An Accident On The Ranch

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An Accident On The Ranch

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Getting up out of bed he and his wife got dress and went out to greet the day. Each of them put on a tight pair of nitrile gloves and walked out. She got his coffee and he went out to see the workers, He always tried to be down there before them. They would just start working but he was always early and they knew that. Some mounted their horses to go out and check on the fields for him. He would go with them if he didn’t just do it him self. The rest stayed back to muck out the stalls. They rode out to check on the fences and animals they had out in the fields. With many acres to cover they would choose a few areas a day. For the most part if it was on the outer sides he would go him self or take his truck way out. He would also take his horse if he felt the need to relax a bit.
As they checked things out they noticed small repairs needed here and there. It was things that could be fixed with tools in their saddle bags. As they went down the fence line they kept checking for anything out of the ordinary. He went ahead to check further down the line for a quicker idea of what they might need to do or not do. He kept going down the fence line, though still staying with in eye and ear shot of his workers. Just as he got to the furthest point his horse was spooked by a snake and bucked him off, but not before held on for a wild ride. His horse kept bucking and knocked him off. Before proceeding to run away or back to the other workers he had gotten stomped on a few times in the process. Once his horse took off, there was a cloud of dust heading towards him from his workers who had seen and came to aid him. One roped the horse so it wouldn’t go far, the others jumped off their horse to see if he was okay. They found him deliriously near unconscious. They tried to get his attention but the concussion had him in and out. One of his ranch hands had called 911 to get help. You could hear the sirens in the air getting closer.
The first responders pulled up to field they were instructed to go to. They got out and deployed EMT’s to and paramedics to assist him. The ranch hands stepped out of the way. Another truck pulled up in a cloud of dust near all of this. A woman (his wife) jumped out to get to him. One of the ranch hands held her back and said “Let them do their job, hes pretty banged up and needs their help. He is in good hands.” Fighting the grip of the eldest ranch hand who was one of their closest friends she couldn’t break free and just stood there helplessly. Her gloved hands gripping on to their ranch hands arms and holding tightly in disbelief. They began to cut his clothes off, not all of them but just some to get access to things. One of the paramedics went to remove his work gloves and notice his rubber gloves still on, about to peel them off, the wife stopped him. “No Please don’t remove those! He wears them all day and wouldn’t want them removed.” the paramedic sat there for a sec thinking well that’s silly, but the workers all agreed to let him leave them on. The paramedics did as asked and left his gloves on. “He has OCD and it would trigger major stress for him if he realized they were coming off.” The paramedic replied. “Could we at least give him a fresh pair if he really needs them once we get to the hospital? Just want to keep things clean.” The wife replied “Yes just let him know your doing that and that he will get a new pair put on him!” “Okay miss we can do that thank you.”
They put him into the ambulance and asked if the wife would like to come. She nodded and said yes, but how will I get back if I have to?” “I will follow you in your truck,” Said the their ranch hand friend. They all got into their respective vehicles and headed to the hospital. As they drove down, they had to set him up with an IV and get him ready for any prep needed. He was starting to come to and really woke up once they gave him the IV, he started to squirm a bit. “Sir, sir calm down your okay!” “Why does my arm hurt?” “I had to give you an IV for the hospital.” He began to get a bit queezy.. “Are you okay sir?” “Needles really bother me I have terrible white coat syndrome.” “ohh okay well here let me help.” the paramedical shot in the IV a pain killer, this helped him calm down a bit. “Did that help?” “Surprisingly yes.” “We will need to remove your gloves before we go in there, but I will put a fresh pair on you as instructed by your wife and workers.” “Ahh okay thanks yes please a new pair I will need.” As they arrived at the hospital the paramedic slid his gloves off for him. His hands being quite sweaty he decide to help him dry his hands off and then got him a new pair of gloves to put on. As they got to the hospital, they unloaded him from the back and brought him to the ER. Once he was in a room for assessment the paramedic made it clear to the staff he is to have nitrile or latex gloves on his hands at all times. The staff looked at him like really. He made it very clear though and they agreed. So he would always have a pair of gloves on. They would also change them for him if need be.
His wife was able to get right in but because of protocol she had to wear a mask and a new pair of gloves. The gowns were not needed for her being his wife. “My god how are you doing honey!?” As he layed there in pain he nodded saying I’m okay. His wife held his gloved hand in hers and sat there with him for a bit. A nurse and doctor came in next, both masked already and both began to donn some well fitted nitrile gloves. The slender nurse had chosen the XS which fit her to the point you could see her nails in them. A they donned the gloves they told him they needed to take some x-rays and an MRI. And he would be right back in his room. As they explained this for the pain the nurse connected the bag of morphine to his IV. He got nervous at first about this but then the morphine kicked in and he relaxed a bit after. His wife watched them wheel him away for a bit as she sat there just waiting. He had his own room at the moment so she sat there on her own trying to relax and wait patiently. As they wheeled him down to the testing. The nurse Reassured him they wouldn’t remove his gloves during these tests. But when they got back into his room that he would need to put on a new pair. He just nodded his head and was rolled away for the tests. As his wife waited in his room eagerly for his return she couldn’t help but run thoughts through her head. Why did this have to happen he hasn’t fallen off in years. What if he can’t ride anymore, I mean that is his life. Naa he will be okay, they will let him be able to ride again. As she thought this all out it had been about two hours. They came back in to the room with him and got his bed back into position. “Is he going to be okay Doc?” His wife asked eagerly! “Well now, yes I believe he will make a full recovery. It won’t be too long but he needs to stay off a horse for a few weeks. Trucks and cars are fine, ATV’s can work also but slowly. He seems to have just badly tweaked a few things in his back. In time they will heal and he will be good to go. In the mean time lots of rest will be required at first for a week or two then he can get back at it slowly.” “Thank you so much he will be relieved to hear that.” “We will keep him on the morphine for now.” Just then the wife noticed some straps on the bed, kind of like restraints and then asked about them. “Is there a reason for the restraints on this bed?” “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry, unfortunately I think this was the only bed available. Still moving things around since the pandemic and we are using what we have. We have no intention of using them at all. They are totally clean and sanitized though so no worries there. You can completely ignore them again we will not use these at all so rest easy there.” She responded “Thank you for the information, I’m surprised I didn’t even notice them till now.” “Well no I mean its not something you were looking for while he was getting his tests doesn’t I’m sure, or being rushed in here. We will let you get some rest, I just want to keep him for maybe a day or two to keep an eye on the head and make sure there is no concussion.” “Oh boy well he hates being here, but what ever is best.” “We will do what we can to make it as easy as possible for him no worries.” “Thank you doc.” He nodded his head and walked out gently closing the door behind him. Her husband was awake now and much more alert, a bit more at ease kind of hearing he was going to be fine. Not entirely happy that he had to be there, but he knew that was best.
She planned on staying there for the night with him. She grabbed a book to read in case he falls asleep. She didn’t wan to leave his side yet. He did try to talk to her a bit about the ranch and wanted to make sure the books were up to date. He was also telling her about how he still has a spot in the fence to fix on the far side. She assured him that she had told the older rancher and another one to go look at it. She also told him she left the older one who was good friends with him in charge. He felt even more relieved knowing that. As the night went on their friend stopped into see them. The one who they have encounters with and really enjoy their time together. She had a mask and tight blue gloves on, Some really tight blue jeans and shirt that had long sleeves down to her hands about half way. “Well hello guys.” She said quietly not knowing if he was sleeping or not. “He is awake you don’t have to whisper. Come on in.” “thanks, how is he?” “So far he is doing better the doc said just a couple of days here to be monitored and then send him home, just in case of concussion.” “Ohh that makes sense, well it sucks but hey at least he is doing better. Able to keep his gloves on I see that’s good!” “Yep they said they would keep them they on for him but change them periodically.” “Well that is good, probably helps keep his hospital anxiety down. And how are you doing?” “I am better now that I know he will be okay and that your here!” “well I am free for you guys for a day or two so I can stay if you want also.” “that would be great it would probably help distract him from being here.” they all talked a bit for a while about different things. He was trying to keep his mind off of being where he was, as he listens to them talk a bit more he couldn’t help but watch their gloved hands move around even fixing their hair from time to time. Moments after he watched their gloved hand movements he began to grow a hard on! He started to remember their encounters together and he just couldn’t help it. Well the girls noticed and looked over.
“well is someone feeling better haha.” his wife said laughing “are we turning you on? I was wondering how long it would take for all the gloves and masks to turn you on.” he laughed a bit and said “sorry I can’t help it. Y'all do this to me every time.” they grinned at each other and both started to think. “Hmm I wonder if he could use a session?” the friend looked at his wife then went over to shut the door and pull the curtain over. “I bet we could help him relax even more.” their friend said eagerly. The wife looked at the setup and began to hatch an idea. “so they gave us a restraining bed, it was all they had at the time. They said they had no intention of using it but that doesn’t mean we can’t right?” “ohh sounds like fun! I bet this wouldn’t even take too long.” they thought about it and agreed it would be fun for him. Their friend still thinking of everything being in her element went and peaked out the door for a minute to make sure there was no one coming. After looking she close the door again quietly. She went back over to them and help his wife restrain him. They tied his writs to the bed and then his waist with their gloved hands, after that they tied his ankles down too. There was a head and shoulder restraint also but they wanted him to be able to see everything. His wife tilted the bed up so he could see everything. Once he was tied down, their friend grabbed some medical lube from a cabinet. The girls made sure he was completely exposed. They uncover the whole front of his gown and out came his rock hard cock. The girls got very excited. “To be honest I have always wanted to do this in a hospital.” “Really well now it looks like we get to help two fantasies.!” His wife said to her. As they began to rub his body with their tight gloves and long sleeves, he became rock hard and even purple, knowing that he really couldn’t Move because of very secure leather straps on the bed. As they continued to rub his very exposed body on the hospital bed, they were careful not to go near his IV at all, but they were also making sure to brush his cock with their gloves. “Hey I have an idea, hold on.” Their friend said going over to the wall where gloves are. She pulled some gloves that look to come from a box not even opened yet. “Here these are XS small latex gloves. I’m guessing they aren’t used a lot due to latex allergies, but during the pandemic I think they tried to get their hands on anything.” “lets use some lube on our hands first.” Said his wife. As they lubed their tiny hands up wnd slid the tight latex gloves on they sere airtight and near invisilbe. “Nice they are just how he likes them almost invisible! Now lets keep going shall we. Be careful not to let him cum to quickly, we should have some time to make him really want it. Now honey try not to arch you back too much, that is why we tied you down with the nice thight leather straps hehe. This way you can’t move too much and you wont hurt your self.” he just moved his head a bit in enjoyable agony.
They kept on with their own procedure on him and continued to rub the gloves all over him. They would each brush his cock several times even stroke it a bit but just to keep it hard and some what purple, They would rub his tip too. Their friend started getting more into it and started performing more of a hand job, but then stopping. Twisting her gloved hands around his shaft making sure not to go too far yet. They had him on edge for about 15 minutes, he was so close he could blow at the slightest right touch! “I think he is about ready to burst, she we finish him?” His wife said. “Yep I’m ready when you are been following your lead on this one.” she smiled and looked over at her husband “So are you ready for us to make you cum?” He slowly nodded in agony waiting to be able to burst. His wife went to the end of the bed and grabbed his shaft and balls. Their friend went over near his head and put her tight latex glove on his mouth. “Can’t have you making any noise here hehe.” Gently silencing his mouth, while also finding a sample cup and using that to hold the semen. his wife then went to town on his cock and balls. Massaging just right until he got nice and close. Using a twisting up and down motion on his shaft and rubbing his balls, while both of them had long sleeves and pony tail hair dues. He let go and exploded into the cup, almost filling it up from every stroke his wife gave him. He had enough for a full semen sample. “Well I bet that felt good ehh honey?” “Oh I think he enjoyed that one yup!” Both of them looking at him with a satisfying face. He just layed there calming down from the excitement. “Wow my back doesn’t even hurt as bad anymore.” “See well look at that we gave you some natural medicine haha.” Said their friend with a sexy wink in her eyes.
After the girls cleaned him up and got rid of the plastic cum, they removed their gloves and donned new pairs. This time just normal sized nitrile gloves. They both untied him and covered him back up. He tried to get up to use the bathroom to pee after that. He somewhat stumbled to the bathroom and attempted to pee. Since he had just cam he wanted to make sure he was cleaned out just in case, that and he always did this right after. His wife offered to help him go if he needed it. She came in and helped to hold him up a bit with her gloved hands. “How was that experience my love?” “Well just as fantastic as ever. Y’all are getting creative with things.” She smiled and gently hugged him. “Okay lets get you back into bed.” They walked over and he got back into the bed. Covering him self up he was starting to fall a sleep a bit but his wife woke him up and said “You need to stay away until the doctor says you don’t have a concussion, you want some coffee?” “I guess I'm getting quite tired though.” “Yeah I’m sure you are but you gotta stay awake for now.” “Yeah I guess ill take some coffee.” she looked at her friend and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. As they were about to open the door, the doctor came in the room. “ahh I see you have a friend here, well that is good but this is all that can be in here. We have a visitors limit. We don’t have anyone else coming so we are good then.” “Sounds good, so my next update for you, let me just take a quick peak at him here.” As the doctor put some gloves on and checked him out he did a few small easy tests and then decided there was no concussion. “Yep I see no bad signs of anything here. You’ll be quite soar for a few days but otherwise you’ll be good to go soon. Like I said in a could weeks get back to light duty then after that you can try regular work but take it slow if you need to. You got quite lucky!” “Thanks doc will do!” He said with a tired grin. “Does this mean I can take a nap haha?” “Oh yes go ahead I think that will be fine, you have been through a lot so starting the rest now would be good too.” He pulled his gloves off and said he would be back again to give a final check out tomorrow. He just wanted to be sure of everything before releasing him.
Their friend hung out for a while, but the girls did go for a coffee and then came back. When they got back he was out like a light and their friend decided it was time to leave. The girls changed their gloves after coming back from the coffee shop, they hugged and she left the room. His wife sat with him for a while and decide to get some sleep herself. She woke up the next morning in the hospital chair next to him. She went to the wall and changed her gloves out. As she sat there watching her husband sleep, she was thankful he was going to be okay. She was still a bit horny from what they had done to him yesterday. He started waking up a bit and she went over to him softly laying her gloved hands on his and said “Good morning my love, how are you feeling?” “Better today still wicked soar but I can move better.” “I’m so glad! I was worried at first but they they said you would be fine!” They stared at each other for a moment then she said “You know I kinda horny from last night, you got to cum I did not!” She said to him rubbing yet another bulge he had going on from morning wood. “Looks like someone can still get hard even after last night. Hmm I wonder if I can just…” Looking at the time and seeing that it was still early for all the doctors but not for them yet. She closed the door and put a mask on. With her gloved hands she pulled her pants down and slowly started to uncover his now again hard cock. She gleamed at it and began to stroke a bit, once rock hard yet again she started to slowly climb on top of him. Pulling his hard member into her and she began to gently ride him. Up and down on his hard shaft the grabbed her shirt and curled it up with her gloved hands. As she rode his hard cock, she moaned a bit, he put his gloved hand up to her and she just melted into him. Her eyes closed and she rode him faster. She rubbed her hands all over him and played with her hair too. She was all over the place. She would bend down to kiss him and lowered her mask, then put it back up. Her curvy body did all the talking. With her gloved hands she pulled her hair up almost like a stripper and kept riding him. All of the sudden she burst and let her self go. Grabbing her mouth with his hands to muffle the sound she just let the orgasm happen, and couldn’t contain her self. She eventually got off his rock hard member and gave him another hand job. He was close but didn’t cum because he needed a little more time. She gladly played with his cock, nice light strokes until he burst she grabbed his cock and thrusted her gloved hand on his shaft till he was empty. “Well that was pleasant!” She said removing her soiled gloves and fixing her hair. She donned more gloves and got dressed. “Yes, Yes it was.” He Replied to her.
Once she was fully dressed he layed there waiting for the doctor. Sitting up to stretch a bit, she looked at him and said “I will go get us some coffee, why don’t you try to move around a bit and get some stretching in.” She closed the door and went off to the coffee shop in the hospital. “one french vanilla and one dark roast black please, also please wear gloves to handle those cups.” the Barista acknowledged and pulled on some gloves and got the two coffees. The transaction was made she was handed the coffee. Walking back to his room she was hoping the doctor was either in or had been in to clear him. Once she got upstairs and made her way to his room, he was slowly getting dressed. “Did he release you?” “Yep he did we are all set, here are the discharge papers I gotta show them to the nurse up front.” They collected his things and he pulled his hat from the chair. They left his room and went down the hall. Showing the paper work and sipping their coffee, they walked out to the truck. This was her it was a bit smaller of a truck than his but it got the job done for sure.
They got back to the ranch and got him inside. “You know I had fun in the hospital.” “Yep me too. It was the first enjoyable experience we have had in a place like that.” They put his things in their room and he settled down. Taking most of his clothes off to relax he lay-ed on the bed for a bit and recouped from everything that had happened. “Well I hope we don’t have to go there for a reason like that again for a long time.” “Agreed now don’t be letting the other creatures scare our horses haha.” they laughed and she went out to let him have his rest.
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Re: An Accident On The Ranch

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Well, Nice fantasy
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