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A High Price by Dr X

Post by Dr X » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:50 pm

Hello, this is an original story by Dr X. Latex gloves are usually the stars of my stories. To get any confusion out of the way, this story follows the same person through two different time points that eventually meet. Disclaimers: story includes ass play, bondage, role playing, cunulingas.

A High Price

Jez slowly pulled two gloved fingers from my anus. I hear a deep breath being taken. "Relax and get ready...", she panted softly. I feel my rear muscle strain, and knew immediately that she had added one more finger. I squirm and push my legs back trying to get my torso away from the increasing girth entering me. But I wasn't going to get very far. Staring at a blank wall all I could do was take it. Jez placed her latex clad left hand down on my calf and caressed it. I could feel the cold latex but it didn't distract me too much from her slow entry. "Good boy, your doing good..." She trailed off with her words. I tried to open my jaw a little more but I really couldn't get far. The rubber mouth piece that gagged me was like a mouth guard for football players, only much worse in my case. The black guard was filled in the center and pushed my tongue up to the roof of my mouth. It was thick and left my mouth gaping. The mouth piece was firmly attached to a pole coming out of the padded platform I was bent over. I tried without success to turn my head and body, but the straps that held my torso down proved I would not be going anywhere. I gave in to her smooth latex fingers sliding in. The time passing let my sphicter adjust. "Almost there, then we can get to the milking" Jez said with a concentrated tone. My hands grasped at air as I felt the tips of her smooth fingers start to slide over my prostate. My arms were strapped along with my torso pointing straight back. I tried shifting but my legs were strapped securely below my body on separate rests, like a strange armchair with armrests below and behind the chair. I felt another tingling stretch and grunted as the thickest part of her fingers slipped past my opening. I felt cold, but slowly warming, fingers wriggle on my prostate making my dangling penis dance in the air. "Okay, let's see how much we can get out of you!" Jez said with sudden cheery enthusiasm. I felt her smooth cold left hand move up and caress my left ass cheek. Then I heard some fumbling and a clank of glass being set on a metal surface. "Lets get started". As she muttered this I felt pressure and release on my prostate. I felt my penis dance with every massage. I was still flaccid and wondering how long this was going to last. I couldn't remember quite everything but I began to start recalling exactly how I had ended up like this.
I was never super good looking, average at best. Average height, average brown hair, brown eyes. Not extra ordinary in any way. I was not very slim nor too fat. My daily hobby was videogames with friends after all. I was not that physically active until my friends in highschool forced me to join track and field along with them. Of course after only 4 gruelling weeks of multiple mile runs, every single friend decided to quit. I, not liking drastic change, decided to continue my newfound routine of track meets. After three years of daily physical fitness I reaped a toned body that lasted me through lazy times in my freshman dorm during university. Eating unhealthily and trying to cram with little to no sleep was not healthy, even more so, but that wasn't my largest point of contention currently. I was on my own paying my tuition fees. Going into my sophomore year I no longer had my semester office job at the admissions office.
I was typing and then pausing in thought when my dorm room door opened slowly. Through the opening I saw a single hazle blue eye peer in at me. "Do you really have to distract me now?" I said with fake exasperation. "I'm just starting, too" Alexi opened the door wider revealing pink lip gloss lips and a bright smile. "Your just going to type two words then finish the night before its due dum dum" she shot back quickly. "I was just kidding you don't have to be mean" I sighed and then started getting up. Alexi walked in and met me as I stood up straight. She wrapped her arms around my neck and quickly pressed her lips to mine. I pulled back after a couple seconds. "Tastes like strawberries, I'm guessing..." I ask. "Correct" she says and then locks lips with me for another long kiss. She begins to pull her head back, not before sucking and pulling on my bottom lip making me groan a little. "Mmmm". Alexi's wonderful straight black hair falls down to her waist and tumbles off her small shoulders. Her cute little nose makes me smile and her wide round eyes catch me staring. "Stop making fun of my nose" she says with a frown and begins to pull away. I hug her tight again and kiss her mouth. Then, I lift my head and start pecking her cheeks, nose and forehead with kisses. "I just think it's cute, dum dum". She laughs and pushes me away. "Come over to my place with me real quick" she says casually. "My roomates are all out of the town house so maybe we could pretend to be a married couple with our own house" I laugh trying to shrug off the idea of investing money that I don't have into a wedding as we walk out of the dorm room.
As we ascend the stairs in Alexi's town house, I think about the first time we had sex in her room but meant to go on a date first. "Hey do you remember when we first met and just started making out.." She stopped just before her door and turned around to face me suddenly. She had a look of embarrassment and fear on her face. "Hey whats wrong?" I ask, concerned. "I want to have sex" she says quietly. "That's fine by me Alexi" I say and touch her arm with a small smile on my face. "But..." She starts, "I'm scared to tell you I like something kinky... Kind of..." I flash back to the times of us messing around and tying eachother to the bed with blindfolds on. "Yeah I like to try different kinky stuff. Its fun" I say in an interested tone. She avoids eye contact and says "We have been dating for almost two years and we both feel like we want to get married so... I wanted to tell you... I... Have a... Fetish..." "Huh?" The last word catches me off guard. "Fetish? What does that mean?" She explains it simply to me that it's objects or situations that turn people on and is more pleasurable for them. "Okay, so you liked it a lot when we were tying eachother up?" I ask smiling. "No. I like... Have liked something else for a long time" she says slowly. Instead of answering I wait until she is comfortable enough to tell me. She stays silent for some time so I say "Hey I love you and I dont think it will be weird to me. Extra stuff just adds to the fun for me. You know I'm always laid back with everything." I stop and think "Hey but if its like crazy or dangerous I'm not sure.." "NO!" She cuts me off, finally finding boldness she exclaims "I love latex gloves. Like the ones doctors use. I love how it feels on my skin. I love touching myself with them. I love masturbating with them. I just don't want to keep it to myself anymore since we are so close..." I process what she said, not fully expecting the answer but definitely releived it was simple. I smile at her and hug her. She stays silent. I open the door behind her and while still embracing her I say "Well now I'm curious how much more you get turned on when gloves are involved!"
My penis felt like it was dripping, almost like I was peeing. I knew the glass sound on the table below my member was a beaker or something. I felt my penis bounce off of glass on a few strokes of my prostate. 5 minutes had passed, I assumed. I was starting to grow tired of what was happening. I began to shift and moan, but suddenly felt a smooth gloved hand grab my cock. I let out a surprised moan as I felt a cool latex thumb circle the sensitive underside of my shaft. I felt myself giving into the sensation. I tried to focus and think about everything but the soft grip around my penis along with the massage in my anus began to arouse me. I felt the hand point my penis down as it got harder, keeping it from pointing upward in its natural position. "That got hard pretty fast!" Jez cooed. "This is my favorite part, I'm sure you'll like it too of course." I feel her grip tighten slightly around my penis. Her petite hands almost not allowing her fingers to close around my shaft. I feel the prostate massage momentarily stop. Then in one motion, I feel pressure on my prostate and the gloved hand slide down my penis gripping tighter as it almost touches the head. I gasp and suck in a big breath through my nostrils just as the gloved hand strokes back upward, stopping again after lifting my hanging testicles. "I'm just gonna find my rhythm honey" Jez says. Again I feel multiple smooth fingers run over my prostate as the smooth latex hand grips and pulls down to the head of my penis. She strokes up and this time quickly does the same motion. I moan with each upward stroke and let out a tiny wheeze as I feel a sensation like pissing on each downward stroke. "Good boy!" Jez exclaims. "Lots of clean seminal fluid! Hang tight, I'm going to milk as much as I can." She strokes and massages in rapid succession as she says this and I begin to feel my udder squirt out its product. Shooting fluid sounds ring in the room as it hits the side of the beaker. The only thing I can do is let out a long "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmu."
Alexi followed me into her room and I turned to grab her hand. I pull her close to me and kiss her softly. I lick around the edges of her lips with my tongue and slide a hand under her shirt caressing the small of her back. She kisses me back and begins to push me back toward her bed. My calf hits the edge of her bed and I fall back leaving Alexi standing above me. "I think it would be kinda sexy to see you in nothing but gloves" I say with a teasing demeanor. A little hesitant still, Alexi says wryly "Well I'm sexy naked in general..." "Hey", I say quickly. "I wanna see you super turned on, so why dont you pretend to be my doctor or nurse?" Secretly I always imagined Alexi in a skinny naughty nurse uniform for Halloween. I started to get more aroused thinking of a naked Alexi examining my body... Alexi's eyes lit up a little. She turned around toward her closet and said "Lets do a role play then. I know you have fantasized about this because you told me when you were drunk one time." She gave a short, but cute, evil villain laugh. My mouth dropped open when I suddenly realized foggy events of Alexi and me having drunk sex. "Alright patient, please strip completely for your examination." As She said this she opened her closet, pulled out a shoe box, then started heading toward the bathroom. After She disappeared inside, I quickly rolled my pants and underwear down, completely forgetting I had my shoes on still. I pulled my shoes off as quickly as I could and then stripped my pants off. I took off my jacket and then crossed my arms and ripped my shirt over my head. I quickly jumped back on the bed laying on my side and exposing myself toward the bathroom door. I was already half erect from all the sexy talk but I wasnt prepared for what happened next. The bathroom door opened and Alexi popped into view. She was wearing a tight shiny latex tube dress that had a nurses uniform printed on it. Her breasts were pushed up and tight making them perked up to points which were clearly her nipples through the latex. The top was in a sweet heart shape that cut low between her breasts. She had done her hair quickly rolled up and pinned on the top of her head, behind a nurse cap with a red cross on it. She had a surgical mask on that was a slightly duller blue compared to her eyes. My penis began to pulsate and get hard as she walked over to the bed. "You seemed ready for this..." I tell her still flabbergasted. I can tell she was smiling under the mask. "Lay down flat on your back please" she asks. I lay on my back, my now rock hard boner springing back and forth with the movement. Alexi turns to her side table by the bed, opens the drawer and pulls out a plastic pouch that says 'Sterile 5.5'. She opens it and carefully unfolds a tri-fold paper revealing two neatly folded gloves. "Wow those are fancy" I smile up at her. She ignores me and carefully picks up one folded glove and slides it on her right hand. The cuff is folded up but she adjust her fingers still by pulling on the inside until her fingertips fill the glove completely. She then picks up the second glove with her right hand by placing her fingers in between the cuff and palm of the glove. She slides her left hand fingers into the correct positions and this time pulls the cuff up her forearm and stretches the latex out. Letting go the latex snaps against her skin and I notice she shivers slightly. I can smell her scent already, the same as when I go down on her. She was turned on. She then used her left hand and again stretched the latex cuff over her forearm. She let go again making another satisfying snapping sound. Silently watching the whole process I was in awe by how much pleasure Alexi was giving her self in just donning the gloves. I was very aroused and wanted to pounce on her, but I controlled myself and lay still. She turned toward the bed and I noticed, unmistakably, the fluids running in between Alexi's legs. Without a word she leaned over me and grabbed my penis. The latex was smooth and soft against my aching member. I shuddered as she began to stroke me slowly. I looked up and saw her other hand running up and down the center of her body going over the smooth latex dress she was wearing. She groped her breast and rubbed her nipple through the latex. The sound of latex friction filled the air along with a growing moan from me feeling the smooth strokes and from Alexi playing with her self. She switched to groping my balls and caressing my perineum as I saw her hand suddenly slide down her chest between her breast and then down to her crotch. She pulled up the front of the latex dress and then slid a cupped hand into her awaiting juices. I saw her hand begin to make circles and I became jealous of her pleasure there. Looking up at her I asked "Let me taste you." She looked down and then pulled her hand from her pussy. She grabbed my penis again and began pumping it. "Here's a sample for you..", she said coyly. She lifted the juice covered glove to my face and I opened my mouth to let her fingers in. I licked her fingers and sucked the sweet juices off of the latex appendages. She slid all 4 fingers into my mouth as I licked and sucked. Suddenly, Alexi pulled her hand from my mouth and jumped onto the bed. She slid up and then rested her knees above my shoulders. Slowly she lowered her sopping wet pussy onto my lips and I hungrily ate it and licked at her clit. I tried to look up at her face and I saw that she had rolled down her top and was rolling her nipples in her gloved hands. She had her head back and moaned loudly with every lick and suck. After a couple minutes of moaning she lifted her hips and slid back and grabbed my penis once again. Slowly she guided my penis into her pussy then began to grind me as she played with her nipples. I began to moan loudly, feeling the slickness and grinding with the spectacular visual of a nurse playing with her self while fucking me. I was beginning to climax and raised my hips. Alexi gave a moanish yell and shuddered violently before falling on top of me. Her gloved hands roamed my chest as we both orgasmed. Pulling down her mask I kissed her lips. "Thank you for the treatment.."
My mind was a literal jumbled mess as I was being milked. I was trying to remember my whole situation but the pleasurable strokes I was receiving left me in a haze. I moaned with each downward stroke. Jez was being slow and deliberate with each press of my prostrate. My hips shuddered with each squirt I produced. I wondered how it was possible that I wasnt peeing. I knew that I would get wet when I was turned on but I never imagined I could make as much fluid as I imagined the cup was gathering. I began to feel a rising tension from my groin. I started to pant as I felt I was going to climax. The pleasure made my mind numb but the drug I had remembered being given had fully worn off. I felt my stomache muscles tighten. "Whoa there big boy," Jez cooed as she dead stopped her stroking. "Youve produced a good amount for us but it's my speciality to know how much our donors can produce." I muffle an exasperated and frustrated scream from the sudden brick wall I hit. I feel glass slide against the sensitive head of my penis. Jez resumes stroking my prostrate only as my anus squeezes against her fingers. The slow strokes ignite the urgency to release for a moment, which then slips away with each pause. I begin to think about the large paycheck I was going to be receiving for this. I was gentting paid per hour 5 times what I would make at any other job to be humiliated, milked, and dehumanized to level of livestock. Frustrated I began to wiggle my ass side to side, in hopes Jez would become impatient and end my misery. I felt a gloved finger start to run down my spine. Shocked, I freeze and shudder as the finger slowly makes its way down and to my crack, carressing the inside of my ass cheeks. "Don't worry it will be over soon I promise..." Jez says with a sigh I feel has a hint of happiness. Suddenly I feel her fingers turning in my anus. I feel a gloved thumb caress my perineum. "It may get a little more intense from this point" she says. As I begin to wonder how it could even get more intense I feel her thumb apply pressure at the same time as her three fingers press my prostrate. My lower half suddenly feels intensely warm as Jez massages the ball of my prostrate from the outside and inside. I groan feeling a new discomfort of heat. My penis begins to violent jerk like a string is attached and pulling it. I feel a loose pouring sensation from the head of my penis as if I was relaxing while peeing. I start to feel unsure if it was worth the money...
Alexi sighs as she kisses me once more. She pulls her mask off and then abruptly sits up. I see her peel the latext tube dress off revealing small beads of sweat from our movement. She pulls it off and tosses it aside. She lifts her gloved hands to her face and examines them for a second. I take in her slender sexy body and compare what I had imagined ealuer to the beautiful portrait before me. "I was right you do look hot in just gloves" I tell her. She looks up at me and smiles. "Thank you for indulging me..." She starts. "Hey," I interrupt. "Honestly that was just as much for me as it was for you." "I dont know about that." She replies, slipping her right index finger into her mouth. She pulls it out and slowly lowers it to her nipple again. "You dont have a glove fetish. I could just play with myself for hours...." She trails off and her face starts to become red. I can tell she feels embarrassed. "Even though I'm out for the count for a bit, I wouldnt mind seeing to it that your completely satisfied" I say breaking the almost awkward silence. My curiosity of how turned on and horny the glove fetish made Alexi was making me want to see an end result. I sat up and pulled her by her gloved hands and laying her down on the bed. I grabbed a nearby towel and quickly wiped her crotch of our love making and threw it aside. "Round two coming up" I said as I dove into her pussy once more. She screeched at my first long lick and then she arched her back pushing her crotch forcefully into my face. She began to play with her breast again rubbing the latex in circles around her nipples. She reached down multiple times intruding on my feast as she flicked her clit back forth with a juicy smooth finger from her cum. Finally she began to shudder violently as she ran the palms of her gloves in open handed circles over her nipples. I began to gently suck and lick her clit at the same time and with a violent lurch of her body I saw her gloved hands and arms fall open to either side of her as her breast slowly jiggled to a rest. Her vagina pulsed and squirted juices onto my tongue as I waited for the wave to pass. I saw her slowly lift her head, a tired but satisfied grin was on her face. "Is it alright if I give you a gloved hand and blow job?" She asks me in a flat voice. I get a little spark in my eye even though I know my body is temporarily spent. "This is getting too sexy for me" I respond jokingly.
It felt like an eternity. The intense warmness had taken over my lower half. My body was shuddering with every squeeze of my prostrate. Tears had began to form in my eyes. Why am I crying?, I thought to myself angrily. I felt more frustrated than I had in my life. I felt spent already from a tiring day yesterday and today I was a human cow. Just before I began to let the tears flow freely I felt the squeezing stop. I felt the glass being removed from the tip of my penis and then heard some rummaging and glass clanking against metal. Without a word from Jez I felt a gloved hand grip my penis again and begin to stroke quickly up and down. This time her smooth gloved fingers begin to slide in and out of my anus in a fucking motion. The warmth in my crotch suddenly begins to grow and my urges become a need. My mind is completely gone as I feel my body jerk and shudder with each stroke. I feel a pressure getting ready to explode from my hips. I feel my stomache muscles tighten and loosen with each stroke. A long moan slowly getting louder begins to come from my chest as I feel the mounting pressure become unbearable. With an increase in speed of strokes I feel the pressure release and I let out a muffled scream as I buck and heave against Jez's fingers still in my ass. With each burst of semen I release I convulse and let out screamish moans. I feel my penis bounce with each pump of cum and I slowly begin to relax on the platform I'm secured to. Breathing deep and hard I close my eyes and slowly drift into exhausted rest. I hear gloves being snapped off and a door being opened. I hear a commotion that I don't really care about coming from the room. "Wow what a good yield!" I hear a woman say as I drift off to sleep.
Alexi stripped off her latex gloves and got up off the bed. We both got dressed and started heading out of her townhouse to meet with some friends. "Have you walked through the job fair area at least to see if there's any quick cash jobs you can do?" Alexi asked as we walked hand in hand toward the campus. "No I wanted to look for a job for the whole semester. I dont think I could find anything that could support my tuition there" I replied. "Wont hurt to try since there's a lot to choose from this year!" Alexi pressed on. "Fine" I responded plainly.
We headed toward the east side of campus. I saw the stands pop into view along with some of our friends. We joined our friends and began to walk through students and study groups pitching different odds and ends you can join up for. While our friends stopped at a stand where food was being made Alexi suddenly pulled my arm and whispered "look there's a med students section." My face began to turn red as I hoped nobody would notice Alexi dragging me toward her fetish. We walked through the med school group of tents. There was only a few but the people there didnt seem to be selling themselves on anything. Suddenly a young woman around our age popped up in front of Alexi and I. "Hello there, would you be interested in making a few dollars with our group study?" The woman said directly to me. "Well..." I hesitated. "What's the details of the position?" Alexi chimed in. "I'll be able to tell you more at our tent" the woman replied. I decided to follow along, hoping to eventually leave to get dinner. As we approached the tent my face started to get red again. I really hoped none of our friends walked by. On the information table in the front was a box of latex gloves that I knew Alexi would start staring at. I turned slightly and caught a glimpse of her trying to look up but also turning her eyes to glimpse in the general direction of the gloves. There was a patient bed and a open curtain under the tent which was surrounded by tarp on on the 3 remaining sides. "So what's the deal with this?" I said nervously, not knowing what to expect. The woman turns around after getting behind the table. "Let me properly introduce myself." She said with a smile. "My name's Jezabelle, you can call me Jez." "I'm Alexi," Alexi says in deliberate manner. I tell Jez my name as I glance behind her for second time. "The reason I brought you over here instead of talking out in the open is because the position we are offering is sensitive in nature" Jez says in a scientific matter-of-fact tone. "And I do apologize but the study we are conducting currently is only on males." A little insterested now I ask, "what do you mean by that?" Jez grabs a pamphlet off the table and holds it out for me. "Its shameless of me to do this but I havent gotten a single person to agree to come on board. So I'm going to start with what we are paying." Jez says informally. I take the pamphlet she is holding and open it with Alexi looking over my shoulder. The pamphlet has per hour rates listed out and the main rate shows an amount with a couple more zeros than what I would get paid normally. Alexi seems to get excited and my jaw drops. I look up at Jez and ask, "this is a lot. What does this job entail?" "Follow me back here" Jez says as she mentions towards the back of the tent. We walk back together and Jez pulls close the curtain to make a private room in the tent. "I'm going to be honest this is a very intimate and humiliating job" Jez starts. "That's why we are paying so much." I feel a little uncormfortable but the amount of pay is swirling in my head. I think of how I can pay my tuition and then save up to even get into my own apartment. My daydream is interrupted by Jez's explanation. "We are conducting a study on the genetic make up and biological use of male seminal fluid." I think for a second and look at Alexi. "So you need me to jack off? And give you my cum?" I ask a little uncomfortable but not totally put off. Alexi looks at me and smirks a little. "Actually we would have to milk it from you." Jez responds. Alexi and I snap our heads to look at the non-joking face of Jez. "The thing is," Jez breaks the silence. "We wont let you into the study unless we are sure you can produce an amount of fluid we can use for the study. That's why we have this private room." My face starts to turn bright red as I imagine this woman I just met seeing me stripped to reveal my penis. "The way we extract seminal fluid is through prostrate massage." Jez adds. I could tell my face was really red. The humiliation I was feeling just thinking about the situation was making me dizzy. "I'll give you a minute to decide." Jez says as she steps outside the curtain. I turn toward Alexi to be met with a big grin. "Do it," she whispers to me. "I know your embarrassed but I have to go through humiliation when I go to the gyno, but you can get some pleasure out of this!" Alexi immediately shuts any reservations I had down and I stay silent. "Plus we have done some butt stuff already..." She starts. "Shhhh!." I stop her. "Have you decided?" Jez says peeking in. I turn my head side to side looking at Jez then Alexi. "Well I can't get in unless I pass the test right?" I say not fully realizing what that meant at the moment. "Yes of course," Jez says as she walks into the room. "Why dont you hop onto the table and we can see if your eligible?" Before I can make a sound Alexi pushes me toward the exam table and turns me around. Grumbling I scoot onto the table. "Would you be more comfortable if your girlfriend, I assume, performed the procedure?" Jez says as she turns around holding a box of gloves and a bottle of lube. I gulp ad stammer "Yes." "I can tell you what to do," Jez says to Alexi. Alexi grabs the gloves and starts donning them. She pulls them slowly over her fingers and I notice her face start to turn red. I see Jez notice Alexi's change and she says "I dont think it will be too difficult for you since you seem to have experience." Alexi hesitates for a moment and becomes completely red in the face. After Alexi pulls on the second latex glove, Jez hands her the lube then grabs a beaker and sets it on the table near her. She turns around to face the tent wall. "Okay," Jez says to me. "Go ahead and pull down your pants and lay back on the table. Pick up your legs and hug your knees in a fetal position." I roll off my pants for the second time that day and lay on the table as directed. "All set? Good. Now, Alexi please pour a few drops of lube onto his anus and apply a generous amount of lube to the index and middle finger of your dominant hand. Then when he is relaxed begin to slowly and gently press your fingers through his sphincter." Alexi does as instructed and I feel cold fingers start to probe my anus. I try not to make any noise because I know we are just in a tent. Alexi slowly starts to push into me and I grimace as I try to relax for the entry. "Let me know when you are all the way in." Jez says. I feel my hole get wider and wider as Alexi slides her smooth gloved fingers in. I look around my legs and see Alexi with a concentrated face but she also looks like she is enjoying herself. "Got it!" Alexi says happily. Her hand isn't able to move any farther forward. "Now using your fingers search for a round walnut shape that should be upward toward the base of the penis." Jez responds. I feel fingers inside me begin to probe and then I feel a sudden intense pressure and burning sensation in my penis. "I think I found it!" Alexi says excitedly. Jez replies, "Good now we can test for amount of production. Please grab the beaker on the table and direct his penis into it. Then with your inserted fingers apply and release pressure on the prostrate repeatedly." Alexi uses her other gloved hand to gently maneuver my penis to the side. I begin to get a little erect and she looks around my leg and smirks at me. I try to concentrate as she grabs the beaker and puts it under the head of my penis to catch my fluids. I begin to feel the burning sensation again and I feel my penis dance involuntarily. The massage Alexi is giving me begins to feel a little pleasurable and I begin to get erect. "Wow," I hear Alexi whisper. "What?" I ask with a worried tone. "Nothing I just didnt think you could get this wet..." She replies. I look in between my legs as I feel a peeing sensation from my penis. I see slowly flowing clear fluid from penis filling the bottom of the beaker. "About a couple more minutes should be enough." Jez says, her back still turned. I try to hold back moaning as the burning sensation becomes a warm pleasure. My penis bounces with each stroke of the smooth gloves on my prostrate. "That's should be good," Jez says. "You can set the beaker back on the table. And, Alexi, you also have permission to finish what's left if you know what I mean." Before I can protest Alexi sets the beaker aside and with her other hand starts stroking my penis fast. I put a hand over my own mouth to keep from making any sound. I feel the strokes and her fingers still rubbing my prostrate. Knowing my sensitive spot well, Alexi aggressively rubs her thumb there and strokes quickly to get me to orgasm. I feel the pressure building and I explode letting out a little squeal as I pump semen onto Alexi's gloved hand and all over my stomach. I close my eyes for a few moments and feel a towel wiping up my lower half. I hear gloves snapping off then I feel Alexi grab my arm and lift me up. Groggily I put my pants back on and I stumble over to a nearby chair. Alexi waits next to me smiling and seemingly satisfied with her work. "Impressive," I hear Jez say. I look up to see her inspecting my fluids. "This is fantastic and more than enough. You got the job. I'll ask them to give you a little more money up front." I give Jez a fake smile still worried about the humiliation I might face.
As we are getting ready to leave the tent Jez gives me directions to the study facility. "Also take this pill an hour before you show up please." Jez says handing me a pill bottle with a single pill. "It will help calm you down and help us manage you a little easier. Don't worry, for you the whole process will be like a dream!" "Thanks," I say nervously. She hands me a check with the upfront payment amount. Alexi and I start heading out for dinner. I look down at the check and think to myself, that's not too high of a price to pay...
The end.

Its a long story, but if you stuck around let me know what you think. I'm sorry I dont share an expansive love of gloves. I'm usually pretty set on latex gloves. Thank you.

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Re: A High Price by Dr X

Post by JaneyE » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:17 pm

Hi Dr. X,

I enjoyed your story a lot. It is nicely written, but I would suggest you pay more attention to verb tenses. Either write everything in the past tense or everything in the present tense, but don't mix it up. Personally, I like how using the present tense correctly can conjure up the drama, but if you mix it up, the dramatic effect suffers. Also, I would suggest you break your story chunks into shorter paragraphs. That gives your writing more structure, which means it makes it a lot easier to read, and that's especially important if the story is long.

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Re: A High Price by Dr X

Post by countrylatexglover » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:06 pm

This is a great story played a good video of it in my head! Sounds like a good dream for some also!

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