Happy Endings

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Re: Happy Endings

Post by APC » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:04 pm

Another visit to girl1 -

I had had a number of visits by this point and the girls had been getting used to seeing me. During this particular massage she opened up to me a little more about some of the other requests that customers have made (I tell you, after hearing some of these stories I realise i was I crazy being nervous about what they would think of my kink for gloves). During the conversation she mentioned that she had a nurse outfit and would wear it for me one day, I thought that was pretty awesome 8D .

I reminded her that she had told me last massage that she would walk on my back and she replied “ooookkkkkaaaay”. I swear she isn’t used to doing that cause it felt like a balancing game, i was worried for her falling off and for one of my organs to be crushed in the process. Normally thai masseuses can do this but i think she is more self-taught than others. Suffice it to say I haven’t asked her to stand in my back since lol.

She also questioned me about my glove collection to which I confessed I have many different boxes of types and colours. She said some different colours would be fun as im always bringing the white ones.

She was also speaking about how hard it’s been to hold down a relationship with the work she does, she misses having a boyfriend but wants one that accepts the fact that she loves jerking other guys off. I can certainly see why boyfriends would have an issue here haha! But I’m not dating her so am most certainly not complaining lol.

I was still trying to teach her how I like to be touched and still didn’t have the best finish but that didn’t deter me. It takes time in a relationship too to learn the sexual do’s and dont’s, just as it does in this case.

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Re: Happy Endings

Post by countrylatexglover » Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:47 pm

Sounds like an enjoyable expletive! I wouldn’t be able to have someone do it like that. My fiancé does everything I could ask fairly for. I do understand everyone is different. When I wasn’t with anyone I had imagined what your experiences would be like. The girl sounds like fun though wanting to try different colors on you.

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