Mini Experiments With Rubber Gloves

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Mini Experiments With Rubber Gloves

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The good doctor Ross shouted into the empty labratory late Friday night: “Eureka!” as the testing on his new subatomic miniaturizer/reinlarger came back complete and safe for use on now, finally; not only on inanimate objects but on real biological organisms, (contained within the local Calabi-Yau manifold field, and subject to organisms larger than Ameobas)

He leaned back in the chair, happy with the results. He was very eager to try this device out. He removed his patented “wristwatch” Calabi-Yau field generator from the automated testing chamber, and put it into his jacket pocket. On the drive home he began to pant heavily, thinking about what he wanted to do first. What he wanted to try.

He was what many would call, heavily into rubber fetish and eroticism. It had been a desire and huge turn on for him ever since he could remember being a very young individual. Now, at 43 years old, he could experience something he had always wanted to try out. Since it was gloves that first got him started into what fetishism was and, this was one of his earliest desires, he decided to conduct an experiment at home with his new device.

He parked his car eagerly, and went up to his apartment on the 7th floor of an average Residental suite building. He watered his plants when he first entered, having forgotten to water them earlier this morning before leaving for work. It had been a long day of testing and restesting to make SURE his device was safe for use, and this was the final result of 12 years of long headache inducing research and development. He almost giggled with anticipation. If they only KNEW what he was going to do with his new device. Thank God it was his. He had sealed the deal for his own patented device, and he now owned the rights to this device.

He ate a good meal, and got prepared for his experiment. He took out a pair of orange marigold extra large rubber gloves, and lightly caressed the orange rubber fingers....gently he stuffed one of the rubber gloves with some facial tissue, softly pushing the tissues down each rubber finger, ensuring it got packed nicely but not too firmly, room for pushing if he needed it.....

The inside lining of the gloves were flocklined, these pair of gloves had been used a little by him, but were still relatively clean. He sniffed inside one of the gloves and the smell was inticing and rubbery, a little of sweat but mostly a lovely rubber scent. He turned the glove that was not stuffed, inside out so the orange latex rubber was on the inside, and then, he carefully slid the stuffed glove, into the inside out glove, not all the way, only halfway in, so as to allow for space for him to slide inside :)

He got out his small pre-made mini-bed. It was a small miniature bed matress, soft, with bedsheets, and pillows, he had shrunk this bed last week for a test and it was still shrunk down, to about the size of 1/2 an inch in length. He slid the bed inside the inside out rubber glove, then, lightly he poked the rubber fingers of the inside out glove, inwards so that now, ten rubber fingers were inside a soft pocket of rubber glove - one glove inside out, with white flock showing, and the other glove stuffed into the first - ten orange rubber fingers lightly rubbing and laying against each other inside. He thought to himself, and warmed up a pair of soft surgical latex rubber gloves, one glove he partly filled with nice and warm water, removing all of the air bubbles, he tied the glove shut and gently flexed the floppy loose glove, it was about 1/2 fill but would make for a lovely rubber waterbed if he felt the need....... as well as a pair of black gauntlet Marigold gloves ME-104’s, softly, he tucked the surgical rubber gloves inside the orange inside out glove too, as well as the larger black Marigold rubber gloves. The inside out glove was now sort of bulging out in a silly grotesque manner, there was little room for the first orange Marigold glove now, he giggled and slid the gloves all together again, and got a huge hardon in his pants thinking about the inside, and small but -intimate!- Environment he had just created inside a rubber glove :)

He placed the gloves onto a soft towel, on his Sofa. Then, he sat next to the gloves, and turned on the miniaturizer.

It began to shrink him. This was the first time he felt what it felt like. What any human being felt what it felt like. It was a strange sensation. He made sure that it was not too quick of a rate - too quick and the senses would be overwhelmed. Sounds seemed to get louder as he shrank....but a little hollow sounding as well, and more deeply acoustic. The tick from the clock on the wall got louder slightly, and deeper. The hum from the refrigerators compressor kicking in was a lot louder than before. As was the hum from
the flourescent lights on the ceiling in the kitchen. He could distantly hear a “Thrum.....thrum.....thrum.....” from clothes in a drier, down the hallway, even though before he had not been able to through the closed door of his apartment beforehand.

It felt sort of unbalancing, like sitting upon a flat disc which balanced upon a round fulcrum - a wee bit unbalancing and nauseating to the stomach. He knew the feeling would pass. He sniffed the air as he shrank - the smell of rubber began to increase in his nose. He moaned a little, his hardon throbbing more now than ever. He could feel the fabric of the Sofa cushion expanding beheath him, his legs began to drag upwards as the cushion began to grow around him. Everything began to grow. He moved closer to the orange rubber cuff of the Marigold glove, and genrly put his hand on it as he kept shrinking. The feel was entirely amazing and invogorating, he could feel the rubber material expanding (but it was really his own body shrinking) as he ran his hand along the butter smooth rubber cuff, it grew around him, lengthening more and more and more.

Now he was only 3 feet tall. The gloves had grown, and he moaned and tenderly rubbed the cuff again, as he continued to shrink down slowly at a steady rate. Ten minutes later, and he was only 1 inch in total length from head to toe. The gloves had grown to monumental size! He moaned, still shrinking but almost done, as he tenderly rubbed his hand along the side of the huge glove. He would soon slide inside. He shrank down a little more and then, shut off his shrinking device.

What was before him was the rubber environment he had just made.
The cuff of the stuffed marigold glove towered around and over him. The top of the rubber glove appeared to be around some 25 feet or so high, from what the scaled-down-version of himself could gather. He gently walked around the end of the glove and up the length of it’s soft smooth cuff, trailing a hand along the orange latex as he did so, enjoying it’s hugeness, its vastness, the texture of the rubber changed under his hand as he approached the palm of the glove. It gained a rough texture, he tenderly trailed his hand as he continued to walk along the glove, now the sudden and huge cuff of the inside-out Marigold glove approached along the left side of his body. He took this time to stand and pause, between rubber gloves, to admire this sight to behold. Five very large orange rubber fingers, slid into the other glove along the right side of his immediate view, he gently pressed his hand against the thumb, it gave way a little, the orange latex softly enfolding around his hand a little, making him a little horny. He moaned at this sudden touch, the rubber behaved a little differently at this level and size, it seemed to move and glide a little easier.

He took a deep breath in his nose, relishing the slightly warm temperature coming from inside the rubber gloves, -from the water filled surgical latex glove- and he slid inside the rubber properly, gently stepping inside, slowly sliding between the layers of orange rubber on either side of him now. He decided to gently climb onto the stuffed Marigold glove, and enter that way, rubbing in between the large protective digits. He slid onto the large glove and hugged the huge rubber thumb. His head relaxed against the rubber and it softly enfolded around his entire head and face, disappearing into the ballooning rubber for half a second, as the air pressure inside the finger held for a little and then squeaked out. His head was swimming, the large soft rubber fingers were so SO HUGE!! Each finger seemed to be about 8 feet high, and 40 feet in length, so as far as he could tell from his perspective. He tenderly caressed the huge thumbtip, as he began to enter the glove palm. The mess conglomeration of rubber here was amazing. Large rubber fingers curled up around the mess of black rubber that the ME-104 gauntlets made, and the surgical gloves also were here, the warmth and the smell of the latex that came from the surgical gloves was fragrant and sweet, almost intoxicating!! Heavenly! He moaned and walked towards the big surgical glove, and made a small mistake, he jumped ontop of the glove without first testing it’s reaction to his weight or size.

The effct was instant almost. He sank to the bottom of the surface of the water filled latex glove but thanks to the softness of the latex rubber, it enfolded all around him and sucked him into a pocket of warm latex, almost entirely engulfing him. He almost panicked at the rubber wrapped around his head and face, almost smothering him! A large and heavy water-filled index finger annoyingly pressed down upon his head from above, pushing him back over and over into the small pocket of rubber that he had unwillingly created (half unwillingly) when he had jumped into the rubber. It pushed him back down, the powder from the glove slid along his body, and for a moment, he was entirely engulfed by the warm latex, it sloshed all around. He could hear the clock much louder inside this rubber warm prison of sorts. He stayed calm, and lightly shuffled his feet and arms upwards, until he could deflect the index finger away slightly, and pull himself out of the glove’s grip.

He softly panted as he slid himself off of the surgical glove. It had been near close to being in a dangerous position! He made a checklist of things to watch for and to be safe, making sure he had a glove exit and knew where it was, before he decided to slide inside one of the black rubber gloves. He lightly opened the rubber cuff all around him, it was so soft and smooth, but because of his size, he wasn’t able to move these big heavy gloves around too much. He slid alongside the smooth chlorinated rubber digits and dove into that area instead.

Black rubber and darkness embraced him. He slid among the large black rubber fingers. It smelled of rich industrial rubber....he moaned and pulled at one of the fingertips of the other glove, it gently popped out; being slightly turned inwards at the tip, almost knocking him over into the rubber palm of the other glove. He giggled at this and hugged the hig fingertip, its soft stretchiness lightly pressing against his entire body front........almost engulfing him fully. There were two rubber digit tips that were pressing together. He slid between them both and was astounded that they could almkst hold his seemingly sub-atomic weight up, he soflty moaned now.....

His clothing had all been miniaturized with him. He took off his clothes....yanked off his boxer shorts, and began to hump and make love to the large rubber fingertips which came together and held him steady and safe. He gasped large breaths of thick industrial rubber scented air, among the latex smells from the surgical rubber......the fingers rubbed and caressed him, coaxing him to Orgasm.

“Unnnggggg.......” *the pitch in his voice rising as the huge gloves brought him towards orgasm*
“Ungffff....” *the squeaking of the large rubber gloves as he fucked them, it seemingly began to reverse, almost as if he was the object, and the gloves were the living entity, holding him and playing with him, fucking him and te derly caressing until he passed out inside. He felt the rubber tip of the huge finger behind him, lightly “pop” between his cheeks, and he moaned heavily at that, (he was Gay so it turned him on) and his buttcheeks squeezed the fingertip, as he orgasmed, a heavy wet stream of running semen, dribbling down.

“Unggfffhh....” *squeaks of rubber as the huge wet fingetips began to glide together, wet and slippery, with a small miniature human being between, thrusting and orgasming hard at the huge rubber fingers which held him, caressed him, squeaking and cumming hard......the little human being cums his load all over the large protective rubber fingers.......and hugging the fingertip in front of him.......he passes out inside the rubber glove conglomeration he has created.

We will leave him for now, this way, spent with his seed all upon himself and his new found environment, and when we return, we will make sure to give him more experiences with other types, sizes, and scents of rubber gloves ;)
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