The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

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The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

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I'm a long time lurker here but I decided to write a story. It's my first story of any kind so constructive criticism is appreciated. I also understand the premise is a bit...unusual but I hope at least some of you like it. Also, since this site doesn't seem to be quite as active and because of the tumblr crackdown, is there anywhere else that people post glove stories? Anyway...

The Debutante

Ch. 1: Vintage

Traditionally, the debutante ball was an event to present for young women themselves as eligible bachelorettes. However as social conventions change, it’s become a venue to celebrate their emerging independence and present themselves to their peers. Yet for Emily, the ball seemed like a burden.
“Oh crap it’s only a couple weeks until the debutante ball and I haven’t even thought about it.” thought Emily. “I don’t get what all the fuss is about. The concept of a ball is such an antiquated idea.”
Though her focus was on college admissions, Emily knew that as the daughter of a prominent judge in South Carolina that she was expected to attend these social functions. Although she had heard her friends discuss their dates and dresses all year, Emily’s focus had been on her SATs and her efforts had paid off. At least now she had time to think about the ball.
Emily figured her first priority was the all important dress. Looking online at the stock at nearby stores, Emily’s jaw dropped.
“Look at these prices for a dress I will never wear again!” Emily couldn’t believe why some of these outfits cost so much they all looked the same; they were long white dresses with white shoes and long white gloves.
Emily knew her father would pay for everything, but it felt like a waste. Emily sighed. She knew she had to go to this stupid ball so she had to get a dress. Racking her brain for cost saving ideas, a light bulb went off in her head.
“Vintage!” she actually said out loud. Emily knew that a used “so-called vintage” dress would be affordable. Plus, Emily had bought a few shirts at vintage store on a trip to New York so vintage clothes had been fresh in her mind. Emily knew just the place to go: Kat’s Vintage Boutique.

Ch 2: Kat’s

Emily’s entrance to Kat’s was met with the classic ringing of bells on the front door.
“Can I help you?” asked a woman Emily presumed was Kat.
Dressed to nines in vintage clothing, Kat looked like she was straight out of a pinup magazine with a tight fitting black dress, red heels, and white wrist length gloves. It was obvious that vintage clothing was both a business and a passion and Emily instantly felt like she was in the right white-gloved hands.
“Yes ma’am, I’m looking for a nice vintage dress for the debutante ball in a month.” said Emily.
“Debutante Ball?” said Kat.
“Aren’t you girls spending thousands of dollars on dresses at the store down the street?”
“Not me. It seems like such a waste to spend that much on a dress for a ball that I’m only going because I feel obligated.” sighed Emily.
“Plus, I think contrasting their modern opulence with something classic will make me stand out.”
Emily saw a smile come over Kat’s face as she led Emily over to the back where the dresses were. After getting Emily’s measurements, Kat came back with three dresses.
“They’re all so beautiful!” exclaimed Emily. She looked at the price tags. They were at most half as much as a new one and just as pretty. Looking them all over she knew exactly which one she wanted: a classic white dress with a V-neck. Not too ornate but just classic enough to invoke Marilyn Monroe. She took the dress to fitting room and quickly got into it. Perfect fit!
“How does it look?” Emily asked as she emerged from the dressing room.
“Beautiful, you were made for that dress” exclaimed Kat.
Emily looked at herself in the mirror and knew she had made the right decision.
“Are you sure you don’t want to try the others on?” asked Kat.
“I think I’m good.” replied Emily. “Since I already have a nice pair of white heels, do I need anything else?”
Kat’s grinned with a smile that would match the cheshire cat.
“The dress is the least important part! It’s all about the gloves!” exclaimed Kat at she pulled Emily still in her dress to other side of the store.
Emily couldn’t believe it. Lining half of the entire left wall at Kat’s were gloves. Gloves of every color, every length, and every material. Some were neatly folded up while others were stretched over mounts. A few appeared to even be in their original packaging!
“I see you like gloves.” said Emily. As she looked at Kat, she noticed something different about her. There was a twinkle in her eye like gloves awakened something in her.
“I have just the pair.” said Kat as she pulled out a long white pair out of her drawer and handed them to Emily. To Emily’s surprise they were leather and not satin. They were also spotless despite not being in their original packaging.
“These are beautiful, but certainly leather is going to cost too much!” exclaimed Emily.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make you a good deal.” explained Kat. “Just try them on”.
Emily unfolded the long gloves and slid her hands into the right glove. Unlike her winter gloves, these were unlined and she felt the leather grip tightly to her fingers.
“Wow these feel great!” thought Emily as she finished pulling the rest of the glove past her elbow, her attention now on the putting on the left one. With one final sinch of the left glove, Emily had both gloves on she looked at her hands, her snowy white leather clad hands. Emily moved her fingers in the gloves. She thought the leather was going to be stuffy and restrictive, but instead her fingers moved freely. The gloves fit her so well they simply became a second skin that allowed her to be free in her movements rather than tied down.
“What do you think?” Asked Kat.
“I think...these gloves are life changing!” exclaimed Emily.
“They just fit so well, it’s almost like I’m not wearing anything. It’s just so…natural.”
“I’m glad you like them.” said Kat. “I was about your age when I fell in love with wearing gloves. My first pair were short black leather gloves from the 50s. I had saved up all my money to buy something from our local store and the gloves were the most elegant inexpensive item they had. I loved those gloves even still think about them though they’re long lost.” Kat looked longingly and then held out her hands.
Kat continued. “The gloves you are wearing are meant as a set with the ones I am wearing now. They both belonged to the heiress of the lumber mill in town. She was known to be a constant fixture at social events here, always dressed to the nines in the flashiest dresses and accessories including gloves. I bought both pairs from a woman who found them in an old trunk. She didn’t know what she had and I only know their provenance because of a monogramed tag on the inside.” showing Emily the tag.
“The short gloves have become my everyday gloves since they go with everything. However, I’ve been so busy running the store I haven’t found a reason to wear the long ones yet. That’s why I want them to go with you, so that they have a good home and fulfill their purpose of making a young woman’s hands look elegant.”
As Emily took this moment in, something inside of her awakened. Her arms started to tingle and her body felt warm. Emily actually started shaking slightly as the feeling peaked with just a slight moan.
“You ok?” asked a concerned Kat.
“I’m fine, I’m fine, just got a bit excited that’s all” replied Emily. She knew though that it was more than just being excited.

Ch 3: The Night Before

It was one night before The Debutante Ball, and Emily had really not thought about the event the past month. After getting her dress, her next objective was to get a date. Thankfully her friend Dan was free. The middle son of a prominent attorney, Emily didn’t know Dan too well, but he was reasonably handsome and she had tutored him in calculus the year before. Her father had called in a favor and was able to secure the governor’s limo to take them both to the ball with a dinner at a local restaurant before hand.
Looking at the dress, Emily thought, “Well I guess I should see if I still fit into this thing” as she slipped into to the dress. Perfect fit.
As she looked in the mirror Emily muttered, “Might as well go all the way” as she brought out a couple boxes from her closet. The first box was the pair of white heels that she had owned seemingly forever. Despite their age, they appeared unworn and Emily knew that no one would know. Emily then opened the second box. There they were, her beautiful leather gloves. Emily unfolded the gloves and started to put them on. Emily was entranced by how her arms became enveloped by the gloves, then watching as her hands filled each finger. Emily looked in the mirror and started moving her leather clad arms around. Her movements made the gloves look like white leather serpents, ready to strike at any moment.
“I’m so glad I got these” thought Emily, pitying the other girls who probably had bought satin gloves that seemed to be standard issue at these balls. Emily started moving around in the gloves, batting her fingers together, rubbing the palms together, the whole time loving the sound of the leather being manipulated. That feeling she had felt inside Kat’s returned as her arms began to tingle.
“Absolutely sublime” thought Emily as she the rush of wearing gloves overcame. Emily let out a slight moan then suddenly her arms started shaking.
“What’s going on!?” screamed Emily as her the tingling feeling moved through her arms. The feeling wasn’t painful but it was something Emily had no control over either. Emily tried to stop her arm from shaking, but it was like her body couldn’t move. Then for a brief moment, she saw her fingers start to wiggle seemingly on their own.
“Am I having a stroke?” thought Emily, yet after a couple seconds the feeling stopped, her hands were still, and she had control over herself again.
“Honey are you ok?” yelled Emily’s mom.
“I’m fine!” but she knew she was not fine, or rather what happened was not normal.
Emily thought, “Maybe it’s a spasm from soccer practice” recalling a bad fall she had taken the day before trying to block a goal. Yet after recalling her feelings at Kat’s, something told Emily that there was more to these gloves than Kat had let on...or even knew.

Ch.4: The Ball

Finally, it was the night of the ball. Emily had been preparing all day, actually taking the time to put on more than the basic makeup. She got into her outfit(including the gloves) without a hitch and was ready for the night.
“Last night was just a spasm, that’s all” thought Emily as she put on the gloves. Still, there was something about these gloves that made her feel special. As she walked out her door, she was greeted by a driver who led her to a Lincoln with the seal of South Carolina on it. They drove a few blocks to pick up Dan who was already outside waiting. Dan had his black hair neatly combed and his tuxedo carefully coiffed. Emily barely recognized him as the boy who couldn’t figure trigonometry a year ago. The driver got out of the car and beckoned Dan in.
“Thank you sir” Dan said to the driver. “And you’re looking quite lovely Emily!”
Emily turned to Dan. “Thanks Dan, I fully admit I didn’t quite obsess over this like the other girls, but I think I did a good job.” beamed with pride as the limo sped off into the distance to the ballroom.
The old Town Ballroom was decked to the nines and even from the street, Emily could tell that tonight was special. The driver let Emily and Dan and after climbing a flight of marble steps, the couple entered the party.
“Wow, this is much better than I thought!” declared Emily upon arriving at the opulent event.
There were decorations all around and all around her were her friends and classmates in their own dresses and tuxes. Looking up, Emily was especially amazed by the crystal chandeliers that lit up the room.
“This is better than I thought!” declared Dan.
Emily nodded in agreement. “For sure. Oh look there’s Lauren and Carl!”
Emily ran to her friends.
“What’s up guys?” said Emily while hugging Lauren.
“Oh you know, just this little dance.” said Lauren sarcastically. “Emily, your dress looks fantastic! Where did you get it? I just know it has to be designer!”
“Actually” Emily said with a smirk. “I got it from Kat’s Vintage!”
“You’re kidding me!” said Lauren, a shocked look on her face. “I guess that makes sense, you’ve never been one to splurge on clothes. It doesn’t matter because you look fantastic”
Emily smiled and she heard this. Suddenly a warm feeling came over her and almost out of instinct, she twirled her dress and lifted her arms like swan necks.
“Well aren’t you fancy?” said Lauren, observing her friend’s elegant movements. “I’m so jealous of those gloves, they’re making me wish I had bought leather now.”Emily blushed. She was glad that she had gone with a vintage look. She was glad that she had gone to the dance. Emily said goodbye to Lauren and found Dan at a crowded table with his friends. All of his friends and their dates loved her dress and everyone, even the boys, noticed her gloves. After chatting for a bit, Emily heard the clinking of a spoon on a glass.
“Good evening everyone, I’m Kristen Morris, the head of the debutante ball committee. I’d like to thank everyone for attending this evening. This ball has been held annually for 75 years and we’re glad that each generation has embraced the tradition. While I hope you’ve been enjoying socializing with each other, this is a ball so it is time to dance! Please gather on the dance floor.”
Emily looked around and found Dan.
“I guess it’s time for the stuffy part of tonight” signed Dan.
I’ll try and remember the moves I learned in ballroom dance class.” chuckled Emily, not revealing that her classes were five years ago. Upon reaching the dance floor, Dan and Emily locked hands and waited until the string quintet played the opening notes to a waltz. The first dance proved to be awkward for everyone, but a few songs in the dance floor looked like a scene from a classic Hollywood film. In the center of the blur of white dresses and black tuxes were Emily and Dan.
“I’m getting quite the workout” said Emily.
“Same here, although I’m still not tired. Just a little bored.” replied Dan.
Just then, Emily felt her arm start to tingle again. This spasm wasn’t going to cooperate was it. Emily brushed it off until suddenly she felt her arm drop and saw that her hand was creeping towards Dan’s crotch.
“Aren’t you frisky?” replied Dan, a smile on his face. Emily blushed pulling her hand up. Emily began to say something.
“You were saying you were bored.” Emily put her hand over her mouth. She didn’t mean to say that! It was like her body wasn’t following her command. This was not just a muscle spasm from soccer practice, but what was it? Looking down Emily noticed her hand had creeped back down towards Dan’s crotch. Then she felt “it”....and “It” was standing at attention.
“Be careful someone might see us.” whispered Dan, moving his body in an attempt to block anyone from seeing what was going on. “I will say, it’s kinda hot seeing you do this in your gloves. White leather on my black pants.” Then the current song ended and the sound of a tapped glass rang out over the room.
“Thank you for dancing everyone, we are going to take a 30 minutes for the musicians to take a break and for everyone to freshen up. Please return promptly for the last dance.”
Suddenly the tingling feeling in Emily’s arms subdued and she felt like she had been “freed” from something. Something wasn’t normal and thank god that she had 30 minutes to try and figure out what was going on.
“Dan I’m not feeling so good.” said Emily. “Let me go to restroom for a minute.”
A concerned Dan asked if there was anything he could do, but Emily said not to worry. Emily knew that something unusual was going on and that it would be best to have some extra privacy. Purse in hand, Emily walked through the corridors of the ballroom until finding a bathroom near the building’s main office, far from the eyes of her peers. After getting a drink from a water fountain, Emily went inside the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. What was happening to her? Last week she felt a weird tingle in her arm, then her hands began shaking however both of those things could be easily explained as a muscle spasm. However, her hands grabbing Dan’s crotch on their own and then saying something suggestive instead of apologizing. I mean sure, Emily had her sexual side but even if she did both of those things subconsciously, to do them in public was completely outside her character! Then she realized, all of these actions seems to be associated with her arms and hands. Could it be her glo..knock knock knock.
“Emily are you in there?” said Dan from outside the bathroom. “I saw you head this way, are you ok?”
“Yes I’m feeling a little better, I just needed to catch a break that’s all. One second!”
“Could it be my gloves?” Emily though. She took her purse off her shoulder and moved her right hand to top of her left forearm and started slipping off her glove. Emily hadn’t slipped the glove past her elbow when she felt her hand stop moving and her arms start to tingle.
“What is happening to me?” thought Emily. Emily began to ask Dan to wait a few more minutes but when tried to speak her lips didn’t move. Instead Emily felt her left hand reverse course put the glove back on her arm. This was Emily’s body but Emily was not controlling it. Emily felt her lips begin to part.
“I’ll be right out.” The voice was Emily’s, but Emily knew she was not the one behind those words.

Ch. 5: The Presence

Emily was horrified as she felt herself walk out of the bathroom to meet Dan outside. Emily was not a religious person, but the idea of another “Presence” controlling a body was something she had only heard in a church sermon. Whatever was controlling her didn’t seem evil but who knows what it was. Emily felt herself walk outside and saw Dan.
“Thanks for waiting, I’m feeling better now.” said the Presence.
Emily felt her hand move down to Dan’s crotch again, his penis hard as a rock. While her body had become a puppet controlled by someone(or something) else, Emily’s conscience was still connected to her physical being and she could still feel everything her body felt whether it was her mouth talking or her hand touching something. Most importantly Emily was still able to see through her eyes and though she had no control over what they looked it, she at least had a way of knowing what this Presence was doing with her body.
“I saw an unused space a couple rooms down.” said the Presence. “We should get some alone time.” Emily felt Dan get harder.
“Yes we should.” said Dan, nodding in approval.
The Presence led Dan to an empty meeting room. Inside were empty boxes of plates, silverware, and other supplies that had been bought for the dance. Dan looked up; thankfully there was no camera in here.
“Looks like we should be fine.” said Dan.
“Let's not go too far, we only have another 10 minutes.” replied the Presence as the two sat on the floor. Emily was slightly amused. The Presence seemed to not only have a good sense of time, but also knew that the real Emily wouldn’t be so bold.
“Since you like these gloves so much, how about this for a little treat.” said the Presence as Emily felt herself remove Dan’s pants. Dan’s penis was pressing up against his underwear and the Presence playfully removed Dan’s underwear to reveal his erection. Looking a little confused at first, Dan’s confusion turned to pleasure as he saw Emily’s leather clad hands play with his manhood. Emily felt as the Presence gripped Dan’s shaft with her left hand and began circling his head with her right index finger. The Presence was able to make Emily’s motions subtle and delicate and used the “lip” where the two pieces of leather were sewn together on each finger to coax a response from Dan’s penis. Emily watched as Dan shifted in his seat, letting out the occasional grunt. In this moment Emily’s had a rush of paradoxical pleasure. She felt so powerful knowing that she had such power over Dan. It was arousing knowing that he she had the ability to give and take away his pleasure and that he was putty in her leather-clad hands. However, Emily knew that she had no control over her body now and that who or whatever was controlling her, was using her body to give and receive pleasure.
“At least this Presence isn’t using me to rob a bank,” thought Emily as she watched the Presence change motions. Emily watched as her left hand dropped from Dan’s shaft to teasing his balls as the right band began to stroke up and down. Emily marveled at the level Presence’s technique, something that Emily herself couldn’t claim to be good at.
“Oh my god, this feels so good!” exclaimed Dan. “I can’t believe how soft and smooth your gloves feel. I don’t even need any lube!”
“I’m glad you love it Dan because I want you to realize the magic of leather gloves. I want the whole world to embrace the sexual side of gloves.” said the Presence say it slowly moved Emily’s right hand across Dan’s shaft.
“Magic of leather gloves?” thought Emily realizing this was the second the Presence had reference the gloves. Could this Presence have a thing for gloves? Could the gloves be a source of the Presence? Emily had heard about possessed objects, but that was just superstition right? Emily’s focus returned to Dan as she felt a throb in her fingers. Dan’s penis pulsated in Emily’s palms but the Presence was not speeding up Emily’s movements.
“Oh my god I’m going cu….what?” screamed Dan. Emily felt as her hands lifted from Dan’s groin. The Presence raised Emily’s hands to Dan’s face and started rubbing Emily’s leather clad fingers together.
“Not yet Dan, the best is yet to come. Your patience will be rewarded.” said the Presence as it rubbed Emily’s fingers together by Dan’s ear. Dan groaned as the sound of leather on leather made him long for the song of the leather on his flesh.
“What a tease!” thought Emily as Dan’s bare penis spasmed but did not cum. A few moments later, Emily noticed that Dan was looking down at his softening penis.
“Don’t me leave hanging…” muttered Dan underneath his breath. Emily watched as the Presence grabbed Dan’s head and raised it up like a child. Locking Emily’s eyes with Dan’s, the Presence said.
“Oh this was just the first round! I just want us to take our time.”
Emily felt her arm move down towards Dan’s groin again. This time, the Presence started softly petting Dan’s cock, barely moving Emily’s fingers across Dan’s swiftly stiffening member. The Presence’s favorite technique was having Emily’s hand “dance” across Dan’s cock using just her index and middle fingers. Emily again felt the rush of causing Dan’s erection as it once again grew to the length of one Emily’s delicate gloved fingers. The Presence then moved Emily’s left hand back to Dan’s balls, tickling them for a moment before anchoring Emily’s thumbs to the bottom of the shaft and batting her fingers across the top.
“I didn’t know the ballroom orchestra had a skin flute-ist.” chuckled Dan.
“It will be a virtuosic performance. Also the term is flutist.” replied the Presence as it continued to move Emily’s fingers across Dan’s penis. The contrast between Emily’s lily-white gloves and Dan’s dark complexion highlighted just how precise each hand movement was. Although the presence continued with subtle hand movements, Emily noticed that Dan was starting to breathe hard and grunt.
“You like that don’t you?” said the Presence in a playful coo.
“Yes I do Emily, this is the best night I’ve had in years!” exclaimed Dan before letting out a moan.
“What is your favorite part Dan?” asked the Presence
“The leather gloves! I never thought about gloves as erotic, but being stroked by leather is a revelation.” replied Dan, barely able to get his words out without a moan.
Emily started feeling aroused and couldn’t help a mutual moan.
“Uhhahhhhh!” screamed Emily.
“Wait, was that out loud!? Did I do that, do I have my body back now?” Emily wondered. She looked down and saw her fingers still moving.
“I guess not.” thought Emily. Still, the ability express pleasure from the situation was enough consolation. It wasn’t like this presence was using her body to cause harm. In fact, all it seemed to focus on was pleasure albeit in leather gloves. Emily looked down at Dan’s penis and saw it was bright red and Emily could feel it pulsating even through it was only her fingertips touching it. Suddenly, Emily felt the Presence removed Emily’s hands from Dan as he let out out a big moan.
“Don’t get too excited yet, I still have a bit more for you.” replied
“Oh my god, I almost came! Are you going to finish the job?” Dan yelled slightly annoyed but still very aroused.
“Don’t worry Dan, I would never do that to you.” replied the Presence. “In fact, I’ve been saving the best for last.” Emily looked at the eagerly awaiting Dan, but she felt no movement from her body. Then Emily felt a smile come across her face as the Presence moved Emily’s right hand towards Dan’s groin. Suddenly the Presence stopped only centimeters away from Dan. Emily looked at Dan and saw that his penis was slightly pulsating hands free.
“Is something wrong?” asked Dan. He turned his head up and his eyes directly met with Emily’s.
“You’re so hard and aroused right now. I bet you don’t even need me to cum right now.” replied the Presence.
“But I need you, I want to know how it feels!” screamed Dan.
“Like what feels?” asked the presence.
“How it feels for your perfect, innocent hands to extract pleasure from me. How it feels to cum on your beautiful leather gloves!” Dan’s face(and erection) were beet red. Emily looked down as she saw her right hand wrap around Dan’s shaft and begin to stroke. Emily’s gloved hand started at the top, engulfing the head of Dan’s penis in leather, stroking all the way down his shaft, and then stroking up once again to repeat the process. Emily could see that Dan loved every moment of it. There was a look of pure bliss on his face as the smooth leather went up and down his shaft. Emily was amazed at the technique this presence had. The Presence was working Dan’s cock light enough that the white leather was smoother than any lube could have been, but intense enough that Dan could feel every movement. Looking at Dan, Emily knew that he felt the grain of the leather on every stroke and the subtle touch of the tips of her fingers brushing against his balls. The Presence was working Dan’s body like a machine, getting every reaction it could out of Dan. The Presence turned Emily’s hand over and started working Dan with the palm of her hand out. Using the thumb as a guide, the Presence slid Emily’s leather clad fingers up the bottom of Dan’s shaft. Soon, Emily could feel that Dan was the hardest he had been all night
“This is going to be it.” thought Emily as she felt Dan swell in her palm. Yet only moments later she felt her hand move away from Dan.
“Damnit, you’ve got to be kidding me!” groaned Dan. The Presence didn’t respond. Instead it kept Emily’s hand hovering slightly above Dan’s groin. Then Emily felt her hand and noticed the presence was flexing her fingers. The room was silent. Emily could hear the groan of the leather as the Presence delicately moved her fingers. Watching her hand in motion was surprisingly erotic for Emily because in the glove and under the control of someone or something else, Emily’s hand looked like an exotic creature. The Presence then drew Emily’s hand back, still moving Emily’s leather clad hands. Dan looked up obviously longing for a finish, but even he looked mesmerized, probably imagining how those delicate finger movements would feel on his skin. Then the Presence pressed Emily’s thumb and fingers together and lifted her arm up. The long white opera gloves looked like serpents ready to strike. Gaining some kind of composure, Dan looked and asked.
Emily felt the Presence cinch the end of each glove. Looking down, Emily saw as her hands headed towards Dan; leather serpents that had found their prey. The Presence grasped Dan’s cock with Emily’s right hand and began stroking up and down. As the strokes began to speed up, Emily could feel Dan’s penis begin to harden, then twitch, then pulsate. As Dan let out a big moan, the Presence moved Emily’s left hand to Dan’s balls and began playing with them. Emily watched as leather engulfed Dan’s manhood. Dan’s penis started pulsating harder and Emily noticed that Dan appeared to be humping her gloved hand, the leather making for a nice “slit” to slide into. Suddenly.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Dan let out a giant moan and Emily could feel his start to ejaculate. The Presence continued to strike while tightening its grip on Dan. Emily watched as Dan ejaculated his silvery cum all over the white leather. The Presence had used its grip on Dan to control the flow and Dan’s cum pooled in Emily’s gloves. The Presence gave Dan a few more strokes as it drained the last few drops onto Emily’s gloves.
Emily saw that Dan was breathing hard but had a smile on his face. The Presence lifted Emily’s hands to her face as if to show Emily what a fine job it had done with her body. Dan lifted his head and they both looked at Emily hands. Emily’s right glove was soaked in cum and despite being leather, the gloves had absorbed Dan’s cum with each glove having many dark areas where the cum had settled. Emily saw as white beads ran down the smooth leather and as she felt her fingers move. The Presence seemed to be playing with the cum as Emily saw sticky white ropes form between her fingers.
“I told you I was saving the best for last.” said the Presence.
Dansmiled and embraced Emily.
“And to think we almost didn’t come to this.”
Emily felt as the Presence got her handkerchief and began clearing the “evidence” from the room.
Suddenly, Emily felt the Presence remove her gloves. A sense of relief came over Emily and it felt like someone had taken a 20 pound weight off her. In control of her body once again, Emily looked up at a concerned Dan.
“Are you ok?” Emily didn’t respond and closed her eyes.

Ch. 6 Epilogue(?)

When Emily opened her eyes she found herself lying tucked in bed. Her dress was hung in the closet and her shoes were by the door.
“Was that a dream?” wondered Emily as she saw her purse on the bedside table. Looking inside she saw her opera gloves neatly folded with stains on them. Last night wasn’t a dream. Emily heard a knock on the door.
“Come in!” It was her mother.
“Oh dear I’m glad you awake. Do you remember what happened.”
Emily racked her brain for any memories after she had taken her gloves off but they seemed hazy at best.
“Emily you fainted last night. Thankfully Dan was there to help although by the time he found someone, you had woke up just enough to say all you needed was to go home”
“You didn’t have a fever or nausea so I’ve just been letting you sleep up here. How are you feeling, Dan mentioned something about your arm?”
“I’m...good. I fell on my arm at soccer practice the other day, but I’m thinking maybe I hurt more than my arm. I’m ok though” replied Emily as she looked up at her mom.
“Alright well let me know if we need to go to the doctor. I’ll let you rest up. Dan said you had a lot of fun last night up until then so that’s good.”
“We did. I’m glad we went.” Emily’s mother smiled and closed the door.
“What the hell happened last night?” thought Emily. Staring at the gloves, Emily couldn’t believe that she had jerked Dan off that intensely. She remembered: everything she felt after taking the bathroom had felt weird. It felt like she wasn’t in control of her body and that who or whatever was had quite the adventurous side...and a love for leather gloves. What if there was something about the gloves, some presence in them that made her do all those things last night.
“Oh come on Emily” she said to herself. “The gloves possessed me? What are you, a pentecostal preacher?” Emily thought about it. She wasn’t a really sexual person, choosing to keep to herself and study rather than go out. Maybe she got caught in the heat of the moment and felt so out of character she felt like someone else. Yes...that had to be it.
Emily got the gloves out of her purse. There was nothing unusual about them. Pretty? Yes. Sexy? Apparently so. Enchanted in a way that they can control their wearer? Nonsense! Emily unfolded the gloves and started putting them on. The smooth leather felt great against her skin and there was something mesmerizing about seeing each limp leather finger become erect. Looking at her leather encased arms, Emily smiled.
“There’s a few stains on them but I guess Dan must have wiped them off. I’m glad some people know how to clean up their mess.”
Emily reached up to the top of her arm to take the gloves off when she felt a tingle in her arms.
“Arg, not another spasm.” Emily muttered as she lowered her hand. She gained her composure and went back to taking the gloves off.
“Ahh, not again.” Another spasm.
“I didn’t think that soccer injury was that bad” she thought. However, when she tried to lift her arm up again to take the gloves off again, she couldn’t move her arms.
“What is going on? This can’t be real!” Emily tried to call her mother for help but her lips had frozen.
“Oh no, I can’t lose control again!” thought Emily. Yet she didn’t feel disembodied like she did when the Presence had complete control. Suddenly, Emily felt her fingers and looking down she same that her gloved hands had come together and had formed “mouths” like a leather puppet. Emily felt her hands move.
“Well isn’t this nice. Finally we have a body again.” The gloves had spoken to Emily.

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by ceejay » Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:45 am

Well done! Good written and very 'tingling' It reminds me of an old story a couple of years ago called 'The Outfit'.
That was a story about some special shoes growing on the body to become a complete catsuit covering all of the body, including hands and legs, made of the softest arousing leather. Makes your fantasy running! :p

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by loveisglove » Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:29 pm

ceejay wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:45 am
Well done! Good written and very 'tingling' It reminds me of an old story a couple of years ago called 'The Outfit'.
That was a story about some special shoes growing on the body to become a complete catsuit covering all of the body, including hands and legs, made of the softest arousing leather. Makes your fantasy running! :p
Thank you. Yes I seem to recall reading The Outfit although I can't seem to find it. I'm sure that was an inspiration, although the idea of gloves being "alive" and using their wearer as a host has been a longtime fantasy of mine. If I were to write a 2nd chapter what direction do you think it should go in?

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by GlovedYankee » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:09 pm

Awesome story. I think the obvious place would be for Emily to back to the shop and have a discussion about the gloves with Kat. Let it go from there.

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by Someguy » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:49 pm

Very much enjoyed that. Really don't have any criticism about it, well written, loved where the story took off. Would love to read more.

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by mrs uni » Tue May 28, 2019 7:55 pm

Great start to the story, dying to know what happens next!

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by loveisglove » Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:04 pm

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have been busy and haven't been able to write a second chapter, but I'll try and get on it soon! If there's anything you'd like to see let me know.

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by JaneyE » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:12 pm

Great story, but it could be improved.

Gloves taking control over the women that are wearing them has always been a fantasy of mine, and you executed it nicely, but I don't understand why the gloves make Emily pleasure somebody else instead of herself.

In general, stories in which the characters have to work for what they want (in this case, having sex) rather than getting it for free are always A LOT MORE SATISFACTORY. Thus, Dan getting a nice service just because Emily happened to put on magical gloves, feels a bit like lazyness.

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Re: The Debutante(Leather)- First Story

Post by shyglove » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:06 am

What a nice story.
Thank you very much for writing and posting it here.

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