The one story I have wrote on this forum has actually happened!

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The one story I have wrote on this forum has actually happened!

Post by countrylatexglover » Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:11 pm

So not the actual story but more of the context behind it. The reason behind the story I wrote on here was to express how I felt about wanting to wear my latex gloves out in public but mostly around friends and family. Not for any sexual reason of the fetish I will make that very clear not in anyway. But because I love everything about wearing disposable gloves. Yes my fetish went wild in the beginning of the year again not in a sexual way just out of enjoyment for gloves.

Now what actually happened was the friends who I was most worried about wearing them in front of has been able to happen. Truly unfortunate that it has all happened because of COVID-19. Most people are now use to seeing me in them and don’t care anymore. I think also we have a long way to go before this gets any better may even get more so worse than we are now. Really have a love but strong hate relationship with the pandemic.

So I went to my buddy’s house it was just him my self and my wife. I wore my gloves in to his house and he had no problem with it at all. He said what ever makes you feel happy and comfortable is what you need to do. Actually got to wear them at a family members house for dinner also and no one said anything.

On another note I totally wish this had all never happened. It is one of the worst times in history i have seen. Not just because of the virus but what has evolved from the virus. As few people have said and also enjoyed for a time being One positive thing for us here at lease that came from all of this was the ability to wear our gloves out in public and not feel scared or intimidated.

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