My leather gloved experiences

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My leather gloved experiences

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Hello everybody,

#My history with leather gloves:
A little history first on how i got my fetish for gloves, leather gloves.
I remember being 5-6 years old and watch cartoons on tv, it all started with Dexter's Laboratory,
the mom in the show always had yellow rubber gloves on, but strangely enough i thought to myself that they were leather gloves (i was young and didn't realize it).
But when it was winter, i really liked middle school back then, cause some of my teachers wore leather gloves,
i really loved how they looked, i adore them.
When i was in me second year in high school, a new young sexy brunette teacher started at our school,
she gave us French, she was always sexy dressed, so i got my hopes on that she wore leather gloves to match her sexy outfits, and i got lucky! at the middle of November, she came outside to pick us up from the playground and she wore this beautiful brown tight leather gloves, they looked expensive! i've always liked her classes then and stare at those leather gloves at her desk, sadly i got her only for that 1 year, but i've seen her all time in my high school period.

Now i'm gonna talk about some experiences i've had in the past with a few girlfriends,
i'm gonna call them J and C. and the experience i'm having right now (THE BEST EXPERIENCE!)

#1 Experience:
It was in the schoolyear 2011-2012, i was 16 years old, and to be fair a difficult time for me,
1 thing that i hate about myself is that i stutter and that gives me anxiety to talk to people, i've been not really social in my high school year because of that, i was always happy that i got home from school then and get the change to play on me playstation and talk to my online friends, i didn't stutter with them cause i trusted them and i was relaxed,
i was really a introvert at that time. but 1 day my friend at high school asked if i wanna come with him to a party,
for some reason i got excited and just said, Yeah! let's go! (it was my first party), after that night i really liked the social stuff :lol2: later on i went to more and more party's and i got to meet cool and nice people most of them knew i stutter but were cool with it :-) so now in 2012, on the 19st december, high schol was done for the winter break and traditionally most of the students go to cafe's and drink on the celebration that school was done for that year, so now that was ending 2012, i got to meet up with friends and 1 one them brought 2 girls i've never seen before, 1 one them was his new girlfriend and the other girl was her friend, she had a cute face, dressed a little gothic not to much and had big breast :p and her name was J ;) , so we hang out in a popular cafe where most of the students hang out, we drank and laughed all the afternoon, at the end of the day i asked her phone nr of and she gave it to me! :lol2: she told me then, "we should hang out more often!" few days have passed and we've been texting all day, in the winter break we've seen each other 3-4 times before new years eve, but on new years eve we all planned with me friends and the girls to a cool new years eve party where you would payed up 40 euro's and got all the drinks on the house all night, and it was on that night i've first kissed a girl and that girl was J :rolleyes: i really liked her :lol2: as i was saying, she was a little gothic, she likes to wear black clothes and wear leather boots and jackets, in February it was getting colder here in Belgium and we were dating, and she said to me, "Dammit! i forgot my gloves at home" when i heard that, in my head i was hoping that she had a pair of black leather gloves, but they were wool gloves, i was really scared to talk about my glove fetish, nobody knew it, a couple of weeks passed and we would go out to dinner for our date night, we both drank a little to much that night, i was walking her home that night, it was cold and she put on her wool gloves, and for some reason i was saying stuff in my head and before i realize i was saying it out loud, i was thinking "Wow she would really look nice in leather gloves") like i said, we've both drank much that night, she heard me saying that and replied to me, "leather gloves? what about it? " i confessed that i have a thing for leather gloves, that it would make me horny and she gave a confused look and said "okey?" so you like really like leather gloves?" and i said yeah really, she just stared at me and i saw her thinking, the next minute she said "wanna crash at my place for a while", i said yeah why not! (not realising what was about to happen) her parents were not home, they were away at a dinner party, something like that, we got to her room and chilled a bit, we would often just tease each other to have fun, but that night, J said, "i'm gonna go to the bathroom" and i was like, sure! take your time, but in a few minutes she returned and HOLY SMOKE, she got her leather jacket on and in her hands she was holding the leather gloves of her mother, i looked at her and get a straight boner in my pants (and she saw that boner appearing <3 ) "what's wrong?" she said with a smirk ;) she put on the leather gloves and sat next to me in bed and touched me with the gloves and teased a little bit my penis with it 8D we would kiss and she teased me for the next 20 min and gave that smirk, that was my first experience, couple of weeks later we would break up as friends, but she knew my secret but kept it for her! to this day now in 2021, we still talk to each other, she is married now but with covid-19 i haven't seen her in years now, hope she's doing fine!

#2 Experience:

My 2nd experience is a not that great as the first story,
after my break up with J, months have passed, it was September 2013, and i was seeing this small girl, cute, had a great laugh and was dressed really well, after months we talked about having sex, and she would ask "you have stuff that makes you excited?" and the first thing that bumbed in my head was my love for leather gloves, the problem was she hated leather items, the 1 thing that she has is leather jacket that she wore only once, so i was being honest and said, that i like gloves, leather gloves, she gave that "really?" look and was not impressed by it, and i asked her, what do you like? to kink up things? and she said "i like men dressed nice and hitting me up, i dig that" i was cool with that, but it never came to that, few days later she would break up with me for a this other guy, we spoke after a little bit, the last time i saw / heard of her was in 2015.

3# Experience:

Now this time i'm living my moment,
3rd time the charm i would say, me 3rd girlfriend is a keeper, we're now in a relationship for 6 years,
living together for 1 year now and everything is great, except that she never liked in fact that she would use gloves on me for having sex / to pump me up, she would think that it's the gloves that turn me on and not be her, and that puts her on trust issues with her self, but i always say it's because of you that i got erected, never the less, she hated it to wear leather gloves, she only wear them a few times, last time was 3 years ago, but she knows i like leather gloves, but still thinks it's weird, she knew i have this ultimate fantasy to get edged / teased by leather gloves, and now she gave me permission to see someone with a glove fetish and have that experience! (she's the best) she agreed for a open relationship, and we maked our rules and agreements, like: - not having sex, only handjobs, not to meet up at our house, etc..
so, now i began my search and i've found this site "fetlife" the site that opens your fantasy and find people with the same kinks and fetishes, so i would sign me up and search on Belgium groups, i've chatted with few people on the past weeks and weeks, but then!! i've found this 28th women (i'm now 25) she lives 45min away from my place, we started to chat and said i have open relationship, she was not interested in having relationships, she is more of a dominatrix, and would prefer FWB, so i asked her, "what is your fetish?" and she replied this "I have many fetishes, i like to learn new things and i got all horny when men are horny when i do stuff they like" and i was like blown away, so i asked, "do you have fetish for leather gloves" she replied "i dont have leather gloves, but i have a leather corset and pants, but you like leather gloves?" my mouth fell open :)))) i said "Yeah i like leather gloves! i get very horny from them, so she would suggest, that i would buy her gloves and she would me a great experience :biggrin: so we talked and shared information, for talking on whatsapp, we shared links for leather gloves, and i've found the perfect gloves for her, there were expensive, but its all worth what is going to happen, did i mention she likes te edge and tease men? she likes to bound up men and do what she pleases, so i did, "i like to be bound up and getting teased and edged by someone in leather gloves" with she said " i like to tease and edge men ;) " so we talked more about my fetish, the more we talked about it the more she loves leather gloves, and just be safe, i asked for a verification and she's legit!
i really wanted to get the experience, so i orded these gloves for her: ... her-gloves
a few days later she got the gloves and would film herself of putting the gloves on,
the gloves were long and really tight on her hands, THE BEST! :tongue: this is her wearing the gloves:

the gloves are also unlined, so she feels the leather on her, the fisr thing she said was, they smell and the feeling of leather is awesome! she said i've a new fetish! 8D and i asked her then, "would you masterbate with your gloves on", she replied "i will masterbate with my gloves in front of you while you are chained up" 8D 8D she really likes the gloves that she's now gonna buy her own leather gloves, she now has 3 pairs ;) and we set up a date to meet up and have our kinky night! i will tell about this experience later on! i am still a lucky guy to find this women and my girlfriend for agreeing to see other women, cant wait for what this holds in the future!! :lol2:
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Re: My leather gloved experiences

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Any updates? Would love to hear more about this.
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Re: My leather gloved experiences

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This is amazing, thanks for sharing! I love especially that she would masturbate with those incredible leather gloves.
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Re: My leather gloved experiences

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leave pix like they are once more!!!!!!!!!!
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