The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

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The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

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The Birthday Wish


(This is something I came up with this morning. Let me know if you like this and maybe I'll write some more).
(EDIT: I can't believe I need to emphasize this, but this is a FICTIONAL story, not based on real events.)


My wife, Sally, and I went out for dinner for my birthday and as an added bonus, she was wearing a pair of 8-button length white leather gloves (going past her forearm almost to her elbow). They fit her perfectly as they were unlined, and she really liked them. She knew I had a glove fetish and it had pretty much become the norm for her to wear gloves in the bedroom. This was a rare case of her agreeing to wear her gloves in public, aside from the winter months. Sally didn’t want people to know about our shared passion for gloves, although my fantasy had always been her agreeing to wear gloves 24/7.

Sure enough, for this one evening, Sally kept the gloves on at dinner, drinking and eating with them on, though being careful not to stain the white leather.

“Enjoy this while you can,” my wife told me, “Because this is a one-time only thing. At least until your next birthday.”

It also helped that she was wearing a beautiful black gown, with lots of accessories, and I was wearing my suit.

When we got back to our apartment, she agreed that she would leave the gloves on all night, but first thing in the morning, before she left for work, they were coming off. She had another surprise ready for me, a special chocolate birthday cake. Rather than the candles being on the cake itself, there were these special scented candles lined around the cake in these antique-style candlestick holders. Indeed, they were giving our apartment a unique and somewhat erotic scent.

“By the cake shop,” Sally explained, “There’s that Tibetan shop I love. And the woman there told me if I lit these magic candles for your birthday, they will ACTUALLY make your dream come true.”

I kind of chuckled at that.

“Don’t laugh!” Sally chuckled a little too, “You don’t know, maybe it’s true.”

Sally held my hands as she explained, and I felt the soft white leather of her gloved hands in mine.

“Anyway, she said you need to make a wish, blow out all but one candle. And the one candle still burning, we’ll take it into the bedroom with us. Let it burn all night and your wish will come true. So think carefully but don’t tell me or it won’t come true!”

I found this pretty amusing. Sally really got into this superstitious stuff sometimes. But I thought about what my wish would be. All I could really think about was the white gloves on her hands. She looked so beautiful in them, I wished she would leave them on forever. At that point, I figured, maybe that would be my wish. Odd thing to wish for, but it wasn’t going to come true anyway, so I decided to go with it, all while holding my wife’s gloved hands:

“I wish,” I thought to myself looking at the candles, which were strangely hypnotizing, “My wife would never take off her white gloves and they would stay on her hands permanently.”

Then I blew out the candles, all but one in the center. And I could swear a breeze ran through the apartment.

“This is an odd way to have birthday cake,” I told her.

She playfully slapped my cheek with her white gloved hand and smiled, “You won’t think it’s so odd when your wish comes true.” She picked up a knife and handed it to me to cut the cake, “And I hope your wish was a free trip to Paris for you and me?”

“I’m not supposed to tell you, remember?” I told her, though I was feeling somewhat guilty for not having thought about that.

“Well,” She said, “If it is, I might just have to wear these gloves again in Paris.”

We were about to share some cake but since she wasn’t going to take her gloves off I suggested she put some latex gloves over them, which she agreed was a good idea. I loved seeing her eat cake with gloves on.

After some delicious cake, it was time to go into the bedroom, and Sally brought that candle with her, once again filling the room with a delightful erotic scent. Sally took off her latex gloves keeping only her white leather gloves on:

“Weird,” Sally said, “My leather gloves feel tighter suddenly. Must have been from wearing those latex gloves.”

As we made out and clothes came off, Sally said she had another present for me. She told me to stay standing as she laid on the bed, completely naked, except for her gloves and necklace, and began to softly touch her clit with the leather gloves. That drove me crazy. Anytime Sally touched herself with gloves drove me wild, and it was usually with rubber gloves. But now, she was touching with those leather gloves, which meant they’d need a good cleaning.

“I’ve actually been looking forward to doing this,” She whispered, “I love the feel of these gloves.” She brought a finger to her nose and moaned, “They smell like me now.”

After a few minutes of watching her pleasure herself with those gloves, she reached out and touched my erect cock with the leather gloves.

“Mmmm,” She said, “Your cock really likes these gloves. But I don’t want to get these gloves too dirty, so wait just one second.”

As per our usual routine, she came back with a pair of yellow rubber household dishwashing gloves and some lube. I was actually relieved at that as I didn’t want the leather gloves to get too dirty. And the rubber gloves with some lube felt just as good on my cock. When she was ready, she pinned me to the bed and put me inside her. Her pussy was really wet. I guess those white leather gloves really did turn her on. Once I was inside, she took off the rubber gloves so she could hold my hands with her leather gloves, which were already pretty clammy and slightly wet from touching herself.

Our bedroom time was glorious as always, especially with her wearing those white gloves. It was hard to keep myself from cumming, but I wanted her to enjoy this as much as possible. Changing positions and lowering the intensity every once in a while to keep myself at bay, Sally moaned and screamed in pleasure. Every couple of minutes I felt her pussy contract. She must have cum maybe three of four times.

“Okay,” Sally was spent and quickly placed her rubber gloves back on while I was still inside her, “Cum in my gloves.”

I lied down as she quickly jerked me off in those rubber gloves, getting all the pussy juices on my cock all over her gloves.

“Cum now!” She demanded, “Cum in my gloves!”

And sure enough I did cum all over her yellow gloves. She sighed as she looked at her handiwork. She leaned forward, kissed me and said “Happy Birthday.”

Well she cleaned up, took the rubber gloves off, but kept her word to leave the white leather gloves on.

“Remember,” she told me, “I’m just sleeping with these gloves on for tonight.” She smelled her leather fingers again, “And you’re going to get these cleaned for me so they don’t smell like pussy.”

“Yes mistress!” I joked with her.

Sally took in the scent of the candle, “I love these candles.”

And so we went to bed, both naked, except that Sally kept her white gloves on and caressed my body in them before going to sleep. All I could think of was hoping my wish would come true. And as we drifted off into sleep, the candle finally burnt out.

The next morning, I wasn’t woken by Sally’s alarm, but by her shaking me, still wearing those white leather gloves:

“Jim, wake up!”

I opened my eyes and saw a look of worry in her face.

“I can’t get my gloves off.”

“What?” I sat up, still groggy.

“I’ve been trying to take them off for the past ten minutes so I can shower. I can’t get them off and they’re really tight on my hands, almost like they are my hands!”

I tried to pull them off from the fingertips, tried to grab them from the cuffs, but they were so tightly placed on her arms, not like they were cutting off her circulation necessarily, but almost welded to her hands. They wouldn’t come off.

… Did my wish come true?!
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

Post by Ceramic »

what a great story

was it for real or u made it all up? :) or perhaps based on similar experience that did happen..?

all i can think of is imagin a beautiful lady with long gown,white long gloves,eating in public

if i ever run into such sight,i'll probably faint (my wife would never do such anyhow...)
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

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Did you call 911?!

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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

Post by Someguy »

Ceramic wrote:was it for real or u made it all up?
... I don't think it's entirely possible for this to be real considering birthday wishes like that don't come true...
Ceramic wrote:all i can think of is imagin a beautiful lady with long gown,white long gloves,eating in public
My wife has worn gloves to restaurants before but she's always taken them off to eat. Believe me, I've barked up that tree and she just won't eat with gloves on.
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

Post by Kelliejayne »

Great story I bet we've all wished something similar in the past Lol
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

Post by Someguy »

Decided to keep going with this story. Not sure where it's going, but here's another chapter.

The Birthday Wish

Chapter 2

We spent another ten minutes trying to get the gloves off of Sally but they just wouldn’t come off, not from pulling the tips of the fingers off or pulling the cuffs at the back. It really did feel like a second skin now. Even cutting them off didn’t seem like an option because of how close the material was to her skin. Sally was getting anxious and was yelling:

“What did you do?!”

“I swear I didn’t do anything,” I tried to calm her down.

“Bullshit!” She said, “Did you put glue in them? I know you did something!”

“I swear,” I tried to hold her, “I didn’t do anything. I… I guess it was my birthday wish.”

“Your birthday wish?” Sally was having none of that, “What did you wish for?”

I really didn’t want to tell her, for fear that she would freak out even more, but I swallowed and told her the truth, “I wished you would keep those white gloves on all the time and never take them off again.”

She just stared at me like she wanted to kill me, “THAT was your wish?”

“I didn’t think it would actually come true.”

“First of all, what a ridiculous thing to wish for. But that can’t possibly be the reason. It was just a bunch of candles and play stuff. Wishes don’t come true like that. If they do, I’m buying more of those candles and wishing for a normal husband.”

That made me feel bad but I didn’t argue with her.

She tried one last time to get them off and almost started crying. She was usually too proud to let tears come down, so she stopped herself, “I have to go work now in these gloves.” She smelled them, “And they still smell like my pussy! What am I going to say? Everyone’s gonna be asking me, why are you wearing gloves? It’s summertime!”

“Maybe,” I told her, “You can tell them it’s a new fashion statement.”

Sally just rolled her eyes, “I need to shower. How am I going to shower in these gloves?”

I brought out a pair of opera-length black fetish latex gloves that she could wear over them. We didn’t use them too often because of how tight they were, and they would be even tighter over her white leather gloves. Sally was nervous to put them on fearing they too would get stuck, but she had no choice. I was allowed to draw the long gloves on her arms and she went into the shower. I felt very conflicted about this. There was guilt for wishing her gloves be stuck, but also a sense of enjoyment that she would forever be gloved. I was turned on by it.

Fortunately the black fetish gloves did come off and Sally’s white gloves were spotlessly clean, even though she claimed they still smelled like her vaginal juices. She even used an alcohol swab hoping to get rid of the smell, but I told her the gloves would dampen if she used the swab too much. She tried one more time to take them off but it was no use. To hide the length of the gloves, Sally wore a blazer over her top and skirt. She never wore blazers in the summer, but she didn’t want people to see her wearing long gloves with short sleeves, it would raise even more questions.

“Wish me luck,” Sally said, “I don’t know what I’m going to say. Should I just tell them my husband has a glove fetish and wished these stuck on my hands?”

“Please don’t,” I freaked out, in fear she would actually say that.

Later Sally told me what work was like with her gloves on. In the winter months, wearing gloves was common-place for her, but in the heat of the summer, no one wore gloves. For the most part, everyone was either too busy or too sleepy to look at her simply saying “Good Morning Sally.” The first one to notice was the co-worker who sat beside her desk, Lois. And the first conversation began.

“Why are wearing gloves?” Lois asked.

Sally was caught off guard, looked at her gloves and said, “It’s a… the latest fashion.”

“White gloves with a blazer,” Lois chuckled, “I thought you were going to a costume party after work or something.”

It just became more and more embarrassing for her. Eventually Sally decided to ditch the blazer which meant everyone could see the length of her white gloves while she typed away at the computer. The upside was that that gloves were so tight she could still do so and even use her smartphone. It wasn’t quite as fun when her boss walked over and asked about the gloves. Once again Sally wasn’t sure what to say trying to stick with the fashion thing.

“Oh,” her boss said, “Are you doing that treatment thing? I heard about it, you put moisture cream on your hands and arms and put gloves over them. I think I saw something about a hand model who did that.”

Sally shook her head, “Yeah, yeah that’s it.”

“Smart,” He said, “I should get a pair of gloves like that for my wife. They look very classy.”

With that he disappeared and Sally breathed a sigh of relief.

I had convinced Sally to bring latex gloves with her in case she needed to cover her leather gloves. But I didn’t expect this to happen. As the day went on, constantly reminded of the white gloves on her hands, she felt like she needed to release some tension. Sally discretely took the latex gloves with her and walked to the private bathroom. Inside, with the door locked, she pulled the gloves on and took off her skirt and panties. Then she began to touch herself. She was wet. Wearing the gloves all this time had turned her on and she wanted to orgasm. Feeling the latex touching her clit and rubbing her g-spot, she came almost instantly. When she later told me about this, I thought it was the hottest thing she’d ever said, and I was convinced that maybe being forced to wear gloves 24/7 would make her more of a glove fetishist.

She also wore the gloves when she had lunch, which led to further questions, but she began to get used to it.

That’s when I got a call from her, “After work,” She told me, “We’re going to the shop where I got the candles and we’re gonna get these gloves off. Meet me there!”
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

Post by violet666 »

More, more, more :)
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

Post by sims »

Excellent!! can't wait for Chapter 3!
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

Post by Someguy »

Thanks for waiting. Here is Chapter 3:

The Birthday Wish

Chapter 3

I met Sally at this Tibetan shop after work, as she asked. Sure enough, she was still wearing those white leather gloves with her jacket. She didn’t say a word to me and just walked right into the shop. It was strange to say the least, like something out a movie. Sally went right up to the elder Tibetan woman behind the counter. She smiled at first, but could soon tell something was wrong.

“I came in here yesterday asking about the candles for my husband’s birthday.”

I stood behind her.

“Oh yes,” The shopkeeper said and noticed she was wearing gloves, “Is there a problem?”

“My husband,” Sally said with disdain, “wished that I be trapped in these white gloves.” She held them up.

I expected the shopkeeper to eye me like I was crazy, but she simply nodded her head and asked Sally to remove her coat so she could examine the gloves. Sally seemed a little taken aback by that, but did remove her coat and showed off the long white gloves.

“I feel like someone has to be playing a trick on me, like they used super-glue with them or something.”

The shopkeeper squeezed the leather palm her hand and explained, “They are not held together by any trickery. They are just attached to your hands now like an outer skin.”

Sally shook her head, “I don’t understand, how is this possible?”

“What did you wish for exactly?” She looked at me, “Your exact words?”

I mumbled before answering, trying to remember exactly what I said, “I wished my wife would never take off her white gloves and they would stay on her hands permanently.”

“I see,” The shopkeeper nodded her head, “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.”

“I didn’t know,” I explained, “That the wish would actually come true.”

“I’ve heard that before many times,” She looked at Sally, “And I explained to you that this was not trickery. Your husband’s wish would actually come true.”

I was starting to wonder if this was some sort of black magic or something. Sally was getting more frustrated by the minute.

“So how do I get them off?” She asked, “Can I buy some more candles and wish for them to come off?”

“No,” The Shopkeeper said, “You cannot unwish another person’s wish.”

“Can I?” I asked, “I want to take back my wish.”

“I’m sorry,” The Shopkeeper continued, “Wishes on Tibetan candles are mostly irreversible and from the language you spoke, there is no way to get those gloves off of her.”

“That can’t be true,” Sally said, “So if someone wished I was in coma, then I’m just gonna be in a coma without any say?”

“There are,” The Shopkeeper said, “Exceptions to this, as you may not wish harm upon another person. And there was no harm done here.”

“I have to wear gloves on my hands for the rest of my life,” Sally explained in an intense manner, “It’s gonna affect my job, my life, everything. That seems harmful to me?”

The Shopkeeper grabbed one of her white gloved hands and smelled her fingers. Sally squirmed at this and withdrew her arm.

“You have pleasured yourself with these gloves on,” The Shopkeeper said, “I can see it on your face, there is at least a small part of you that enjoys this.”

Sally’s jaw dropped.

“There is no harm done here,” The Shopkeeper said, “And consider yourself lucky. I have heard of cases where a husband wished his wife trapped in handcuffs or a bondage hood. You simply have a layer of leather gloves on top of your hands.”

“This has happened before?” I answered, very curious about this.

“Not often, but yes,” The Shopkeeper said, “In fact, there is but one woman I know who also is trapped in gloves. She worked as a maid for this rich man who made her wear household rubber gloves at all times. They even became intimate with each other, until she too decided to buy the candles for him. The man wished her to be trapped in the gloves forever, among a few other things. Of course she wears rubber gloves for chores rather than fashion gloves like yours.”

“Seriously?” Sally asked.

I hate to admit that I was getting very turned on hearing this story. A maid who never took her rubber gloves off, it was intriguing to hear about.

“And she’s still working for him trapped in her gloves like this?” Sally continued.

“No,” The Shopkeeper explained, “She left him and is desperately seeking another job. Although there’s something about the man’s wish that prohibits her.”

“You know,” I said to Sally, “We’ve been talking about finding a maid-“

“Oh don’t you start!” Sally scolded me. I stayed quiet and listened.

Well the long story short was there was nothing that could be done to get Sally’s gloves off. She was stuck in them permanently. We spent a long time there as Sally’s questions were answered about what happened when her nails grew, her hands got sweaty inside the gloves. It was a relief to know that because of the wish for the gloves to stay on permanently, like a second skin, they would act as such and not cause any irritations from sweat and her nails would stop growing. In fact, they perfectly protected her hands making them practically invulnerable to scratches and the like, though she would have to be careful not to scratch up the gloves themselves. Putting rubber or latex gloves on for any contact with water or dust would be crucial. The Shopkeeper recommended some amulets and incense which would help her chi flow or whatever, I wasn’t really paying close attention. Sally seemed more interested in it, and the shopkeeper even recommended a massage parlor where they could release the tension in her hands and arms should they become uncomfortable.

“And I must implore you,” She told Sally, “Embrace this change in your life. It may seem inconvenient at first, but you and your husband have a special connection with the gloves that will make this a positive transformation.”

“Did my husband pay you to say that?” A cynical Sally crossed her white gloved hands.

We were about to leave with the many new products, which The Shopkeeper was kind enough to give us a massive discount on. But before then, I asked her if she had the contact information for that maid with the rubber gloves. She did in fact have it, but said she would have her contact us so as not to betray her personal information. Seemed fair.

“You seriously want to meet this woman don’t you?” Sally scolded me as we left putting her coat back on to conceal the length of the gloves.

“Well,” I saved face, “Maybe you should talk to her. It might be a good idea to know someone who’s in the same position you’re in.”

Sally did seem to consider that as a positive.

“Sally,” I stopped her and hugged her, “I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. This is all completely my fault. If I could go back and change my wish, I’d wish for you to have your own personal jet to take you to the Bahamas anytime.”

“I know you do,” Sally said with a sad tone, “Happy Birthday. You got your wish.”

When we got home, Sally collapsed on the couch and told me all that had happened at work, including her need to masturbate which turned me on and left me with an erection. As punishment for my wish, she told me I had to wait while she made dinner. Sally put a pair of yellow household rubber gloves on to do everything. Suddenly the topic turned to this maid trapped in gloves.

“I feel bad for this girl,” Sally said, “Being trapped in rubber gloves. I guess it’s true that at least mine are stylish and comfortable.”

“And sexy,” I couldn’t help but tell her as I tried my best to help prepare dinner.

Sally finally gave me a smile.

Like our night out before, she was once again eating and drinking with gloves on. In fact, she seemed to drink more wine than she had the night before. It would have been more enjoyable if there wasn’t a feeling of “I’m wearing these because I have to” coming from her.

“Well,” She said looking at the clock on the wall and then back at her white gloves, “It’s been 24 hours. Only about 500,000 to go.”

After an awkward dinner, Sally forced me to do dishes, which meant it was my turn to wear rubber gloves. I definitely thought about what it would be like to be stuck in these forever and it was both disheartening and enticing to think about. Sally told me she was going to go take a shower.

By the time I finished cleaning up, I walked out of the kitchen and found my naked wife on the couch masturbating in her white gloves with a towel under her. She was moaning in pleasure.

“Sally?!” I couldn’t help but call out her name.

“I can’t help it!” Sally continued to touch her clit with the white leather gloves, “I’m so horny. I don’t know why I feel like this.”

If I didn’t have an erection during dinner, I really had one now. It was impossible not to notice. Sally made a ‘come hither’ motion with her free white gloved hand. While still touching herself with her other white glove, she pulled down my pants and began to stroke my manhood. It felt unbelievable.

“I’m so wet!” She cried out and pulled me closer to put my cock in her mouth. She slobbered it with her saliva, took it out and said, “Sit down!”

Still not taking one hand off of her clit, she pushed me down on the towel where she was sitting and sat on top of me, guiding me to penetrate her. She wasn’t kidding, my wife was so wet.

“You can’t cum!” She told me, “Until I tell you to. Okay?”

“Yes Ma’am!” I obeyed orders.

Watching her from behind with her white gloved hands on her knees was making me shiver. It took a lot of will power not to explode inside her, especially when I felt her orgasm a couple times.

She changed positions more than once, we even wound up on the floor and she kept saying “Don’t cum!” So I didn’t. At one point she gave me a mischievous smile as she grabbed her breasts with the gloves, “These gloves give me power over you!”

She came again and again. Finally, after repositioning me on the couch so she was sitting on top of me again, she grabbed my face with her white gloved hands:

“Okay Jim,” She said, “I’m gonna allow you to cum now. Watch my white gloved hands and cum inside me!”

As she started to rub her own face with the white leather gloves, I wasted no time finally exploding inside her. Sally even had one more orgasm from it. Sally leaned forward and kissed me. Before she took me out of her, she reached by the table and held her latex opera-length black gloves.

“Put these on me!” She ordered.

I did until they were completely covering her white gloves and she sat up to allow me to escape her warm pleasure palace. She held her pussy with the black gloves.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” She started for the bathroom but looked to me one last time, “I think she was right. There’s something about being stuck in these gloves that makes me so horny.”

I couldn’t help but smile at that as she disappeared for the bathroom.

(To pose an end question: For the maid who's trapped in household rubber gloves, among other things, what other things did her previous master wish upon her in addition to her being trapped in rubber gloves? Just curious on what answers people would give.)
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Re: The Birthday Wish - White Leather and Household gloves

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8) :biggrin: I enjoyed the story; i'ts well paced, different, imaginative, and unusual! I relish the choice of white over black--an interesting choice! :nod:
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