Weekend glove game experience

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Weekend glove game experience

Post by rubberglover »

A glove game turned into hot sex.

Background: Last year I dated a guy. Let's call him Nick (so he has a Nick-name :p ). Nick and I had a great time together. We got to know each other being in pre-pandemic new year enthusiasm. We really had some amazing dates, dinners etc. But somehow it didn't work out. I just came from a relationship break-up and was obviously not ready to be emotional involved with someone new. Nick and I had only a few sexual interactions. Masturbation, showering together. Three months later we ended dating but remained friends. Then, a few months ago, we kissed for the first time since the time we dated. And we ended up in bed. Long story short: We became friends with benefits. The sex with him was Ok (I have to add: Sex for me is often kinda disappointing or boring). Nick knew that I'm into rubber gloves.

But now the actual story. I told Nick that I could tell which type of glove it is just by feeling and smelling it. So we started a game. I closed my eyes and he slipped his hands into every glove I own. One after another. He started touching my body very softly with his gloved hands. I tried my best - but it was really difficult to guess the glove! :twitch: So I had to use my hands to touch the gloves. Sometimes I could tell it from the way they slipped over my skin - sometimes not. In the end I just got horny and my dick got really hard. Nick said: "Slip on your favourite glove". And then we just began to touch our bodys with these fucking hot gloves on. We kissed. And it just got hotter and hotter. It felt so amazing to feel his gloved hands on my skin. And my own hands in this tight gloves, too. Touching him. We took another glove and put our lubed dicks in. Felt amazing. I came very hard. He rubbed his cock with his gloved hand and came too. And then he said: "Wow. I have a fetish now".

It was just amazing. The first time for me that another guy enjoyed rubber gloves as much as I do!
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Re: Weekend glove game experience

Post by Abigal »

What a great story. Kudos RG and long may it continue. xxxxxxxxxx
xxx Aby xxx
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Re: Weekend glove game experience

Post by glovedworker »

Well that sounds like an interesting game! Thanks for sharing, I might need to give that a try with another glove lover one day!
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