"

I was hoping to engage in amorous congress immediately but she was so very averse to being touched I had some work ahead of me first. I removed my black gloves (which were hardly soiled at all) and began donning the thinner amber ones, pulling at the cuffs to stretch them onto my hands as they made a peculiar noise characteristic of rubber. "I shall need to stimulate you with my gloved fingers first. These gloves are particularly thin and well suited for working on your maidenhood. Through them I shall be able to feel the heat and moistness of your most intimate flesh." I explained as I wrung my hands together to expel air from inside the gloves for a tight fit. Most importantly, the thin tight rubber allows me to feel the flesh inside her vagina in order to best locate a spot I know will almost certainly elicit a paroxysm. First, though, I would begin by massaging her breasts - the thin gloves would make this quite pleasurable, for myself at least.

I poured a bit of oil from a bottle onto a cupped and gloved palm and rubbed my gloved hands together - the thin rubber became shiny and almost transparent. I applied my slick hands to her breasts (which were exposed on either side of the rubber straps around her shoulder) and began to massage them. "Feel the smoothness of the rubber on my hands" I said "close your eyes and enjoy the feelings"
Relaxing her head on the table, she closed her eyes - she was no longer resisting (not that she could do much, bound to the table as she was). She apparently forgot about the rectal procedure that would inevitably follow.
I could feel her nipples becoming erect through the thin rubber on my hands as I rubbed them gently. She softly moaned. My hands perspired, and the rubber stuck tightly to my flesh. Small bubbles of trapped air between the shiny rubber of my gloves and my flesh were now visible.

I rubbed her breasts for several minutes, occasionally rolling her nipple between my gloved thumb and index finger. When her nipples had become erect I allowed a gloved hand to drop lower towards her maidenhood as I continued to rub one breast with the other. It was time to rub her cloven inlet.
I pressed a gloved finger into her, as deep as it would go - bound as she was she could not pull upwards. The rubber, already slick with oil, slid inside her easily and through it I searched for the firm spot inside her which I knew would induce a hysterical paroxysm. I found it ... and rubbed gently in circles inside her. Rubber gloves provide an interesting feeling as I could feel her wetness and heat of her body yet my flesh was quite dry.
Surprisingly, her vagina was becoming very wet which was not expected for a frigid woman: It wasn't that she was not capable of enjoying being touched - perhaps her frigidity stemmed from her husband? Maybe he was all too rushed to indorse her to understand the need to pleasure her as well. As I continued moving my fingers in and out of her vagina, a creamy white secretion from inside her was evident on the rubber of my gloves once again proving the value of the gloves to keep my hands from becoming soiled.

"I will induce a hysterical paroxysm now using my gloved fingers" I said "some patients gush quantities of fluid from their person during this procedure. Please do not hold back if you feel the urge to do so - my hands are protected with rubber gloves and I am wearing a waterproof rubber apron so I will be protected should you produce such an emission". Indeed, I have had patients shoot streams of fluid as they writhe on the table during paroxysm. I'd swear this is an ejaculation - medical science says otherwise - but I do wonder if one day we shall discover that the fairer sex does ejaculate as well. I am always glad to be protected by rubber gloves during such masturbation procedures which can get quite messy.

I moved between her spread legs and with the gloved fingers of my right hand buried deep inside her vaginal cavity I plunged my fingers in and out of her. At the same time I rubbed the mound of her maidenhood with the fingers of my left hand. She became wetter and I began frigging her with my fingers at an alarming speed - the rubber enrobing my hands became quite slippery helping facilitate this. She would certainly not require an oil douche to lubricate her passage as I had done with Mary to make her comfortable when I deflowered her with my rubbered cock. Violet's body tensed, her buttocks rose from the table but were restrained by the straps. Her vagina suddenly clamped around my fingers and alas she had a paroxysm. I continued using my gloved fingers to rub the flesh inside her and she had several more hysterical paroxysms. After the first she was twisting and writhing on the rubber sheet covering the exam table but unable to resist as I continued fingering her. She screamed, and I felt her vagina tighten almost uncomfortably around my gloved fingers. A gush of warm fluid squirted from her and I pulled my fingers out of her person. My gloves were now dripping with her warm emissions and a wet spot appeared on my rubber apron. She was now breathing quite heavily and needed a break before we continued. "I think it best you relax for a few moments whilst I change garments for the duration of the procedure" I told her. I was looking forward to fucking her, medically of course, and having my cock deep inside her during such a paroxysm.

I draped a light brown rubber sheet on top of her both for vanity as her vagina, arse, and breasts were completely exposed as well as to keep her warm as she was somewhat wet from the emissions produced whilst I masturbated her.
I walked out of the room leaving her bound to the table, with her legs spread wide apart. The top rubber sheet clung to her oiled breasts and draped between her legs touching her cloven inlet, clinging to the wet hair surrounding it.

In my adjacent office, I removed all of my clothing and dressed in my usual rubber attire reserved for medical treatments involving penetration of the patient (be it the vagina or rectum). Made of thin amber rubber, and provided to me by Elizabeth, this included a hooded rubber cape covering most of my body down to the ankles, rubber boots, a rubber mask for my face (with holes for my eyes, mouth, and nose), and of course the tight amber rubber gloves I was already wearing. While most of the attire was quite practical, I questioned the value of the rubber mask but Elizabeth thought that the more flesh covered with rubber the better - being completely covered by rubber helps, as well, to keep the procedure 'medical' in nature. Elizabeth had noted that the mask obscures the face so amorous congress becomes less personal and more about the pleasure of the act.

My member was already somewhat proud at the prospect of indorsing Violet whilst she was bound to the table and unable to resist as was quite evident under the rubber of the cape.
I returned to the examination room, the rubber creaked as I walked.
"Oh My ... You really are dressed completely in rubber" she said as she looked at me from head to toe.
"to ensure your complete safety and cleanliness, Violet"
She stared at my cock under the semi-transparent rubber cape - it was already quite proud and pressed against the transparent rubber.
"and the instrument of my treatment ?" she said, staring at it
"Yes" I replied "you will be penetrated repeatedly by my proud member. It will, of course, be enrobed in a tight rubber sheathe for cleanliness and safety before it enters your maidenhood - thinner, even, than the rubber of my gloves"
As she watched I made my way to a counter, lifted the cape in front, and stretched a thin amber condome onto my proud member then pushed it through the hole in the front of my cape making it completely waterproof. Not only would we both be protected from disease but there would be no fear of making her with child.
"Should you produce another emission during the procedure and while I am inside you, rest assured I am well protected" I told her as I walked to the end of the exam table "and should I produce an emission of semen from my member while inside you it will stay contained within the rubber sheathe and will not enter your body - have no fear of being made with child".

Standing between her spread legs, with a gloved hand I raised the rubber sheet covering her and placed the sheet onto her abdomen.
"Are you certain you wish that I proceed with the treatment?" I asked her, giving her one last chance to object before I ravaged her body.
"Oh yes doctor, please cure my affliction. I trust this treatment is the best course" she responded.

Her maidenhood now exposed, I used my gloved finger and thumb of my left hand to spread her vaginal lips exposing her cloven inlet then wasted no time as I grasped my rubbered member in my other gloved hand and placed the round head against her wet flesh. I ran it up and down to moisten the rubber head. "I will be inserting the appliance into you now" I warned. She gasped as I pressed hard into her, burying the entire length of my cock inside her. "Oh doctor, 'tis so large!" she exclaimed. I don't consider myself as exceptionally well endowed, but I suppose compared to my gloved fingers my cock felt quite sizeable. I waited a few moments for her to accommodate me then began fucking her. Slowly at first, I pulled my rubbered cock almost out of her then plunged it back into her wetness. With a gloved thumb I rubbed the mound at the top of her vagina as I pumped my cock in and out of her.

Upon feeling her muscles tighten I pulled out of her but continued to rub her vagina with my gloved thumb. Her hips pulled upwards from the table, only to be restrained by the rubber straps which were now wet with her perspiration and emissions. With my other gloved hand I held my cock in front of her vagina and she achieved yet another paroxysm, spraying a stream of warm fluid onto my rubber gloves, sheathed cock, and down the front of my cape. I particularly enjoy the feeling of such a hot, wet emission especially on my rubbered member and it serves well to enhance the slippery nature of the rubber sheathe. I plunged it back into her and resumed fucking her as hard as I could, holding her hips with both of my gloved hands. Through the rubber cape my balls slapped against her arse as I pushed into her as far as I could - the rubber straps around her shoulders tightened and she could move no further up on the table. She was panting and out of breath but I continued her fucking as hard as I could.
Another paroxysm and her body tensed. She writhed but was again unable to move. This time I slid my rubbered cock in and out of her vagina even as it tightened in paroxysm around it. It was incredibly tight and she screamed. I could feel a gush of hot liquid envelop my cock - it was a wonderful feeling. I continued pumping in and out of her and droplets of her emissions splashed down the front of my cape. Clearly the treatment was working as she was deriving a great deal of pleasure.

The thin rubber condome was a good idea since it allowed her to feel my member as if I were almost unsheathed, perhaps even better since the rubber surrounding my cock was particularly slick (and it allowed me to feel the slickness and heat of her vagina including the hot wet emissions she produced), but I was soon feeling the urge to seed.
"I feel the sting approaching" I told her, as it was becoming quite imminent
"I want to feel you seed inside me" Violet said "fuck me, doctor, and fill me with your warm gush"
I did not remove the rubber condome, for safety of course, but pumped frantically in very long strokes. A few moments later I pushed deeply inside her and let out a huge gutteral grunt as I seeded many spurts inside the thin sheathe inside her vagina. Her vagina tightened once again whilst I was inside her, milking sticky white liquid from my cock into the rubber.

I was perspiring heavily under the rubber and air trapped between it and my flesh was evident in my gloves. I stopped, leaving my sheathed cock deep inside her. After a few moments her vagina relaxed and I pulled my shrinking member out of her. I removed the rubber sack filled with white semen and walked to a table to deposit it into a bowl (they are, after all, expensive so they shall be washed and reused). I pulled my cock back through the hole and under the cape again.

She lay on the table, covered in perspiration and oil, the rubber sheet still covering her breasts and bunched around her torso. She looked at my rubber cape "I am sorry I made such a mess" she said as the front was quite wet.
"Quite alright Madam, it is why I wear waterproof rubber during these procedures" I replied.
More relaxed now, she continued chatting with me "Do you not feel the sting for so long? In only minutes of amorous congress my husband seeds and is done"
"Well Madam", I explained "the rubber condome helps delay the feeling, it allows me to indorse you for some time and will also alleviate fear of becoming with child. Some are of particularly thick rubber and allow prolonged penetration"
"Might I be able to purchase these for his use ?" she asked
"Of course" I replied since supplying protectives is a lucrative source of income for a doctor.
I pondered her issue and why she could enjoy amorous congress with myself but not her husband
"Does your husband not touch you before indorsing you? Rub your breasts, your maidenhood?" I asked
"No ... he says he does not like the smell and touch of my maidenhood" she replied
"Perhaps you might provide him with rubber gloves so that he is less apprehensive" I suggested
"He might well be willing to try this" she replied "I shall make a point of purchasing him a pair. And perhaps a pair for myself"

I wiped my wet gloves onto a towel - the light amber rubber was almost transparent when wet - and retrieved a pair of black medical gloves which are somewhat thicker - they were the same ones I wore previously for my preliminary examination when she arrived.
"You are donning new gloves ?" Violet asked curiously "over top of the old ones ?"
"Now it is time I assess how rectal stimulation affects you. I will penetrate your rectum repeatedly with my rubbered member until you achieve paroxysm ... but first I will begin by fingering your arsehole with gloved fingers to lubricate and loosen it. For this dirtier task I shall double-glove with black medical rubber gloves over the ones I use for vaginal procedures" I explained as I stretched the black gloves over the ones I was already wearing which made a distinct squeaking noise. I wrung my hands together to expel air. "This will also allow me to remove the soiled outer rubber gloves which have touched your rectum and keep the inner gloves clean to stimulate your vagina as necessary during the rectal procedure"

"Did you say rectal? You mean my arse, err, bum hole is to be penetrated as well?" she asked, seemingly unaware of this part of the procedure.
"Yes, Madam, 'tis all part of the procedure" I responded "as I mentioned, you might find it humiliating but bound as you are you will be unable to resist as your arse is stretched and penetrated".
"but, my bum hole?" she asked again in disbelief "it is hardly a clean place ... and you are to, excuse the vulgarity ... fuck me in my bum hole? ... Put your cock inside my dirty dirty arse"
"I prefer the term medical penetration, but yes ... in some patients it is the best method to stimulate a hysterical paroxysm. I will ensure your rectum is properly prepared for the intrusion first by my greased and gloved fingers and then by a dilator to stretch it to accommodate my member. It is important that I assess how you respond to this. As I said, some patients find it humiliating, being penetrated deeply in as you said their 'dirty bumhole' by a proud cock, or even painful until the rectum is stretched ... and you now see why you must be restrained to the table and unable to resist while this procedure is attempted on your person."
Violet looked worried. "I have never had anything in my arse. Won't it hurt?"
"Not to worry, Madam ... my member will be sheathed in rubber when it penetrates your rectum and slides deep inside your well-greased bowels. The rubber helps it slide effortlessly inside your bum and up into your anal canal. And since I am enrobed in waterproof rubber I shall stay clean despite any emissions you might produce as you are penetrated - the flesh of my cock will not become soiled despite being inside your arse"
She wasn't worried about cleanliness so much as pain.
"It is a very important part of the treatment" I added "and required to fully treat your condition"
".. but ..." she tried to respond
"I am sorry, Madam, but it is a required medical procedure which you agreed to. It will also help alleviate inhibitions you might have about your own body." Indeed, she was to be penetrated in her deepest, darkest, taboo region.
Bound to the table as she was, she was in a good position to accept my member inside her rectum. Her legs were spread far apart causing her buttock to part and expose her wrinkled brown hole. And no matter how she resisted, she could not prevent my fucking of her tight virgin bum - my cock would be the first to enter her tight brown hole (and if she found it agreeable, hopefully not for the last time as many patients return for further procedures).

She was a bit in shock over the revelation that she was to take my cock up her arse. She obviously knew about the vaginal indorsement, probably from Elizabeth, but was obviously unaware that her arse was also to be taken.

I dipped a gloved finger into a tin of thick grease and pressed the tip against her wrinkled brown hole. "I shall begin with my gloved fingers" I explained as I pressed gently pushing the entire length of my finger inside her. She gasped at the intrusion as the shiny black rubber disappeared within her, being completely unaccustomed to having anything inside her bum. I left my finger buried inside her for a few moments then began slowly pushing it in and out of her to loosen her tight rectum. Through the rubber I could feel some resistance - more lubrication would clearly be required.
"Your arse is particularly tight and obviously has never been penetrated. I shall inject grease into your rectum for comfort whilst medical appliances are inserted" I advised as I pulled my finger from her bum and retrieved a loaded rectal syringe. I placed the six-inch long hard rubber pipe against her now lubricated hole and gently eased it inside her. Slowly pressing the plunger, I filled her rectal cavity with grease as I pulled the pipe slowly out of her. I removed the syringe and once again inserted my gloved finger - her rectal canal was much smoother now. I pulled my finger from her arse - the black rubber was covered in grease and some soil (black rubber was indeed a good choice for rectal procedures as it does not reveal much soil though). I plunged my finger in and out of her rectum several times.

"I will now insert a hard rubber dilator to stretch your rectum" I advised as I retrieved a black condome from a drawer and pulled it over the phallic-shaped object "It will be covered in rubber for cleanliness - the same type of condome used for medical rectal penetration by a penis".
I spread grease onto the black rubber to make it slick then placed the rounded tip against her hole and pressed gently until the rounded head disappeared inside her.
"Argggg" she gasped, likely in a bit of pain "Please stop".
"Sorry Madam, but I must stretch your bum hole. I realize nothing this large has ever been inserted into your arse but this is a required procedure". Her body tensed and tried to move upwards on the table but the straps around her shoulders pulled tight. "Breathe deeply, it will be over soon" I reassured her as the dilator continued its journey deep into her bum as I pressed the rest of the length into her. There was something oddly exciting to me about forcing the rubber phallus inside her against her wishes. She gasped again as it filled her anal cavity. It was now fully inside her, and she was covered in sweat from the ordeal. I left it inside her for a moment until she relaxed and became accustomed to the fullness then slowly pushed it in and out. Eventually, I pulled it completely out of her rectum then pushed it back inside, spreading and stretching her hole each time as it entered.

As I was busy stretching her arsehole by penetrating it repeatedly with the dilator, a procedure that took at least a half-hour, my member recovered and became proud once more.
"Your rectum should now be stretched adequately now and so it is time to penetrate you with my member and deflower your bum" I told her.
"Are you certain you will fit inside me ?" she questioned
"I am quite sure I will" I answered "the grease will help to be assured and I shall rubber-up my cock". Of course she was bound to the table so I could easily force my rubbered cock into her anal cavity if required, even if she was particularly tight.

I left the large dilator inside her - it protruded obscenely from her arse.
"I will don a rubber sheathe on my member before penetrating your tight arsehole. It will allow my member to slide into your rectum more easily as well as offer protection to keep it from becoming soiled"
I looked at her as she lie on the table, ready to be sodomized, and rubbed her buttocks.
"Normally I would don a thicker black rubber sheathe for such a procedure but perhaps it is best I use a thinner condome of the type I used on your maidenhood since I shall be taking your rectal virginity ... I usually use a condome this thin only in the vagina. Although I might not last as long before feeling the sting, you will feel every bump and feature on my member to enhance the pleasure you derive. It will feel as if I am wearing nothing at all, perhaps even better."

I pulled the outer black gloves off leaving only the thinner amber ones underneath which were still clean - I did not want to touch my member with soiled gloves which had been inside her dirty arse.

I obtained another thin amber vaginal condome and carefully pulled it onto my erect member then ran my hands down the rubber to push it lower onto my cock. Of course stroking my cock in this manner served only to enhance my sense of urgency to fuck her tight bum. I pushed it through the hole in the rubber cape again.
The thin, almost transparent rubber sheathe covered my cock - hopefully I would not seed too quickly once I entered her tight rectum, and hopefully it would hold up to the hard bumfucking I was hoping to give her without breaking.
"I shall just apply more grease to lubricate it before pushing it inside you" I noted as I scooped some thick grease from a tin with a gloved finger and applied it to my rubbered member. I admired how it looked sheathed in tight rubber - veins, bulges, all visible through the shiny rubber. I had come to enjoy the feeling of rubber on my member as well, especially as it disappears inside a body cavity.
"There" I stated "I am rubbered-up and ready"

I stepped between her spread legs. Her rectum was tight around the dilator.
"I will be penetrating your bum hole now by replacing the dilator with my rubbered cock." I explained "You will feel significant pressure as it fills your anal cavity but bear with it" (not that she had a choice if I forced it inside her, being bound as she was).
I grasped the dilator and pulled it from her arse then quickly inserted the greasy bulbous head of my member into her gaping hole. "You will feel pressure now". Unlike her cloven inlet, I pushed slowly into her rectum as the rubbered shaft disappeared inside her. She grunted loudly and tried to pull upwards but was unable to move due to her restraints and so was forced to take my sheathed cock inside her as it filled her anal cavity. "Just a few more inches" I assured her. I loved the feeling of my cock being engulfed by her hot, tight, greasy hole yet being completely protected from becoming soiled by the rubber. The pressure of pushing inside her caused grease to leak from around her rectum forming a ring around the base of the condome, some spilling onto my rubber cape.
"Your tight arse is magnificent" I advised her, trying to take her mind off any pain she might be feeling. I rubbed the globes of her arse gently with my gloved hands to relax her.
"I have looked forward to indorsing it when I first saw you on the table and am privileged that I was able to deflower your bum - to be honest this was one of the reasons I chose to wear such a thin rubber condome: I truly wanted to feel your tight virgin bumhole through the sheathe, and it is absolutely beautiful".
"So, you are a man of the backdoor ?" she asked, grunting a little in response to my slow thrusts.
"Not entirely so, but I have learned to cherish the tightness of the rectum. Still, I am glad my member and hands are sheathed in rubber to keep them sanitary whilst they enter your, as you say, backdoor"
I began rocking gently, pushing my cock in and out of her greasy bum in long strokes, savouring the feeling of tightness on the rubber sheathe surrounding it.
"I trust your bum is more comfortable now, filled with my member" I asked as I slowly fucked her
"Oh yes ... it feels quite full but 'tis quite pleasurable - you were correct that the rubber makes it quite smooth"
"Very well then" I said "Now that I am fully inside you, I shall begin a proper bumfuck to hopefully stimulate you to paroxysm"

The thin amber gloves I wore were still clean having only touched my member before it went up her bum so I rubbed her cloven inlet with a gloved thumb whilst fucking her arse. Soon I was fucking her arse as hard as I did her maidenhood earlier.
She began breathing heavily and achieved a paroxysm, again squirting an emission from her vagina - apparently she, like Mary, could be stimulated to produce a hysterical paroxysm by bumfucking.
"You see, Madam, that fucking your rectum can bring you great pleasure" I reminded her. Of course I was greatly enjoying the feeling as well.

I held her hips with my gloved hands so I could pump her hard for several minutes of hard bumfucking and I was ready once again to unload my baby batter inside her greasy arse. "I will be coming inside your bum soon" I warned her.
"Fill me" was her only response. A few hard pushes (which caused the straps around her shoulders to stretch) and one final push, burying the entire rubbered length inside her, and I could feel my emissions rise in my member until I spurted serveral times filling the thin rubber sack (which hopefully was still intact to contain the mess).

"Madam, I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed our tiff and indorsing your magnificent arse" I said as I pulled my cock, and the full rubber (which surprisingly did not leak), out of her bum. Her gaping rectum slowly closed, grease still oozing out of it.
I looked down at my cape - it was now thoroughly covered in grease. Her emissions dribbled down the front as well, some on the floor and some on my rubber boots (which were surprisingly practical in keeping my feet, which could be seen through the amber rubber, dry).
"The pleasure was mine, doctor" she said as she relaxed in her post paroxysmal state. I removed the full rubber and placed it with the first one I had used on her, pulled my cock inside the cape, then returned to her bound body on the table.

I placed a gloved hand on her bum, admiring it as I rubbed it - her buttocks glistened with grease that had leaked during the procedure. "Do you feel the treatment worked ?" I asked her "And are you comfortable with penetration of the rectum ?"
"I do not believe I am as comfortable with the act as I should be" she replied " ... can I book another appointment to continue this therapeutic treatment, doctor? You mentioned the wearing of a thicker black rubber condome for longer bumfucking, perhaps we could try that. I believe it prudent to restrain me during that procedure as well as I should like to encounter as much benefit as possible without the ability to resist."
"Of course, Madam, I shall put you down for both an intensive vaginal and rectal procedure."
"A thorough rubbered bumfuck would be fine" she replied
"Yes, Madam"
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